Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Ryan Center - University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island
Graph of songs performed, by album
onstage 7:48pm
So Much To Say
Fool To Think (partial song) -->
Where Are You Going
Grey Street
Pay for What You Get (Norewegian Wood)
When The World Ends (Extended Outro)
Drive in Drive Out (Too Much Intro)
Lie In Our Graves
Big Eyed Fish
Tim Solo *
Typical Situation
Everyday (#36)
Seek Up
Grace Is Gone
Letting Go (Tim Solo)
The Stone (Wise Man Outro)
Dancing Nancies (Skat Intro)
offstage 10:26m
onstage 10:32pm
Cry Freedom
Don't Drink the Water (This Land is Your Land)
Ants Marching
offstage 11:07pm
* Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young medley including parts of "After the Gold Rush" and "Ohio"

Ricky N.
This was an excellent show! Just check out the setlist. It was my first show and I had a great time. Dave and Tim started off slow and Dave even explained this in Davespeak. They kind of started off slow and built up and started jamming later in the show. There was tons of Davespeak throughout the show. Dave would ramble on and on about school in South Africa and how some fans sound really pissed off when suggesting songs. It was so funny! Drive In Drive Out and Lie In Our Graves were great. And then a three song encore! At the end of the show, Dave asked the crowd to join him for a prayer for the troops in the war and proceeded to play Ants Marching. Tim was also excellent all night, playing solo twice. The Ryan center is a great facility as well. It was easy to get right in and to my seat. The view was excellent from my seat in the upper level.
Timothy Z.
It was all summed up during Typical Situation- "two's the perfect number/ one is not enough." Dave and Tim rocked in a mellow, soulful way for about three and a half hours, with many stories and unfortunately many humble requests for silence and respect. Things didn't settle down until about an hour in because of some unfortunate ass clowns who learned slower than others that the D & T experience is more like a library than a noisy bar. Dave was great.. making fun of the kids shouting violent song requests at him. The atmosphere improved as the night progressed, and overall this show was incredible. More songs than last evening and a few debuts. Pay For with the Norwegian Wood- I though Dave abandoned those lyrics forever. WTWE with the extended outro was awesome. Big Eyed Fish went back to the narrative pattern of the Lillywhites and gave me goosebumps. Nancies with Dave's crazy improv intro was insane. An awesome encore where Dave talked more than he played. And Tim's solo were beyond words.... a shame that people used him for a bathroom break. As for Davespeak (in no order): he wants to stop swearing for his kids so he now likes to pretend that someone turns the volume down when he swears (when the kids are older he'll swear again, and be "groovy and hip"), he talked about sniffing as his nervous habit and his new head-cocked sideways gesture he likes (he also grabbed his "nether regions" like a thug, yo), displayed a mini Jerry Garcia singing doll that was made in China, probably by a six year old, and Dave could only imagine how crazy the Chinese think we are with such weird products, and then the longest rambling was about his high school chemistry teacher who beat on a classmate with a bunsen burner. The story took about ten minutes and Dave's mic went dead at one point, which was amusing because all night he talked about how much of a rambling dork he is. Anyway, very awesome show that picked up energy as the evening went on.. Dave and Tim is an experience so beautifully different from the full band. To sit and relax, let the music come at you rather than through you, and hear the materialization of Dave's crazy inner workings is fantastic. Rest of the tour should be a trip...
There can only be one thing to say about tonights show: The return of Dave and Tim is well worth the wait. Besides two morons in the crowd who couldnt pick up on Dave's hints that he wanted a quiet crowd the atmospher was unreal. The crowd was quiet while Dave and Tim played and you really got to feel the songs instead of hearing them. A word to the wise Dave puts a setlist together before the show, so no matter how many times you yell #41 it dosent matter he will play it if he wants. The setlist was unreal and the sound was perfect except at the end when dave was rambling from one story to the next and the sound blew out.This was 50th show and it was the greatest Musical experence of my life. Oh yeah China Jerry kicks ass and needs his own tour.
Bryan R.
AMAZING show, 3 and a half hours of Dave and Tim magnificence. Just look at that set and its obvious the show was amazing. For my 14th show i think the hilight for me was Pay For What You Get. A nearly full version (but officially teased) Fool To Think sounded absolutly GORGEOUS Dave and Tim style. Both Tim solos were of course phenominal. Great "jammage" on LIOG, the Stone, Nancies, and Ants...and not to mention Dave was HILARIOUS tonite., what a nite. i just wish people wernt so rude in screaming...Dave puts up with it far too respectful people.
SHUT UP! That was the theme of this evening with me. I've been going to DMB concerts for a solid 8 years and I've never had a concert experience so genuine and rare ruined because of people who talk, yell, and scream, when they should listen and enjoy and be quiet. The concert was completely ruined right from the get-go. You couldn't even hear Dave or Tim play and when Dave was speaking people were being so rude to him. I guess they didn't learn from the last tour in 99' when Dave was so disappointed with the disrespect of the fans. I don't know why people take these types of shows for granted. If this keeps up there may never be another Dave & Tim tour. As for the setlist. It was such a chill setlist. The problem was that I couldn't hear anything over the ramblings and screaming going on. I also didn't hear 3/4 of the concert because I left in complete anger during DIDO. Well I hope everyone else had fun but here's a well deserved and well earned f*ck you to all the people who have no respect for their fellow fans and especially for Tim and Dave!
A great night of music and witty conversation by Dave MAtthews was grossly over-shadowed by a disrespectful crowd, that did nothing but shout song requests, sing over Dave and Tim, have conversations when Dave was trying to tell a story, etc. You would think that when Dave got visibly upset, making comment after comment about being quiet and listening that the crowd would eventually get it. Fortunetly, after about 1 1/2 hours (even Dave eluded to this later in the show when he mentioned the Hour and 15 minute point) it finally quieted down and the second half of the show was very, very enjoyable. All in all, it's a shame. The music, the Dave talk, the show - was amazing.... when you could hear it.
Patrick P.
". A game for all of us. like tantric sex." Dave tried to explain in his legendary Dave speak that this night, like the Dave and Tim shows before were suppose to be mellow and quiet- to create a more intimate experience. I am very disappointed for the crowd members that continued to act like this was a 30,000-person DMB show. Dave continued to make comments that he's going to play "whatever the f*ck I want to play". Still audience members continued to annoy Dave and other audience members with obnoxious requests for #41 or Halloween. I applaud Dave for his continued efforts in dealing with those minor problems. Other than that the night was an intimate outing for the people in attendance at the Ryan Center. Dave matched his set pretty much to the previous performance at the Oakdale Theatre; he did add a couple of great songs that would delight goers of the previous performance. After the "Bartender" opener, he played "So Much To Say", making its tour debut. After a "Fool To Think" tease/song he jumped in to "Where Are You Going", delighting the fans. "Recently" also made debut as Dave and Tim jammed on. Surprising to see "Pay for What You Get"- a song gone since 99 played two nights in a row! This is an obvious signal to see it more in the future. Dave continued to add to his songs, adding the extended verse to "When the World Ends" and "Too Much" tease to Drive In Drive Out. "Lie In Our Graves" gave Tim Reynolds a chance to jam and show the audience what he was made of. I love his use of reverb and delay effects. "Typical Situation" really got me excited- it hasn't been played in three years. Dave really showed signs of trying to remember the lyrics as he struggled across the song. It was still enjoyable though to hear an oldie come back. "The Stone" was well played, and the wise an outro really got the crowd going. Dave played a three-song encore with "Cry Freedom", "Don't Drink The Water", and "Ants Marching". The over half an hour encore was peppered with stories about his school days in Africa. The total show lasted over three and a half hours- a delight for fans to see Dave play all night long. Despite the more concert like atmosphere of the Ryan Center- Dave manages to hit home with an intimate set.
Absolutely the most killer show I could ever imagine, what a great addition to the human race. I was energized and smiling my way through life after witnessing the magic of grace and tranquility. I have got to see him again soon
My second Dave and Tim show in a row, and another unforgettable experience. Only disappointments were a much weaker sound quality than in Connecticut, but what can you expect in a baskbetball arena vs. a music hall. Set list was almost exactly the same as previous night, which was a bit of a let down. Davespeak was entertaining as all hell, Dave needs to do a comedy tour. And a message to the people who sat next to me both nights - YOU DO NOT NEED TO SING EVERY WORD TO EVERY SONG AS LOUD AS YOU CAN!!!! I DID NOT PAY TO HEAR YOUR CHORUS DROP-OUT ASS SINGING AS IF YOU'RE IN YOUR CAR!! Especially in the atmosphere of a Dave and Tim show, I think the quieter the crowd, at all times, the more everyone will get out of the experience. Tim is a god! He continues to be innovative with the same songs. Great 2 days!
Joe B.
Truly Amazing. I've been to about a dozen DMB shows but never anything like this. First off, the setlist was amazing. It was great to hear old songs, and I actually was able to hear three songs I've never had the chance to hear live-TYPICAL SITUATION, Oh my! I love that song, and they played it perfectly(this is one of the only songs the crowd didn't interupt, but I'll get to that). PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET, another great song, and it was a huge suprise, and then DANCING NANCIES, I've heard it teased a few time, but to finally hear the whole thing was incredible, the audience was good for this one too, they all sang along and there was no interuptions. Other song highlighs were RECENTLY, GRAVEDIGGER, SATELITE, LIOG, CRUSH AND THE was nice to hear a good mixture of old and new. Now second, Tim is so Freakin amazing, I couldn't get over how good he is, goods not even close to describing it, God Like is better. He didn't get much time to jam in the beginning, but his solos were incredible and later on in the show when the crowd calmed down, the jams got longer. Third, the crowd was horrible, nothing against everyone who showed up, it was just a few people who couldnt figure out why there wasnt a whole band there. Dave would even mock them a few times but theyd still yell..."I LOVE YOU DAVE," or "WAREHOUSE," or would start applauding in the middle of the show. Its supposed to be a treat, a quiet and relaxing show to enjoy the music and Dave Speak: If you want to yell, go to a DMB show, but not a Dave and Tim show please. And finally, DAVE SPEAK...we made out pretty good with that: Getting caned at school when he was younger, his pants bunching up in his private region, show and tell, yelling songs at people while theyre walking down the road, tough guys, poses, and lots of others...I think I spent the night laughing more than I did cheering. Still a great night, and has to be the best dave show I've ever seen, even topping the James Brown one, it's just an indescribable experience(even though I just tried to describe it), but it's just one of those things that you have to be there to get the full effect!
The show was great, but the best part for me happened before the show. It was about 4:30 when Dave came outside for a small group of about 30 and I got an autograph, and was able to shake the hand that plays so many amazing tunes. It was awesome. The show was my first Dave and Tim show and it was much better then I expected. They played for 3 and a half hours and played about 25 songs. I loved Seek Up, Dancing Nancies, DIDO, Lie in our graves, Cry Freedom, So much to say, and Typical Situations. Forget that, I loved the whole damn show. It was an amazing experience.
Johnny I.
It's always great privledge to see Dave and Tim and a tremendous experience. It was great to hear them performing some of the newer material, too. There just isn't an acoustic duo with more talent on guitar than Tim Reynolds and such strong song-writing skills as Dave Matthews. The crowd was a little immature at times and didn't get Dave's subtle hints to be quiet, and there was an unfortunate lack of respect during Tim's miraculous solos (people flocked for the doors)... but in all, it was a great time. Tim is god on guitar, and Dave's vocals were, as always, dead on. I can't wait for the live album release that will be spawning off of this tour [to be released by year-end] though I doubt it will be from this show. Can't wait to see them again.
Shannon ".
Okay, wow. Second show of mine, definately topped the first(7-23-02). The slight rain while grilling before the show just added to the excitement. Dave was HILARIOUS all night with talks about a Jerry Garcia doll, school in South Africa, and my favorite.. TANTRIC SEX!! okay, that may have been the best thing I've ever heard. Timmy was insane. My eyes couldn't keep up with his fingers. He's truely a sweet guitarist. The setlist was amazing. Seek Up, Typical, Ants, Grey Street.. oh wow, there are so many high highlights. It did start off slow, but that just allowed it to sink in. The atmosphere was great, and there definately was some CRAZY girl dancing like a complete fool in one of the entry ways, and that just added to the laughter(if anyone else saw her, god, was it not the stupidest thing EVER!). Dirty show. I couldn't have asked for toooo much more.. maybe some of the fans to be shot, because they talked when Dave was, and thats ridiculous. Great Show.
I went to both this show and the show the night before at the Oakdale in CT. I liked the other one better, but this one had its moments too. When the audience quieted down for the second half of the show it was really enjoyable. Dave told more stories when the audience was quiet. Note to people going to future shows on this tour: do not clap during any song. Dave looked really annoyed, and even mentioned it a few times. (I think it throws him off because he can hear everything since it's just the two of them and not the whole band.) But Dave really seemed to enjoy playing with Tim again- he kept smiling really big and laughing with him. I was in the second row for this show which was incredible. Even though there were 21 repeats from the night before, I'm not complaining because we got nearly 3 1/2 hours and 24 songs (not including the Fool To Think tease) and Dave and Tim sounded great, even if Dave was rusty on some of the lyrics. Tim's two solo songs were really good. One of the several funny moments came when Dave commented that when certain guys yelled "41" it sounded like a threat... then Dave went into Everyday and sang the line "pay no mind to taunts and advances." Dave sang the line twice with this funny expression on his face as if he just realized how cleverly what he said led into the song. Another funny thing was when he had the Jerry Garcia doll that was made in China- Dave said that the "6 year olds" who had to make a "gazillion" of them probably thought Americans were crazy. And Dave said, "Maybe Jerry will play for us" and put the toy up to the mic and we could hear it. Dave also talked about getting caned in school and getting "bacon sliced." He also said he had a teacher who, on the first day of school, not only knew everyone's names but also still knew everyone's names if everyone mixed up. Dave said that he wouldn't want to try that game here. He also commented about URI and how it sounded like a new age thing: you are I. Dave also talked about how he used to "obsessively" follow Tim around Virginia and eventually Tim let him sit in at some shows, and how now it is still an honor to share the stage with Tim. Dave mentioned how he has never used the internet and how he thought that the "superhighway" was the Autobahn in Germany. He talked about how he is cutting back on swearing so that his daughters don't pick it up. Dave also talked about how gestures can mean different things- he used two examples: first he sniffed, and then he grabbed his "nether regions" as he refers to that part of his body. Then he did both "gestures" together. In other words, he grabbed himself twice on stage! But anyway, it turned out to be a good show. The parking lot after the show was a headache, though. Oh well. It was well worth the trip from Seattle to see these two shows. Now I have to wait until August to see my next DMB shows!
this was my first dave and tim show ... and what can I say ... it was just amazing ... Tim is probaly the best acoustic guitarist ive ever seen in my life ... dave was hilarious tonite ... my favorite parts of the show was prob the acoustic version of wtwe it was great ... i loved tims solo to neil youngs "ohio" it was amazing ... and his other solo at the end of the show was incredible ... the stone was a sooo good with the wise men outro ... the whole show was just amazing ... every song was great ... typical situation was very good to hear ... i love that song ... alot of songs that i wanted were played and alot werent but it doesnt matter cus the setlist was great ... but i had a great time ... the crowd was allright at the show ... 3 hours of dave and tim is a great night ... well i cant wait til the meadows and tweeter center this summer ... see ya there
What an amazing show! The Dave and Tim experience is absolutely killer... and worth getting stranded in the middle of nowhere with four of my friends. This was #13 for me and I was psyched to see a fully acoustic show. I'm so glad he played some of his older stuff like Recently, PFWYG and Cry, Freedom. I have never heard Dave talk as much as he did last night and he is absolutely hilarious! Tim Reynolds is an acoustic guitar playing god!!! His jam session were unbelievable. AND I finally got to hear Dancing Nancies which was absolutely incredible... #13 is still my lucky number! BIG THANKS to Eli and Ernest without whom four Boston kids would have been sleeping on the wet pavement!
Jessi W.
I could die today the happiest girl in the world! This was by far one of the greatest experiences of my life. The totally different and absolutely GORGEOUS version of Fool to Think mesmerized me, hearing Pay For What You Get THRILLED me! I thought I would never hear that song live, and I hear with Dave & Tim... oh! The davespeak probably took up a good 45 mins. if not more of the show, and THAT was awesome as well! Dave is hysterical- the tantric sex explination got my attention for sure. Talking about South Africa directly from the man was so cool, and hearing all sorts of random dorky stuff was such a highlight! It makes the experience so personal... I LOVED IT! Tim rocked my world. I was completely blown away seeing that man go. I just sat there with my mouth open in awe. This was my only dave and tim show and I am completely grateful for such an amazing oppurtunity. I am forEVER happy because of it! I'll cross my fingers for another chance at a show like this some years down the line. It was phenomenal!
Well this show was really great. It was my first Dave and Tim show and i was blown away. The atmospshere is so cool, really intimate. The crowd wasn't great, but you have to expect the usual "41!"ers. I did what i could to keep those around me quiet though. Anyways, some great Davespeak about a Jerry Garcia doll, and beating a kid in chemistry with a bunsen burner tube. Also, some funny comments about people in the crowd who wouldn't shut up. There were some great highlights here. Typical was probably my favorite, wasn't ready for that at all. PFWYG was great, as well as Recently. Recently surprised me a lot. The Stone was incredible too, with the wise men say outro. Fool to Think really surprised the hell out of me. It sounded really good this tour. I wasn't impressed with it on the album or live, but it sounded totally different and great. Nancies was kick ass, been wanting to hear that. Everything sounded fabulous but i'm too tired to break it down song by song, those are just some highlights. ohh Seek Up kicked ass as usual. peace, brendan
So after years of thinking, Im missed any chance of seeing Dave and Tim tour again. I had heard rumors of fights between them and i was sooo floored when i heard the announcement for this one. But tonight at the Ryan Center Dave took one of the biggest venues on this tour and shrunk it to the size of a movie theater. His voice carried, when Tim finally began feelin it, his notes brought goosebumps. But the highlight for me was the Fool to Think tease, and believe me it was a HUGE tease. It was the most beautiful dave and tim harmony ever. And pay for what you get, was incredible, also everytime I see him do Gravedigger, it gets better and deeper and darker. Dave is an amazing storyteller, whether it be through his lyrics or through his comedy bits.
This was my first D & T experience, and it was amazing! From the moment the two walked on stage, it was an electric evening, opening with a great version of Bartender. I couldn't believe the setlist Dave put together for this show. Typical Situation was nothing but a god send. The only thing that would've made this show any better would've been Jimi Thing -> WWBOM. Dave was in a very talkative mood, but as others have said before me, there were about 5 people in the audience who just didn't get the hints he was dropping to SHUT UP! If you've never been to a D & T show, you're missing out. Definately a better mood and setting than 30,000 drunk high schoolers.
WOW....WHAT A SHOW!!! My 1st Dave & Tim show. My 6 Dave show (including 4 shows with the Band). My buddy and I drove from Canada for this show. And, it was well worth the $$, and the drive. The Ryan Center was a very nice venue, and even though we were sitting in the 3rd balcony (Row A), they were still good seats. It was crappy that the volume was turned down so much. Since, some idiots were screaming out. The Setlist was GREAT. Highlight of my night was definietly "LIOG".......WHAT A CRAZY JAM. BEST VERSION...I think that I've ever heard (even, out of my list of D&T shows). Bartender, Grey Street, Ants, "PFWYG", were also AMAZING!!! Almost forgot "Crush". Anyways, you all get the picture. The whole setlist was played GREAT. Those were just the Highlights. It pissed me off, that people kept screaming song requests. GET A GRIP PEOPLE!!! Personally, myself and others (hardcore fans) who would like to see another Acoustic Tour next year. AND, NOT HAVE TO WAIT 4 YEARS AGAIN (because of people being RUDE)!!! We all would like our fave's played......but, Dave does the SETLISTS in advance, and like's the shows to be MELOW & QUIET. Dave was Harlious tonight. Many great funny stories. Oh....of course TIMMY!!! People you gotta have Some RESPECT!!!! Seriously, who goes to take a Bathroom break, when this guy is on? His two Solos were AMAZING!!!! The Neil Young Cover Solo was my Fav., since I'm a HUGE Neil Young fan. The Boys were GREAT. The Show rates up there with 4/20/02 Ottawa (with Bela/Flecktones) & 4/21/02 Montreal (same guests). BOTH of which were MIND BLOWING SHOWS!!! Next Dave & Tim Tour......I'll surely be driving from Canada again (if... I get tics). I hope EVERYONE enjoys the rest of the Tour. I wish I could have gone to more shows.
Andrew B.
First of all we travelled 14 hours from Canada to see this show, and at around 4:30, when we met Dave outside of the stadium, it was suddenly worth the trip right then. Dave came over to talk with the 20 fans that were waiting, shook hands and signed autographs. (There was ONE GUY who I saw with a video camera when we met Dave, if you could please e-mail me, I would love to have a copy! or anyone who took good pics.) The show was absolutely incredible, it got really quiet after an hour in, and the show suddenly became a Dave talk show, it was awesome. He talked for a long time, with really great stories. The music was off the map, as expected, and Dave broke out some great old tunes such as Recently, Drive in Drive out, Pay for what you get, Cry Freedom, So much to say... etc... The experience was unforgettable, what a day to be a Dave fan!!!
Ford P.
A decent show, kinda surprised by the amount of repeats between this one and the CT show, but most of them were great songs so no complaints will be forthcoming. I'm also a little surprised to see the comments "I wish people weren't so rude and screaming." from another attendee, since I was under the opinion that the crowd was really polite after they settled down a bit. I guess I'm comparing it to some of the 99 recordings where you can hear people swearing at each other between songs, but I thought last night's banter was more playful and in good humor and less rude and screaming. There were points when Dave was speaking when I swear it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Everyone straining to hear and their thoughts lost in a Johannesburg Chemistry lesson. When you stop to think about it, it's kinda amazing for a sold out venue with some 6 to 7 thousand people... Music was great, venue was a little large to start, but as he pointed out later in the set, it seemed to shrink as the performance went on and nerves (not just the performers') settled. As with most D&T shows involving a rendition, highlight for me was the guitar jam from LIOG - 2 words, crisp and beautiful. Hope to see another one someday, and I hope a Minarets graces the ears of an unbelievably lucky crowd at some point this tour. The wait continues... - (a very satisfied) Ford