Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
onstage 7:42pm
Loving Wings (tease) -->
When The World Ends (Extended Outro)
Lie In Our Graves
Grace is Gone
The Stone (Wise Men Outro)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Two Step
Lover Lay Down
Help Myself
Satellite (Off Key Intro)
The Maker
Stay or Leave
Los Alamos Is Burning (Tim Solo)
All Along the Watchtower
Long Black Veil
Everyday (#36)
Kundalini Bonfire (Tim Solo)
Cry Freedom
Dont Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)
Ants Marching
offstage 10:35pm
onstage 10:40pm
Little Thing (2 verses)
Where Are You Going
Dancing Nancies
offstage 10:57pm

Wow.. what a great compliment to the Davidson setlist by taking it in a whole different direction for this show. For those of us making the NC circuit.. Dave & Tim gave us a whole different experience that's going to be hard to top at Boone. I have to say that I'm excited that I've seen two distinctly different shows, and I hope that continues at Boone. Some oldies that we haven't seen yet on the tour made an appearance tonite... very cool! Nice to hear the new song.. hopefully its a preview of whats to come from their solo album. Biggest distinction tonite was the crowd. Raucous and rowdy in between songs, largely quiet during.. Dave recognized and thanked everyone. It showdA pleasant surprise and great aspect to a great show. Hope Boone is as good!
Sean S.
Best SHow Ive been to yet, It was my 14th concert, and my 2nd Dave and Tim show....WOW Dave was awesome tonight with talking about how people should dress in floral clothes, and how funky the world is. Not to mention how funky some things smell, like Boyd's broccoli that they found on the tour bus a long time ago. Dave was great tonight and told so many hilarious stories. And as usual Tim was outstanding, Ive seen him by himself, but I think that when he plays in front of huge crowds with Dave, that he just goes crazy, and really feels the audience. This show has got to be my best yet, not only did i sneak down to the floor from section 204, but I got to meet dave before the show and get his picture. WOW, what a night, and yes it was worth all 7 hours drive to see him. Thanks Dave and TIm for making this a night to remember. WOW
This was my fourth show over all and my first time seeing Dave and Tim. I was really impressed. They started with a amorphous 'Bartender' intro that included verses from 'Tomorrow Never Knows' by The Beatles ("turn off your mind/ relax and float downstream"), and pulled off an amazing performance of the song. My friend was unsure that that song (and a few others) would translate to an acoustic setting. Shows what he knows! Tim can play ANYTHING. Great arrangements of WTWE, Grace, led up to THE STONE!!! I was freaking (quietly) out. 'Wise men' is a cool new outro for that song. Two Step, Satellite (UFO Intro), The Maker, Stay or Leave, were all just awesome, but then they played a song I have been waiting to hear since my last DMB show (7/12/02 Charlotte, NC), GRAVEDIGGER!!!!! The song has REALLY improved over the past few months. Definitely more powerful now. We were SHOCKED when they followed a cool Crush with Long Black Veil and WATCHTOWER!!! I really didn't expect that. It was so cool, and Dave did his Johnny Cash impression for everyone. HA! Everyday (#36) was so much fun; everyone was singing and clapping. It was like being around a campfire with Dave, Tim and a few thousand friends. DDTW with the 'This Land' verse made a real impact on me. I wonder if some people understood that Dave wasn't exactly flag waving with that one. A good Ants, finished the show. But then we were really surprised to hear Dave's current take on Little Thing. Straight from that to WAYG and a memorable Nancies with mumbling drunk intro. WOW. And that's just the Dave songs, Everything Timmy played was just astounding. Great show.
Vincent P.
It was my first time seeing Dave. I have been a fan from the start, but circumstances beyond my control prevented me from going to shows. I was excited and didn't calm down until the "Loving Wings" tease started. The show was great and even though I had studied the last six set lists, I was surprised by a few songs. "Crash Into Me" had not been played this tour, so that was a bit of a surprise. "Lover Lay Down" had also missed the last six shows, and was on my personal wish list, so that was great. The new song known to many as "Stay Or Leave" was great and since I have a copy of the 3-26-03 show, I was able to recognize it. "Little Thing" came out of nowhere and was a true pleasure. All in all I loved the show. Some vans were loud at times and I missed some Dave Speak, But I can't complain one bit. I was only able to get one ticket so I went alone. One thing worth noting: When Tim would really get jammin' with some wild guitar rif the crowd would go wild and block out part of the music, which I thought was ironic. It was like saying "This is so good I think I'll scream so I cant hear it. Also it was odd that people used the tim solos as bathroom breaks. Tim is a great guitar player and I enjoyed his stuff as well. I'm still high on the show. LOVED IT!
I have one word for this show! Wow. I was totally amazed by the diversity of the setlist this past evening. My girlfriend and I heard every song we wanted to hear, and she has a new favorite now as well. I've been to numerous shows over the last 7 years, and this by far was the best (Was also my first Dave & Tim show). The crowd was very attentive for the most part during the songs, and Dave recognized that as someone else pointed out. Excellant show! Bartender, Stay or Leave (beatiful new song!), The Maker, #41, The Stone, Little Thing! Thanks Dave & Tim!
J L.
AMAZING! all I can say. TIM WAS ON FIRE TONIGHT!! holy cow, holy cow. I cant even speak how awesome this show was. We heard the WATERMELON SONG tonight, though it doesnt show up on the setlist, he sang it after GIG if I remember correctly. Man awesome awesome, we sat row G right in front of Tim, 8 rows away on the floor!! oh just amazing set list. Cant compare it to the full band, but this is the best show of any sorts Ive ever been to. Best show of the tour so far for sure!
Definitely a watermelon song (sans music). Very brief, probably 30 words or so...but definitely there. There was also a redemption song tease in the encore...very very faint but some recording has to pick it up. Dave said something to the effect of "It's all about how you ask!". Probably the 2nd best show of the 4 that I saw. Very nice setlist, all in all a very pleasant evening. Crowd was fairly well behaved, much better than Boone and (in my opinion) better than Davidson.
Benji T.
So i can die happily now. This was my first and much anticipated dave and tim show. It was very intimate, wonderful setting. The crowd was relatively behaved. Tim was disrespected of course during his solos, but i didn't expect any different. Stay or leave is lovely. It'll bring tears. anyway, it was a majestic that included 41, two step, the stone, lie in our graves, all my favorites, and i'm still loving gravedigger.
Everyone has seen the setlist... so I will not add my two cents on that one. I did get tickets from Warehouse and I have only been a member for about six months. My sister and I drove from Peoria Illinois to North Carolina (13 hrs) and we agreed that we would have drove across the US for this show. Everyone was a little rowdy durring breaks but while Dave and Tim sang and played, you could have heard a pin drop. We were right behind the crying baby in section 236 but, mom stopped that in a hurry. I have never met so many great fans than at this show. FYI if you hit a Dave and Tim show, make sure you go early to the venue. You will mingle with some of the greatest people you will ever meet. The accoustics in the venue were terrific and the security did a great job in getting people in and out. The guy that runs the merchandise booth talked to us the morning after in our hotel. A NEW RECORD WAS SET TONIGHT. They sold more stuff per capita than at any other show ever! 5,552 people attended this show and they figured each person spent (on average) $8.52. I didn't talk to a single person that wasn't pleased with the evening. The right length, the perfect songs, Tim was amazing, and Dave sounds better and better every year! Thanx to Chris and Ben from Texas. They got us up close at the end for the encore and I still have goose bumps.
Tamela Y.
Others have written about the music we heard, and I do not know how to do that with justice anyway, so I will tell you a little bit about what Dave had to say. Before a Tim solo, Dave said that Tim is probably his greatest inspiration. He also told a story about how he used to follow Tim around quite a bit. He said that one night they were out on a mountain, and Tim had these drums. They sat out on the mountain all night playing them and watching the moon move all the way across the sky. When the moon was "setting," their heads were upside down, and the sun began to rise. Dave described that time as one of those when you know surely that you aren't *completely* tied to this "big, joyful . . . falsification." Then, while the crowd was responding, he added quietly, "Not that it's not necessary, not that it's not necessary."