Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
John D. Millett Hall - Miami University, Oxford
Graph of songs performed, by album
onstage 7:37pm
Best of What's Around
Grey Street
Everyday (#36)
When the World Ends (Extended Outro)
Big Eyed Fish
The Stone (Wise Men Outro)
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)
For the Beauty of Wynona
Two Step
Stay or Leave
Radar Contact -> Big Blast Of Hot Air (Tim Solo)
Grace Is Gone
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Lie In Our Graves
Blue Water *
Where Are You Going
Don't Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land)
The Maker
As Far As We Can See (Tim Solo)
Christmas Song
Ants Marching
offstage 10:47pm
onstage 10:52pm
Dancing Nancies (Rambling Intro)
offstage 11:05pm

* complete version, with new verse

wow, amazing. i dont feel like counting how many dmb shows ive been too, but this was my first dave and tim. the crowd was pretty annoying (miami students tend to be that way,) but overall dave handled it well and eventually they mostly quieted down. we got no introduction, the boys just dove right into the passion intro, but throughout the night there was a lot of good davespeek. everyday was interesting when the crowd began singing #36 and dave echoed them. he broke back into everyday on the echo i think hoping the crowd would continue, but they subsided and the song came to an abrupt end. lots of old stuff tonight; we got wynona, bluewater and maker! most of the crowd had no idea what was going on so they were quiet for these, which was good. stay or leave sounded great with tim, and he also had nice solos on liog, crush, ants and nancies. of course his songs were phenomenal. during christmas song dave kinda stammered at the begining of the second verse, then forgot the lyrics twice at "he met another mary" so he just started talking and summarizing that "she was a whore," then broke back in at "his heart was full of love." only one encore song (i think he was kinda pissed at the crowd,) but it was a 12 minute or so nancies w/a great tim solo, so im not complaining! overall- the crowd notwithstanding- the evening was great. tim was really on and they gave us some real gems!
Justin F.
Some show notes from Oxford. Miami is in BUMBLE#$%@ Ohio. The smart security members of Millett Hall decided that 7:35 was a great time to open the doors. 5,000 some-odd people prying through four sets of doors into a ticket tearing stop. Then we had to get bracelets. When all was said and done I got in there in the middle of Bartender. Now for the show: First part was pretty slow and they both seemed to be a little off. Dave decided to start breaking up the breaks between songs to do some extensive Dave Speak. Some of these talks included his thoughts on smelling your fingers, grabbing your crotch as you sniff your nose (demonstrated hilariously by Dave), what it would look like to grab and elephant penis/followed by elephant penis story, LOTS of talking back to the croud (hang on, i'll get to it, etc.) LOTS of cursing, lots of dave being asked what he was drinking so throughout the show he kept pretending it was some mysterious drink (showing the effects of being drunk by the end of the show). Song highlights would be Everyday (with the crowd starting 36 lyrics and Dave echoing the crowd). Big Eyed Fisg with Dave singing Boyd's plucking parts. Stone with Can't Help Falling In Love (I also think he threw Buffalo Springfield in too). Jimi was AWESOME. Two Step was placed really well in the set too. Tim's first solo was absolutely crazy and ended with a standing O. Grace, Crash, Graves, Blue Water, WAYG, Dont Drink the Water, maker, Crush (great version) led into Tim's next solo. After Tims it was Xmas Song and Ants to finish it off. Encore break was about 4 minutes and Dave and Tim came back out and began playing the slow intro for nancies. In this intro, Dave told a story of how he (in the POV of a bum/alcoholic) would have a blast if he would ever be in the shoes of the people that pass him by snickering. This was about 2-4 minutes and ledt to a great Nancies and the end of the show.
Ok I just got home from the the 6 hour drive back home from probably one of the most spectacular nights of my life. Dave was pretty silly and Tim seemed to be smilin and laughin at Dave's antics and the crowd quite a bit. Anyways on to the review... The started with BARTENDER which was pretty predictable but got the crowd going. I was ready for a pretty standard show when out of nowhere BOWA, damn my first time hearing it live and it was acoustic... so sweet. GREY STREET was mellow and tim harmonized well but the lacking verse kinda left me wanting more. I believe after this dave gave a little MEATBALL story which was pretty silly. EVERYDAY came next and was pretty standard but the funniest part was he slipped in the line "I wish I had a purple cowboy suit" in the second verse lol. From here on I'm only gonna talk of the special moments because most of ya'll downloaded at least one show from the tour and know how most of the other songs are sounding. FOR THE BEAUTY OF WYNONA was a great treat because I have yet to hear it live. STAY OR LEAVE is turning out to be another of Dave's 'hauntingly beautiful' songs. BLUE WATER was the undisputed highlight of the night, and we got a NEW VERSE which gave me the assumption that they might have recorded this for Dave's solo album. I may be wrong but the mood of the song when he played it gave me that sort of vibe that the song will be coming back. There were a lot of drunk idiots telling dave to shut up and play, and he was getting agitated and the crowd were all yelling at each other to shut the hell up, and that angry vibe kinda detracted from the show but CHRISTMAS SONG eventually changed the mood. The funny thing is Dave kinda messed up and muttered to himself that he should 'speak english' then lost his place and just started talking about how mary magdaline was a lady of the night and eventually went back into the song. He told a little story about how deep of a hole he dug during that song, but eventually things get better, unless the lights go out. They then proceeded with a standard ANTS closer, and NANCIES encore with the new crazy intro. All in all it was one of the most fantastic nights of my life with a LOT of funny interaction between Dave and the crowd, and I recommend you download this show as soon as possible, it'll be one of your favorites. Oh yah I almost forgot to give Tim the credit he deserved for playing his heart out.
B. R.
WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! The crowd sucked for a while but settled down nicely about half way through! Let me just say that BOWA, Two Step, Crush, BLUE WATER, Christmas Song, Nancies, were all fucking amazing! Especially Crush's jam which was out of control, they got a standing ovation for that. Timmy's solos were sweet, both earning much-deserved standing ovations. Lie In Our Graves was another highlight! Tons of great Davespeak about elephant penises, coffee, and the eerie dimmed recessed lights in the hall that kept the whole place slightly lit for the well over 3 hrs. they played, a great Nancies intro, he fucked up the words to Christmas Song and just said them, it was great! Great great show with a crowd better than I expected for such a preppy university, very pleased! The posters kicked ass, as did my seats (practically right next to Tim). On a side note, the acoustics were specacular and also, Tim is an incredibly small man, I mean Jesus!
First off, I would like to say Fuck You to whoever it was that sold me two tickets for fourhundred dollars.It was very nice to sit in the very last row clear up at the top ( awesome).Now to the show, very nice area, had a great time. Very easy to get to the venue. What a performance. Tim Reynolds is a god, first time I have seen them together, unforgettable.I was very pleased to hear how great the new songs sounded, loved big-eyed fish. The Stone, incredible. Good crowd during Everday/#36.But most of all it was a priveledge to hear the Chirstmas song ( even though Dave fucked up)and told us we were weirding him out. Tim Reynolds solos were amazing,after reading the past set lists I agree that it was amazing how many pricks used his time as a bathroom break.All in all , great night, glad I was there. Worth a five hour drive.Dave was in a mood last night, telling people fuck you and grabbing his crotch, very commical.Ill see ya'll this summer, 6-21 6-26 6-27 9-11. Peace.
Well, let me start off by saying HOLY SHIT! That show was sweet. This was my first Dave and Tim show and let me tell you that I loved every second of it. Most of the setlist is similar to previous shows on this tour. I haven't heard any recordings from this tour so i have nothing to compare it to. Bartender, i felt was a very good opener. I felt it was coming cause they've opened with it a lot on this tour. It really set the relaxed mood for the show. Although, the crowd wouldn't shut the hell up so i ruined the end of it for me. Then, they bust out with Best of What's Around! It blew me away. I believe it was the first time they played it this tour. It was one of the highlights of the show for me. Tim had a slick solo that i couldn't hear well cause the crowd was yelling. Grey Street was sweet, as usual. Everyday was also good with a bit of the #36 ending. Dave said in the middle of it that he wished he had purple cowboy suit. When the World Ends was tight with the extended outro. Big eyed fish; slick as hell. Dave sang the lyrics in the order from Lillywite Sessions as opposed to the changed order on Busted Stuff. I prefer the original order that was played. The stone was awesome as usual with the Wise men Outro. Gravedigger was excellent. I had heard it before and it was just as i remembered it. Afterwards, Dave went off on a Dave Speak for a long time about an elephant penis and his friend that used to smell his fingers. The crowd was beginning to mellow out a bit by now. THey had been pissing me off by screaming and shouting song names and "I Love You Dave" That shit pisses me off. Any time there was a quiet moment in the music, the crowd starting shouting stuff. They stopped a bit later. Jimi Thing was stupendous with the WWBOM outro. Tim's solo was superb...Superb. For the Beauty of Wyonna was great. I haven't heard them play it in a while and it was nice to hear it again. Two step was outstanding as usual. Dave was really on rhythmically. The new song Stay or Leave was very good, I thought. It was the first time i heard it and i really like it a lot. Tim, then, busts out with an amazing solo. He was looping and doing amazing stuff up there. I couldn't believe how sweet it was. Grace is Gone was as it should've been; sweet. Crash is always a treat to here. Lie in our graves was like butter. The jam was unbelievable. Blue Water! Blue Water! Blue Water!!! It was everything that i dreamt it could be and more. There is really no way that I can explain how good it was. Where are you going was good. I'm not a huge fan of it usually but it was good tonight. DDTW was really good. They did a "THis land is Your Land" in the middle of it. It was really sweet. Then they busted out with The Maker, another Daniel Lanois tune. I had never heard it live and i really enjoyed it. Crush was unbelievable. Not just becuase of it's usual excellence but because of the tight jam. Tim's Solo, i think was Hopeful Heresy, was unbelievable. Christmas song was amazing. I wasn't expecting it at all. Dave forgot the second verse and started talking through it. Ants was awesome as always. The encore of Nancies was really good. Nancies is always good to hear. In the intro, Dave goes off on a drunken rambling session. It was a great show! The Dave Speaks were unforgettable and the music was Superb! The Crowd eventually calmed down when someone shouted for everyone to shut the hell up and let them play. It was overall, Excellent.
Ryan M.
This show was great! Highlights for me was Dave messing up the lyrics to Christmas Song, the new stop-time outro on Crush, For The Beauty of Wynona,Stay or Leave, and Blue Water(full). I am sure everyone will talk about the davespeak, so I will just conclude this with a comment on the crowd. There were many people blurting out during the show, but it did not bother me. People will be people, so i just let it go and had a blast. These shows are like none i have attended before. I did not say a word in the concert, but after leaving out of the concert I felt like I had a three hour conversation with Dave Matthews. What a show, oh what a show!!!! I hope they do this every winter from now on, just like old times!!!
Excellent... Excellent... Excellent... That's all I can say! It was my 10th show, 2nd D&T, and I was amazed. It was a great setlist, TONS of good Dave talk! Best of Whats Around!!! GREAT SONG! Jimi Thing, I thought was great with the "What will become of me" insert! For the beauty of Winona, that was totally unexpected. And what about Blue Water? That was a incredible.. and even with the new verse! Not too much else I could ask for... except maybe Halloween. (Still haven't seen it!) The highlight of my evening was getting to meet dave before the show! A day i will NEVER FORGET!
Pat W.
It was my first Dave & Tim concert last night and after what I heard, I hope it's not the last! BARTENDER is a phenomenol opener. DMB could open with this song every date this summer and it couldn't get old. It's just a sweet song. I wasn't too fond of it at first, but now I'm a fan. BEST OF WHAT'S AROUND, I totally did not expect to hear this one, but loved it. EVERYDAY was cool because at the end everyone got into singing Hani Hani and then Dave mirrored us as if we were the lovely ladies, so it was pretty neat. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS, extended outro was pretty sweet, although I think it should just end like it usually does. GRAVEDIGGER! Wow, 10x improved from the summer tour. WYNONA, I have a recording of this from 2000 and just loved this song. I was totally blown away that Dave and Tim played it. STAY OR LEAVE, if everything on the new album is like this, it should be one badass album. TIM'S FIRST SOLO, what can I say? He's a freak on the guitar. The people using this as a bathroom break definitely missed out on one of best parts of the night. Standing ovation from the entire crowd. CRUSH, the best version I've ever heard of this song. Dave and Tim jammed this thing out to the point of no return and the crowd loved it. TIM's SECOND SOLO, a little bit less intense than the first, but still got a standing ovation for it. Way to go Timmy! CHRISTMAS SONG, this one was memorable because Dave sort of stopped singing in the middle a couple of times as if he forgot what he was going to say. ANTS MARCHING, great set closer (like always). Everyone was singing and getting into it. The encore was DANCING NANCIES, also the best version I've ever heard. Dave kind of sat and told a story at the beginning very similar to "Little Thing". Lots of Dave Speak in reaction to things people were shouting out (i.e. "poo poo, wee wee"). That's the only complaint I had. Too many people screaming for Halloween or #41. I definitely would think Dave and Tim would put on a more enjoyable show for people that are more quiet and respectful. Even though there was a guy that yelled, "everyone shut up and let Dave play!" which got a huge crowd reaction and one from Dave himself. Good show Dave and Tim, I definitely hope you do another tour soon!
Matt H.
Well I have nothing but good things to say. This was my 15th Dave show, and it topped the rest. Maybe because it was Dave & Tim, but I was amazed. The entire setlist was quality as you can see but highlights would be Stay or Leave and Blue Water Baboon Farm(oh my god that rocked). The mess up in Christmas song was fun. I was in the 6th row floor and being that close was amazing. Dave really seemed to be having a good time. He told some great stories(spaghetti&meatballs, the elephant penis, starbucks mentioned, and the sniffle( my new thing) crotch grab. The crowd was a little too loud. We know a quiet audience is appreciated, and the numerous " we love you dave's" became a little annoying. I swore a fight would break out between old school dave fans who like silence and new teenie boppers who were chanting for where are you going. The tim solo's left me dumbfounded as tim always does.The homeless man intro to nancies was something new to see. The old school ad-on's made all the songs(wise men,what will become of me, this land is your land) Thanks Dave & Tim you rock. On behalf of Miami U.....we love ya'll!
Well, this was my first Dave and Tim show. I must say I left with the biggest smile on my face. The set list was awesome. Beofre I get to that I must say Miami University can not handle a big crowd. Ok moving on. Bartender was great. I love gravedigger and that was an awesome version. Stay or Leave this song has great potential. Crush --WOW! the end was unbelievable. I always heard that the Dave speak was good but tonights was awesome. Tim's solos-- Standing O! We also gave the duo a Standing O after Crush.LIOG I love this song. And how can I leave out Jimmi Thing. This was the 8th time I have seen Dave and have not heard Jimmi thing (my favorite song)But Dave and Tim gave it to me tonight and it was awesome--well worth the wait! The rambling drung guy intro into Nancies is really cool. The crowd was annoying at times but Dave interacted and made fun of people and what they were saying. All in all it was one hell of an evening. On a side note. We got lost on the way home in the country--hmm See you at Purdue!
Oh, my good sweet Lord. What a show! This was my first Dave and Tim concert (after seeing the band 9 times) and I had extremely high expectations. I was not let down! First of all, the 5-hour drive (both ways) from Oberlin was totally worth it. The University of Miami has a beautiful campus! I was like "wwwwooowww." Now, on to the show...simply AMAZING. Dave and Timmy put on a show I'll never forget. Bartender was a nice (expected) opening, and Best of What's Around was just what I needed! I had a shitty day earlier but that song made everything ok. Blue Water was a real treat. I liked the added verse. Stay or Leave is a gorgeous song. Crush was killer!!! Standing ovation! Two Step was amazing. Beauty of Wynona was really nice to hear. Tim's solos were unreal. The guy is sick. Nancies - expected encore but still AWESOME!!! Too many highlights to talk about...each song was played with passion and made for a wonderful evening. The crowd wasn't too bad...there were a few obnoxious fools in the audience, but I guess there are a few at every show. The guy who yelled, "everyone shut the hell up and let them play!" got mad applause. Dude, if you're reading this - you're my hero. The Davespeak was really great tonight...he talked so much. Alot of interaction with the crowd. Oh, that Dave...he's a funny, funny guy. All in all, it was a night of pure bliss. The other people I was with - Julie, Matty and Josh - all thought the same. Thanks, Dave and Tim for such a memorable night. Keep on keepin' on!
WOW. What an amazing show. Quite possibliy one of the best evenings of my life. It was my 6th show overall, but my first dave and tim, and i must say--i was totally blown away. it was well worth the 11 hour drive from Lawrence, KS; every second and every penny was well spent. No need in going through the entire setlist, but some highlights include: EVERYDAY-the crowd started singing the chrous to #36 as the song was ending..dave just sort of listened to the crowd for a few measures and then started to harmonize with the crowd. it was really cool. BEST OF WHATS AROUND- first time this song was played in a few years. BEAUTY OF WYNONA/THE MAKER--two somewhat rare cover songs that were played masterfully. i was priviledged to hear them both. TIM'S FIRST SOLO- was captivating. i think i stopped breathing for a little while. needless to say, it earned him a standing ovation. Lastly, CRUSH was jaw-dropping. it was by far, the best Crush i have ever heard. studio, live, full band, whatever...this was hands down the best i have ever heard this song performed. the way dave and tim read one another is amazing. i highly suggest that all trade for a copy of this show when it is available for the soul purpose of hearing this song. The rest of the songs were equally amazing and the night was wonderful. the venue was pretty weird though. they played in Miami's basketball arena, with a partition halfing its size mid court. they played in front of 6000. many of the 6000 were rude and disrespectful. im sure that no one who is a big enough fan to be reading this partook in any of the disruption, but if you were one of the many who screamed song requests, interupted dave when he was telling a story, clapped when tim started soloing (making the first few seconds of the solo inaudible), or were just being stupid and drunk. then please, next time try and show a little more respect to the band and their fans.
I was lucky and got front row seats with a perfect view of Dave. I was sitting right in front of two speakers so I could hear everything. From what I could hear the crowd wasn't too bad during the songs, but in between they got a little rowdy. I died laughing when he told that girl to shut her fucking mouth so he could finfish the "using all your tools and assets" story that was great. Tim was was having a ball the whole night he jammed out Crush, and Lie In Our Graves beyond belief, he just couldn't stop jamming. All of the newer songs Tim was a little more mellow, but he sounded sweet on gravedigger. After Tim's second solo Dave was definitely tore up, and he came out and messed up the lyrics to X-mas song, but still an amazing song. An emotional beginning to Nancies, and it ended the same. Overall an amazing show with a couple unexpected songs that I couldn't beleive I was hearing (Baboon farm, Bueaty of wynona). Lots of funny DaveSpeak, the parade story was quite hilarious. It was an amazing show, and I hope that D&T start touring more together.
Eric G.
My 3rd stop of the tour and it was wonderful!!! First of all this show was full of cool suprises just like Boone was! The crowd was kinda annoying and there was alot of girls screaming, but it wasnt terrible. BARTENDER seems to be his opener every night, but its a cool way to get the crowd settled. It was really cool to hear BIG EYED FISH and THE BEAUTY OF WYNONNA!!! Both of those tunes rocked!!! THE MAKER was awesome and it was cool to hear XMAS SONG again. But the highlight of the show was BLUE WATER when Dave actually extended it...WOW!! Dave also added some verse at the end of CRUSH and they actually got a partial standing ovation at the end of was great and I cant wait to hear the show again. The DANCING NANCIES intro was great tonight and it keeps getting better. Overall...great set and good times. (University of Miami-Ohio is definitely where all the hot ladies are too!!) Cant wait for CMU and Purdue!!!!
This was my first time seeing D&T and it was definitley worth wait. I got my tickets for the show the night of at 5 o'clock and when we picked up our tickets we found we were seating on the floor in the 14th row. I was amazed by our seats. The show was great. This was my first time seeing Tim Reynolds live and my first thought was man he is short. He is real little guy, but one hell of a guitar player. I was in awe by some of his solos. The Dave speak was great. Especially when he told one girl to shut the fuck up. Highlights for me were, Christmas Song (with Dave messing up), Crush, Two-Step was great, Grey Street, Crash, Big Eyed Fish, LIOG and the new song Stay or Leave was great. Low points of the night was the line getting into the show, the jackass next to me who kept yelling "I Love you Dave" and the rest of the people constanly yelling (goes to show what one beer will do to kids who go to Miami). Overall it was a great night and one I will not soon forget. Can't wait til this summer.