Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Holmes Center - Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
onstage 7:37pm
Grey Street
Pay For What You Get (Norwegian Wood)
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)
Grace is Gone
Drive In Drive Out
One Sweet World (Swim Naked Outro)
Stay or Leave
The Maker
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
After The Goldrush --> Ohio (Tim Solo)
Blue Water -->
Lie In our Graves
Satellite (Extended Intro)
#41 (Everyday)
Help Myself
Where Are You Going
Stranger In A Strained Land (Tim Solo)
Don't Drink the Water (This Land is Your Land)
Cry Freedom
When the World Ends (Extended Outro)
Two Step *
offstage 10:41pm
onstage 10:47pm
Long Black Veil
Christmas Song
Dancing Nancies
offstage 11:10pm

* including a Tim Reynolds tease of "Mercy Street" by Peter Gabriel

John M.
Well I just got back in at 5 from the NC circuit. While the Winston-Salem show was probably more fun due to Dave's silliness, the music tonight was solid. BARTENDER is and always will be a great opener. GREY STREET was a welcome song as we didn't get it at W-S. I wasn't sure how they would pull this off without the whole band, but it was great. WAREHOUSE was interesting in that Dave played his Baritone guitar and Tim played the main part. PFWYG is perfect for Dave/Tim. After they broke into JIMI THING, we swore he was just playing UTTAD.. which would of course be just fine :) The lighting for ONE SWEET WORLD really added to the atmosphere. STAY OR LEAVE is absolutely beautiful. Get your hands on this song and listen to it. I didn't want it to end. It was cool hearing BLUE WATER for the first time live, and it led perfectly into LIOG. The new intro to SATELLITE is absolutely hilarious. Dave plays the first few refrains completely out of tune and kinda scrunces up his face. HAHA.. HELP MYSELF - I'm still pinching myself for getting to hear this song twice in 2 nights. I never thought he'd play it again, and thankfully I was wrong. I think I am one of the few who doesn't like the new extended outro to WTWE. It just seems wrong somehow.. I still say in full band this song should end the setlist. We were expecting a 1-song encore, as the show was already running well over 3 hours when they came back out, but they gave us the gorgeious LONG BLACK VEIL. No Dave impersonation of Johnny Cash this time, but the song was great as always. CHRISTMAS SONG - blew me away. It's March. I love you Dave. Thanks Dave and Tim for one of the best weekends I could ever imagine!
Each show on the NC run was dinstinctly different.. who could ask for more? Nice surprises tonite with Blue Water (it was more than a tease.. included all (maybe not quite all, but close) the lyrics but Tim did not mimic a solo on the end of it as he does with LIOG, Two Step, etc. You could have heard a pin drop in the auditorium when those chords started playing, everyone was so shocked. Seems as if these guys really wanted to mix it up while there were in Carolina. I have a new found appreciation for Timmy. His solos this tour have been so outstanding. I've always enjoyed his contribution to the band, but never really got into his solo stuff.. seemed to out there. His solos were mesmerizing. I'm going out today to try and find some of Tim's CDs. I'm officially a convert! Crowd tonite was not as good as Winston Salem, but better than Davidson's. Suposedly, Davidson's was about middle of the road (according to more experienced Dave & Tim Concert goers). Thanks for a great run guys.. If I never see Dave & Tim perform in this format again.. I can look back and feel fulfilled by my personal experience!
J L.
Last night was a great show, great show. great setlist, Im glad he changed it up some from W/S. Really crappy crowd, thought they really hurt this show. The new song is getting better and better. But thanks Dave Matthews, I met you before the show tonight after leaving me hang at W/S. This was awesome, 3 shows, all NC shows and I am done. With the stuffthey are pulling out, there is no telling how good these shows are going to get. Get this show for some great Dave speak, great songs.
Kavi S.
My second D&T Show, my first being last night...Very repetative, but still really good...Someone needs to tell the people in Boone to shut the hell up and let them play...Dave Speak was really funny and really meaningful at times when talking bout the war...Highlights were The Maker, Gravedigger, Crash, Pay for what you get, jimi thing, Crush, Satellite and #41...The Entire encore was amazing too...Two Step was good but standard and the same as last night...Tim Reynolds is a God...He is a really short God, but still...He was on fire and his solos blew us all away...Unreal...Overall, Amazing show...too bad the crowd wasn't too great.
Ed C.
Great Show last night, at first I was kinda worried cause my seats were in the last row on the far right side of the building, but we were still only about 150 yards from Dave. I was kinda annoyed that I couldn't watch them actually play, and I couldn't ever really see Tim. However, I was the guy who yelled for them to play Blue Water, and when they did, it made the show for me. I've heard them do a tease once in Charlotte, but this was much better. Thanks DAVE! Then the went to LIOG which is another of my fav. songs. It was awesome to hear One Sweet World, and Long Black Veil. The Tim Solos were blazing and made me think of him in a whole new light. The crowd was mixed, there were some idiots who kept yelling the whole show, but I think dave might have just though it was kinda funny. The Davespeak was funny, and I definitely like the new intro to Dancing Nancies. I think they stayed on stage for the longest set of the tour so far last night too. That suprised me, I expected it to be 3 hours. When by 10:45 they were just going to the encore I was really suprised. It was a really great show. If anyone has a tape of this show, or knows someone who does I'd like to get a copy of it.
All I can say is...WOW! I've been a big DMB fan for over six years now and I have been to many concerts; this was my first D&T show, and I would say it was my favorite out of all DMB concerts I have been to. First of all, getting Bartender, Warehouse, and Grey Street for the first three songs...I thought I would fall out of my chair! DDTW with the This Land is Our Land outro was amazing! LIOG was amazing as was Crush. In fact every song was a treat tonight, there's no sense commenting on how much I loved every single one. The crowd was noisy at times, but maybe not as bad as some have said. Dave played on our heart chords when he dedicated Grace to our troops over seas and when he played Cry Freedom, I swear you could hear a pin drop b/c it was so beautiful and the crowd was in reverence. At times, I would just close my eyes during Cry Freedom or Grace and just let the song sink in, it was a really cool atmosphere b/c you can't have an experience like that at a concert with the full band b/c it's like people are yelling and screaming in your ear, and some teenager is getting drunk for the first time next to you and puking during the encore. Anyway, on to the encore...are you kidding me?! LBV was awesome, I still can't believe I got LBV and Maker in the same night. Christmas Song was easily the most beautiful song I have ever heard performed live, Dave introduced it with "This is a song about a man we all respect, if we don't already worship him". Dave's intro to Dancing Nancies was hilarious! He mumbled on in a drunken-like stupor, the crowd was loving it! If you haven't been to a D&T show, you are really, really missing out. I'll never forget the Davespeak either, stories about blue men, his cousin's porsche and a cow, Dave traveling the country with a juggler who caught him on fire and threw knives at him! Hilarious!
Michael F.
Last nights show was simply amazing. I drove up with a friend from Florida to see the show. We got to the show around noon and waited for Dave to arrive. When he got there he came out and said hello. I got to shake his hand which was pretty sweet. Later on Tim also came out (around 5) and got to shake his hand. The show was great. Dave's voice was absolutely dead on. Highlights for me were Stay or Leave, Pay for What you Get, #41 and X-mas song to name a few. I was absolutely shocked when he started X-mas song because I am pretty sure it had not been played yet on this tour and because it was already almost 11 o'clock. Also the new intro to Dancing Nancies was great. Finally crappy crowd. I was glad he played #41 so some stupid girl would finally shut up. Great Davespeak about cows, blue man group, and working for a juggler that lit him on fire. All in all an amazing night!
This weekend was one of the most amazing of my life... Aside from meeting Dave and getting Tim's autograph, the show last night was just out of this world. Highlights were THE MAKER, Help Myself, Stay or Leave (very beautiful song) and CHRISTMAS SONG which came out of nowhere... Also, BLUE WATER???!!!! That was so cool and I would love to see this song make a comeback. Dave mentioned (among his plethora of hilarious davespeak all night) that it might snow. I woke up to about 4-6 inches of snow outside my hotel and it was still falling. This was a first for me and it just made my weekend. Driving from Orlando was well worth it. Thanks Dave and Tim!!! See ya in the summer...
Update: 24 hours later, still snowing here in Boone, 1+ foot. I caught all three shows in NC, my first D+T shows, and this was the best. Best setlist, best stories, longest jams, best surprises, and by far the longest set. Damn this show was long. Over at 11:10. Crowd was a little raucous, but bigger venue, more people, to be expected. It didn't seem to bother Dave at all as he was in high spirits and even complimented the crowd at the end about what a pleasure it was. Christmas Song made the night for me 'cause of all the shows I've been to I've never heard it, and it's one of my favorite songs. A longer, funnier, more coherant intro to Nancies was sweet, and they jammed the shit out of it at the end, as they did in Davidson and WS. Best Nancies of the three NC shows. Pay For What You Get, Stay or Leave (If you haven't heard it you're gonna dig it), The Maker, a few Blue Water lines, killer LIOG, DIDO, LBV, a long intro into Satellite tonight, just check out the setlist, it was tight. Couple cool things; Somebody asked Tim to tell a story, he looked around for a second, then slowly flashed a peace sign. Dave was on all night with the stories about getting knives chucked at him w/o hazard pay, skiing, duct tape, the mountains, his new philosophy bit that he's been doing this week, driving in the mountains, etc. My gf scored front row and said the banter between Dave and Tim was hilarious. One or two times Dave told Tim after a song, "Sorry man, I fucked it up." But the best part of this show was after Two Step to close out the set, Dave got up, opened up his arms and gave Tim a big 'ol hug. Say what you want about the crowd sucking, but those two gave it everything yesterday. Sweet show, bummed the week's over, but these were probably the best concerts of my life. Definitely worth the time put in to get tickets. I'll never forget 'em.
Jonathan W.
Boone, NC; Saturday March 29 was heaven on earth for me. The crowd was pretty rough, but there is not a thing that could have ruined this night. On to the show: I don't want to go song to song, casue this thing would be 12 pages long but I want to point out a few things.....Bartender had a sweet intro, I'm not exactly sure if it was the tomorrow never knows intro, but it sounded like the old school 99 Bartender....warehouse-pulled this one out of the closet, GREAT to see.......PFWYG- great d/t song.....DIDO was badass....Stay or Leave is just absolutley amazing, I was so glad to hear this and this will be a GREAT DMB song....The maker- wow.....Gravedigger had unreal amounts of emotion pouring out...Tim's first solo got a well desrved standing ovation....then came the unbelievable- the opening chords to blue water, I thought there was no way, it brought me to tears just completley floored me.....then LIOG- the bridge was immaculate.....Satty- great intro.......41-my favorite song of all time, so great to hear.......Help Myslef- sweet acoustic.....Crush- I got lost in the music I was in my own land...Cry Freedom- absolutley so powerful...Two Step- great closer.....LBV- nicely done.......XMAS song- where in the world did this come from???, I was just unbelievably suprised by this, but SO great to hear.....and NAncies with a great intro, and amazing end dont think that any of the songs not mentioned were downpoints...there was not a single downpoint in the show.....dave dedicated Grace is gone to the troops and innocent people in the mideast...and the stories were just classic dave....we got stories about "my cousin, hid dad's porshce, and a cow"....the blue man group.....skiing with dave....and a circus guy who used to throw knives at dave and light him on fire...Tim Reynolds amazed me much amazing talent pouring out of such a tiny man.......this was something I will never ever forget in my life......thanks to the greates brother in the world, I got to see the show of the year.....thanks bro!
This was my first Dave and Tim show and it was just amazing. The setlist was awesome and all of the songs were played beautifully. Some of the songs that really stuck out for me were Satelite, Maker, Crush, Dancing nancies, and Tim's 2 solos...they were amazing. The crowd wasn't horrible but it could've also been a lot better. I don't understand why people have the need to yell requests and scream everytime Dave opens his mouth. He did have some funny stories though, for the ones that I could hear.
Obese B.
After enjoying pork rinds and boiled peanuts all the way up US321, I enjoyed digesting and watching this truly one-of-a-kind show. After the static collapse in Davidson earlier this week, we get three and a half hours of unadulterated fun. Dave put his heart (and his back) into it. Blue Water? Christmas Song? Nothing from Everyday except When the World Ends? Did he lose a bet? Daniel Boone is cool, but Johnny Appleseed was cooler.
This was my first D & T show and I couldn't have asked for a better setlist. Overall great experience. Of course there were a lot of jackasses yelling the whole time, and ignorant people started clapping before a lot of the songs were even finished. the stories were funny, and it was great to meet Dave before the show. Well worth the drive from Memphis, and the snow on sunday morning made the experience that much better. I was really surprised to get Maker and Christmas Song, and Pay 4 was excellent as it was my first time to hear it live. Crush, 41, LIOG, all very nice to hear. I love Gravedigger, probably his best new song in the recent years. Can't wait for the summer!
Chris B.
I'm getting my review in late b/c of getting snowed in Boone yesterday (ugh)! What an amazing show on Friday...I hate that the crowd wasn't a bit more respectful, but it was bearable. I won't do a song-by-song review, but a few highlights deserve to be mentioned. First and foremost, Warehouse came out just like I said it would and it sounded great. The jams at the end of Crush, Two Step, and Nancies kicked my ass, and Tim's first solo was completely deserving of the standing O that it got. Blue Water sounded so sweet (finish it, Dave, finish it!), and the 3-song encore capped off an amazing night. All of the Davespeak was classic...this show is definitely a must-have. On top of it all, I got to meet Dave and see an assload of snow...what more could I have asked for in Boone? Peace...
Benji T.
The crowd was crappy. I thought it would be better and more mellow than ws (boone being the home of hippies), but i was badly mistaken. Surprisingly the boys graced the noisy crowd with one of the longer setlists yet. Blue Water?? Are you kidding? It was lovely. This show was a completion to a wonderful weekend. Drive in Drive out was amazing acoustic, and the same goes for when the world ends. Hope you hear the new one soon if you haven't already. It's tearfully sweet.
This was my first Dave and Tim show, and my girlfriend's first Dave show period. I want to start by saying Dave's music has changed my outlook on music and the way I play acoustic guitar, if not my life. I have been listening to the luther college cd non-stop for two years. The show was unbelievable, 41 was awesome with the everyday ending. I loved every second of it. Sorry to end on a sour note but i would like to adress personal conduct, or lack there of in this case. To the 20 idiots who showed up wasted and screamed in the middle of songs, you now have 2000 other concert goers who hate you. To the giddy highschool girl behind me who smacked her gum and talked the entire show, I hope you die a horrible death, or atleast have an unpleasant headache. I am the craziest drunk I know, but I have the common sense to know when it is appropriate. I am probably wasting my time because the people who care enough and respect the music enough to read up on a concert they went to also know how to act. Thanks to everyone who chilled out and acted cool. Peace
Derek N.
All I can say is WOW...and then some. This was the most incredible show I have ever seen. This was my 5th time seeing Dave and first Dave and Tim show. I waited a bit to write this review because I had to let everything sink in but now that the intial shock and awe of the show is over I am now able to write a few reflections of the show. I'm not gonna give a song by song review because there were 28 songs played and that would just be too long but here are the highlights that made my night...the two opening songs were standard and just blew me away with Bartender. WAREHOUSE, was not expecting this since it had not been played yet, kind of a slight passion intro, about as short as it is on UTTAD, very haunting at the begining though, glad to hear again. PFWYG, my first new song I had not heard before, love the Norwegian wood outro. DIDO, second new song, no Too Much intro though, I love how he changes the lyrics up for this one a bit. STAY OR LEAVE, this new song is amazing, I had just downloaded it and listened to it before the show, thinking what it might be like with the full band only makes it better. CRASH, finally got my dixie chicken outro. BLUE WATER, what is it with Dave and singing Blue Water in NC. I said on my review of the Charlotte show last summer I could die happy, now i can just die happier! SATELLITE, another new song to hear live and man the new intro to this was insane, it was like they were switching through channels trying to get the right signal, totally awesome with Dave and Tim going back and forth. CRUSH, 4 for 5 on my favorite song, they could play it the whole show and I would not care, the jam at the end between Dave and Tim and the scatting that Dave was doing only added more to the joy of hearing my song again. DDTW, finally I get to hear it live, one of my favorite songs and the This Land is your land...only added to that. The encore for the night was insane, LBV and X-MAS SONG were totally unexpected since the show had already gone way over 3 hours at this point. Glad I got X-MAS SONG since everybody on the Winter Tour got it except Tampa. NANCIES, totally insane, the 4 minute opener with Dave telling this song like story of a drunk, can't wait for the tape of this so I can hear what he was actually saying, it was just so fast. All in all, an amazing show! The crowd was fine I thought, just the stupid dumb ones that screamed in between songs but when they were singing you could hear a pin drop and that is all the music is all that mattered to me. Funny dave speak with stories about the Blue Man Group, cows, dave having someone lighting him on fire, and Huckleberry Hound (that is one groovy dog!) Haha...amazing show...see ya'll this summer.
Mike M.
I have to say this was the best concert I have ever been to. Having Bartender, Grey Street, and Warehouse to start was an incredible lead in to the rest of the night. I'll admit that the crowd was a bit loud and obnoxious, but it didn't take away from the fact that Dave and Tim are phenomenal. To provide their fans with 3.5 hours of perfection for a measley $50 is one reason Dave/Tim have such a huge, devoted following. Hearing Blue Water, The Maker, and Stay or Leave was truly a treat. Tim's solos were great as well, not as detailed as STREAM, but great. As far as a highlight for this show, how can you pick one. The entire show was out of this world and will surely not be forgotten by anyone who attended.
Tamela Y.
The spring flowers were rejoicing in radiant Boone, and the music was-once again-beyond words . . . as is Tim Reynolds. . . . Someone in the audience told him to tell a story. He made the peace sign. Also, at the end of the regular set, he walked back and instead of turning toward the steps to go down, he turned toward Dave, and they hugged center stage on the other side of the warmly glowing lamp that sits between and just behind them while they play! This was such a "Tim Reynolds complement" to the praise that Dave continually gives the man-both verbally and by looking sideways to watch him perform, while Tim's eyes are usually downcast throughout each song. After the nearly 3 hour-long show ended-the celebrating flowers, the masterful (and certainly exhausted!) artists, and the oh-so-astounded witnesses all faced a remarkable change in the weather-cold rain and sleet, strong winds, and what soon became six inches of swirling snow! So much REAL beauty! (It's real! It's real!) Thank you, Tim! Thank you, Dave! Thank you, world!