Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Constant Convocation Center - Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Where Are You Going
When The World Ends
Two Step
Stay or Leave *
The Maker
Help Myself
Grace Is Gone
Satellite +
Don't Drink The Water
Open Up, Let It In --> Jemez Rolling Waves (Tim Solo)
I'll Back You Up
The Stone (Wise Men Outro)
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)
Kundalini Bonfire (Tim Solo)
Seek Up
Lie In Our Graves
Dancing Nancies
Ants Marching

* New song, first time played
+ including a tease of "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield

I got to the show with one extra ticket and tried to sell it for face but you couldn't give tickets away to this show. If you were in town and didn't come down because you didn't have a ticket man did you miss out I ended up calling about ten people trying to give the ticket away and finally did to my friend Brian. It sucked having to eat a ticket but it was such a great feeling to do something like that for a freind. And it is that sort of good Karma that made this the best show ever. This was my 12th show and this was by far the best I've ever seen or heard...sweet Virginia.... Bartender was a little predictable since they have opened with it just about every night but damn was Dave into it. The crowd was very respectful and it seems the quieter the crowd is the better Dave is. Where Are You Going was next and if there was a lull in the show this was it not that it wasn't good or anything it's just that the rest of the show was so incredible. When the World Ends was nice to hear again with the extended outro verse. It is even better hearing it for the second time because you know the song isn't over but everyone who hasn't heard the acoustic version didn't and the reaction of the crowd is always so great when something like that happens. Then the show kicked in to super turbo hyper speed with Two Step...our good friend Tim Reynolds Guitar God. And to follow was Gravedigger, gravedigger is such a more powerful song now as compared to 2002 not so much a ballad as it is a heart crying out in pain sort of questioning the ways of the world and how no matter how or when or why you die, or a loved one dies more like it, it just sucks. Then came the first real surprise of the night a New Song unofficially I'll call it The Day You Went funny how a new song is played the day that the studio Dave and Tim album is confirmed. And this is classic Dave it is going to be one of the greats. Suprise numero dos HELP MYSELF totally shocked absolutely love the song and can't believe they played it. Surprise #3 Jerry came in all the way from China which was eluded to what would be next The have got to be kidding me right and it didn't stop there it was followed by #41. And Tim adds so much to Grace is Gone with that glass slide...Tim is the shiz-nittle-bap-skip-skab-skibby!!!!...And then Satellite a classic but played so much different than ever before I'm sure Tim had a great deal to do with this new intro it almost sounded like music from some cheesy Sci-Fi movie with a spaceship landing or something. And then they went into Crush and again Dave and Tim bot just went off! And to end Dave's first set Don't Drink the Water actually looking back they probably could have done a little more with this but with everything else they did tonight I'm not complaining we did get the this land is your land outro. And Tim's first solo was nice and slow and then really fast and then nice and slow and then really fast and then well you get it....The return of Dave brought on of the prettiest I'll Back You Up's I've ever heard. And then Everyday was nice it is so nice to hear it in this time of War the crowd tried to do hani hani but not enough people were into it for it to get heard really. The Stone was next and it kicked ass such a beautiful dave mumble outro and wise man say and then damn did they jam out the end. And the rest of the show was one long jam fest I'm not even going to get into the details the list speaks for itself.
This show was unlike any show I have ever been to. The setlist was nasty- definitely did not expect the Maker, I'll Back You Up, and Gravedigger. And the best thing was that the atmosphere really made me enjoy the songs. Most other shows consist of dancing and screaming with 40,000 belligerent people, but at this show, they didn't let anyone stand up or yell- you weren't even supposed to sing along. There were definitely a few times where I wanted to get up and let loose, but I think that overall, I'm definitely glad they set it up that way. Other than that, Tim was ridiculous as always- his second solo was probably the hottest song of the whole set. I expected a little more jamming out, but he pulled off some sick solos in Two Step and Crush. Dave had some hilarious lines, stopping during them to chug a beer. The only thing that I wasn't crazy about was at the end when he gave his opinion on the war. I understood when he asked us to pray for the soldiers, but I think he could have left out the part where he gave his opinion- that's too Hollywood for him. Ridiculous show overall though.
Charles L.
This show was amazing. I think Dave was more drunk than normal, but he didn't forget any lyrics so I'm not complaining. They played a nice mix of old and new stuff, breaking out with Help Myself, which was a song I had forgotten about. I love the way they play the new stuff acoustic; they capture what is sometimes lost on studio recorded albums. Tim also played brilliantly. His second solo of the night got a standing ovation from the crowd, which was nice because I've been to many shows where people don't respect his music and leave during his songs. He was so overwhelmed by the audience response that he dropped to his knees. It was a nice moment. Finally, Dave made several references to the war going on throughtout the concert, although I think most people didn't realize what he was alluding to until the end where he became explicit about it. As a very brief aside, I think Dave's intentions are good, but I don't think he has a great grasp of the American psyche right now. At least we can all agree that peace is the eventual desired objective in the world, regardless of methods. Overall, a phenomenal acoustic performance and worth every penny.
Alright, this show was absolutely amazing!!! The boys were so into this show. They were close to home like they mentioned, and they showed that they love their home. Some outstanding jams from Tim on his solo songs and on the solos on Dave songs. This was such a magical evening. The Maker, Help Myself...such a great version of it too! And the new song...perfect...such a beautiful song! Wish there would of been more than a one song encore, but still one of the best shows that I have ever or on a setlist. It was truely a once in a lifetime experience!
John C.
After seeing a few bad shows from the 2002 tour i gave this one a shot, and did it turn me around. Seeing Tim's second solo was worth every penny. Being only four rows back, dead center, just about everything was perfect. I really like the fact that during this tour dave interacts with the crowd more, of course there are a few idiots that feel the need to have to be important so they shout stupid things but dave would come back with a smart ass comment and then they would shut up, it was great. too bad the tour is only 13 shows.
David R.
This was my first Dave & Tim show. My wife and I drove down to Norfolk from Washington DC (and drove back that night - ouch). It was well worth the trip. I'm told that this is the biggest venue they will play this tour. It was too large for my taste and even Dave made a comment along the lines of "my, this is quite a big gathering for such a tiny thing". Highlights of the night had to be Seek Up, The Stone, Crush, Maker (wow!), I'll Back You Up and Lie In Our Graves. Jimi Thing sounded unreal and Grace Is Gone plays really well in this acoustic setting. // Dave introduced a new song and told the crowd it was the first time he's ever played it in front of anyone (to which Tim retorted, "yeah, right"). Not that we heard Tim speak, but Dave repeated the line to everyone. My buddy who works for the band gave me a copy of the setlist and on it the song was called "Stay or Leave". It was niiice. // Everyday was another highlight and it lends itself very nicely to this setting. You could make out faint hani hani during the intro and outro, but nothing ever took root. Hard to fathom since so many folks just couldn't contain themselves between songs. I found the crowd totally unruly, but I have nothing to compare this to - maybe this was one of the better audiences god forbid. I felt like we would have gotten a lot more Dave speak had people just put a lid on it. Dave tolerates most of it, but I think he opens Pandoras box the moment he acknowledges hearing something that one of these jugheads yells out. Sure he tried to mock a few of them, but by then it's too late. // Much to my surprise, Dave told the crowd before the encore that Tim and he were backstage just then discussing that they thought tonight's show has been their best so far, and the highlight of the tour up 'til now. It was really nice to hear them say that. Makes you realize just how much pride they take in their work. There simply isn't a classier act in the music business than DMB. You have to respect the way Dave is true to his wacky self. Some people took issue with his comments about the war. I guess it's ok for him to talk about goofy stuff but heaven forbid he share his views on something important. The crux of his message was this - he asked for our consideration of a new found notion he wanted to share that "peace isn't the absence of war, but rather, the presence of God". I found it to be a wonderful moment, no matter what your opinions are of this war or any war. According to the set list they were then going to play a very fitting "One Sweet World" but for some reason skipped it and moved right to"Ants" to close the show. // Other nice touches included the way Dave weaved a little Buffalo Springfield "For What It's Worth" tease into Satellite.) At one point he also very faintly started singing the BeeGees "I Started A Joke" but I don't think too many folks picked up on it.. // Overall, five stars all the way. We are truly blessed as fans of this band - a band that loves to tour and offers us the opportunity to see this music presented in various formats..
Jimmy M.
Fresh off the Davidson show, I had high hopes for Dave and Tim returning home to Virginia. It was another gorgeous day as we made the drive up from Winston-Salem through the countryside of NC and Virginia. The drive took about five hours and when we arrived at about 4, we figured we might as well make use of the gorgeous 80 degree day and head for the beach. Living in Colorado, I was particularly anxious to see the ocean. We went to Virginia Beach, about 20 minutes from Norfolk. I had never been there and found it to be a pretty cheesy place with lots of t-shirt shops etc. but it was a great day to be on any beach. We got some ice cream and just strolled the boardwalk, watching the sun set- very nice way to get ready for the show. As said by many, the venue was brand new and really nice. It had an adjoining huge free parking lot which was nice. They also had a "block party" with food and a band (which we missed) out in front of the venue. As we arrived, a huge wind kicked up as a storm approached and it was time to head in. Getting in was much quicker than at Davidson. Our seats in 111 row D were not as great as Davidson but still very nice. The room seemed MUCH bigger than Davidson although it wasn't that much. It was a full size arena without the upper bowl basically. With the size of the crowd and the lot happenings we had seen, we both were nervous about the crowd. It took me a long time to get through the line and get a shirt, but I finally did at the lone merch stand. Dave and Tim came out promptly once again and started up with bartender. Bartender is sounding great with dave doing the full ending rather than the clipped one he has used at solo shows. Two Step and Gravedigger were both great to hear again. Dave then introduced a song that he had "never played before" much to our delight. The ensuing "Stay or Leave" as we now know its called was a really nice chill song with a cool guitar part and numerous sections. It was great to see a new song like this rather than the overly simple "Where are You Going" debut (thats just the last time I remember a song coming out at an acoustic show from a future album). There is hope for a strong DMB 2003. We both thought the new song was great and then I was stunned when he followed it by two tour debuts. First was "The Maker" which is a nice song for acoustic and then was one of my favorites that I had waited 35 shows to hear, "Help Myself." It was played very well and Dave seemed to enjoy it. I have always liked the lyrics and different sections of that song. Don't Drink the Water was good as was I'll Back You Up- both songs we had not heard the night before. Tim's second solo was really ripping and the crowd loved it. The crowd was much more obnoxious than the Davidson one. There was basically a party of people in one of the boxes that I would bet all got up there for free to enjoy the free drinks. The talked loudly and screamed at Dave to "look at them." There was another girl who was screaming for 41 even though it had already been played. Seek Up was also great to hear as it is an old favorite of mine. Seeming to realize just how awesome it sounds, they saved LIOG for the end of the show and both seemed to really enjoy it- as did we. Dave sis a much longer intro to Dancing Nancies that was almost frighteningly dark. When they came back out for the encore, Dave said that the night had been a real turning point for them and they thanked us for that. He also mentioned that it was great to be home etc. Ants was a great way to end a great show that had been very different from the night before. We went out into the rain with the intent to drive to a hotel on the way to RDU airport where I was flying out the following morning but my friend was ambitious and drove all the way to the airport while I slept. I found out I could standby on an earlier flight at 6:30 and that the ticket window opened at 4:30. That gave us just enough time to go to Waffle House (which I learned to love at Phish Hampton in January). After a great, cheap breakfast I went to the airport and flew back to Denver. I arrived to a snowstorm at about 11 AM. I managed to make 2 of the 4 classes (all of which I had planned to miss) for the week and then hopped in the car and drove up to Breckenridge again. After a great dinner there, I quickly fell asleep on the couch thinking of what a great few days Dave and Tim had provided me and how lucky I was to have had the oppurtunity to experience it. I will be sure to make a show on the next tour- hopefully they will come out west next winter! See everyone at Darien Lake in June (or maybe Bonnaroo..)!