Dave Matthews Band
MCI Center, Washington, DC
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
Too Much

onstage 8:19pm
Donít Drink the Water *
Dont Burn The Pig *
Captain *
Grace Is Gone *
Everyday *
Bartender *
When The World Ends *
Crush *
Song That Jane Likes *
Grey Street *
Loving Wings *
Where Are You Going *
Jimi Thing *
What Would You Say *
Too Much *
offstage 10:33pm
onstage 10:40pm
Christmas Song +
Two Step *
offstage 11:00pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave and Carter

What a show. Boyd went crazy tonight. He had his own jam session on what seemed like every song. MCI is a great venue with what seemed like not a bad seat in the house. DDTW was awesome as an opener, then pig was great after that. Everyday was great, and the crowd started in on #36 before dave did, which was incredible, and then went on to end the show with it while dave practically sang back up vocals to the audience. The encore was great with dave and carter coming back to play Christmas song, and then everyone came back to play Two Step, which lasted something like 15 mins. Great show, but no Last Stop?
Joe B.
Wow....All I can say is Wow. What better way to kick off the Christmas season than with Christmas Song. I had a suspicion that this song would be the encore opener since its the guy's last show of the tour and we're only a few days away from Christmas. The guys were kicking it tonight and the energy was flowing! Boyd went crazy on just about every solo he had, Dave danced like a madman, Carter had the gum popping, Leroi was getting a little jazz swing into his sax, Stefan got to get a few bows in here and there, and Butch is by far the most overlooked part of the band but he was wailing away at those keyboards. One of the high points of the show was the fact that only 2 Everyday songs were played and they were the 2 that I liked the best. Also, first show that I've been to in a while where I Did It wasnt played!!!!! Such a nice change of pace :) Song highlights: Stefan's steel pedal intro to Grace is Gone really adds depth to the song. Extended jams on Crush and Jimi Thing, and I love Daves new little solo bit on Jimi Thing. Song That Jane Likes was a nice old bit of nostalgia for me because its one of the first songs I heard and it got me hooked on the Band. Starting to get a liking for Loving Wings even though it sort of changed the mood of the night since most people didnt know what it was and sat down. I hate to admit it but I broke my streak of 7 straight Dave shows without sitting down tonight during that song :( My girlfriend was tired so I had to sit down with her. Oh well, all good things must come to an end I guess. Heres to the guys for another GREAT show and also lets all hope that Dave does that solo tour that was rumored to have been planned and that he comes by Maryland on it. Hope everyone had as good a time as I did.
Mike A.
To some up the DC show in one word would have to be BOSS!!!!! Show was fuckin amazing. Did not expect Don't Drink the Water to open, but was nice to hear. Pig was BOSS, Captain i had never heard before live and it was good. When Stefan pulled out the slide guitar i knew Grave is Gone was coming. Not having the lovely ladies there was sad but the crowd made up for it in Everyday. With the whole crowd chatting "Honey, Honey, Come and Dance with me." Dave couldn't help but sing along. Bartender was good. WTWE seemed short but still a good song to hear. One of the best parts of the night was Crush. The band was in full effect tonight and was jammin their ass off. I was with a couple of my buddies and durin the whole show we were goin nuts. It was good to hear Loving Wings and Where Are You Going. Dave finished off with Too Much which was one of the best versions i think ive ever heard. Then came back on stage and everyone knew what was coming. Christmas Song!!!!!! Daves last song was Two Step and a damn good version i must say. This my 4th show and one of the best, good friends, good concert neighbors (except the people in front of us were weird), and Good Times.
holy crap. can you say frickin awseome? my god it was a great show. the set list was amazing, the crowd was pumped, and it's always great seeing security throwing out the drunks. this happened to be my second dave concert this year. my first was in california on may 21st. you can read the review there. i moved out to va this summer and tryed getting seats to the show at the nissan pavillion but to no evail. my journey to this show was tough though. my dad was supposed to buy tickets when they went on sale but forgot and they sold out. after losing countless ebay auctions i struck a deal with someone off of nancies and got my tixs in the mail on wed. now to the show. DDTW was a great opener. it was a classic and got everone ready. pig, great from the first note. it was great with everyone singin along. captain, a newer song but still good. GIG was awseome. a great song for a gathering of dave fanatics. this was the part where dave started to tease us and the crowd started "honey, honey, come an dance with me" until dave broke into everyday. the crowd wouldn't have it though. we all broke back into it after the song and dave and the boys had no choice but go along with it. dave then broke into some of the songs he played at my last concert. bartender, a must, and WTWE, another little taste from everday. the next song is one of my personal favorites, crush. this was so awseome. next was STJL, which was only my 3rd or 4th time hearing it. i must say i like it though. this next one i predicted when i saw dave switching guitars from the 6 to the 12 string. this was also the first time i have heard loving wings. it was very well played like all dave songs. next was WAYG, a good song but i like it when dave steers clear of his popular ones and goes for the ones not on the radio. next was jimi thing, this got the crowd wound up. he ended the regular set with 2 upbeat songs, WWYS and too much, both played in cali but both very good energy songs. the break was filled with pee breaks, lighters, and "we want dave" comin from the top of the center. he came out with carter and performed the xmas song. i was hopin he'd play this seein as it's so close to xmas. he ended the show with a very long but awseome 2step. he played this and jammed the same way in cali. well all i gotta say this was a great concert filled with popular hits and songs for the hardcore dave fan. i have to say i liked this concert better then the first, though they were both awseome. i can't wait till their next tour.
How cool that DMB started and ended their 2002 tour at MCI Center. This show definitely topped the April show which I also attended. I must say, though that it was not what you would expect for the last stop. Maybe I'm biased b/c I had the privilege of seeing them bring down the house last night in NY. MSG was the quintessential closing show for a holiday tour, but the boys did not disappoint tonight. There were a few songs that really made my night--- STJL and Christmas Song-- I'd never heard them live. Crush was a real bonus, especially after I predicted something from BTCS. To top things off, the 2Step encore was just right for this show. I'm so glad, DMB decided to switch things up a bit from last night. It made driving to NY and back for tonight's show all the more worthwhile.
Trey B.
This is my third show (second this year) and it was a great one. By looking at this set list and comparing it to last nights show at MSG some might think this show was a huge letdown. It wasn't. This show, although not one that will go down in history as one of the greatest, is very worthy of being the last show of this great tour. No, Last Stop, Dreaming Tree, and Halloween weren't played. It doesn't matter because other great versions of classic songs were played. Tonight's show was graced with the best versions of Crush, Loving Wings, and Jimi Thing that I have ever heard live (I have listened to many shows via .shn). We were also treated with The Song That Jane Likes, Don't Drink the Water, Don't Burn the Pig, Grey Street, Christmas Song, and Two Step. Yes, this show could have been better, but it could also have been a lot worse. A very solid show that leaves me and hopefully everyone else out there anxious for the 2003 summer tour.
Niell J.
This of all, during "hani, hani" dave told us he was sick..which made it ten times better, and the whole crowd helped him out singing the rest of the night....DDTW..great opener in my opinion...skipping over to bartender...great jam session on this one...but the HIGHLIGHT of the night was defintaely crush....Boyd running around stage for the whole (i estimate) 15 minute jam...everyone getting their own solos in...dont burn the pig was a nice one to expect this one AT ALL...also made my night...Jimi thing, what would you say, too all i have to say about that, great together...and now..for the song with just dave and carter was phenomenal...all the people screaming during htis one kinda pissed me off...two step was same jam as never gets old i still loved it...even without james brown, i definately think this show was better showing that dave can do it on his own...peace
B. K.
All I can say is that DMB is at the prime of their career. With that in mind, let me break down the concert for ya. Good version of DDTW to start it off, then a sweet version of Pig. Chilled out version of Captain was next and than a phat version of Grace Is Gone. Now, after GIG, the concert took off. Nine minute rendition of Everyday, with dave harmaonizing with the crowd who were all singing "Hani, Hani, come and dance with me" over and over again. Than an explosive Bartender followed. The jam at the end was extra long, and Butch had a nice solo. Then standard WWTE, which was nothin great but nothin i could complain about. Next was the greatest version of Crush i have ever heard, and i have been to 14 shows. Boyd absolutely tore it up. He was all over the stage dancing, at one point in circles around Stefan. Next, Song That Jane Likes!! Everything was great from here on out. Highlights were Jimi Thing, which was a long long masterful jam. All members were breakin it down, meaning everybody was on fire. Also, there couldn't have been a better ending that Two Step. Overall, the band has proved that they are still the absolute shit. Everybody, especially Boyd, were on fire. So much energy. And the crowd was so into it too. I mean, of course you had your less enthusiastic fans, but overall the crowd had a lot of energy. Great Show
Ryan D.
I have attended 5 DMB shows and never have i felt compelled to write a setlist review, not even a hint of interest, but for some reason i feel i have to now......and that reason is simple, NO LAST STOP!!! i thought for sure they would play it, nope!, but anyways heres about the show. the band opened with DDTW, great to hear since it was ny first time hearing it, good version, lots of energy. next was PIG, good song but i have heard this almost everytime ive seem them, not one of my favs, but still good song. after that was CAPTAIN, i wasnt a fan of this song and after hearing this version tonight......i'm still not a fan, althought it was nice that dave used his real voice in the high parts instead of his falseto, it brought the song some much needed energy. after that dave informed the crowd that his voice was a bit horse........which sucks, when i saw him at KC his voice was horse from the soft ball game they played. After all this they went right into GIG, good to hear fonzie on the slid guitar, good intro, great jam, still one of my favs from the new album (although i like the Lillywhite version much better). Then, what do i hear, no other than a violin being played through a cry baby wah wah pedal, which means EVERYDAY is just around the corner. good version, Boyde seemed to conduct the crowd on the "honey honey, come dance with me", one of the best version of the song ive heard. but bouncing back to reality, BARTENDER came at a much need point in the show. Although not the best version of it ive heard, still really good, how much can i really complain......the man did write the song, right?!? Then came WTWE, i could have done without hearing this, next was CRUSH, again good song, i have just heard it way too much. then dave made a rathe touching move and dedicated the next song to his late sis, STJL, great song, great version, a high point in the show. next up, GREY STREET, i think he skipped the middle verse like he's been doing the last couple of shows, great song, good version. after that was LOVING WINGS, i was interested to see if it sounded anymore developed and finished than it had sounded over the, not really, lets hope this song fleshes out while they are off tour. after hearing this i knew i could sit for the next song, WAYG, and i did.........i wont miss this song when its not being played. they once agin brought the show back up with a good version of JIMI THING, i love that song, good to hear it again. boyde was all over the stage, he made the show tonight. next WWYS, great version, good jam. next TOO MUCH, i love this song, one of the old ones i never get tired of hearing. Then for a predictable but enjoyable encore, dave and carter played CHRISTMAS SONG. great song, and yes if there is a good reason to pray....pray for peace, right? then for the not last stop (which i heard many people chanting) they played TWO STEP, good song, great version, butch had a very impressive solo and carter shows up again why he is THE MAN. all in all good show, but it needed a LAST STOP or a HALLOWEEN, dave always seems to play better up north, i hope he dosent forget the home town people and everyone in VA, every now and then we would like a nice rare song for a treat, instead of the commonly played ones
John A.
JESUS! Just, got back, and I feel like praying over what I just was a part of... AMAZING. This is my 4th show, and my absolute favorite out of all of them. Let's do a song-by-song for full effect. DDTW: Wonderful opener, very well done and intense. The place was shaking. PIG: Very unexpected and played so well. Perfect. CAPTAIN: I have a new respect for this song after tonight. Dave had trouble hitting the high notes in this one, but he compinsated with pure emotion. GIG: Oh my! Stefan's steel guitar intro was sweet, and the song was even sweeter, thanks to Boyd (this is a theme throughout the night). EVERYDAY: I was mostly glad to hear this because I knew that it couldn't close the set. The crowd, at first, disappointed in that they weren't really up for singing honey, honey, but Boyd and Dave got 'em into it and it ended being fabulous. Boyd was awesome here, singing the Honey, honey lines louder than Dave and with an ear-to-ear grin on his face. BARTENDER: Dave did a different outro on this. Much like on 4/7, Dave didn't do the falsetto outro before the big screams, but he sang something eerily instead. Loved it, very intense. WTWE: Knew it was coming, but it had a different kinda groove to it tonight that made it truly like-able. CRUSH: WOW! My first time hearing it live, it was beautiful, powerful, intense, and lovely all wrapped into one. Boyd and Leroi had amazing solos, and by this point Boyd is the key player of the night. STJL: WOW again. Never payed much attention to this song before tonight, but I heard it live for the first time tonight and was blown away... it's so much fun! And again, Boyd made it shine. GREY STREET: Best version i've heard of it. Very powerful and emotional as Dave sang his heart out on this one. LOVING WINGS: I love this now, and I wasn't fond of it at all during the summer tour. It's more refined: The lyrics are understandable and Carter and Leroi have distinguished solos that are beautiful. WAYG: Same old, but good nonetheless. JIMI THING: MY GOD! Rockin' version, this is a favorite of mine and it couldn't have been done any better. Thanks to Boyd again. WWYS: I love this song, and it was really well done. Leroi stepped up with an amazing solo to bring it home. TOO MUCH: Great closer. It was intense and, again, rocking. I like this as a closer much more than Everyday, What You Are, Stay, or Watchtower. XMAS SONG: Beautiful. Dave sang so sweetly, and Carter added a lot as always. TWO STEP: I was expecting last stop, but was pleased with Two Step. I'd actually rather them play Two Step, I like it more and it jammed out tonight. Great show and tour closer. Very FUN show. I'm sure better shows have been played technically, but we all had so much fun, and the band played truly phenomenally. Dave and Boyd weren't still at all at any time (both dancing like madmen), and Carter was his usual amazing self. I'm thankful this holiday season for this band, who tours constantly four US, their fans, and play their hearts out for us. This show was wonderful to me, considering it's their 3rd in 3 days, and 9th in 12 days. They played an energetic and inspiring show, and I feel that everyone left feeling satisfied. Thanks DMB, hope to catch y'all in the spring. BEST DAVE QUOTES OF TONIGHT: "I hope y'all have a prosperous and peaceful, peaceful, peaceful, peaceful, peaceful New Year." "Praying is a good thing and if you ever find yourself lacking in something to pray for, pray for peace, that's a good thing too."
It's 2002 and for the first time in nine years it's NYC on top, over Virginia. Tonight at the MCI Center (that's Washington DC for those not informed) the fans showed their true colors. Before the band played Everyday, Dave mentioned that, "It was the cold and flu season(classic) voice is hoarse and i need you all to help me through", which to the loyal fan suggested a sing-along to #36. However, only about 12 fans in attendance realized, as opposed to two nights ago at MSG where half the audience sang "hani, hani ,...(honey, honey,...)" as the band played Everyday. For the first time in my 8 years of Dave shows, the virginia crowd was embarassed by a more cognizant NYC crowd. This is huge, as to my knowledge this has never happened before. For the first time ever the Virginia crowd proved to be aloof and not in-sync with the band. While the concert was good, the crowd was at best sub-par. Perhaps this is why the band feels the need to play their singles every night and not mix up the setlists. While I personally did not mind the repeats, the crowd was a downer. My friend and I have been seeing shows since 1994, and will forever be fans of the band. We liked tonights show as it was another opportunity to see the band that we so admire, but it was also an awakening. The fan base is no longer what is once was, the tapers have become lame (they no longer serve the puropose they once did, they have become the uber-fans that "love the songs that suck"), the Warehouse is a hodge-podge of fans that are grounded in reality (the pertainent majority) and the pshyco minority that has worn out its welcome, many of you post here. This band is not an amusement park attraction, it is five men who have provided entertainment for most of us over the last decade. Nothing in life is for certain and certainly this band is not an exception. I heard quite a few say tonight on their way out that this was their last time touring with the band. Fine, I cannot disagree but I think it is fair to point out that many of us have become spoiled. I have been here since the beginning of the national phenonmenon. While the scene is no longer the same, it is not so much the influence of the band as it is the community. The DMB community was once great, but that is not longer so, we have become a collection of complainers. We as a community must re-evaluate ourselves, before we can critcize the band that we all claim to admire. I challenge all nancies to bring themselves to task. Whatever happened to the care-to-share program, or for that matter friendly dialogue in the on-line community. This community is what created tha fan-base that we all so love, lets make it proud. 2003 is our next chance, no matter what the format. This year's last show (MCI) was basically standard (as many of you will agree), but it can (and will be) better. i wish us all the could be a hell of a lot worse.
The thing I liked most about this show besides the great setlist, was that DMB rocked out on pretty much every song. I almost felt like it wasn't 2002 but several years ago when this was the norm. Maybe it was because of Dave's voice not being not being in the best condition as he mentioned it being cold and flu season or perhaps Halloween the night before did it in. Boyd was a ball of energy..more so out of any of the 10 shows I've seen. He sounded great and dancing all over the stage. His violin stayed in tune the whole night too which was a plus. Carter rocked the house as usual as well. Crush was definitely a major highlight...the best version I've heard-full of energy. It was great to personally experience joining the crowd singing #36 before Dave began Everyday. I had heard this on recordings but really enjoyed taking part live. Towards the end the crowd did it again and Dave sounded like he was improving with the was great. Butch's solo in Bartender was beautiful- very much enjoyed- didn't sound like too many others I've heard. An interesting thing about this show was that at MCI in April the 2 closing songs were Pig and the Don't Drink the Water. And tonight the first 2 songs were Don't Drink the Water then Pig. As an intro to Grace is Gone Stefan played slide horizontally with the intrument being on a was the first time I saw it...very cool. Throughout the night Dave stressed this being a "peaceful" time and if there was a time to pray for peace it was now. This was especially before Christmas song...which brought me to tears. In the beginning of Two Step Dave seemed to be singing something about letting 'the spirit' fill us now. I felt this also to be a reference to love and peace considering current global events. All in all completely pleasant experience had.
WOW, I mean, WOW!! DMB was absolutely amazing last night!! I have been to many shows and this one was by far the best ever... Every jam was amazing, every song was played the best ever, the energy was through the roof, and there was no electric guitar! EXCELLENT show guys!!!!!
Jeff M.
Alright, I guess I had really high expectations after seeing the setlists from MSG, so this show was kind of a let down for me. I mean it's the last show of the tour, and we got no guests, no surprises, and a clearly hoarse dave. Why not schedule the MSG shows as the last two shows of the tour, because there was obviously a let down after that show by the band. My other gripe is that I heard 11 of these songs at the Atlanta show as well. But there were some highlights, so let me give a quick rundown of the show. DDTW - Really wanted Last Stop as the opener, but DDTW was a solid start. PIG - always a treat to hear, lighting was awesome. CAPTAIN - not nearly as good live as it is on Busted Stuff. GRACE IS GONE - great jam at the end, and Stefan was doing some slide at the beginning on his bass. Really cool. EVERYDAY - when the crowd isn't into this song, it doesn't do much for me. BARTENDER - Solid version, but not as good as the Atlanta version. Dave's voice was clearly hoarse for this song. WTWE - Not a fan of this song, killed the crowd. CRUSH - One of the night's highlights. Although I heard this at all 4 shows this year, Boyd made this one worthwhile once again. He was on fire all night! STJL - Always a wonderful song to hear in concert. I thought the concert finally began with this song, but I was only partially correct. GREY STREET - one of my favorite songs. Dave did forget a whole verse though, so the song was really short. Jammed out nice at the end. LOVING WINGS -> WAYG - I'm really getting tired of this combo, it's just a crowd killer. Why kill the mood after Song That Jane Likes and Grey Street? JIMI THING - definetely the best song of the night. Every band member had a bad ass solo, and the ending was jammed out like I haven't seen it before. My feet were finally moving :)...WWYS - kept the energy going, but wasn't really looking to hear this tonight. TOO MUCH - kind of loses it's impact without So Much to Say and the jam before it, so I didn't really like this at a closer. CHRISTMAS SONG - was pretty sure this was going to be played, so didn't come as a surprise. Now this is where I was really hoping for Last Stop or Halloween to bring the tour to a rocking end, but instead we got TWO STEP. Kind of a let down I would say, but it's my favorite DMB song, and it was played really tight. The jam at the end was kick ass. DMB is my favorite band, and all of there shows are wonderful, but I would be lying if I didn't say I was dissapointed after this show. Probably because of the unbelievable show at MSG the night before. Merry Christmas!
Big J.
Last night's show really sent the band out of the 2002 year with a bang. The show last night was a really fun Dave show to see because it really felt like the band as a whole was having soo much fun up there, doing everything from blowing bubbles with their bubble gum to dancing around stage. The show in DC last year was a good show, but some people didn't like as much as other shows dave had done. This year he blew last years show out of the water. I have been to the MCI center many times for a dozen different types of events, and that was the first time I have ever felt the place shake. The fans last night were amazing and that made the show soo much more fun for everyone.
Rembr2things .
What a Show! I took my little brother for his birthday it was his first show and boy was he lucky it was a good one. So many songs were jammed out tonight. Boyd was AMAZING and everyone was going nuts! I had the worst seats you could get but I thought the show was great. DDTW is a good opener but PIG got my blood flowing. He played a good mix throughout the night, STJL was a nice surprise. WWYS and TOOMUCH were good played together, the crowd loved that. As expected, Dave wished us all a Merry Christmas with Christmas Song and before it ended I got my section to scream TWOSTEP... and then ... it happened.... my wish came true! the girl in front of me said "I think he heard us!" they jammed forever it was a great way to end the show! ... oh yeah... is it me, or was JIMI THING the best song of the night?? Everyone had a solo, including Dave!! what a night!!! Merry Christmas all!!
Ron H.
This is my first review of a show and I would just like to start off by saying WOW!! This was my 13th time seeing the boys live and it was by far one of the best (only one that compares for me was RFK 2000). The band opened up with DDTW which got the crowd dancing and moving. Then came Pig, one of my top 5 favorite songs. Captain was next, good song but nothing spectacular, follwoed by a great version Grace is Gone with Stefan on slide guitar during the intro. Everyday was the highlight of the show for me. The crowd was singing the #36 chorus during the intro and outro and it was just an icredible atmosphere. Bartender and WTWE were awesome as well. Crush was another great performance by the band, especially Boyd who was going nuts on stage. The next few songs were really good as well (don't want to analyze every song, although STJL was a nice treat and Where are you going I could have done without but it was ok nonetheless). Jimi Thing was a nice jam as well and WWYS and Too Much were nice somgs to close it out before the encore. The encore was incredible with Christmas Song (you kind of knew it was coming) and Two Step, which totally put the icing on the cake and capped off a temendous show. The only thing I could think of that would have made the show better would have been if the band played #41, but you can't complain about the setlist that they played. The band had alot of energy which spilled over into the crowd and it was really an early Christmas present to have been a part of such a great event.
Andrew S.
This show even got off to a good start at the begining of the warm-up band. Dave himself came out and announced Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, they weren't too bad, might wanna check em out. Well here we go, 8:20 and the lights go down. Dave Mathhews Band is on stage and opens with Don't Drink the Water. Great version played perfectly, Great start. Right after that they broke out Pig, Ive heard it 3 times this tour so i could have done with another song but it was good none the less. Then onto Captain, I liked it, 2nd time i heard it in concert, really mellow and laid back. Stefan breaks out the steel lap guitar, Grace is Gone, This was the most amazing version I've heard. Honey Honey.... Everyday was next, ok, not the best i've heard, but it was good, crowd wasn't too loud on the honey, honey's. They Broke out Bartender after this and Butch had a solo before Roi took it on the pennywhistle, good energy builder after Everyday. When The World Ends, ehhhhhh, 3rd time I've heard it in concert, played perfectly, no changes as always. Now here comes what the 50 dollars admission was, CRUSH!!! I have never, and will never ever hear a version that will top this one. Dave sang his heart out and Boyd ran around the stage like a madman, He even started circling Stefan like he was gonna attack. This was the song of the night. "I have a sister named Jane, and this is the Song That Jane Likes". Good, kept the energy going, never heard it in concert before. Now onto the biggest dissapointment of the night, Grey Street. I dont know what they did to this song, but they need to fix it real bad. Still played perfectly but they've cut out a verse and cut off 2 minutes. Loving Wings was next, still needs work but the solos by Leroi and Carter were awsome. Where Are You Going, played perfectly. Jimi Thing was up next, never heard it in concert before and Leroi's solo was awsome, Dave had a little solo at the end that was pretty cool. What Would You Say was next, played perfectly and really jammed out, Great solo by Leroi. Too Much, Great way to end the set. Encore break seemed to last forever, but Carter and Dave came out for Christmas Song. I loved it, but to the idiots that yelled during it, i hate you. Have some respect. The band came out after it was done and played an amazing Two Step, a perfect ending. Show ended exactly at 11. I liked Nissan better, but this show was awsome.
Tonight there were two words to describe the last show of this tour....Carter and Boyd. They definitely stole the show tonight. They took a subpar setlist and turned the show around. Some of their solos tonight were incredible. They just went off. I had 13th row seats on the floor and that definitely made the show for me. The crowd went nuts for Boyd and Carter on several occassions. You couldn't help it. They put alot of energy into their solos tonight. DDTW was a powerful opener even though most wanted Last Stop. Very nice Don't burn the Pig. Crush, always amazing. Standard Grey Street, but I love that song and it was a definite highlight for me. I had never heard Two Step live but tonight I got my wish and I wasn't dissapointed. Everybody was groovin and dancin just as you would excpect. I had a great time. The setlist was made up for by my awesome seats and the amazing solos by each band member. Best live band around no question. See you next year
WOW, what a great way to end the winter tour. no, we didnt get last stop, dancing nancies, or dreaming tree, but you cant get everything you want. this was my 7th show and probably the best one yet. the crowd energy was there and great song selections. dont drink the water was a great way to start and got the crowd on their feet early. dont burn the pig kept the energy up nicely. this song is so incredible live. captain sounded a lot better this time than last time i heard it during the summer. carter seemed to be drumming a lot more on it. grace is gone, although the 6th time ive heard it in 7 shows was probably better than ever. they really jam this out now for quite a long time and this is when boyd got really into the show. everyday had everyone singing "hani hani" at the beginning, and the crowd, dave, carter, and boyd all joined in at the end to sing it. it was overall played really well tonight. bartender, was just amazing. dave was screaming his heart out at the end of the song, and butch along with leroi's solo were very nice. when the world ends is the only song i would have liked to have had not been played. ive heard this at 5 straight shows, and it was a standard version. crush was definitely the highlight of the night. boyd went completely insane, running around the stage and jumping around and running circles around dave and stefan. by far the best version i have ever heard. song that jane likes was a standard version but im glad to hear it again since its been over 2 years. grey street was a standard version, but i just love this song, so they can play it at any show i go to and i will never get tired of it. loving wings > where are you going was a LOT better than during the summer tour. loving wings really jams hard at the end and carter's soloing is really good. jimi thing, another highlight of the show was played VERY well. boyd, leroi, dave and carter all had nice solos. again, boyd was running around the stage like a madman. what would you say along with too much were both standard versions and ended the show on a high note. at first i didnt like too much as a set closer, but after i was told about the 2002 circle, that they started the set in april with too much and ended with it now, i really am glad they did that. i knew christmas song was gonna be played and it was very nice. crowd was almost silent for it which made it a lot easier to hear. two step..WOW..what a great way to end it, although i think we were all wanting last stop to be played. still, it was a great two step and way to end the show. cut a little short than usual it seemed, but im not gonna complain about that. after two step, i believe it was dave and boyd hugged one another near carter's drum set. what a great 2002 year for the boys. cant wait for the summer 2003 tour.
An amazing show! Very high energy, DDTW was a great opener, Pig was solid as always, It was nice to hear Everyday/36 again, I was a little dissapointed they didn't play Last Stop, if you heard the last Gorge show, Dave promised that in December, Boyd went crazy on Crush and Jimi Thing, and it was nice to hear some of those older songs as well as TSTJL, ....Wings was the best i've ever heard it... and Grey Street, wow!!!! Over all... a very solid show from Dave and the boys. See ya in the summer!
overall an outstanding show. great jamming throughout. tried to get a "last stop" chant going but to no avail. would have loved to have heard that one. no complaints here though. very, very much impressed with the energy and emotion that was displayed. even gave a 'whats up' to carter as his tour bus pulled away. that was definitely dope. wish i could have been at the MSG show the night before, the reviews alone gave me goosebumps. thanks for a great show 'fellas, see yall next year.
You know, something must have happened between last night's show and the last time I saw them (12.13.02 in Chicago), because there was a HUGE difference in DMB's energy level. I dunno what it was, but whatever it was it was good! It was just amazing! The boys put on a rockin' last show, showing no signs of fatigue or boredom. Don't Drink was a great opener - got the crowd pumped. From the beginning, Dave had his dancing shoes on! Pig was nice to hear, and the band cooled things off with a mellow version of Captain. Grace is Gone had a nice long jam to it, and Everyday/#36 filled the place with 20,000 singing voices. The people in my section, section 106 (row S and T) take full credit for starting the hani hani chant at the beginning of the song. For a while people were looking at us like "what the hell are you all singing" but then figured it out after Dave started singing it, too. Dave was in high spirits throughout. Bartender was nice to hear, although I knew it was coming. When the world ends - eh - not my favorite tune but at least they didn't open with it. It fits better somewhere in the middle of the set. Then, finally, 4 years and 8 shows after my first show, I FINALLY HEARD CRUSH!!! What a treat! Boyd is damn rockstar! He jammed and jammed and danced from one end of the stage to the other, and then Leroi jammed! Wow. That song was the highlight for me. I nearly fell into the row in front of me I was jumping so much. The guys in back of me found my excitement ammusing. Yeah! Then...SONG THAT JANE LIKES!!! SAY WHAT?!?! So sweet. Again, another first. Dave pulled out the 12-string after that and there was really only one thing it could be - Grey Street. I somehow never get tired of hearing it. Dave skipped the last verse, so there was no "crazy man outside her door," but it was all good. The jam was great. Loving wings brought the noise level down until the jam started gaining intenstity. I think that song has a lot of potential, but I'm not sure how I like it as the intro to Where Are You Going. This was a typical crowd pleaser though. I would have much rather heard Crash. Jimi Thing followed, and it jammed and jammed! Boyd again showed how much of a superstar he is. What Would You Say was great! Nice jam and the band and the crowd were diggin' it! Too Much - too awesome! Wow! This song had so much energy. Would have liked to hear a SMTS-->ASTB into it but, well, you can't have everything. The crowd went insane. Christmas song was a nice treat and Dave gave his little talk about peace. Now, everyone in my section was chanting for the Last Stop, and I know there were more people out there who were, too. But, none better than Two Step to cap off an amazing year for DMB. And damn was it intense. Butch's solo was great and Carter and Fonz jammed for a while till they busted out the killer ending. Damn, what a good show. Thanks DMB, for such a memorable 2002! Thank you thank you thank you thank you! See y'all in 2003!!!
After being to night two at MSG and being denied entry along with a couple hundred other warehouse members due to a warehouse ticketing problem, I thought the band would come out tonight with the same energy that was evident from the MSG shows. What happened? It wasn't there. The setlist lacked the power and energy we have grown accustom to with tour enders. And why on earth would you close the set of the last show of the tour with Too Much. Just a plain bad decision. I love this band and their music beyond belief. It keeps me going day to day, but I have to say that I left feeling a little empty. Now I havent been to hundreds of shows like some followers but I have been to enough to feel I have the right to say these things (23). They cant all be the "best show ever" but this one definitely lacked. Don't interpret this as a knock on the band at all. Without them all of the positive memories wouldn't be possible either. Can't wait till the next tour kicks off. See ya'll their.
Pat D.
Wow, wow, wow. This was my third time and, pardon the cliche, but the third time's a charm all right. This show is I think now my favorite show, besting 6-9-01 at RFK and this year's show at Hershey, 7-21-02. I am simply flabbergasted after witnessing the show. After seeing setlist on the great second night at MSG, I was worried that DMB might not have any energy left for the show tonight--boy was I wrong. About a 2hr. and 40 minute show by my friend's watch. First off, I kinda dug the opening band, karl denson's tiny universe, i especially like their second song, "Everything's Gonna Be All right". Great jamming, but I was so hyped for the concert, I grew very impatient toward the latter part of their set. anyway, the setlist: DDTW--first time hearing it live, it's the best opener I've heard so far, such energy, this got everyone around me dancing and set a great tone of the concert. Carter had a long, dark intro into it, a la Live atFolsom Field. The lights were great on this too, and Dave was dancing up a storm. Pig--now my secind time having heard it, it was a nice surprise, everyone in my section and I were still dancing, the girl next to me singing all the words. I like Carter's drumming at the end, and the flickering lights on the crowd, too. Captain--didn't recognize it at first, I liked it, though from where I was (section 430) I could scarcely hear dave's singing. it seemed that dave kind of howled the "Playyyys" tonight in the version, at least that's how I remember. Grace--wow. I was the only one who recognized Stefan's cool intro, and once Dave came in, everyone who sat down in Captain instantly came alive. EVERYONE sang along, which amde me happy, now that everyone knows this song so well. Also I loved thejammed outro, too, nice stuff. Definitely a crowd pleaser. Everyday--knew it would be played, really happily surprised it was in the 5 spot. Dave introduced it as a "peaceful, peaceful Christmas tune," I believe. Also, was quite pleased when everyone sang the "Hani, Hani" intro. I knowI sure was, and was glad others were into it. This is the song that got my roommate (also best friend), a DMB virgin, really into the show and sucked him into it for good. Dave definitely sang some of it at the end, too, and got everyone pumped. Bartender--wow. One of the songs I was hoping for, definitely loved it, love the emotion. At this point, my whole section and I were happily shocked with the great setlist thus far. Long, jammed outro with Carter, Butch and Roi having nice solos. WTWE--best version of this song I've heard yet, and it's been played at the other 2 shows I was at. Right before the "We'll be burnin' one" line, it got all quiet and Dave did a wierd sort of mumbling, and the crowd loved it. Coincidentally, I began noticing quite an abundance of weed around me, and the aroma around me, and just listening to the music made me feel ecstatic. What a great environment. Also, even during some of the "non'radio songs" (WTWE, Bartender, jane) everyone, at least in my section, not only was respectful but def. into tje show. I've never been toa show with a better crowd. SO hats off to all the great fans around me, made for a much better show. Crush--maybe the highlight of the night. First time hearign it live, and man, it rocks. The red spotlight shone down on Stefan wiht his Intro, and everyone, including me, began grooving. Boyd went totally nuts in his solo, running around stage, and, since he was on our side of the stage the whole night, my section was going nuts too. That might have been the best Boyd solo I've ever heard, save maybe the LIOG solo he had at Hershey. Simply amazing. Also, Roi's solo at the end, coupled with carter's drumming at the end, made for one of the best dave experiences I had. Jane--couldn't hear dave say his normal "I got a sister named jane . . ." intro due to the somewhat shitty speakers near us, but ocne I heard the beginning, I was shocked. another first for me, I didn't love it, but it's short and sweet and was energetic all right. Grey St.--one of my faves live, but yeah, they did cut a verse short, don't know why. Such energy on this song, knew I'd hear it, def. glad I did. LW--really nice. some people sat down for it, but I kept waiting for Carter's solo, I had read on reviews he goes nuts at the end, and boy, does he ever. he had like a ome minute solo where he totally goes apeshit on the drums, great solo. Much improved since Hershey. WAYG--knew it would be played, one of favorite "Dave love songs", had gropu sing a long, but I didn't mind, I'm glad everyone was feeling it. Jimi--didn't hear the first chord, but once I heard the rest of his guitar intro, I got pumped. First time hearing this live, this may have been the highlight for me of the show. Boyd once again went totally nuts on this; he ran to the OTHER side of the stage to jam, and totally ripped it up. Leroi also stole this song, had his best solo of the night. Carter's fills were tight, and Dave, well, Dave also had a cool little solo at the end. After Jimi, the crowd was sooo pumped, and me and everyone around me wanted Last Stop. WWYS--we were going nuts, also my first time hearing it. Roi's solo was incredible, it seemed even morejcammed out than the many live mp3's I have of it. Thought they'd step off with this, but was pleasantly surprised when they didn't. Too Much--great. I would rather have had LastStop or esp. What You Are, but how can you argue with Too Much. My best friend was getting into this a lot (and this is after he was dancing during Jimi and WWYS). Encore: after too long a wait (or maybe I just was growing antzy and impatient), Dave came out, and I was really hoping for Last Stop. he gave a little talk, saying something around the likes of, "Well, it's a good time to pray, and if you pray for anything, you should all pray for peace." he than talked a little about a man "who was all about peace" and went into a beautiful Christmas Song. Crowd was quiet and respectful, def. loved it. I was hoping for Last Stop and maybe something else, but once I heard Boyd began plucking, I instantly became happy. 2Step--I've heard it at now every show I've been in, but that's a blessing. I'll never tire of this song. The lights were especially great on this, and Butch had a real sweet jam. Another highlight came when Dave stood in the center of the stage at the end, the lights beaming on him, simply dancing like a madman. He was on fire, just moving his legs crazily, making me smile from ear to ear. What a way to cap off the night, and the tour. DMB--y'all are clearly my favorite band, and after a show like this, it makes me want to see 3 shows next year instead of 2!! Thanks so much for a great year boys.
Joe R.
I will refrain from giving a song-by-song breakdown of this show in order to attempt give another perspective. I don't know yet what others thought, but I assume most would agree that this was a very good set, with some very special moments of greatness. And this was a special show for several other reasons too, the most apparent reason being the bands enthusiastic interaction with one another. This was the last show of a long touring year. The band started the tour at this venue and was back now to finish it. The MCI center rivals any venue of similar size and these DC fans rival any.anywhere. I stood directly center of "stage-right", approx 40-45 feet from the band (just over the guitar tech) and did not miss a single interaction (facial expression or gesture) between band mates. Here are just a few: During several songs, at the moment that the tension would begin to rise (as it does so well), Butch would lift himself off of his seat momentarily. As the tension grew toward "frenzy", his standing and sitting was more frequent and sudden. It was an unconscious response that was going on in different ways all over the stage. Leroi slipped in licks that, on more than one occasion, made Dave smile back at Carter and then turn to see if Leroi had anymore like it in him. Dave, more than once, gestured to Butch and Carter about Stefan's playing. During the beginning of the intro to Two Step, Stefan slipped in a groovy little, impromptu bass line that made Dave turn quickly away from Boyd to look at Stefan and gesture with impressed amazement at Carter who nodded his head slowly and deeply in agreement. After Carter's two drum solo finishes, almost all of the band members either shook hands with Carter or said a word of approval to him as the lights were down between songs. Dave did this more often than the other, however. It gave me the true sense of the spontaneity and virtuosity of these musicians. To some degree, these solos and jams are scripted, but when they break away from what we expect to hear, we take notice. That's what keeps us listening and coming back to the show. When the music ended and the band gathered behind the drum riser to leave, they hugged each other and the crew. They were thanking and congratulating one other at the end of a long, long tour.and the crowd thanked them too. (Looking forward to the "rumored" solo tour!!)
Andy R.
Last Night's show was pretty good, with a couple great jams. Pig, Song that Jane Likes, and Christmas Song were good to hear. The jam on crush was unbelievable! Boyd went absolutely nuts and tore around the stage. Two step was a great encore to finish the year. Thank you dave so much for not closing the year with What you are. And while this was an extremely stellar show, it was much better than my last experience, at Penn State in the Spring, at least I Did It was no where to be found on the setlist, what a relief!! Overall a great show, and can't wait to see Dave out on the road again next year.
Erik J.
I just got back from DC and I would like to touch on a few of the high and low points of this concert. This was my fifth one this year and I was DISSAPPOINTED with the concert there were absolutely no surprises, with no rare songs appearing. Everyone was hoping for the Last Stop, but Dave broke his Gorge promise and closed with Two Step instead. The HIGH points were: the crowd was really into it - everyone was standing and all 20,000 fans were singing along with Dave. CRUSH was the highlight of the night because of Boyd's madman antics. We were seated Sec 113 Row H, a couple row back from Roi, so we had a great view - the funniest part came when Boyd charged Leroi and corner his against a speaker while going nuts on the violin. Roi was cracking up lauging. Also, Dave's voice sounded ok - I was worried it'd be shot since this was his 3rd show in 3 days. There was NO use of the electic guitar at all and only 2 everyday songs. The LOW points were: DDTW as opener, Too Much as closer... typical setlist, and a real shitty 4 minute Grey Street. The last verse about the man creeping outside her door was totally omitted - the song without all three lyrics doesn't build up the momentum that is needed for it to be powerful. The encore was also another low point. I would have rather had two step in place of Too Much and had a Christmas Song, Halloween, Last Stop encore. Overall, this show ranks 4th of the 5 shows of this tour I have seen. I'd give it a 6/10. I think everyone had far greater expectations for the last show but instead we had a very average and typical concert. Boyd was the strongest performer tonight.
This show was great, a good way to finish off the year. I was a little dissapointed just because I would have loved to hear "The Last Stop". When everyone came out after teh 'christmas song" i got excited everyone was chanting "last stop" but then two step started, which is laright because it was an amazing version. Two highlights of the evening are JIMI THING and CRUSH,both excellent,Boyd was going crazy it was amazing a wonderful experiance.It was the first tiem i've heard jimi thing in concert,and crush was a lot better than va beach in 2001.i can't wait till the summer tour i'm already planning my vacation around it.
this show rocked but left a little to be desired. there were way too many 16 year olds there, it seemed like a radio crowd. section 101 was full of radio fans who sat down during the best songs, which detracted from the atmosphere. DDTW is always a nice opener, but it seemed lacking tonight, not nearly as powerful as in ottawa in april. pig was a complete surprise, nice to hear. carter tore it up at the end. captain was ok, more mellow and quiet. grace is gone, nothing special. stefan's solo was kinda cool. everyday was ok, all of the radio fans didn't know what "honey honey" was and got pissed because i was singing it so loudly. bartender was great, very powerful with and extended outro, butch and carter jammed for a long time. WTWE sucked. crush was very tight, the red light on stefan during his intro was cool. carter jammed the ending as always, and boyd was running around the stage, he was on fire. STJL, nice surprise, it was cool to hear something from back in the day. grey street, nothing special, same as the other 6 times i've heard it. loving wings was beautiful, roi's solo was great and once again, carter rocked the ending. WAYG, yuck. at least the radio fans finally stood up. they pulled jimi thing out of nowhere, i was shocked. WWYS was no surprise, but carter's solo was really weak. too much was great, full of energy and a great way to close out the set. christmas song was a given, but it sounded great. dave said "if there's ever a good time to pray, pray for peace" or something like that. the roadie took all of roi's saxes except the baritone so i called two step. dave didn't start the intro, boyd did, which was odd. carter and butch were on fire, but carter didn't play his usual solo. thought i've heard it 3 times in a row, two step always rocks. i give it an 8 out of 10. we could have done without all the radio songs, but the fact that i didn't have to see or hear that gawd-awful baritone guitar made up for it. dave never puts on a bad show.
Dave E.
interesting show tonight... This was my 3rd DMB show, and I think I was expecting a total rock-out show (ie ants, watchtower, tripping billies. etc... that kind of set list) being that this was the last show of the year. Highlights of the evening were probably DDTW, GIG, Crush (Boyd went nuts!), and Two Step. You know, I cant actually say that there were any real lows, but I was hoping for a night of UTTAD. but hey, a DMB show is a DMB show... the crowd seemed into it, and so was the band.. a good night overall.
Jake Z.
Well 4th show for me and although I'm sure it wasn't anything near as insane as MSG 2 it was still an awsome night for me. I was in the upper deck but had a really great view of the stage. DDTW: First time I've ever heard this song live and it was sweet, got the crowd going right away. PIG: WOW!! Definitly the highlight of the night for me. Another first and an amazing song. This one has been stuck in my head since the show ended. CAPTAIN: 2nd show in a row hearing this one, was very well done. GIG: Man this song has gotten even better since July! Stefan's intro on the dobro was awsome and so were Carter and Leroi at the end. ED (36): Another first for me and I absolutly loved it. The crowd was the Hani Hani's right away and I got the chills when Dave joined in. BARTENDER: 3rd show in a row for me with this one but it still is nice. Dave always amazes me with the wails. WTWE: Im definitly sick of this song but oh well I guess. CRUSH: I've heard this at all 4 shows and I still love it. Boyd went off just like he did for most of the night. STJL: The 4th new song of the night for me and it kicked so much ass. GS: This song is always great. I was kind of disappointed that Dave skipped a verse again though. LW: WOW! This song has come so far. Carter blew my mind on this one. WAYG: ehhhh, pretty sick of it now. JIMI THING: Just awsome. Haven't heard it since my first show and it was great. Boyd once again went off as did Leroi. WWYS: Dave was dancing hard for this one and really got the crowd going. TM: Energy kept right on going and the crowd was going wild as the set ended. The place was nuts during the encore break and I and a few others around me were screaming for Last Stop. Eventually Dave and Carter came out and did XMAS SONG: This was the only song I sat for because everything was just so peaceful and it seemed right. I loved every second of it. TWO STEP: Yes I was hoping for Last Stop, but Two Step was really sweet to and I was going crazy along with the rest of the building. Overall probably my favorite out of the 4 shows I've seen. 5 new songs for me and they all kicked ass. It was worth the 5 1/2 hour wait in the Greyhound station after the show! Can't wait til' next year!
This was my 15th DMB show, and my second at the MCI Center (I also went to the one in April). I came in from Seattle for the two MSG shows and this show. The MCI Center is nice because you can hear the soundcheck from inside the lobby. I heard them soundcheck TOO MUCH. I met some people from Illinois who post on Nancies when we were waiting to see if we could get better seats from Ticketmaster. After waiting all afternoon and early evening we got lucky. We got seats in Section 121, Row AA, which is equivalent to row 8 on the floor- but raised a foot so we could see over everyone's heads! They were great seats. I have been to 15 DMB shows, and heard 13 different opening songs. The only song that I have heard open more than once is DON'T DRINK THE WATER- three times now! But it is a good, powerful opener (although it almost sounded like they were teasing Last Stop). When they played PIG next, it was like they were going to play April's show in reverse! ;) CAPTAIN had some different lyrics than usual, and Dave seemed to be singing it faster. GRACE IS GONE- I've heard this song 11 times full band now (13 times total) but it's always nice to hear live. The audience started singing the "honey, honey" part of EVERYDAY at the beginning of the song, which Dave seemed to like. By the end of the song, however, everyone was so mesmorized by Boyd or the song that we forgot to sing "honey, honey" at the end until Dave prompted the crowd by mouthing it. Dave walked behind the stage during the BARTENDER jam, which features Butch. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS was a nice wake-up after Butch's jam. CRUSH was amazing. It was one of the best versions that I have ever heard. Dave and Carter did the "Yes!" fists at each other after the song. The jam was tight and energetic. "I've got a sister named Jane and this is THE SONG THAT JANE LIKES." Always a nice little song to hear. GREY STREET seemed to have a verse cut again. LOVING WINGS -> WHERE ARE YOU GOING was standard. It's appropriate that they played WAYG here again (not that they wouldn't have.. haha) because it was at the April show that full-band WAYG debuted. JIMI THING was off-the-hook. Boyd went crazy! During WHAT WOULD YOU SAY Dave messed up a little and in typical Dave fashion he looked around, almost sheepishly- he's no poker face! haha They ended the set with TOO MUCH, which I figured since they soundchecked it. I have heard it 11 times full-band also (along with Grace is Gone), but it's a great concert song and I never tire of hearing it. Dave and Carter came out for the encore, and before they began CHRISTMAS SONG, Dave spoke for a minute about peace and how Christmas Song is about a man who lived for peace. He then wished everyone a "prosperous and peaceful" Christmas. Once again everyone cheered loudly after Christmas Song. The rest of the band came out and they ended with TWO STEP. I wish they would change the middle section jam on Two Step- it has become too predictible and almost monotonous at times. The beginning and ending of the song are great though. Dave never used the baritone tonight. No Last Stop, even though Dave 'promised' it at the Gorge. Oh well, maybe next tour. As Dave said on a radio show in NY on Friday, once they bring songs like Last Stop and Dreaming Tree back into rotation, "we'll play them until y'all get sick of them!" All in all it was a good show and a great weekend of DMB!
The show was very very good, lots of fun. I went to the show at nissan pavillion on july 31st of the 2002 summer tour. Other than having the opportunity to tailgate and whatnot, this show was a lot better, as far as the setlist and performance. I was pleased with dont drink the water as the opening. after that song, however, we got kicked out and had to go back to our crap seats upper deck behind the stage. I didnt mind it too much because carter is my favorite. He had an orgasmic solo on a song whose name im not quite sure of. A person sitting near my friends who didn't get kicked out of their seats told them that it was a brand new song. I liked it a lot. All in all it was a wonderful performance. Great jams on crush and two step. Jimi thing was good but became tedious and boring. The guy outside of the stadium playing drums on the buckets was one of the highlights of my night. Rock on.
wow. they guys had so much energy tonight. they came out on stage, all smiles, and you could tell they were ready to play. first off, i predicted the first song to be seek up. i had a feeling they were going to take us back to red rocks or something, but no. DDTW : threw me off. great opener. really got the crowd going. PIG: god, i had heard this once before and this version was awesome. Captain: nice mellowed out version Grace Is Gone: Fawn had a nice slide guitar intro. very cool Everyday: really got the crowd going. Bartender: Dave singin at the top of his lungs. WTWE: one of my favorites. CRUSH!!! i've been waiting years to see this. this was the highlight i think of the night. when fawn did his bass intro, the crowd went nuts. boyd's family was sitting right next to us and when he did his solo jam, they went nuts. he was jumpin around the stage like a madman. quite memorable. his family was so proud. STJL: another one i've been waiting to hear. awesome. Grey St.: sweet sweet nectar. Loving Wings: great version. WAYG: standard. Jimi Thing: phat phat phat jam. WWYS: crowd pleaser. TooMuch: great closer. everyone singing and dancing. the stiffs next to us who hadn't moved and had a blank expression on their face the whole time even danced a bit. HA. Christmas Song: classic way to get into the holiday mood. dave gave his peace speech. Two Step: all i can say is everytime i hear this song my mouth just drops. butch had a nice jazzy solo. the guys were just having a great time tonight. thank you guys for a great year. peace..
well, what can i say? this was by far one of the best weekends of my life. meeting all the SC nancies was a perfect christmas gift that will be cherished for a long, long time. the show...not going to say much about it. sitting behind the stage definitely was a treat. it gave a whole new perspective on the band. seeig carter actually play the drums, and the intensity on dave's face after Bartender: SPEECHLESS! it was a strong setlist, nice to see DDTW since i have been wanting it for the 5 previous shows this year. Jimi Thing, always nice along with the lil funky intro dave gave it. Crush: possibly the best version i have ever heard. Two Step: absolutely amazing finish. then the boys hugged after the show, very emotional. can't wait until the solo tour in late winter/early spring. shot out goes to Brian from SC for keeping me up after the show. i slept like a baby on the way home monday.