Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Belk Arena, Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
onstage 7:41pm
Grey Street
Everyday (#36)
So Much To Say
#41 (Scat Outro)
Big Eyed Fish
When the World Ends (Extended Outro)
Pay For What You Get
Lie In Our Graves
Sleep To Dream Her -->
Grace is Gone
Two Step
Decline In Reason (Tim Solo)
I'll Back You Up
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)
The Stone (Wise Men Outro)
Fool To Think -->
Where Are You Going
Rheginos And The Resurection (Tim Solo)
Ants Marching
Dancing Nancies
offstage 10:48pm

Great show... the Bartender with the "Storm Raging on the Horizon" intro is quite beautiful. Many of the older songs have little intros & outros (may have been improv' ed, may be a standard new D&T addition to these songs.. i can probably let you know after the shows this weekend), nothing terribly significant... but enough to make you wonder.. "what the hell is this?" when they first start playing some of them. Being as this was my first D&T show.. I can't really say how the crowd compared. Seems like I've heard worse on live recordings.. and I've heard better. It is pretty annoying to hear these guys grasp for a little moment in the sun. They didn't ruin the show.. but they sure didn't help.The Davespeak was hilarious.. I get the feeling his stories are probably pretty standard and have been told before on this tour.I'm glad I stayed away from listening to the previous shows before this one so I could be surprised. Nancies was a great closer and was quite long this time. Dave added this little story while he and Tim begin to strum the chords about this guy at a bar wondering.. "what could I have been?". Very cool. While the setlist didn't seem to vary much from previous shows (why mess with a good thing if you get in the groove you know?) I enjoyed the songs he played, and the performances were outstanding. I'll always think of some song that I would have loved to have heard that I didn't.. and that's true at any show, so please don't take that as a complaint! Tim is truly a wonder on the guitar and his solo songs are mesmerizing. He perks up these Everyday songs enough to make them enjoyable. I was very, very, very pleased with my first Dave & Tim experience and can't wait to do it again this weekend!
Obese B.
This show can be summed up in two words: phoned in. The songs lacked emotion, the guitar playing was lackluster, and egos were affluent. If anyone thought this show was spectacular in any way, they have no idea what they missed in 96, 97, or 99. Two good things: the crowd was well behaved and dave decided to speak slowly and clearly instead of that muffled baritone voice he used to use for stories. Here's to hoping Boone's Farm is better.
Anthony G.
Wow, what a great show! It was my first Dave and Tim show and 9th overall Dave show. The song selection and Davespeak were wonderful. The arena, however, was terrible. Bleacher seats and far away in the corner, thanks warehouse...I felt like I was sitting in a high school gym, and the acoustics were as bad as one might guess. With all that negativity outr of the way, I will move to the pleasantries. The highlights were: Bartender as the opener, great start; pay for what you get, very mellow and cool to hear for the first time; LIOG had so much energy, the crowd was really into it; I'll back you up, thought I would never hear that in concert; the stone got everyone excited, especially the Wise men outro; crush was a surprise, definitly didn't call that one; ants is always exciting; finally, i got to see a live dancing nancies, it was awesome and i think Tim finally got into the zone at the end, amazing, great end to the concert. Tim's solos were great, he is a true virtuoso. Although, there were time during the show he didn't play up to his normal caliber. At times he seemed a little off, of course, the bad acoustics of the venue could have played a part in that. The davespeak was probably the most ever. He told a story about being thrown from a horse named bob. I think he was talking a great deal because he was annoyed at all the people yelling at him. It was funny at times, though. Jerry made another appearance, which was odd, because he did the same bit the other night. Great show! Can't wait to see them Friday in Winston-Salem.
Great show over all infact the best one i have ever seen! Dave was a little late but that is cool with me because he played Bartender. Ok version. Grey street was just ok also. Everyday was cool because of the crowd singing the lovely ladies part. Dave liked that I think, he seemed in to the song. So much to say was a good version. #41 was great big crowd pleaser! then the highlight of the show the horse story (part 1) funny funny. Big eye fish was awsome. WTWE, and Pay For What You Get were great songs just not next to each other. Lie in our graves got everyone awake and into the show. sleep to dream her was calm and slow I enjoyed it. grace is gone was decent. 2 step was a nice change and a big suprise to me. Then the ultimate song of the night GRAVEDIGGER i felt like i was the only one who knew the words and it mad me want to pass out when people left during the best song ever but what can you do. Awsome version! Then timmy played us a little tune and got a well deserved standing ovation. Ill back you up is an old favorite and a delight to hea for the first time. satellite was so so i have heard better. Jimi thing into what will becme of me a crowd favorite good version. Stone was awsome with the wise men say ending!!!! then the "sniff and grab" story funny as hell. Was i fool to think good song. where are you going I have seen better versions of that. timmy song 2 was cool. Crush was a great song to hear acustic I liked it alot. Ants martching was a great song to end on! then the encore although it was a short one it was great with dancing Nancies! Thanks for the best show ever dave! 25 songs is well worth the 50$ i would pay 100$ if i had to, see you on Friday!
J. L.
Great show, last night, first Dave and Tim for me. Crowd was good, the "one" guy who felt he would yell he whole night, yeah he sat behind me the show. FTT, full version- awesome. everything sounded great, about 5000 people so nice and small. #41 had a scat outro, really good. Tim's solos were nuts, 2 standing ovations. just great, Im not going to say get this show!, Just get them all.
Donny A.
What can I say other than Dave was in a great mood tonight and put on a great show. It was clear he was having a great time up there. Dave started talking about spring being in the air and love being all around us and mentioned that his wife was at the show. Crowd was a little roudy at first, but quieted down and was great. Opened with Bartender and it was great as always. Grey Street acoustic sounds amazing. So then he starts to play Everyday with the #36 intro, well the crowd started singing Hani, Hani (Honey, Honey??) and Dave decided he would sing backup for us as if he was one of the Lovely Ladies. Let me add that Dave and Tim were on tonight, Tim played a lot of softer solos and it was incredible. So, then comes Big Eyed Fish- it was the second best song of the night. The part of the song where Boyd plucks his violin, Dave decided to sing tonight. He was acting really silly, shaking his head and after the second or third time he did it I asked my girlfriend if he was drunk. It was hilarious and awesome all at the same time. WTWE was nice the extended outro was great. Pay For What You Get was such a great surprise best song of the night! One of my favorites and great because he never plays it. LIOG was insanely awesome! Tim rocked this song. Gravedigger! WOW!! This song is great cant wait for it to show up on an album! Tim Solo which was the best I had ever heard he got a long standing ovation which was great! I'll Back You Up was a treat but Tim did a weird solo. Great new intro into Satellite. Stone was awesome as always with Only Fools Fall in Love outro while he stared at his wife in the front row and finished the song with a Hey Sweetie. Fool To Think slowed WAY down and sounded awesome- it was very beautiful into WAYG which was cool. Another Tim song not as good as the first but still awesome. Crush was awesome I never get to hear it and loved it! They left the stage and came back and ROCKED the house with Dancing Nancies to close. Extended intro to Nancies with a mumbled conversion between dave and a bartender- it was dave holding a conversation with himself. You had to listen very closely to understand what the hell he was saying, but the gist of the story was a drunk in a bar, begging the bartender to serve him one more drink even though the bar was closed. Somewhere in the middle of the show Dave told a hilariousstory about how he was thrown from a horse but the horse he was on never actually moved, but I will let someone else give details b/c this is getting too long. and i want to add that the warehouse rocks because i got invited to a meet and greet before the show last night. He was very mellow and shook hands with each of the 10 fans and got everyones' name, chatted a bit, and then signed some stuff for us. Very cool.
My first Dave and Tim show, and it was the best performance that I've ever seen. 20+ DMB shows, Petty, the Dead, Santana, Clapton, Farm Aid, Horde, better than all of 'em. I was really flat-out stunned by how good Tim was and how clean the whole show was. Damn they are so sharp and clean together. Dave told and did some funny stuff. He told a story about a horse named Bob and how another horse threw him off his horse. Hilarious. He said the world would be a better place if we could combine the best traits of people into one person, then proceeded to stand up and sniff/grab his crotch simultaneously. Just because he could. I've heard that the crowds at Dave/Tim shows can be raucous and impolite, but I didn't really see any of that. I was pretty discouraged when so many people walked out during Tim's solos, but those who stuck around gave him standing ovations. I have always hated the one-song encore, but not after last night. That was the best Nancies that I've ever heard. Great intro, killer outro and long, damn this show was long. On stage at 7:40 and off at 10:55. I'm so psyched I went through the hassle of begging, checking instant ticketing, standing in line at ASU so I could attend this show and the upcoming NC shows. I'm pumped for Winston and the show at my own school, ASU. Should only get better.
My first dave and tim show. the music was excellent. i love the way stuff from everyday sounds stripped down...especially fool to think. didnt like sitting on bleachers for the better part of 3 hours but what can ya do? crowd started off a little rude, but got quite as the show progressed. some dude to my left kept screaming profanities inbetween songs....he was arrested. thanks dave and tim, we love having you guys here!
Tamela Y.
If someone had wandered into the Belk Arena at the beginning of this show-not knowing what was going on there or anything about it, they would have likely thought they had just entered a strange church while the large congregation witnessed and participated in a profound spiritual sacrament. They would have sensed more than seen, due to all of the darkness, the cavernous room they were in and the thousands of people there who were gathered around a tiny, smoldering lamp shade illuminated and elevated at the center of what would have seemed like the altar and flanked on either side by two apparent guardians who sat hunched over, heads down, their bodies facing the others-mostly draped in darkness, too, but for the seeming moonlight that reflected off of the tops of their heads and vaguely outlined their forms and their . . . weapons? Music, a confluence of inviting sounds from two guitars, and a mystic's deep, strong, awe-inspiring wails would have filled their ears and-unwittingly-their agape mouth. Their squinted, darting eyes ("searching wildly") would have revealed the intensity of a little light in the dark.
Carl D.
The show was very good. The set list was more than anyone could have asked for. For me Dancing Nacies as the encore was the best. Dave was really getting into it. And Tim's solo songs were incredible. The crowd was very gracious to Tim, giving him a standing ovation twice during the night. My only reservation about the show was the crowd. Not everyone has to yell and scream every time that Dave makes a face when he really gets into his singing but many did. But hey, other than the crowd the show was great. Well worth the four hour drive. Thanks Dave and Tim, see you in Boone.
7th show but first dave and tim solo...and it was awsome to thoughs who tell other your a fool. great set list great humour and im kinds upset about the crowd im not one of those freaks who yell during the whole show every 2 min. but damn people you can stand after a great show and let the man know he rockin if you were there and heard someone scream thank you dave that was me and loved it and i screamed and screamed for dancing nancies and when he played it i fell apart best song ever wrote (my opinion) and now i can say i love you tim he rock his ass of and they are so good together is like there were seperated and the put back together. love to here dave talk and he did that. well ill close with great great show love dave and tim thank you guys every one needs and evening like that in life helps ya out.Ill see ya in september.
Jimmy M.
Great show at the intimate Belk Arena in Davidson. I couldn't believe it when I saw in January that Dave AND TIM were returning to the road. I had been regretting missing their 99 tour for quite some time and truly never thought they would tour again. Gradually, I realized I would have to go to see them one way or another. Living out in Denver was not too convenient for this tour but I just put in a warehouse request for Purdue and Kenosha and figured I would make a road trip. After I got denied for both shows, the plan changed significantly. The only other shows I could possibly make were the "southern shows" so I tried on ticketmaster and managed to pick up two singles to Davidson. After a great deal of trading, selling, and buying- I finally ended up with decent pairs to Davidson and Norfolk. The airfare came through hugely as well- only $180 to fly to Raleigh/Durham from Denver. I was also fortunate to have a friend who is a big DMB fan at Wake Forest. So after a great deal of planning everything came into place. The trip to Davidson actually started with a hairy drive back to Denver on snowy I-70 from skiing at Breckenridge on Monday night. I then forced myself to stay up all night so as not to miss my 6:30 AM flight. The flights went smoothly and I arrived tired yet excited to a gorgeous day in North Carolina- about 75 degrees and sunny. Went and hung out at WFU for a while and it sunk in that I was finally about to see Dave and Tim. We left Winston-Salem at about 6:00 to make the quick hour drive down to Davidson. When we got to the Davidson exit there was a huge line of traffic headed towards the show. Luckily, most of the traffic was coming from the Charlotte direction. It was clear that the town was overwhelmed by the crowd. The license plates were from all over the place- it seemed as if most of the crowd had travelled some distance for the show. We asked a traffic cop where to park and she said "anywhere you can"- they did not have a good plan to park the crowd. She did say we might get lucky at the Ben and Jerry's and she was right. By this point it was 7:30- ticket time- and we had come to far to miss the opener. So we ran all the way through the beautiful campus to find a huge line outside the Baker Sports Complex. When we finally got in, we looked into the arena and saw that the lights were already down. There were tons of people scrambling to get to their seats inside. Our seats were section 11, row D which ended up being about 20 feet from the stage. The way that the arena is setup makes it feel really small. It has a small floor and then a small like ten row lower bowl around that floor. The majority of seating is on each side of the arena (but not the back) with big upper level seating sections. The crowd was all sitting quietly as Dave and Tim played "Bartender," perhaps my favorite DM song to begin the show. Although I had hoped for a quiet, respectful crowd, it was a bit strange at first. My section had a great crowd that attempted to regulate some of the "screamers" which were extremely limited at the show (notably that "Two Step" guy on the floor). Needless to say, it is an entirely different type of show that every DMB fan should make an attempt to check out. The show was very long and most songs were played in a very simple "raw" fashion with some notable jammed exceptions. Dave talked about the nice weather and told the story of getting thrown by another horse off of his own horse among other ramblings. He took the limited screaming in stride- my friend who had seen some of the 99 tour said it was a HUGE improvement. The crowd participated in Everyday/36- it was mostly a very DMB saavy group. I really liked the way that Dave sang Big Eyed Fish- vocalizing Boyd's main part. Pay for What You Get was also a treat for I had not heard that song and it is such a nice chill song that is perfect for the D+T setting. There were a number of those "pin drop" moments that were really cool. Perhaps it was just that we had great sound sitting near the right stack. LIOG proved to be the song of the night with an awesome building jam in the middle that tops 99 versions of the song. Its so cool when both of their hands are just flying across their guitars. Sleep to Dream Her was a suprise but sounded nice- I keep thinking that Dave will throw that song away but it comes back again and again. Two Step offered another chance for them to jam a bit (and shut up the dude on the floor). Gravedigger is such a cool song and sounded great- another highlight of the show. Tim's first solo was so good that it got a standing ovation from the crowd- Tim seeemd to enjoy the genuine support. They did the cool intro to satellite that I think developed on the 99 tour where they sort of violently play variations on the main guitar theme before going into the actual song. They jammed out Jimi Thing some which was cool. The Stone is sort of a classic song for acoustic. Fool to Think was another suprise everyday song that really lent itself well to the setting- they really worked the opening chords. Ants closed the show very nicely with the great ending build we know and love from DMB. Everyone was on their feet as they left the stage. They returned and did "Dancing Nancies" with a long intro where Dave rambles on about the possibilities. That song left us on a nice high note. I managed to get as calendar through the huge crowd gathered around the one merch table in the front hall. Everyone seemed very satisfied by the marathon show including the self-proclaimed (by t-shirts) "local crew." I was dead tired by the time we got back to Winston but very satisfied by what we had seen. Then came that great "I'm on tour" feeling as I thought of the following night in Norfolk..