Dave Matthews Band
Sandstone Amphitheatre, Bonner Springs, Kansas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much
All Along the Watchtower
Grace Is Gone
Grey Street
Crash Into Me *
True Reflections
#41 *+
What Would You Say ~
Tripping Billies
Ants Marching *+

* Bela Fleck
+ The Flecktones
~ Jeff Coffin

Travis K.
I had such a good time last night! After waiting months and months I finally got to see my first DMB show! And I loved it. It was a perfect setup for me so I might be a little biased. (My cousin flew in for the show from California and we have such a good time together, the weather was perfect, cool and beautiful, the seats were ten rows back dead center, ect.) I won't hit everything but I have to say a few things real quick. Fleck was great! They did a fabulous job. (Even if it was a little sparse down front early on.) The little girl dancing during their set was so cute! (I think that they said she was the daughter of the bassist.) I loved Bartender! I have never enjoyed another song live more than this one. Dave poured a lot into the vocals on this one. The crowd seemed to appreciate the new stuff, but of course didn't get quite into it like the material they already know. Other hilights were an early set Watchtower, a really jammed out #41 (maybe 15-17 mins long?) a blistering Tripping Billies and you can't go wrong with Ants. Dave didn't talk too much tonight, but did thank everyone for coming out and stated that they have the best crew in the world and wanted to thank them for everything they've done. The lighting was perfect too, even if the Sandstone stage is a little short for the rig they have been using. I only wished they could of done another encore, being the last show of the tour and all. But other than that, everyone within my view never sat down from the time the Flecktones came on to the very end. I can't wait to do it again!
Jamie B.
This was the best Dave show I have been to yet. A bunch of friends and I drove all the way from Denver to see it, and it was well worth the extremely boring long drive to get there. Although the vibe in Denver was better, this was a great show. My favorite part was when he played Warehouse. I never thought I'd ever hear this in concert, but as soon as I heard it, I couldn't help from jumping up and down and screaming. Honestly, I was soooo sad to see the show end, because I was so into it. I can't wait for their new C.D. to come out because it will be a masterpiece highlighting the extreme talent that this band has. Dave and the band were flawless, but you could tell that they were happy this was their last stop on the tour. I would just like to thank them, and say that they have had an impact on so many people's lives. Although Kansas is not the most exciting state in this country, I would go back in a heartbeat to see Dave Matthews Band any day of the year!!!
Jordan S.
Wow! This concert was soooo amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed it! In the very beginning, Dave came out and thanked everyone and told them it was his last show, that was nice. Bela Fleck was also amazing, the banjo is just such a cool instrument. Dave opened up with Too Much, and then so much to say, but then broke out into Warehouse. That was insane, I have never heard him play warehouse in concert. It was just such an amazing concert. The one thing I do have to say about it {being from Colorado and all} it that it missed the CO vibe, Kansas just doesn't have the CO air. But rock on Dave!
Chad J.
The show was amazing of course, but nothing compared to the two STL shows. I just wanted to say that on WWYS, LeRoi looked backstage and got Jeff Coffin to come out and do his solo and then thanked him afterwards. I think Roi broke a reed or something. It didn't look like a planned guest appearance.
Jeff E.
This was a pretty good show. It was my 2nd show this summer (Denver) and my 3rd Sandstone show. The best part of the evening was Dave playing Warehouse and then busting out Watchtower in the middle of the set. Another highlight is the five new songs that he played and thanks to Napster, I have grown to really enjoy. Grace is Gone was sweet. #41 is one of my faves, but let's face it...Bela and his boys BUTCHERED it with their 20+ min (yes, 20+min...closer to 25 I'd say) tirade that just didn't sound all that great. I was also disappointed with the encore. C'mon Dave--it's your last show of the summer tour...I think you could have taken 15 more minutes and given us an encore to remember (Two Step!!!) rather than just one song. Ants is a great encore song, but we were deserving of more I think. Sorry to the fans who were pumped about this show and said that it was the best show ever...this was a good show, but Denver knocked my socks off. I didn't expect the Mile High atmosphere here, but a rockin' setlist could have made up for it, but it fell a little short...maybe my expectations for the "last show of the summer tour" were too high. With all of this said, I will never regret shelling out $$ for a Dave's always an awesome experience and I'll take whatever I can get.
Jason B.
Well this was the grand finale. Not really grand but an alright show. First off I had 9th row seats (thank you Warehouse!) which is always cool. The setlist however left more to be desired. To start off it was a very "radio friendly" setlist. I was hoping for a little more variety, but I guess you take what you get. Another thing, where was BTCS? Did Dave forget this album existed. I was very surprised to not even hear a Stay or Rapunzel (really wanted to see Dave dance to this one). This is such a good album to be overlooked on the setlist. The new songs are great though, JTR is cool, Bartender is amazing, so is Grey Street (been listening to it for weeks), GIG & Raven are cool too. I was happy to see the stop intro to Warehouse, Crash was cool with Bela (the banjo sounds really good in this song). True Reflections was very cool, 41 was amazing...25 min...they went back and forth into the song and jam, Tripping Billies is always a treat. Ants was good for the encore, but please, the last show of the year, couldn't you leave us with more than one song on the encore? I guess I had really high hopes for this show, Minarets, OSW, Two Step, Rapunzel, Halloween? All in all it was a good show to end a great tour. Can't wait for the new album!
Jon S.
Well this was my 3rd show of the summer. I saw one in Chicago which was pretty good, then the one at mile high in denver which was by far the best dave show ive ever seen. The show here in KC was not as big as i thought it would be. There where a lot of mistakes and it seemed like it didnt flow all that well. It was very radio friendly and there wasnt very much jamming. I understand because it was their last show and they where probably tired. The highlight for me was probably Grace is Gone which was as beautiful as ive ever heard it and other highlight would be the opening band Bela Fleck who was just unbelievable. Overall i thought this show was a very under average show. I give it a C.