Dave Matthews Band
MARS Music Ampitheatre, West Palm Beach, Florida
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Vertical Horizon
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge) -->
Too Much
Rhyme & Reason
True Reflections
Don't Drink the Water
Grace Is Gone
Grey Street
Busted Stuff
Jimi Thing
Pantala Naga Pampa -->

I'll Back You Up
What Would You Say

Travis J.
I can finally die happy, now that I have heard I'll Back You Up live. I've waited forever to hear it and tonight, out of nowhere, they played it. On with the review... MARS music theater is absolutely beautiful, small venue but really good sound and awesome view of the stage from the lawn. Couldn't ask for better weather, lawn was soaking wet but not a drop of rain during the show and clear skies--very humid though. All through the night airplanes flew over the amphitheater to land at west palm beach airport. This was the most unpredictable show I've ever been to, usually I can call at least 1 or 2 songs a show, but tonight it was anyone's guess. The crowd absolutely sucked, they were too busy talking to each other to pay attention. Honestly you'd look around and nobody was even looking in the direction of the stage. Started out strong, then kind of hit a lull in the middle, and never really picked up. More of a mellow, laid back show, but I thouroughly enjoyed it.! Highlights: SMTS->ASTB->TM, Watchtower, Rapunzel--out of nowhere, totally unexpected on my part. Then out of fucking NOWHERE.....I'LL BACK YOU UP totally made the night with just Dave, stefan, and just a little bit of Carter. Pissed me off because the crowd took no notice but Dave's whole heart was in this song... blew me away. Jimi thing was kind of flat but Grace is Gone was very nice. It's a lot different from the version, 6/27 I think is the one that's on napster but they've added a lot more drums and it sounds great. I was at the first 5 shows of the tour and tonight it was neat to see how all the new songs have evolved since they were first played live. They sound so good i'm stoked for the new album to come out. So decent show, I've seen better but not a bad show by any means.
Jeff M.
Another DMB show and another great performance.The band is playing so tight right now it's incredible....It was a hot one tonight in WPB, and the hot band member was definitely Leroi (it also happened to be his birthday)....Ok on with the review......OSW - solid opener. SMTS>ASTB>Too Much - packed full of energy, really got the crowd going...R&R - best version I've heard, and I've heard this song a lot live....True Reflections - teased Minarets (really hoped for that), but nice version of True without the ladies. Grace is Gone - they've really tightened up this new song, sounded wonderful...JTR - incredible! Grey Street - definitely my fav of the new ones, Leroi kicked some ass on this one. Watchtower - like it in the middle of the set, it pretty much brought the roof down.....Busted Stuff - ending was a little loose, but it will be an awesome song....Jimi Thing - an unreal 15 minutes of musical joy, Leroi had at least a 5 minute solo, really jazzy! PNP>Rapunzel - can I ! just say I'm still dancing over this one, by far the most energetic version I've heard, great ending song.....Encore:: I'll Back You Up - what a surprise, thanks DMB....WWYS - pretty good closer, really jammed out the middle of this one. Anyways, great crowd tonight, everyone was standing and very loud....See ya on the next tour, and can't wait until the new album is finished.....Peace out
Art B.
Great show tonight!! I love the SMTS-->ASTB-->Too Much run. Plus the boys played most of the new songs (minus Sweet up and Down, Bartender and Digging a Ditch)). True Reflections was great. I like this song alot better with out the lovely ladies (sorry Carter). Dave wished Lerio a happy birthday(it was on the 7th) after Too much and the crowd went nuts. Dave spoke a lot tonight but he was just messing with everyone. I think he said thank you very much after every song. The crowd was great tonight. I love seeing AATW in the middle of the setlists and Grace is Gone and Busted Stuff are two great songs. Dave, Steffan and Carter played a great I'll back You Up. It was great to here that. I was a little dissapointed with What Would You Say. I really wanted to hear Ants. Oh well, maybe Saturday in Tampa. See yall there. Peace.
Jonathan K.
Well the boys busted out with another great show tonight. Mixing it all up with great classics such as Jimi Thing, Watchtower, and What Would You Say and throwing in some of the new jams....Raven, Grey Street, Grace Is Gone, and Busted Stuff. But what really surprised me was when he put in some old school songs that are rarely played such as Ill Back You Up and True Reflections in the show. My particular favorite song was Jimi Thing because the whole band had a jam session with each one of the members having a solo. well the vibe of the crowd was awesome even when he played the new stuff...unlike the previous show in orlando when everyone decided to sit down except for when they played the radio songs.Overall the show was a great one to be at and i hope to see all of you in Tampa. peace.
Patrick M.
I'm a huge Dave Matthews fan, but I was extremely disappointed with the show in West Palm on September 8th. After I drove down from school in just enough time to make it to the performance, I was really set on seeing a good show. The show just plain lacked the setlist and the energy that I remember from some of Dave's past shows. This was epitomized during "Watchtower" when one of the main speakers blew and killed the remainder of the song. At that point, I was tired of hearing the new stuff and just wanted to hear "Crash" or any of the ten other songs I enjoy from Dave. It just was not meant to be, though, so my friends and I entertained ourselves on the way home with the live CD's that let us hear the songs we had looked forward to hearing live