Dave Matthews Band
Tampa Ice Palace, Tampa, Florida
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Vertical Horizon
The Stone
Lie In Our Graves
Grey Street
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge)
Too Much
Ants Marching
Grace Is Gone
What Would You Say
Tripping Billies

Busted Stuff

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Larry H.
Lame. I can't even remember half the setlist and this show ended less than an hour ago. One set? WTF, Dave? I could see if the intent was perhaps to increase the level of quality, but apparently it isn't.The single highlight was a sprawling Boyd jam during "Lie in our Graves". The rest was alot of rote recitation of every damn single radio hit and alot of iffy new stuff.Dave, i hope you've been savin up for retirement, buddy.
Francis N.
What a great show! It was the best DMB show that i ever attended. Everyone had a great vibe, and DMB took notice, and played a hell of a concert. Boyd had a good 10 minute solo during "lie in our graves" Leroi, Stefan and Carter were also on fire....and don't forget dave he was stunning too! The jams, the ballads all sonded great tonight, and to top it all off....they closed w/ "watchtower".....alot better than my Orlando show..(9.6.00)
Art B.
BUTCH IS BACK!!!!!! What a great setlist tonight. The boys were on tonight, they usually are. It was great to see Butch especially wearing a Tampa Bay Lighting jersey, that was cool. I called Warehouse as the opener, I knew the show would be unreal after that. The Icer Palace sold blue, green and yellow glowing beer cups so the venue was lit up all night which looked real sweet. The Stone was sweet to hear, I've never heard it live before with the band. I love Bartender!!!!! This song really stood out to me tonight. When Dave sings the line "I'm on bended knees, Father please" I get goosebumps. Then he follows that up with Lie In Our Graves!!! Boyd went balistic during the jam in this song. Dave and Boyd switch spots for about 5 minutes during the jam. After the jam they stopped for about 30 seconds and Dave introduced Boyd and Butch then they finished the song. My favorite part of the show was the So Much To Say-->Anyone Seen The Bridge-->Too Much(tease)-->Ants. I have this on tape but to see it live, especially when I've never seen Ants live with the band, was unbelievable. Stefan was unusually animated tonight. During Anyone Seen The Bridge he acted like he was kicking Leroi. That was kinda funny. Grace is Gone, WOW!!!!! I can't wait for the new album. I love all the new songs. Tripping Billies was great, as usual. Busted Stuff as an encore was unexpected was well recieved, it's such a great tune. Then came the best jam song of all, All Along The Watchtower. Butch gave a great organ solo during the between Boyd and Leroi. All in all the show was great, best I've been to so far. It's been a great run and I've met a lot of great people. Tito, you're the man. I hope to see yall next year or maybe even at a Dave and Tim show in the winter. God Bless yall and take it easy, Peace!
Jonathan W.
well it was another stellar performance for dave and the boys tonight, who were accompanied by butch taylor...sporting the tampa bay lightning jersey. but boyd definitely stole the spotlight for this show.particularly when he jammed for seven minutes plus on a solo during lie in our graves. but overall the show was a great..the vibe of the crowd was awesome. the setlist had to be one of the best he has played all tour. busting out with all the great classics...what would you say, ants marching, all along the watchtower, tripping billies...ect. well if you didnt attend this show then you definitely missed out.thats all i have to say. peace
Jed E.
Awesome setlist !!!!! This concert blew orlando away. The crowd was intense!!!Last years show at the ice palace was just as good. Warehouse was an excelent intro. This was definately one of the best performances Ive ever seen Rock On!!!
Brad R.
Tonights show in Tampa was awesome to say the least. Their energy was real high, they just kept on jamming and jamming, and of course Butch came back. Dave was playing songs and practically walking off stage and playing to the crowd, he was walking around the light stands playing to the crowds. Warehouse, Granny, #41, Stone, Bartender, LIOG, what beter way could you start out a concert. Only 4 songs were repeated from last years show. Warehouse: Well the whoo intro thing the crowd does has made it's way to Florida, always a great opener. Granny: You know how Dave said he really wanted Granny to be a single a long time ago because he wanted people to be yelling "Love" and stuff, well all 20,000 were singing it tonight. #41: A song I had always wanted to hear, and I did. Carter was crazy in this song, best drumer in the world, this is also where Moore pretty much made his entrance. Stone: I really wanted to see this live too, but for some reason ruled it out as a possibility tonight, they proved me wrong. Bartender: Alot of people were singing along, and everyone dug this epic. Daves wailing was perfect. LIOG: I've read alot of reviews this tour about when this song was played, and how Boyd was insane. Well, tonight i understand, he was having a great time up there, playing solo's for each direction he faced. He was also doing some "Dave" dance moves while playing, some funny shit. Raven: Heard this last night and once the lyrics become "official" I will be able to get into it more. I love the song more than any other new ones, because it definately has the most potential. I just can't wait to hear the album cut. Crowd dug this too. Grey Street: Great song, crowd loved this one the most I believe, out of the new ones. Last nights version had more energy though. SMTS->ASTB->(Too Much)->Ants: Hi, we're the Dave Matthews Band and we're really cool! Oh yeah, we have big balls and can jam. Grace Is Gone: Great song to follow, everyone dug it, but some people left or sat, only because they were exhausted or had to get more beer. People sitting down were paying attention and moving, they weren't talking or anything so that was cool. JTR: Good song, great outro, awesome band. WWYS: 3 shows, 3 WWYS, it's still all good Tripping Billies: Ya'll know how great this was, should I even botther to try and explain, of course it fucking rocked. Encore: Busted Stuff: He said "Hey ya'll, we're going to play a quiet one and then we're going to make some noise" and that's exactly what they did AATW: Thank you all, have a nice night
Kiel L.
This was a great show! the indoor arena made the lights a spectacle in its own. especially with the stop time intro on warehouse. LIOG was definatly the highlight of the show they had to have jammed for at least 20 minutes. boyd and butch took it away. All the new songs were great even busted stuff which before the show I didn't think to highly of. so much to say>anyone seen the bridge>too much>into ants was just amazing the switch from too much into ants was flawless. Dave broke a string during the last few chords of tripping billies and managed to keep it going. Wacthtower was amazing. couldn't have asked for a better show especially withought any of the popular radio songs like crash or sattelite.
Brad D.
WOW!! The Ice Palace was an amazing way to finish off the Florida shows. I was on the 5th row (thanks to Andrea!), and the sound was perfect. The souveneir cups for the beer had glow stuff in them, so when the lights went out they lit up the whole arena. The band definitely seemed surprised! Warehouse was incredible, I was hoping for this one considering they didn't play it in West Palm or Orlando. It was also nice to see Butch back on stage (with a Tampa Bay Lightning Jersey on!). Granny was fantastic, as was #41, they definitely kept the crowd going. It was great to hear The Stone, especially since they don't seem to be doing much off BTCS. Glad to get Bartender again, nice long version, Dave was really into this one. LIE IN OUR GRAVES!!!! An absolutely awesome version. Boyd was just incredible on this one, he was giving it all and we were giving it right back! Great vibe... they must have went on for 20 minutes. Surprised to see Raven all three nights, Grey Street too! I was so excited when they went into So Much To Say, hoping for Anyone Seen the Bridge two nights in a row... Got it! Stefan has a great bass line on this one, sounds like Deed Is Done) and then Too Much? I thought so, then they went into Ants! I had heard about this but it totally caught me off guard, as well as everybody else. Couldn't have been better, great energy, Dave kept singing through the "people in every direction" part. Grace Is Gone was nice to groove to after all the energy we expended on Ants. So glad to hear JTR again! This is definitely one of my favorite new songs, and I like it better without the John The Revelator part. What Would You Say at ALL THREE shows!? Fine with me... awesome energy on this one, thought this might be the closer, then they just tore it up on Tripping Billies, Leroi sounded great. Busted Stuff is a great song, really nice to hear this one again, then Watchtower made a great encore. Dave was dancing like crazy all night, and everybody was really ON! GREAT shows all three nights. Definitely missed Seek Up, Nancies, Minarets, and Sweet Up and Down. But you take what you can get. THANKS BOYS!! Come back soon! :)
Jake V.
My 15th show overall in 7 years. Very strong start to the show. After the Warehouse, Granny, #41, Stone start, some in the crowd became tired and had to sit down during Bartender. LIOG jammed out well, with Boyd and Butch each taking a turn. After that especially long version, half the crowd became very tired again. They were so tired this time that they couldn't even stand during Raven and Grey Street! Fortunately, everyone regained their strength for the SMTS...>ASTB...>Too Much tease...>Ants. The crowd was more than shocked when Carter started up into Ants. I think the shock forced half the crowd (the same half as earlier) to sit down and think about what happened. They fortunately regained their composure after JTR and Grace is Gone to stand back up for WWYS and Billies. The pre-encore glowing cup flying exhibition forced some to sit back down during Busted Stuff and reflect on the spectale, but everyone made it back to their feet for Watchtower (or, at least when they figured out what the song was). Overall, it was an up and down experience.
Greg M.
Vertical Horizon - Mixed feelings about them. Apparently they've discovered power metal as a genre, but unfortunately they discovered it about 15 years after it went out of style. However, they *are* pretty good at it. I just don't know what to think of Heart in Hand and Wash It All Away played in that style, but I know one thing: Matt needs to lose the imitation leather pants! Ok, now about those guys called Dave Matthews Band. They were in a mellow mood as they came on the stage, but the crowd was very pumped and energetic. That seemed to jazz them up a bit and before it was over, they had turned in one of the most high-energy performances I've seem them do. Setlist was not bad, but not great either - few oldies and no rarities. We got Granny, but you can't really consider it a rarity any more. On the plus side, we did get almost all of the new stuff. Hilight of the show had to be the Boyd & Butch solo in LIOG. It went on forever. Dave walked over to the edge of the stage to keep an eye on things and every time Boyd would tear off into another lick, Dave would just grin and shake his head like he couldn't figure out what got into the boy. Finally, Boyd handed off to Butch and he finished it off in great style. The crowd was full of energy and most folks got into the new tunes as much as the old ones. I was going to give the crowd a perfect 10, but after the main set and before the encore, several idiots (quite a few actually) decided that they would encourage the band to come back out by tossing their beer mugs onto the stage and rest of the audience. These are not your average mugs either, they're great big things with a 3" section at the bottom filled with some kind of glow-in-the-dark substance. They're HEAVY, and I'm sure they hurt if you get beaned by one from the upper tier. Luckily, none seemed to hit anything expesive - like, say, Carter's snare drum. I wouldn't have been surprised if they hadn't returned at all for an encore after that display of stupidity, but they did. Carter was pretty pissed but the rest seemed to take it in stride. The Watchtower closer was intense as was the entire concert. That is my main overall impression: lots of energy lots of intensity. The boys rocked hard all night long with hardly a let-up. Not the best DMB show I ever saw, but I didn't leave disappointed.
Christina T.
After seeing what had to be the most awesome show back in Devore, California in July (it helps that it was my very first Dave show), I knew I had to see them play at least one more time before the tour ended. So I got up and flew across the country to this show. The Ice Palace was a great venue, making the entire crowd's screams blend into one great rumble. Warehouse got everyone in a good mood, then when #41 and The Stone came on, the place was ready to rock. The next four songs were much more relaxing, but once the SMTS-TM-Ants hit, all you could see was Dave's lips move while the crowd drowned the band out. Grace is Gone and JTR were great, but Watchtower stands out in my mind as the most vibrant song performed that night. The Cali show was better overall, but the energetic crowd definitely made this show one worth traveling for!