Dave Matthews Band
Coca-Cola Starplex Amphitheatre, Dallas, Texas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
One Sweet World
Grey Street
Crash Into Me +
#41 +~
What Would You Say
All Along the Watchtower *
Busted Stuff
True Reflections
Pantala Naga Pampa --> +
Rapunzel +

Tripping Billies

entire set with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Bela Fleck
~ The Flecktones
* Jeff Coffin

John B.
The show was Bad Ass... To start it off, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones were great.The new songs were great; After 3 shows, finally got to hear Warehouse.#41 was the best We've ever seen, with Bela Fleck & the Flecktones playing for the whole song.Great solos all the way around. This was the best show we have seen so far. Best thing about the show tonight is that we still have one more to go. We will be far more specific after tomorrow's show.We were suprised by the one song encore, but what the hell...first time We've heard Tripping Billies. Overall, the boys preformed tonight!!!!
Matt T.
First of all the Flecktones were as great of an opener as every one says they are. The highlight of his set was when they were doing a polka jam, and Kyla (a little girl) comes out and does her polka dance. It is so cool. Dave Band came out around 8:20 and as soon as he so much as grazed the guitar , I had called OSW. I think I was something like five for six on called shots, but now I am bragging, and thats no good. As soon as the last note of OSW was played, the boys jumped right into Warehouse. That is why I will call it a segue, because of the lack of pause between songs. The crowd almost had the stop-time intro WHOOOO! going, but it was a little lacking. Granny was cool, nothing too special, but it was our first time hearing it. Satellite, same thing, but cool because also first time hearing it. The first four songs were played with no more than a thirty second or so break in between, instead of the four or five minutes between songs in 1998-1999. Grey Street sounds just like I heard it on the CD's, but still cool to hear live. There was a pretty good jam at the end of this one. Raven was nice to hear, I like it, but the majority of the crowd lost interest, until.....the obligitory Crash. That got them back. Oh, well at least it's out of the way now. Bela Fleck played on this one, but you had to really listen to hear him. Before #41, Dave swithed guitars, and a guitar tech and him went nuts trying to fend off crickets (ala 8/13/98). It was hilarious. #41 with all the Flecktones was absolutely beautiful, everyone had there turn to solo. Victor Wooten and Carter (who each had excellent solos) really shined here. Without exaggerating too much, I would say this one could have been in the twenty minute range, although I didn't keep track. What Would You Say was pretty cool; Roi kept the jam pretty mellow. Then the intro begins for Watchtower. Here, I will take a break in my otherwise boring review to make point. For some reason as the intro to Watchtower started, people decided they wanted to sit down. Some people even started playing cell phone games. And along with everyone else sitting down came the shouts for other people to sit down. (Step onto soapbox) Listen Here you lazy sons of bitches! Just because you decide to sit down during one of the most electrifying songs in DMB's repetoire, does not mean everyone else should sit down so your ass can see! If you are going to sit down, fine, but the rest of us do not have to, so that you, who probably couldn't give less of a shit about what is going on, can see! And for crying out loud, stop talking on/playing games on your damn cell phone. I hate it when I am trying to listen to some great music and some jackass behind me is making buisiness deals on his cell phone! Where was I now...right, Watchtower was amazing. The lights added alot to it, and Jeff Coffin went nuts, as he did on #41. Things mellowed out for Busted Stuff, and the crowd grew restless. I really like this song, it has a very jazzy, funky, crush feel to it. True Reflections was great, especially with the lovely lady vocals added buy a fellow behind us (a shout out to him and the girl next to him-they were cool). Pantala/Rapunzul was more effective without the long intro. This one was really jammed out, and was a great way to end things. The boys came back with a powerful Tipping Billies, a great way to close the show, even though it was just one encore song. Boyd really went crazy on this one. So overall, this show had a hell of alot of energy, just one energetic song after another. There really wasn't a whole lot of mellow moments, like there had been in the past, but there probably will be tomorrow. Lots of Davespeak about Crickets, and Jiminey (that can't be spelled right) the cricket, and how if you see one, "tell it to get the fuck outa here". After the show we were able to meet Bela & the Flecktones. They were all very cool. I thought this show was great for all of the song's energy. Until tomorrow......
Gimmlet A.
Ok, first and foremost I'd just like to say that I feel kinda gypped with one freakin encore song, but.......whatever. My buddy Nick and I sat in like the sixth row and it was kick ass. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones were just about awesome openeing up. I just sat down, drank my beer and watched in pure amazement. Then Dave came out and started playing and it was awesome. One Sweet World was awesome. I didn't "call it" 'cause quite frankly I don't understand the whole "calling system" and I think its kinda stupid. Warehouse was excellent, had lots of energy behind it. Granny was cool 'cause I'd never seen it live before, but regardless, its a groovy little tune. Satellite was standard, but everyone loved hearing it. Grey Street had lots of energy behind it and its one of my favorites out of the new ones. Raven was ok, it hasn't worked its way into one of my songs that I'll go out of my way to hear yet. Crash was cool looking back and seeing all the lighters and stuff. Then #41--I didn't time this one 'cause...well...I didn't have my watch on. but regardless, it was so MONEY dude. I can't wait to get that on CD. What Would You Say is also a groovy tune and that's when some chick came and hung out with Nick and I. I think her name was like Jackie or Jamie or something, all I know is she gave us a swig of her beer, danced around with us for a while and left after Watchtower started because she saw some guy I'm assuming was her boyfriend (sigh). Watchtower was filled with some enthusiasm, enjoyed hearing this one. Busted Stuff, good mellow tune that I started singing along with and quit and the chick in front of me asked me how I knew the words to that song and I told her I downloaded it off the internet and for the first time I felt like a computer dork. True Reflections was ok, not a fav of mine, but an oldie and some good groove times in it when Boyd starts sawing some stuff off on it. PNP and Rapunzel have sooooooo need to be not played for a time. Its some good stuff, but man, its old. Then the encore of one song. Billies was awesome as well, Boyd went nuts on his solo. I was completely into this song. Then, they just left again and I was like......What the hell????? On a few side notes--for all the people who told me I need to have my tires checked 'cause they are Firestones---Thanks but they've already been checked. For all the chickies that waved at me as I was hanging out my car in traffic --Thanks. and to the stupid fourteen year old bitchs who gave me the finger and told me to quit hitting on 'em and rolled their window up--ya'll weren't all that, so don't flatter yourselves; But, no one pissed on Bryce's Tahoe that I know of this time. Great show. Sorry 'bout the rambling.
Robert D.
This show was great. The setlist was perfect it pleased everyone. It had everything, concert calssics like #41 and Warhouse, hits like Crash and Satelite and for the true fans Granny, True Reflections and One Sweet World. People who complain about fans are crazy Dave has the best fans ever. Some get high, some just chill and some make out but they love the music and are respectful. The Highlight had to #41 they jammed it out for like 25 minutes. The encore was great but it would have been even better if there was more then one song. Overall an amazing night in Dallas.
Jason C.
Well, this show was much better then it looked like on paper: One Sweet World- First time for me hearing this as an opener. Crowd really liked it but it seems that still not many people know the instrumental intro. Warehouse- Yes, the whoo's have made their way to Texas. I forgot how awesome this song is live. Great beginning to the show so far. Granny- Another first for me. LOVE!! BABY!! Satellite- Ahh, could have done without this one. But the crowd liked it. Grey Street- I think that even though not many people know this one, EVERYONE loves it! Its got a great beat, and you can't top Dave's vocals at the end. Real good version tonight. Raven- My friend Justin really likes this song, so i'm glad we got to hear it again. Some strange lyrics about a 17 year old girl. Don't know what's going on there. Crash- People bitch about this song being played too much, but screw them I like it. Good mass sing a long. #41- My God! Clocked this baby at 25 minutes!!! Everyone had a nice long solo. The stiry of this song was Jeff Coffin. The man is unreal. He completely blew the top off of the amphitheatre. He want off on an at least 5 minute intense solo. Sent chills down my spine. What Would You Say- Appears they are getting all of the radio songs out of the way tonight. Either Dave screwed up in the middle of the song or he added a new little solo guitar part, becuase after the jam when he is supposed to start singing he started some strange guitar thing. Watchtower- This might as well have been the Jeff Coffin Band at this point. The energy during this song was just too much. The light show on this is spectacular. Jeff Coffin unleashed another out of this world solo that just put the entire place into a frenzy. Busted Stuff-Needed a breather after that Watchtower and this song did just the trick. Unfortunately most people either decided to go to the bathroom or sit down. Oh well its their loss. True Reflections- Dont know if I really liked this song in this part of the set. I think the crowd wanted to go crazy again but just couldn't do it for this one. PNP-Rapunzel- Great way to close out the show. The jam at the end was awesome. It seemed to go on forever. Dave was dancing around the stage like he had a cricket in his pants(if you were there you know what i'm talking about.) Tripping Billies- Caught a peek at the set list before the show and this was not supposed to be in the encore. But at this point I think the crickets were swarming the stage pretty bad and they just wanted to get out of there. Intense version with Boyd going completely nuts with the violin. Crowed loved it. Overall another great show. Not as good as Wednesday's in Houston, but that one is going to be hard to beat. See ya tomorrow!!
I was sitting in sec 101 row c for the first night. The Flecktones rocked I only have one of their cds but recognized most of the songs. OSW- I had my mom with me who is a really huge fan, and her favorite song is OSW so it was a nice surprise Pretty standard version. Everyone around me was dancing and singing it was really awesome and security was real lax with people taking pictures. Warehouse I was really not expecting this when they started the stop time intro everyone went nuts. Of course what's the stop time intro without the whoos. Granny was very cool, everyone was getting into the love and maybe parts. But a pretty standard version. Satellite was next he started out playing something weird, the guy next to me said he was going to play a new song. The drunk girl behind me was screaming oh my god Satellite. So I guess she won lol. I've heard this song so many times I figured if I heard it at the show I'd probably sit down- quite the opposite. Grey Street was a surprise got out the 12 string so I knew we were in for one of the new songs, or maybe Minarets. The lyrics are completley different from any copies I have so the only thing I could sing was all the colors mix together to grey. I was hoping to hear Raven. Again the lyrics were really different I couldn't make out most of them. Dave was making these weird faces the whole time. Next up was Crash Bela came out and played with them on this one, you couldn't really hear him thought. Of course the whole crowd was into it. I was surprised so many people knew the Dixie Chicken outro, I could swear the whole amphitheatre was singing it. #41 was an awesome awesome version do whatever you can to get a copy of this! All of the Flecktones came out, and they all took a solo. Carter and Futureman went insane and both bands were just standing there with their mouths open, along with the crowd lol. WWYS was a standard version whole crowd singing, the lights were pretty cool. I loved it when everyone yelled out "mom it's my birthday!!" AATW started out with a Dave solo. The crowd (at least around where I was) was very into pumping their fists after the "no reason to get excited" part. Jeff Coffin wailed on this one. And to the drunk girl and her friend who decided to jump the seats and fall over all the people in the row in front of me, save yourself the trouble next time and just stay home! I love Busted Stuff, not really surprised to hear it though I knew it would be at on the shows (turns out it was at both) Pretty standard version, I heard the clip from the album while waiting in line and noticed the line "I know she's going to leave this broken man behind" and I was wondering why he didn't sing that (or he doesn't on the copies I have) But he did end up singing that line. I love how jazzy and melow this song is. TR next I wasn't expecting this about 5 million times better live, I was getting some awesome shots of Boyd I could swear he was looking right at the camera. Then the security guard came and took my damn film in the middle of the song, I guess it doesn't really matter I had already taken three other rolls. Kind or ruined the rest of the song for me. But PNP-> Rapunzel got me pumped up agian, I was dancing like a maniac. Pretty standard- nice jamming at the end. Everyone got out their lighters and were banging on the seats it was great, a friend of mine outside said all she could hear was huge roar. Tripping Billies was a great version the energy was great. Boyd really tore it up Awesome way to end the show. There was some really funny Davespeak about the crickets. They were attacking the band all night, in fact it looked like one of them got into Daves shirt (maybe pants?) and the guitar tech was trying to help him out very funny. He said a couple of times "If you see Jimney (sp?) cricket tell him to go the fuck home" Also before the opener he was telling us all the different ways to kill them lol.
Preston J.
Wow....first Dave show ever. Longtime listener...first time attendee. Hands down, the best live music performance I've ever seen. The setlist kicked all kinds of personal fave, Warehouse (I was off by one!)and Watchtower. Lights were great...crowd was really into it. One song encore shocked my friend Dan but was still a really high energy show with almost no dead spots. Crickets drove Dave nuts. To the girl in the 4th row (in front of us) who puked during True Reflections: hope you feel better. All in all, an absolutely incredible experience. THANK YOU DMB!!!
John M.
Terrific concert. Dave came out to introduce Bela Fleck and Flecktones as "best band in the world." Pretty classy. Enjoyed all new songs, especially Busted Stuff. However, Dave changed up second verse from internet version. Instead of "Sweet Sugar Lips, Pushed from the Hips," he sang "Whatever she do, Whenever she does." Threw me off, but still the best new song. Lighting extremely effective on Watchtower and Rapunzel. Boyd didn't seem really into it tonight. He's still the best, don't get me wrong. But if first few songs don't feature strings, he seems to have the tendency to sit it out. Dave's references to "Jiminy Cricket" were classic, and Stephan appeared to have a particular aversion to those winged critters. Overall, good show. Can't wait for tomorrow night.