Dave Matthews Band
Riverport Amphitheatre, Maryland Heights, Missouri
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
The Stone
Song That Jane Likes
Rhyme & Reason
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
Grey Street *
What Would You Say
Grace Is Gone
Lie In Our Graves *
All Along the Watchtower
Bartender +
#41 *~+
Tripping Billies *~+

Digging a Ditch
Too Much

* Bela Fleck
+ Jeff Coffin
~ The Flecktones

Chad J.
First off, is wrong. They closed the encore with Too Much, pretty standard version to end a show that was anything but standard. Started off slow, nice, but slow. LIOG was when the show really started going. Amazing. I wish I would have timed it, but I forgot. Boyd was phenominal. He just kept going, to the point that I thought they wern't going to let Bela solo. But when he did, ahhh, how sweet it was. He even did the little Linus and Lucy Peanuts theme during his jam. I thought it would be the highlight of the night. Raven and Watchtower were standard, and Coffin added a little to Tender. Then, the 27 minute version of #41 that I was hoping to hear. It was amazing. Futureman and Carter. Stefan and Victor. LeRoi and Jeff. Boyd and Bela. Dave just stood to the side and let them go. Still, in my opinion not the highlight of the show. Billies. It was amazing. I've never heard Bela play on this song, and man, did he ever add to it. It was just so relentless. The constant banjo in the background made my evening. A great encore closed it out, but the LIOG, #41 and Billies made the show great. See you tommorrow night.
Laura O.
I think that this was possibly the most laid back show that I have ever been to. Stone was a very mellow opener and Jane was a bit slower than usual, but still very good. The crowd of course came alive for Crash, and that is about the only time I saw anyone get into the show. The crowd last night was absolutely among the worst that I have ever seen. Grey Street was awesome and is one of my favorites of the new songs and Dave's scatting on JTR is something that I always look forward to hearing. What Would You Say was something that I hadn't heard in a long time and it was a welcome surprise. Grace is Gone was, as always, gorgeous. LIOG was a little slower, too, but Boyd and Bela had some amazing solos. I never get tired of hearing Bela play. Raven was good and Watchtower was unexpected in its spot, but nevertheless it was rocking. Once again, the crowd around me sucked and there were actually people who sat down during Watchtower. Why did those people even go?? Anyway, Bartender was a highlight of my night. When Dave wails at the end, it makes me want to cry. Beautiful and haunting. #41 was good until they stretched it out to 25+ minutes. By the time it was over, I thought they'd leave for the encore, but nope. They played a bad ass Tripping Billies. Boyd once again stole the show. 3 song encore was great. Crowd was silent for #40 and most of Digging, which is also a great song. Then, they tore it up with Too Much, complete with Dave's yelling and "F*ck it up"'s instead of "suck it up"'s. A good ending to a very laid back night. Can't wait until next year!!
Shawn T.
The band played a stellar show, as always, and Bela Fleck was a pleasant addition to the ensemble. Dave seemed a little timid and quiet at first, especially noticeable during Crash into Me, but he later strengthened the sound and became more energetic. Bartender was excellent, and it was nice to hear some of the slower new songs, like Grace is Gone and Digging a Ditch. Leroi seemed to be hanging in the shadows, for I kept waiting for him to show off but it never really happened. Highlights were Lie in our Graves and #41 with all the Flecktones. It sounded like these guys have been playing together every day for years. #40 was a tasty treat for the encore. My complaint on the show: This was the eighth time I've seen Dave, and this was the most disrespectful crowd I've ever been a part of. The people around me were not even watching or listening, choosing instead to talk, yell, and constantly walk back and forth, bumping into others. The distraction kept me from hearing many of the lyrics to the softer songs. Dave's growing popularity is attracting a new type of crowd, a crowd that doesn't understand or appreciate the music. I feel bad for others like myself who have to put up with it. But to end on a pleasant note, the band seems to be wrapping up the summer tour with strong performances, as we knew they would.
Andy W.
Alright. Now I believe the 20 minute jam on #41 was the coolest damn thing I have ever heard before. The crowd (a bunch of drunkards who couldn't keep their mouths shut to save their lives) was not into it at all, but I just laughed as the jam went on. Victor Wooten truly is the god of bass. Everyone seemed to just be having a blast. The show started off with Stone, which was cool. STJL was nice to hear. Never heard it before live, so it was much appreciated. R&R was standard. Then the drunkards all got up for Crash, which was good, as always. Grey Street and JTR were good and tight. From when they started playing JTR at Indy to now, the song has really come along way I thought. Now i forgive them for having me wait so long for the new disc. WWYS was a nice moderated jam. Just laid back, the way Dave wanted. I still always want Leroi to play the album solo. It's so damn catchy, I can't help it! Grace was good. LIOG was a nice fat jam with Bela. Always good to hear. Boyd REALLY got the crowd, who were all sitting down passed out around me, to realize that they were at a Dave show and should probably LISTEN! Sorry. Anywho, the solo was amazingly good, and everyone stepped up a notch on this tune. Raven was a little lackluster for my part. It just seemed to drag a little. But.....that's ok. It's dave. AATW got everyone excited again, and it was just a fat rest of the show. The version of Bartender that he did should go on the album. It was so full of emotion, I thought it was da bomb. Then came the infamous jam on 41. If you can get that anywhere, i recommend listening to it. Wow. There were hints of TB when carter and future man were jamming, as they were just playing rims, cowbells, jam blocks, I thought they'd go into Trippin, but the nature version was just as well. After ALL that, they still had to do an encore. #40 was nice to hear, but Too Much again? Every show i've been too, they've played that song!! I love it, but what about Minerets? Dreaming Tree? Oh well. Dave said fuck alot, if i heard him right. All in all, a good worthwhile show. Piece.
Chris C.
This was my second concert of the year, and it totally blew away the last one. Dave seemed a little reserved, as did Leroi(as usual) but the Flecktones ruled the night. The highlight was definitely an extended 20 minute jam on #41. Both bands went out on stage, and every member got a solo, including Future Man and Carter. Jeff Coffin totally blew Leroi away with his solo on this song- in energy, harmonics, and musicality; I felt a little sorry for the guy. Later in the song, the band shifted in the Flecktones' piece, Sojourn of Arjuna. Overall a great concert, as usual.
Jon T.
Tonight was a truly amazing show. I'm surprised that I seem to have gotten most of the songs I've been wanting to hear from this tour after only my 3rd show. Certainly, I didn't get all of them, nor can I expect to or complain, but the songs from this set were awesome. My favorite shows are with Bela and his band, they just don't seem to get much better (unless Tim is with them, of course). I saw for the first time tonight Victor Wooten's famous bass-guitar flip. I was amazed at his skill, numbed by his style. Anyways, on to the highlights: I was happy to hear Stone as an opener, though I was surprised by Riverport's sound system. It could've used a lot of work to properly convey the wonderful sound to lawn (yes, I was in lawn, but I'll never be there again:). I almost expected to hear Crash, but I've never heard it w/Bela before, in all of my tape trading. It sounded good, but the Dixie transition was kind of funky and lacking in preparedness. Grey St. was groovy, and JTR is better every time I hear it. I liked the old version w/ Santana with the ". . .wrote the book of the 7 seas" chorus much better, but now I don't like the lyrics and only like the song for the outro. Grace is Gone was wonderful, and I think the purple/undulating to blue lights, mellowed about are great with this song. I was pretty sure they were going to play LIOG w/Bela et al, and it was awesome, though it was hopped up and Boyd didn't get to do his "Gloria" bit in the jam. It's more adrenalized w/our bluegrass guests. Raven is my favorite new song, and he changed every word from how he's been playing it for tonight, except for the chorus, and it was even funkier than usual. His vocals on it were mind-bending, definitely a reinvention song. Watchtower wasn't the best I've seen, but it was awesome in the uniqueness of the night. During #41, I was enrapt, and can't express how awesome it was seeing everyone pick up beat and play off of one another so well for about 25 minutes. #40 was what I've been desiring all tour, and we got it tonight, he picked up his guitar and played into it on the mic eagerly, and it even had the chorus with "Always,. . ." Awesome show. The worst part for me was the crowd and the security ass-wipes. The crowd wasn't in it in the lawn, and everyone seemed mean. It wasn't anything like that at Alpine, man, everyone was a brother there. However, I handed tons of tapes out with my email to people and at least those people were nice. After the show, my buddy and I walked out and walked back up the hill around the back next to the fence. A security guard ran and jumped the fence, grabbed me around my neck and threw me over the fence. I was so surprised I didn't know what to do. He tore my shirt and I have a bruise on my neck and the SOB wouldn't give me his name. He said we jumped the fence instead of leaving by the path. He just assumed. I hate Riverport, and their overpromotionalized . . . everything! When we entered the arena, the person frisking me grabbed my nuts! That's never happened to me before. . . and my friend's alcohol-cleaned bowl was confiscated and he almost was kicked out for it. I'll come back here to see Dave, but some of the overzealous security bastards really put a damper on it.
Aaron E.
WARNING:CONTAINS GRAPHIC LANGUAGE- Now, on with the review... This show was nothing less than breath taking. To start things off with the Stone was killer, and me and my fellow show companions were groovin to it. He threw it back a little with TSTJL and R&R, which are always nice. Other highlights included Grey Street, which is a beautiful song on any account, the kickass jam on LIOG, the heart and soul they put into Watchtower, and the 27 minute marathon version of #41. Jeff Coffin blew the roof off of Riverport (what little roof there is). MAJOR COMPLAINTS- The section of the crowd I was in (and for that matter, the majority of the lower levels) were fucking pitiful. Sitting down and having loud obnoxious conversations during JTR and Grace is Gone? Come on, show some fucking respect! And nothing makes me cringe more than to walk out of a great show and hear some fanboy whining about he didn't get to hear Sattelite. In my opinion, we aren't in the position to whine about hearing songs or not hearing songs. We should be thankful for every note we get to hear these brilliant musicians play. So quit yer bitching and start appreciating the beautiful world the DMB shares with us while they still want to, or else we'll be doomed to a world of fake plastic bsbbritneysync shit. All in all... an awesome show.
John G.
Althought the local paper here thought the show was a bit uninspired with Dave only doing his dance to Too Much during the encore, I thought it was an excellent show featuring the groups ability to really jam. Great to hear STJL for the second time in St. Louis. #40 was absolutely the highlight of the evening, Dave sang with such passion. Missed Angel and Busted Stuff that they played the next night but fingers crossed for tonight in KC.
Dave O.
Been to many Dave shows, best I've seen yet. Bela Fleck and Flecktones add so much energy to the show. Opened with stone, worked well as an opener, helped get the crowd in a good mood to start. Then some old songs before jtr and grace is gone, I love grace is gone - great lirics! Lie in our graves was next, this song made the whole show for me. Boyd and Bela both had long solos, Dave even stopped playing just to listen and take it all in, Incredible! Light show was something to see in person, what an enjoyable night.
Stephen L.
For starters, Riverport doesn't allow tailgating - which is complete BS. We tried to throw a football around in the parking lot and almost got our heads ripped off. I decided that I wasn't going to drink any beer anyways and just go into the show sober. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones were unbelievable. Most of the crowd were teenaged kids, having one of their first experiences with alcohol, having never heard of Bela Fleck; saying such things as "who the hell is this" and "these guys suck" - but we'll excuse their ignorance. Bela played a sweet set. Sitting in the lawn, there was a great view of big screen monitors on which they'd show close-ups of Bela's fingers - the guy's a magician. Bela finished and Matthews came on about 25 minutes later - I lit up a J. Amazingly, I called The Stone as an opener and won $70 from my boys - I didn't call the tune because I was stoned, just a feeling. Dave went into a few radio fave's (Crash, WWYS) and then the show picked up with LIOG. Bela came out and we knew it was time. This was actually the reason my friends and I had made the trip from Chicago - to hear all the boys together jamming to this tune. Heavenly. That's all I can say about it. When they went into #41 and jammed it out for some 25 minutes it was incredible. Of course the drunk teenaged clowns and radio fans were pissed - not realizing the genius and excellence of the jam, but even their ignorant comments couldn't phase the zone LIOG and #41 had put me in. Coming out with #40 was an extremely pleasant surprise, though I was slightly disappointed by Too Much closing. Had they thrown in Two Step, it definitely would have been the greatest of the 13 shows I've seen. No complaints, though - can't wait for the studio album and the next tour. Peace.