Dave Matthews Band
Riverport Amphitheatre, Maryland Heights, Missouri
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Opening Song
Hoe Down
Sunset Road
Polka Banjo
Sinister Minister

Best of Whats Around
Donít Drink the Water *
Drive In Drive Out
Angel from Montgomery
One Sweet World (instrumental intro) (swim naked outro)
Busted Stuff
Jimi Thing
Grey Street
True Reflections
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
(Too Much tease) --> *+
Ants Marching *+
Two Step *+

Pantala Naga Pampa -->

* Bela Fleck
+ The Flecktones

Chris D.
I arrived this evening a couple songs in to the Flecktones' set, which i was rather disappointed about, but that's the life of a college student w/ class and such. Victor Wooten is awesome!! The Flecktones were great, but in the break before DMB came out, there were two drunken fights right where my friends and i were sitting in the lawn--so not the atmosphere i enjoy at any time, especially at a chilled out musical event like tonight was. But thankfully, the guys were removed, and i could settle back in. Best of What's Around pleasantly surprised me as an opener. The first half of the show was pretty down beat, but there were some wonderful songs in that--ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY being the big highlight. I also loved Busted Stuff--such a sweet song. Jimi got things groovin a little harder, True Reflections was awesome, and then they pulled the SM2S->Too Much tease->Ants with a little jam with Bela and co. right before the tease, and i went insane!! How cool is that? Such a smooth transition it took me a couple seconds to realize what was going on. I hope i never hear another Ants, though, because anything else will be a big let-down after this one--i don't know how it could've been better. And with Two Step, i saw the end of the set coming, but the song kept going, with almost everyone on stage taking turns jamming, and i loved it! The whole band seemed really on tonight, and the Flecktones add even more amazing talent. My head was spinning by the end of it. I was expecting more than the PNP->Rapunzel for the encore, but i'm pretty satisfied as is. Overall, I really enjoyed tonight's show--the slow start was worth such an awesome finish.
Andrew M.
It feels strange to say this was a "bad" show because even a sub-par Dave Matthews Band show is better than most concerts you will find today. This was the 14th show I have to and it ranks somewher near the bottom. It certainly had its strong moments but it had plenty of downers as well. Let me start off by saying that this was the worst crowd I have ever seen at any DMB show anywhere. I was in the lawn and at least 3/4 of the people in the lawn that I could see payed absolutely NO attnention to the show. I am not exagerating. They didn't cheer or dance and I personally think the quality of the show suffered because of it. DMB are professionals so they realize that they have a job to do but I swear they could tell the crowd just wasn't into it and it made them less enthusiastic. So heres the review of the show: Started of slower than hell. BOWA was at a snails pace. I can always do wtihout Satellite. It picked up slightly wiht DDTW and Bela added a nice touch. DIDO was standard. ANGEL was great. Boyd sand the verses out of order but if it was a mistake he covered it very well. All around a very tight version of a great song. OSW sounded nice, pretty standard. Once again Dave and the boys were trying to get the show moving but the crowd just sucked. BUSTED, I'm thinking finally some new stuff. I really enjoy this song. Its very mellow soothing. It was at this point that the crowd energy was at an all time low. Upsetting because the average DMB concert goer these days just doesn't care enough make an attempt to become interested in any song other than Crash or Satellite. JIMI was next and it was really good, The jam was just awesome, the best I have seen in the 4 times I have heard JIMI this year. GREY STREET, what a great song. The lyrics are full of passion, the riff is cool, and you get some classic Dave Matthews howling. What more could you ask. The climax of the song "your holding on your heaven" sends chills down my spine. But once again the crowd didn't care. TRUE REFLECTIONS was cool. Boyd did some nice soloing and singing. I knew the SO MUCH-TOO MUCH- ANTS thing was next and it was spectacular. The Flecktones jammed out ANTS to the fullest. At least what I thought was the fullest until TWO STEP. OH MY GOD. This was one of the most unbelievable jams I have ever had the pleasure to witness. Bela and Futureman were good, Jeff was awesome, Vic was UNREAL. I can't begin to describe it, I can only tell you to try to get a tape, It was one for the ages and it past twenty minutes. The encore was a very strong RAPUNZEL. One song encores kind of blow if you ask me. We then hauled ass to the car and made it back to Carbondale, IL by 2:00. Not a great show but definetly a good one. Would have liked to hear more than 2 new songs.
Kyle S.
At first I was astounished on how people said "the crowd sucked" on Monday. I thought people just didn't have a good time. Well, I changed my mind. The crowd on Tuesday was by far the worst crowd ever at any of my 12 shows. They were awful. Where I was nobody was standing up, a lot of people weren't even watching the concert, they were talking. Why didn't they save their $40 and sit at home and watch TV. I was really disappointed. And the fans lack of interest really hurt the show. There wasn't much energy and I think the band could tell. However, the band had lots of energy. The version of Ants was one of the best I've ever heard and Two Step was an amazing 27 minutes long. Anytime you get Bela & the Flecktones on the stage w/ DMB, it is going to be an awesome show. Dave introduced them as the best band in the universe and when Bela came out him said DMB was the best band in the universe. It was quite amusing. Also, although I'm not complaining, the lack of popular songs also hurt crowd participation. But I loved hearing Angel and True Reflections and Busted Stuff which I hadn't heard before. So I've learned the following: I"ve never going to another show without tickets through the Warehouse, and the crowds in St. Louis SUCK. I guess they are just there to see and be seen and to socialize. The 2 crowds in Cincinnati this summer where 100 times better than this crowd.
Jason W.
People that write these reviews usually say either how great the show was or how amazing it was. I know every show is great or amazing in some way, but after seeing the display of musical talent that took place tonight at Riverport Ampitheater, there is one only one word to describe it.....UNBELIEVABLE!!! The first hour or so was pretty standard other then the great lyrics Dave did during DIDO. Jimi Thing was good, not as good as I have seen it and not even close to Alpine last month, but Dave seems to be taking a longer and longer solo these days, it is always fun to see this song. One of things I am still in awe about is the fact that Angel From Montgomery came out of no where after atleast a 3 year absense. Boyd and Dave were real good together and I have always wanted to hear this song. What was even more crazy is that they also did True Reflections. I don't know the last time Boyd sang twice in a night?! True Reflections was very good, but I have to admit I do like the ladies on this one. Then we get to the crazy nutso part of the show. When SMTS started, I asked my friend what time it was and it was early. SMTS was standard but then came ASTB and up came all the Flecktones and Dave introduced them and they went nutso to finish ASTB and into the Too Much tease right into Ants. This didn't suprise me but what they did during this song did. If you were there I strongly believe that we witnessed the greatest ever Ants Marching. During the end when Boyd plays the violin they went from Flecktone to Flecktone starting with Bela, then Jeff, then Victor and Futureman was even heard. This went on for a while before Dave came back into the middle to direct traffic cause it was obvious they had little idea where to go or how to get there. They then finished the song with abang and I bet that song pushed 12 or 13 minutes. With about a 2 second break here comes Two Step and I was in shock. I couldn't believe what was taking place on the stage. It was pretty standard but great start with Bela and the boys up the re. When it was time to solo the Flecktones decided it was time to show the boys what was up. Bela went first and this whole time Dave was over on the other side of Boyd and DMB was just letting the Flecktones take over and end the concert. Bela was great, I have no idea how somebody can move their hands that fast. He wwent for 7 or 8 minutes I would have to guess. Then came Jeff Coffin and he is the man and he played a unreal solo that had everyone going nuts. The came Victor and he played a great jam on the bass then he a Futureman ended the solo part. They were so far away from Two Step that they stopped for a brief second before Carter got them going again and it was great to see him go after all the Flecktones because they saved the best for last as he went mad for the rest of the song. It was an unreal ending to the show, the boys played for 40 minutes without stopping and I am not exaggerating as Two Step was 25 minutes long. I have to say the ending to this show was the greatest thing I have ever seen, it was unreal as I have said many times already. It was great to see them for the ninth time this summer, I cannot believe how they continue to grow as a band and people. Their music keeps getting better and better and they improve musically with every show. There were a couple dissapointments, one was only two new songs and the other was the encore. PNP-->Rapunzel was great, but if they are going to do this as an encore, they need the 'Roi's solo at the beggining or another song. I can understand for tonight as they were most likely tired after playing for so long. If any of you ever get to see the Flecktones, don't miss it, there 45 minute set was great and they have great musical talent. It is great how DMB can let them come up on stage with them, leave any ego's they have behind them and let the Flecktones go, because tonight, they should DMB what was up and DMB knew it and that is why they are the greatest. What a way to end the tour and I am sure in Bonner Springs there will be some fire works also! Thanks again DMB for giving me a great summer to always remember!!
Chad M.
I didn't think it get better than Monday night, but again, the boys continue to amaze! The openers again were a nice mellow start with TBOWA & Satellite, then the party began! DDTW got things moving. I am not a big fan of DIDO, so I went to the little boys room during that one! When I got back to my seat in the 8th row (thank you Warehouse), I found the surprise of the night with AFM!!! It sounded great! Boyd is the man... OSW, Busted Stuff, and Jimi Thing were all great. I like Grey Street, the only repeat song from the night before, its my second fav song behind SUAD!!! Which has left us for some reason these past few shows :( !!!! Then it got freakin nuts...Boyd did TR and it never let up after that. This band has so much energy, I could not stop dancing all night. SMTS into Too Much tease and then ANTS into Two Step...NONSTOP!!! That was the best 30 minutes of the show. Bela and his guys were on stage, everyone had a solo and it sounded great! Dave was a dancing fool tonight, Boyd made his violin cry about three times and overall the fellas seemed to have a alot more energy tonight. Except for the drunk guy and his pissed off wife in front of us, everything was A++++. That ends my DMB shows for the year. They were nights I will not soon forget. Hopefully, see everyone next year & God Bless.......
Eric P.
This truly was an amazing show. THe sound quality, and crowd was 10 times better than last night. Bela didnt sit in near as much as last night, but i realy didnt seem to mind. It was cool to just hear some classic Boyd and Leroi solos that swept us all off our feet. Ok, highlights - The first highlight was to accualy hear what was going on, last night i could barely hear anything. BWA - amazing opener, ive never seen this song live, so i was stoked to hear it. Satellite of course a crowd fav, then H20 with bela swept me away. i hate the studio version of this song, but everytime i hear it live it gets better and better. Mongomery, holy shit! i realy didnt expect to hear this song, they havent played it all tour. Boyd singing, and dave doing backup gives me chills everytime. same was true with True Ref. Grey Street, i love it. everytime Dave sings high on that i go nuts. great sounding song. Jimi thing, clasic DMB jam session on this one, with amazing jams from Boyd, Roi, and even a 2-3 min solo from dave which i thought was amazing. Once i head SMTS i knew the set was comming to a close. After the song was over, they went right into Too Much (at least the first few notes) which was just enough to say "They played this last night, what the hell." Then Ants. Words cant describe the performance to me, ive been waiting 2 years and 5 shows to see this song, and i finally did. I can die happy now. Bela and the Tones added great jams. Ive never seen a crowd so electrified in my life. We all thought it was over after that one, but Boyd started pluckin, and the into to Two Step began. This was the longest version of two step ive ever heard, i would guess 20 mins+. Jams from everyone and thier mother, everyone just lined up, like they were trying to outdo each other. Then they stoped, and just stared at Carter. Awsome drum solo here. Some people were disapointed by the encore, i thought it was perfect. PMP and repunzel are so pretty, and are great closers in my oppinion. That was it! So far the best dave show ive ever seen. They realy made up for last night.
Scott F.
This was a good show- maybe the best of the three I've seen. I hoped for Best of What's Around as the opener and was pleased when they played it. Don't Drink the Water was nice with Bela Fleck- though I'm getting tired of the song. ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY- I went crazy when he started playing this! I didn't really hear of him playing that much this year (maybe I'm wrong) but it was great with Boyd singing most of it. Jimi Thing was also nice with a really cool solo from Dave. The Two Much tease threw me off and I must say I was happy when they went into Ants Marching instead, which was awesome with Bela & the Flecktones. Two Step was incredible- although I've heard it at all three shows this was by far the best version! Long solos from every member of the band including a great solo from Carter. However, I must say Bela Fleck and the Flecktones stole the show for this song- incredible bass, banjo and saxophone solos! I didn't time it, but I'd say the song was at least a half an hour long. Dave was really into this show with a lot of dancing and he was going nuts during the Flecktones' solos. A lot of energy and a very good show!
Kevin C.
This Concert had to be the most phenomenal one of the whole tour! The Flectones were great (especially on "Sinister Minister"), and every song that DMB played was excellent except for "Broken Heart?". (If anyone knows it's real name, help me out, because Dave never actually said the title.) Anyway, Dave and Boyd both had really cool solos during Jimi Thing. Drive in Drive out had new lyrics. The "Take my breath Away" Intro was unexpected, but exceptionally good. But the highlight of the show was when Bela and the Flecktones came out and Jammed on "Ants" and "Two Step". These two songs were so awesome, definately the best versions ever played. Ants was about 12-15 minutes long, each member of each band had wild solos, particularly Boyd. But "Two Step" was the be all end all of the whole tour. At an amazing time of almost 40 minutes long, it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen period. The sheer spectacle of it is undescribable. Just Imagine the best way you've ever heard it played, and multiply it by 10. Then multiply it by ten again. That's only half as good as this version was. After seeing this concert I will have to get front row seats at every concert within a 200 miles radius. DAVE RULES!
Justin E.
what a show..tonight was the fourth time ive seen the band live and they keep getting better...i thought tonight was much better than last night..i was suprised when i heard them open with best of whats around.and i was really suppirsed when i they played angel from sweet world was good..daves guitar solo on jimi thing was a little rough and i was mad when he didnt say "smoke my kind" he just kept it normal with the "smoke my mind". the lyrics on grey street were different again..i think he changes them every night..and the flecktones solos were great. two step was unbeiliable...but that encore was weak..but other than that it was a great show
C.J. M.
This was definitely a strong show and I think the band was really enjoying itself considering they didn't have any of the pressures of a tour finale. Though I missed the BOWA opener because of traffic, I still caught most of the numerous highlights which included: DIDO's lyrics (something along the lines of "Let's invent a god of our own") and the truly unbelievable ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY! At first, I thought this was just one of the tour's new songs but it turned out to be one of the sweet, sweet old ones. Dave was all smiles. "The Bridge"-->Ants with the Flecktones was also cool since each Flecktone took a turn on Boyd's stop-time section. The encore was standard but was I the only one who heard the first few chords of Little Thing before PNP? Aside from the drunken crowd, Angel from Montgomery alone made this show worth seeing.