Dave Matthews Band
Coca-Cola Starplex Amphitheatre, Dallas, Texas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Seek Up
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
So Much To Say
Too Much
Grace Is Gone
Rhyme & Reason
Busted Stuff
The Stone
Drive In Drive Out
Song That Jane Likes
Two Step +~

Ants Marching

entire set with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Bela Fleck
~ The Flecktones

Dan K.
Very cool. Anytime you get a Seek Up as an opener...well, you know the show's not gonna suck. Seek Up ended with an incredible jam, and then Pantala-->Rapunzel just kept the crowd pumped up. That Rapunzel sounds better every time I hear it...Dave does some crazy dancin' at the end. Oh, yeah...the crickets were back bothering the band again. I wonder if DMB decides to bypass Dallas next tour...the flying crickets just annoy everyone. I was hoping for the fake Too Much into Ants, but that's cool...Ants was an appropriate closer. It really is a better encore song then anywhere else in the setlist. The Two Step was phenomenal, the Flecktones came out and took their turns with the solos...great Carter/Futureman drummin'. That Jess Coffin on sax is awesome. I could listen to him all day. Anyways, very cool to hear STJL,(note to girl with the sign: Dave wouldn't of played it if he knew you were such a bitch). I wanted LIOG or a Jimi Thing tonight, but just look at the setlist...DIDO, Stone, #40...I can't complain. I just want to know though...why has Dave stopped playing Sweet Up And Down?. I love that one. They just stopped playing it!. Busted Stuff and Grace Is Gone are gorgeous songs...I Can't imagine anyone other than Dave singing those so perfectly and with such emotion. Same goes for Bartender too. Both Dallas shows kicked some ass..good crowd. If Laura reads ROCK!!!...Chad- whaz up?, have I turned ya into a Dave fanatic yet?. Scott- sorry you couldn't see this one...loser.
Matt, J.
Another great set from Bela Fleck & the Flecktones. The word for the weekend: ENERGY! After last night's show and it's energy, I thought tonight's show would mellow things out a bit. Wrong! Every song played this weekend had amazing energy. And for being this far into the tour, that is truly saying something. DMB seemed to feed off of the crowd's energy, which was surprisingly good. At 1:49 PM, in his kitchen, on 9/16/00, Tim called Seek Up as the opener. Good Call Tim! No one else saw it coming. Not as long as some others, but a solid 18 minutes nonetheless. A classic opener. At some point the jam turned into the intro to Pantala. Rapunzel was about the same as last night, nicely jammed at the end.We had hoped for the So Much->Too Much tease->Ants, but this worked itself out perfectly. Grace Is Gone is still stuck in our heads. A really beautiful song. A standard Rhyme. We all loved Bartender's jam. JTR's outro live is whole lot better than what I have heard on my other shows. Busted Stuff is such a groovin' song. Stone was nice, and in the segue to DIDO there was a second in between when you weren't sure whether Drive would happen. "I've go a little sister...". I've been waiting for that line for a while. Two Step was crazy. I think the lights were the best part. The Flecktones helped out and played a huge part in this classic jam. Victor Wooten and Futureman really added alot to this one. Butch had a nice solo as well. Encore: Never in a million years would I have seen this encore coming. Jon somehow managed to call #40. I believe I can now die happy after hearing a #40 and Ants encore. #40 was as beautiful as I imagined, and Ants was the best way to close this weekend. There was alot of Davespeak about crickets, beach balls, etc. The lights this tour rock, Andy loves them. It was great to be able to see the Flecktones 3 times in 2 days. They are awesome, and most certainly add to DMB's set. This weekend was great for all of us. Thank You DMB! We can't wait for the next show! See you then!
Gimmlet A.
First off again, Boyd went completely off on Ants at the end it was great. #40 as the first encore song was an awesome suprise. I've been wanting to hear that for a time now. Two Step with Bela and the Tones was good, but parts were kinda dragged out at times. Carter and Futureman had a kick-ass solo in it. STJL was also a good surprise, I loved groovin to this one. DIDO--WoW; The Stone is a good song and I love it, but this one had nothing too special about it. No one seemed to know Busted Stuff, JTR or Bartender which they were all good songs. I love what Bartender has turned into since last year when he was playing with Tim. Rhyme and Reason was pretty standard. Grace is Gone is a very sweet song for just kinda chillen out. SMTS--ASTB--Too Much was awesome. It was kinda standard but its hard to keep from dancing during that at all. PNP---Rapunzel, as I said yesterday needs to be stopped for a while. Its good and all, but I'd a rather heard SUAD. Seek Up was a good opener, but again, kinda standard. I went through the songs backwards 'cause I wanted to do a litle change. All in all the concert was pretty good. Dave did a lot of talking about crickets and apparently one went down the back of his shirt 'cause it all but freaked him out and he took his guitar off and was moving all around. Pretty funny stuff man.
Matt M.
I thought that Dave's Saturday night show in Dallas was better than his Friday night show. There were still some songs missing that I thought would have been played like Say Goodbye and Watchtower, but over all they were both good shows but I liked the second night just a little better. His Saturday night encore got the crowd going, after we all chanted his name for a while he came back out and played Ants Marching and what more could you ask for? It was the perfect ending!
Tyler S.
It was an amazing show! They started off great with seek up then they went into PNP/Rapunzel. The new songs were incredible too. I especially liked Grace is Gone. Everyone enjoyed themselves and everyone was very considerate of eachother. There was a great jam on Two Step after Dave brought the Flecktones out on stage. Then the encore - #40 and Ants Marching. What a great choice. #40 was mellow and calm but then there was an explosion of energy when they broke out with Ants Marching. Overall it was a superb show with amazing energy. It was, in my opinion, just about equal to the show last night. The only downer was that there was no Say Goodbye on either night. But no matter - It was incredible.
Second show I was sitting sec 102 row u so a little farther back, and the crowd around me was lacking in energy. There were a couple of awesome guys we met in the parking lot that ended up sitting behind my friend and I. So I just want to give a shoutout to them (Joe and Cars I think) thanks for sharing. The band had a TON of energy! Boyd was on fire all night, the second show was the best IMHO. Ton of Davespeak about the crickets. Including something about how he wanted to throw his guitar up and run off ths stage screaming because of the crickets. Someone threw a beach ball on stage, Dave picked it up and said this is the most pretty ball I've ever seen. He then handed it to this girl in front row. Later after the encore he came out and signed an autograph for her (I'm guessing it was the same person)Seek Up opener very awesome, when the band started jamming a bunch of people sat down, then they went straight into the Heartbeat intro no pauses. I knew PNP->Rapunzel was coming up. Best damn version ever or maybe I'm just biased? Dave was dancing like a maniac Carter was going insane the whole band was so energized it was crazy. And of course all the people around me were up and dancing. The band didn't stop there next up was SMTS->ASTB->Too Much I knew if they played STMS I would get to hear ASTB, all three songs were incredible everyone was up dancing. Leroi solo in ASTB is awesome I'll never get over it. I was wondering if they were going to tease Too Much and then go into Ants but they didn't. GIG was next I've been dying to hear this one live, I knew he had to play it. Everyone sat down, and the drunk girls in front of me started talking to the drunk couple next to me, it's hard to concentrate on such a beautiful song when they are chatting about their hotel rooms. Oh well, still an awesome song. Then Rhyme and Reason I wanted to hear this one, pretty standard ton of energy though. Bartender was great I love this song, especially the chorus, again everyone sat down. JTR I was hoping for this one also, great jamming at the end Boyd and Leroi were awesome. Busted Stuff again. Standard same as the first night, I didn't mind hearing it agian though. The Stone was up I never saw that one coming great version, around the end Dave slowed it down or maybe the crowd got lost because Dave was singing something and I could hear the whole crowd sing "I was just wondering if you'd come along" It was pretty cool, I figured that not very many people would know it. The let it all out part was great. He then went right into DIDO. Also the "We'll make up a new god and have a little tea party of our own" line was included but he changed it up a bit I couldn't make out what he said. Dave then went up to the mic and said those famous words "I have a little sister named Jane and this is the song that Jane likes" The crowd then proceed to go insane. I was wishing for this one so it was a great surprise. Then Two Step this is the best version I've heard! The Flecktones came out, and while there were getting ready everyone started chanting Two Step. Then when Boyd started strumming it was incredible. Solos went all around- all of the Flecktones are incredible I can't praise them enough. Then everyone got out their lighters and started pounding on the seats for the encore. The people around me started to chant Dave, my friend and I along with the two guys behind us started to chant DMB and the rest of the section seemed to follow which was cool. Finally the band came out, a guy behind me was yelling yeah Dave solo, take it back to South Africa let's get some old school in here it was hilarious. Little did I know he was going to be right. Dave the played #40 I never in a million years would've expected this, I lost it along with all the others who knew the song. Somehow the guys who did know the song managed to get everyone else quite. I couldn't make out most of the words, but I was just greatful to be hearing it. Last but certainly not least was Ants the band was pumped the crowd was pumped everyone went crazy the lights kept flashing on us and everytime they did everyone would yell and throw their hands up in the air. Boyd was on fire, Dave backed away and he took center stage for an awesome solo. An incredible way to end two incredible nights in Dallas. Thanks a ton DMB, along with all of the people I met both nights. No complaints here, I'll see yall next year!
John M.
Awesome show. DMB started with nearly 30 minute version of Seek Up. Next three songs: Rapunzel, SMTS and Too-- Crowd didn't stop dancing. Beautiful versions of Grace is Gone and Bartender. Busted Stuff still my favorite new song, so glad DMB started playing this hard during last leg of the tour. (Will this be the first release on new album?) Two Step fantastic way to close. (Another nearly 30 minute version.) Flecktone's Jeff Coffman really animated. Far better stage presence than Leroi Moore, but Leroi is still the greatest saxophonist alive. #40 pleasant surprise to open encore. Ants perfect way to finish an amazing weekend in Dallas. Will I ever hear Crush? Maybe on Wednesday night in Kansas...
I know this review is late coming in, just got in the door from Dallas (Dallas to Chicago in one stretch is not such a good idea...) - anyway, what I will remember about this show was that in Dave's immortal words, The Crickets Shall Inherit the Earth. The crowd, for the most part, was not very receptive to anything jammed out or new. I have never seen a crowd sit down during Bartender, or JTR, it was amazing. Many in the crowd also sat during the amazing 26 minute version of Two Step that the Flecktones guested on. Dave was dancing around like his usual crazy self, almost as if he was trying to get something going. We were thrilled to hear them open with Seek Up>heartbeat>PNP>Rapunzel with lots of wailing and this went on for 30 minutes. A gorgeous Stone into DIDO. The best Bartender I have heard in six shows this summer. Busted Stuff was introduced with - this is a song about when you have something so great that you can't believe how good it is, and then it becomes, I don't want you to go, please stay. About 2/3 of the way into the show, Dave just seemed like he could not handle the crickets anymore and between songs, ripped off his guitar and started digging down his shirt and said, we paid a lot of money to get these crickets to join us on stage and I just want to take off this guitar and run screeeeeeeeaming (with a classic Dave scream). At one point, someone threw this beachball up on stage and Dave picked it up and looked at it and said, this is the nicest beachball I have ever seen and everyone laughed (and later after the encore, came back out to sign that beachball). But the highlight for me had to be having the band come out for the encore and expecting to get DAD and instead Dave started #40 and we were all incredulous. My friend said, is this really happening to us, and it WAS. I wish I could have gotten some of the words down, but instead I just stood there and enjoyed it:) All in all, not a bad show, not bad at all, but not the most spectacular thing ever. But well worth the drive from Chicago for my last show of the year :)
Luke P.
This was an outstanding show! It was the best I have seen in my 3 shows. Seek UP is a fantastic opener and going right into rapunzel was icing on the cake. So much to say was kind of a surprise to me, but as always, a pleasant one. Anyone seen the Bridge is pretty cool as well... and then going into too much...which is just a fantastic song. Grace is Gone is definately an awesome song!!! Reminds me a lot of Angel From Montgomery (which by the way I was screaming for the entire show... obviously I didnt get it :) Rhyme and reason quite honestly isn't one of my favorites but I will say hearing it live made me like it more! Good version. Bartender is a cool song... I am still partial to the Dave and Tim version though... JTR! At first I wasnt too crazy about this song being played on a 12 string... but... It was AWESOME! The jam was different than the version I heard from earlier in the tour...that was probably the best part! Busted Stuff is a beautiful song. Dave said somethjing about it being about somethin you love but you know its gonna leave you. The Stone is just one of my favorite Dave songs...I knew they were gonna go into DIDO... and I had been wanting to hear I was pumped! After that song... I thought they were gonna leave. Dave took off his guitar and went up to the mic and started talkin about the crickets. Then he starts making jibberish noises.. haha it was funny... so... then he puts his guitar around his neck and someone from the side of the stage handed him a beach ball that was being thrown around... he walked up to the mic and commented on how nice the ball was, then handed it back to someone in the crowd. Then he said the famous line "I have a sister, and her name is Jane, this is the Song That Jane Likes" I went crazy! This is a favorite of mine and I was not at all expecting to hear it! Great jam on it... anyways, all I will say about 2 step is that it was about 30 minutes long and completely unbeleivable!! everyone in the Fleckstones soloed.. but Carter took the cake on this one! Unbeleivable drums!! Also, I will mention how awesome the bass player for the Fleckstones is... best I have ever heard. So they leave stage, and when they came back I was unsure what they would play... but 40 never crossed my mind! Great version...Im lovin it! Ants was cool... Great light show at the end!! Thats the show!!! It was a great one! I think the 20,000 at the Starplex were impressed!
Leanne B.
This was our 5th show, and just about every time we say this was the best one yet. It was great that the sets for the two shows were so different it was like one long concert! I was glad that they didn't play Satellite and Crash again tonight - I like them, but they become annoying when those are the only songs the people around you know. It was great to hear the new songs - the band played three in a row, which caused a lot of Satellite and Crash fans to lose interest and sit down. That was fine with me because I am only 5' tall and then I had a perfect view of the band from the 10th row. I was disappointed I didn't hear Say Goodbye, I haven't heard it yet, and I thought for sure this was my year. Boyd's Jam on Ants was incredible - possibly the best I've ever seen! Bela and the Flecktones were great again tonight - but they really rocked on Friday's show - sorry if you missed that one. Overall the weekend was great - kind of felt like a dream the whole time. Hope that the band doesn't decide not to come back because of the crickets - they should come at the beginning of the tour so they won't have that problem.
This show without a doubt was the best show I've attended , it was just amazing , I got my ticket the day of the show and ended up being in the 11th row cenre , closest I've been . Onto the show - SEEK UP- Amazing song to open with , nice long version , also saw it open 7/25/00 , this led into the Listner Supported jam and then PNP>RAPUNZAL - What a great version , this song gets better everytime I hear it , crowd loved it , SMTS>TO MUCH - First time hearing this seque and it sounded great , energy still flowing , GRACE IS GONE - My favorite of the new songs , beatifull version , RHYME AND REASON - decent version , BARTENDER - I was very happy to hear this one , the intro is awesome , JTR - Pretty cool track , first time hearing this , a nice outro on this one , BUSTED STUFF - Also first time hearing , kinda slow , little jazzy , crowd did not really get into it though , THE STONE - I was hoping for this one , great version , one of my favs > DIDO - Powerfull version , crowd loved this one , SONG THAT JANE LIKES - Was not expecting this at all , very happy to hear it , made my night , TWO STEP - All the Flecktones came out and played on this one , it was awesome , around 30 minutes , everyone jammed out , song of the show at this point , ENCORE BREAK - #40 - I could not belive they played this , totally made the show , so sweet then - ANTS MARCHING - perfect way to close the show , always a fun track to listen to , all in all an amazing show !!!