Dave Matthews Band
AmSouth Ampitheatre, Antioch, Tennessee
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Vertical Horizon
One Sweet World
Rhyme & Reason
Don't Drink the Water *
Grace Is Gone *
Grey Street *
Long Black Veil *+
Crash into Me
Jimi Thing
Song That Jane Likes
#41 *~^
Bartender *~^

Digging a Ditch *~^
All Along The Watchtower *~^

* with Bela Fleck
~ with Jeff Coffin
^ with Futureman
+ with Emmylou Harris

Steve D.
If tonight was not the strangest show I have ever been too, it was at least the most surprising. First of Butch!? He was with them the previous show so I was assuming he would be in Nashville too. I had a gut feeling Bela was going to show up b/c I swore I heared a banjo during sound check...but I had no idea what we would be in store for us later in the evening. I was actually looking forward to sitting in the lawn for this one but I soon regretted this decision because the crowd was absolutely terrible...I'll get into this later. Also the sound was aweful...during the softer songs you could hardly hear anything. I concluded that the speakers above the pavilion were out and the only sound was coming from the speakers by the stage...but maybe the sound was just turned down very low. During DDTW the sound completely went out for a few seconds..I was very dissapointed about this. On to the review: I called either Warehouse or OSW as the opener and got OSW...a pretty good start, a little slow but sweet (no swim naked). Satellite: standard. Rhyme & Reason: very energetic. JTR: WOW! Love it, this song never touched me like this before! At this point Dave introduced Bela, as I was expecting...what could it be (Let's see #41 maybe?, LIOG perhaps)...nope...DDTW: standard but better w/ Bela. Grace is Gone: beautiful!...but here is where I vent: nobody around me knew it, I'm singing along and everyone around me is looking at me wondering where I've heard this which point some bozo behind me yells out "Crash!" in the middle of the song. I could have ripped my hair out because everyone was talking and I couldn't hear the music. AAAARRRGGHHH!!! Grey Street: same situation as the other new songs...but at least this one is louder than GIG so I could hear it over all the converations going on around me. Long Black Veil: I don't like this song live at all, but it would have been nice to at least hear it. Most people were listening to it (b/c of Emmylou), but the volume was way too low. Crash: OK, I've had it...this has been the worst show I've EVER been to so far (although it's not all DMB's fault) , and it's only getting worse. It's time to jam: please play something longer than 5 minutes--> Jimi Thing: THANK YOU! I clocked this one at about 17 mins. Granny: There is a God! and still some hope for this concert. Song That Jane Likes: This show is turning a complete 180 and I'm loving it! Then Dave introduced some friends from Nashville...All the Flecktones (except Victor)...but what the hell who could complain. #41: For the following 20+ minutes I was in a musical utopia. Everybody had a turn on this one and at the end, Carter and Future just kept on banging the drums...for a second I was thinking --> Say Goodbye, but what they did was even sweeter...they absolutely jammed forever...just two talented percussionists having a good time together. Carter was all smiles. Bartender: Excellent, love Dave's wailing at the end. Encore: Digging a Ditch: this is a good simple song, too bad nobody else around me cared for it. Watchtower: I was praying for it...I had never seen it in my 4 previous shows, but this was honestly the best version I have ever heard. Absolutely unreal...very loud, very powerful, very long. Bela and Jeff: God bless you both! I'll never forget this one. Well, I must say after a disspointing start (except for OSW and the new songs), they certainly picked things up in the middle, starting with Jimi Thing. I'd rank it as the second best show I've been too out of five. If it had begun the same way it ended it would easily be my favorite so far. Overall a very emotional performance!
This was an amazing concert!! The highlights of the show were a really jammed out #41, Grey Street, Long Black Veil, and All Along the Watchtower. Everyone was really excited to see Bela (my friend and I were jumping up and down in excitement!) but we were hoping that he and the band were going to play Two Step. Instead they picked 41 which was a real crowd pleaser which was needed because not many people knew the new songs. Back to 41- everyone had a solo and the highlight was definetly the Carter/Futureman jam at the end. It was a real treat to here Emmylou sing with Dave and I'm really glad I have them on tape from Austin City Limits. Grey Street and Watchtower both had lots of excitement pumping through them and got people dancing and singing like crazy. This concert was really made by the "friends" of Dave's and they made it great.
Mindi L.
Well, this was definitely a hype show!! Some aspects could have been better, but overall I was very very pleased. Opened w/ One Sweet World which I called, was nice to hear that. Satellite and Rhyme and Reason came next which were both good, but could have subsituted those w/ better ones. I came hoping to hear Say goodbye, Two Step, Warehouse, and maybe I'll Back you Up, but heard none of those. Oh well. I was glad though that there was no tripping billies, too much, or ants. The show was definitely a "true fans" show, not just the typical radio songs, although Crash was played. The crowd got most hype for the opening chords of that as well as the Dixie Chicken part. #41 was the highlight for me, it was simply beautiful! They jammed it long for that one. Boyd tore it up all night w/ his violin, as did all the boys. they seemed happy, smiling a lot and goofing off. Dave danced a good amount, always a treat! Bela Fleck showed up and jammed most of the show. Also Emmylou Harris came for Long black Veil, very sweet. Another highlight was the drum solo which tore the house down! Overall the show was incredible w/ an awesome setlist mixed w/ classic old songs and inspiring new ones. Grey Street and Bartender was a first for me, like both of them very much. TSTJL was nice to hear as well as Granny. Encore w/ Watchtower which was AWESOME! The crowd was very appreicative and may I comment that I've never seen more Abercrombie merchandise than I did last night. Typical Dave fans I suppose. Not much Davespeak I think he seemed worn down or maybe he was thinking of how he just wanted to sit down backstage and smoke a cigarette, who knows. Anyway, hype show, great setlist, awesome guests, just a total treat for everyone there. some suprising stuff, but they were good surprises.
J. F.
As fine a DMB experience one could hope for...the best of the 11 shows I've seen. The set list was almost a perfect mix of old (Intro->OSW, Granny, STJL) new (JTR, Grace is Gone, Grey Street, Bartender, Diggin' a Ditch) and radio (Satellite, DDTW, Crash). Supplement this with guest appearances by Emmy Lou on Long Black Veil and Bela and Co., (particularly #41/Sojurn of Arjuna, an AMAZING drum duet with Carter and Future Man and the Watchtower finale) along with the band's complete enthusiasm and camaraderie on stage and it all adds up to an unforgettable evening. Perhaps even more impressive, though, is how utterly fantastic this show was minus the likes of Two Step, Ants, Tripping Billies, Warehouse, Dancing Nancies, Too Much and What Would You Say. Yet, I honestly don't think there was a person among the almost 20,000 in attendance last night who left with a trace of disappointment. Great, great stuff...
Fred L.
What a fun show. Highlights include, of course, Bela and most of the Flecktones. A #41 to kill for - Futureman and Carter going at it - Bela and Jeff Coffin doing the Soujourn thing - just outstanding. A highlight for me was Grey Street. I have seen them do this 4 times now and love it every time, but they really did a nice extended jam on this one. Before they started the song, I saw Dave explaining it to Bela and Bela said, "I'll try." Man, did he ever - superior. Other highlight for me was Emmy Lou Harris. She is such a wonderful lady and has such a great voice. Their duet of LBV was just perfect. Of course, Watchtower kicked, with Bela and Jeff hitting solos and Futureman and Carter beating the hell out of the drums. All in all a wonderful evening.
Art B.
This was the best DMB show I've been to so far. The highlight of the show was when Bela, Jeff and Futureman jammed in #41. After the song Futureman and Carter jammed for another 10 minutes with the rest looking on in amazement. The whole setlist was great. Watchtower was unbelievable especially with the new light show. See yall in Orlando!!!
David L.
I had been anticipating this show all summer, and as soon as I heard the first few notes of the One Sweet World intro, I knew I wasn't going to be let down. The entire show was very laid back...everything seemed to find the right groove. Even DDTW, which had become increasingly frantic last year, was back almost to the speed of the album version. JTR was incredible. Halfway through, the engineers discovered they could turn up the volume, which made the ending loud and very rockin'. Grace is Gone and Grey Street: also two very good new songs. I heard Bela warming up with the band during soundcheck, and was pleased to see him on stage. LBV was good, although Dave and Emmy Lou don't really blend at all. First time to hear Jimi Thing live...also good. Granny and STJL: amazing to hear these two live side-by-side. This whole stretch seemed aimed at the "non-radio" fans. When they started #41, I was a little disappointed, since they played this at every show I've been to, though the guests added quite a bit. Then came the 20-minute Carter/Futch jam. WOW!!! I would have paid $35 to see this alone. Two disappointments: One is Digging A Ditch...sorry, I just think it's boring. The other is that they didn't play Minarets, since I e-mailed them a request several months back, and they played it at two shows just a week ago. Guess that doesn't work...oh, well. Watchtower (a first for Nashville) was an amazing closer (also a first for Nashville). The lighting was amazing, and Jeff and Roi wailed on some squeal of a note through the entire last chorus. By far, the best show I've been to. Can't wait until next year.