Dave Matthews Band
Woodlands Pavilion, The Woodlands, Texas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Rhyme & Reason
Tripping Billies
Busted Stuff
Crash Into Me
All Along the Watchtower
Grace Is Gone
Don't Drink the Water +
#41 +~
Grey Street
What Would You Say

Digging a Ditch
Pantala Naga Pampa -->

entire set with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Bela Fleck
~ with The Flecktones

Betsy W.
That show was great! The new lights are THE BEST i've ever seen! There was a bit of a thunderstorm passing through during the show, but that made it all the more spectacular. During the intro to All Along the Watchtower, Dave and the boys made it real simple because Dave himself was watching the storm at its peak of activity. I also believe that was the BEST version of Watchtower yet. I could see Stefan smiling the whole time b/c you could just tell how incredibly amazing it was. There was just so much chemistry with them! #41 was cool as there were 9 people on stage... Bela and the Flecktones joined DMB and Butch. It was just a showcase of what they all could do, but Carter stole the show along with Futureman as they did an AMAZING drum/percussion solo. My personal highlight was all the new songs... they played all my favorites! Well that about wraps it up for me.
Brooks B.
What an awesome show! It's great to have Bela Fleck and the Flecktones opening up for Dave again. They played a great set tonight hitting Big Country and their rendition of Copeland's Hoe Down. Onto Dave... I was surprised to have him open with JTR but found it fitting with the lightning show out on the lawn. Seats from the 6th row onthe left were outstanding. "Rain down on me" made the weather's mood fitting for JTR's opening. Then into some oldies, a good Rhyme and Reason and one of the most mellow Satellite's I've ever heard. Then Granny was cool and Tripping Billies was not unexpected. Boyd went on fire towards the end of the song. Onto new stuff, Busted Stuff slowed things down again - my favorite new song. I'm glad I knew the words so I enjoyed it by myself - everyone went for beer/bathroom. Then followed up by a classic Crash Into Me. Great slow tempo, only problem was that my lighter wouldn't stay lit and no one else was firing up theirs. He took the slower thought and went into his intro jam with Stefan. Watchtower was the climax of the show for the fans. Lighting really really helped get the crowd into it. I was looking for an awesome encore after this. I think more lighting out in the lawn helped to raise the mood too. Then Grace is Gone, surpised it was here and not in the Encore - maybe a #40, LBV, Lover Lay Down, I'll Back You Up? I was shouting "Bring out Bela" and he came out to jam with them on DDTW. Wasn't great but it was Bela, I could only hope for more. And what do you know, they take 5 minutes and bring the rest of the Flecktones out... this could only mean one of two songs, LIOG or #41. Clearly #41 and with 10 musicians on stage, it rocked. The best #41 I've ever heard. Highlights of it include an awesome sax solo by Jeff Coffin, great additions on bass by Victor Wooton, some Sojourn of Arjuna from Bela, and an awesome 5 minute drum solo from Carter and Futureman. It lasted 22 and a half minutes. Definitely one to get on tape, it rivals any other one that I've ever heard with that group on stage. I was hoping for Lie In Our Graves after that, but I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow night. Grey Street kept the momentum up for the band even though people lost interest. What Would You Say turned out to be a good closer, great with the orange lights. Encore was decent. Digging a Ditch was really cool. Kept the mellow theme from Satellite and Crash going. DMB's gotten mellow with their new stuff, it's a good style for them. "Continue on with Digging your Ditch" was on my mind as I walked out. Then PNP and Rapunzel were typical. Good energy, enough to please the crowd on an encore but not the best - I miss Watchtower here. I did miss the Leroi Jam going into PNP. Butch would have gotten a spot to solo here, he seemed to be laying pretty low tonight unless you listened for him. All in All, this was the best concert I've been to (and only my 3rd). I can't wait for tomorrow night, looks like I may get to hear LIOG and Bartender. The band is so much better with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones too. They met my expectations tonight, perhaps tomorrow it will be even sweeter.
Gwen K.
Finally. after all the talk about the summer tour, I got to go to a show!! General comments first: security was tight, crowd (in pit anyway) was ok...not too many of the drinkers down there, but they didn't dance all that much. anyway, for me the highlights were defintiy 41 with all the flecktones out (it was 23 minutes) billies and watchtower. i got to thinking about how these were usually encore songs. but, put them in the middle of the show with an encore effort and WOW. good good time. lots of new songs, as one can see from the setlist, but all in all i was pleased with tonight. can't wait for tomorrow. and if you're a taper reading this, consider taping houston shows. there were two tapers there tonight. TWO. you'd have a hot commodity there on your hands.
Johnathan F.
Well, this was number 2 of my 4 DMB shows this summer...I was at Comerica Park before this and have two left...the size of the venue was much better than a stadium, but the sound quality at the Woodlands wasn't incredible or anything...Dave started out with JTR, which I found surprising...not a real crowd-pleaser, especially not as an opener. However, it was raining, so it was sort of fitting. Maybe that's why he chose it. RHYME AND REASON was good but really slow! Why so slow Dave? Too much weed tonight I think. SATELLITE...the crowd always goes wild for this...but again, too slow. I really do think he was high for at least a while there. GRANNY was great, and to be honest it was nice to not have the lovely ladies singing for a change. TRIPPING BILLIES really started the show for me...he got in a groove and everybody jumped up and danced for the rest of the night. I think this would've been the right choice for opener tonight. BUSTED STUFF also was complemented by only Dave singing and not the ladies. I'm getting hooked on this song. CRASH was the same old song, different night. WATCHTOWER was a less impressive performance than I'd have liked, but still a pleasure. GRACE IS of my favorites by far. The entire band got into this one, the crowd was pretty much silent, and BOyd had this huge peaceful grin the whole time...thankx for writing this one, Dave. DON'T DRINK THE WATER was characteristically good live, no surprises though. then Dave brought out Bella Flec and his whole band for an absolutely amazing go at #41...they jammed for a good fifteen minutes (no exaggeration...maybe twenty) and let everyone try solos out. GREY STREET is a hit...a thick slice of heaven tonight, with some noticeable word changes from Comerica Park, or so I thought. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY rocked my world...the bridge jam was prolonged at least twenty measures or so while Boyd joined in with some amazing improv. Boys adds so much! For the encore, DIGGING A DITCH went over well, better than the other new songs even, which sort of surprised me. Perhaps it was the exerpt they released online this past month? Anyway, PNP and RAPUNZEL were abolutely first time to hear those songs...the entire place was a dance floor, and Dave danced so much I thought his legs would fall off..All in all a great great show, save the first few song choices and the fact that it took that long for Dave to warm up. Can't wait to go back tomorrow.
Michael H.
This was by far the best Dave show that I have ever seen. JTR was a great opener and, as always, I was glad to hear Rhyme and Reason. Satellite was pretty good too. It was my first time to hear Granny live and it was incredible. Boyd ripped it up on Tripping Billies. Daves new small additions to Busted Stuff made it sound so much better then it did at the beginning of the tour. Crash was also good as usual. We got a special treat during Watchtower. Just as Dave began playing the slow intro a storm that had been blowing in started a lightning show for us which also came with a lot of thunder which made it really cool. I have never seen Dave get into a song like he did on Watchtower. Grace is Gone is such a beautiful song and the band has perfected it. Then Bela Fleck came out and jammed on Dont Drink the Water. But the highlight of the concert, by far, was #41. The rest of the Flecktones joined Bela and DMB on stage and played for 23 minutes. Ther were ten of some of the most talented musicians in the world on the same stage at one time. I can't even begin to describe how incredible this was. Then the Flecktones left and Dave finished the set with a very energized Grey Street and What Would You Say. The encore was also pretty good. Digging a Ditch was very quiet but I was very suprized about how the crowd responded. They loved it. PNP and Rapunzel kicked ass and was a very fitting way to end the show. The energy of the band was incredible. They looked like they were having a blast and it rubbed off on the crowd. The crowd was also great where I was sitting. Of course there are the typical yahoos but all in all the crowd was good. I really can't wait for the rest of the Texas shows.
Diego F.
OK, let me say Bela Fleck and the Flecktones were awesome, opening up for Dave. And as for Dave, WOW, I was impressed. My second show and I was in the 23rd row, which was great. Dave started of great with JTR. The new songs sound great, even Grace is Gone which he said was a song he wrote about Texas. I think it was Grace is Gone or Busted Stuff where Leroi's sax mike wasnt working so when it came up for his solo, Dave had to adlib his vocals to fill in which sounded great. Watchtower was bad ass because of the lightning and thunder that was happening during the song, Dave popped a string right at the end on this one. #41 with ten musicians onstage was bliss, Dave moved out of the spotlight and let everyone have their shinning moment during this 25 minute song, Im not going to go into details on this one, you just need to get a copy of the show (and if you do get a copy of the show and you hear people screaming #41 before they played it, that was me andd two other friends, thank you very much). You could tell Dave was in good spirits when the Flecktones were out, he was pointing to Bela telling everyone that it was Bela's turn to play. The nights closer was awesome Dave really got into it, he was doing his dance like crazy. Anyway I dont want to make this too long, we'll see what they do tomorrow night.