Dave Matthews Band
Coca-Cola Lakewood Ampitheatre, Atlanta, Georgia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Vertical Horizon
The Stone
Drive In Drive Out
Grey Street
Donít Drink the Water
Busted Stuff
The Song That Jane Likes
For The Beauty of Wynona *
Too Much
Crash into Me
Grace Is Gone
Jimi Thing *
Two Step

Digging a Ditch
Pantala Naga Pampa -->

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys
* with David Ryan Harris

Jason P.
This was my first Dave concert and was it a thriller. I've had friends tell me what a show he puts on and I was ready for his greatness but I was overwhelmed by the show that the band put on, Opening with The Stone and going to DIDO was great and it really jump started the crowd. By the way I was there for the opening act (Verticle Horizon) and they put on a spectacular show as I would recomend anyone seeing them. Dave played alot of new stuff. Gray Street, JTR, and Diggin A Ditch was great. Jimi Thing and Two Step were great as they continued the songs with prolonged jams that even roared the crowd into the concert more. Boyd Tinsley was great on Jimi Thing as was Butch Taylor and Carter B. on Two Step. PNP and Rapunzel was a great ending. I have never been to a concert where the whole crowd was into it as was tonight. Almost everyone was singing and having a great time. Dave really puts on a show and if you can't see his band you are really missing out.
Jonathan G.
This was my 14th Dave show, and I have to say that this was by far the best ever. I went in to the show thinking dave had sold out since he was charging $50 a ticket, however this show should have costed $100 cause it was so awesome. Leroi held the spotlight tonight. Dave showed off his extended talent on guitar going from the Stone to DIDO. Grey Street is amazing live, as Dave goes crazy, and everyone in the band gets real into it. DDTW was amazing, as it got everyone on their feet and everyone knew the words as it was one of 2 radio songs Dave played last night. Busted Stuff is my new favorite, as it is a great mellow song and Dave gets real into it too. The rarities of TSTJL and Beauty of Wynona were amazing. Leroi felt comfortable with the croud I'm guessing, as he took his glasses off for half the show at this point. Boyd and Dave took over after half the show, as they jammed together on 36, Jimi Thing, and Warehouse. JTR is amazing, as Dave showed off his 12 stringer skills, jamming out. I have to say I was dissapointed with the encore as DAD and PNP->Rapunzel was played well, but it is just not the way to shut down the most amazing show and setlist Dave has ever played. Dave let us know that ATL is his favorite place to play, and he invited everyone out later to meet him for a drink. Butch Taylor is an excellent addition, and I have to give credit to Carter and Leroi, who owned the show tonight, and never receive credit where credit is due.
Michael O.
All in all, a great show. I knew when Dave started mentioning his "family from Atlanta" we would get to see something special. Out walks David Ryan Harris. Needless to say, I started screaming at the top of my lungs. I saw the guy when he was in Follow For Now, and it's incredible. I was a little dissappointed that they didn't play "Exodus." But hey, "For the Beauty..." is a great tune too. Songs of note- STJL- Boyd's viloin jam right in the beginning blew me away. Jimi Thing- seeing as practically everybody (including Dave) took a moment to solo, I was in heaven. Then the best rendition of Two Step, I don't know, ever, comes in. The song was 17 minutes long...I was in Euphoria. Then they ended it with my two favorite songs- Diggin' and Rapunzel. Doesn't get much better than that. If they had played "Help Myself," maybe. I was kind of angry that Dave didn't mention DRH's new band, the Brand New Immortals- it's good stuff.
Matt W.
Oh my GOD, what an incredible show...I have seen Dave only twice before, both times in Birmingham, (unfortunately, Dave hates us, but with good reason) and this show was at least 10 times better. From the totally unpredictable Stone intro through #36 and Warehouse and the incredible jam on Jimi Thing with David Ryan Harris playing guitar with Dave (I think Timmie outta be a little nervous), and Dave even busted out a SOLO! Everyone really seemed to love Grace is Gone, and Two Step was a nice closer, although I would have rather seen Watchtower as an encore, the fans seemed to enjoy Rapunzel and everyone went home happy. All in all a great show...and do I even NEED to mention the fact that Wynona hasnt been plaed in over a year...Dave must really love Atlanta...
Ben S.
This show was trump tight. The Stone as an opener got me going right off the bat. Never heard busted stuff before - it was kinda slow but it was still good. Grace is Gone was so phat it kind of got me aroused. Jimi Thing - nuff said. Two Step was dope. Carter was freaking out with that big smile on his face. Beautiful. Warehouse was off the charts. Me and my friends had mixed feelings about the encore. Some said it left the crowd wanting more w/o much closure. We all ageed that it was pretty smooth seeing the whole band really getting into it, however. All in all I give this show three snaps in a Z formation.
My first Dave show, and I think it was pretty good considering I have nothing else to judge it on other than bootlegs. The Stone was a great intro that moved right into Drive In, Drive Out. It got the crowd going. Then he played Grey Street which had a nice little jam, and then DDTW which was very cool. These first 4 songs were great. Next Dave pops in The Song That Jane Likes. Then he put in Beauty of Wynona which was neat to hear, a surprise really. Then Too Much, which got the crowd up again. Next #36 and I swear he was going right into Ants, but instead he played Crash with Dixie Chicken. Next came two slow songs, John the revelator and Grace is Gone which mellowed out the crowd. Then Dave got going. He broke out with Warehouse with one of the best jams i've heard, then right into Jimi Thing with another long jam, and then to top it off, Two Step with another long jam. I think each was at least 10 minutes long. It was a great way to end. But then the encore, the crowd chanted watchtower and satellite in a few sections, but we got Diggin a Ditch instead which was enjoyable and then right into PNP-Rapunzel with a great jam for the finish. It was a good show, with alot of new songs. I wish he had played Tripping Billies or Rhyme and reason, but he had to sacrifice some songs to fit in the new ones. The crowd was pretty good, except when the new songs were played. The beginning and the end of the show were best.I hope to get this show in a trade.