Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
Graph of songs performed, by album
Dreaming Tree
One Sweet World
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Hunger for the Great Light
Where Are You Going?
Corn Bread
The Idea of You
Ants Marching
A Dream So Real
Some Devil
Jimi Thing +~
Eh Hee #
Sweet Up and Down ~
So Much to Say ~
Anyone Seen the Bridge? ~ -->
Too Much ~
Gravedigger %
American Baby Intro
All Along The Watchtower
Entire show with Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ The Roots' Kirk Douglas on guitar
~ Matt Cappy on trumpet and Lamont Caldwell on saxophone
# The Roots' MC Black Thought on vocals, Caldwell, Cappy, Douglas, and Bryson
% Dave solo

This was the first performance of "A Dream So Real."

After 10 years of listening and about 30 shows...I consider myslef a good judge of performance. OK - here goes: This was perhaps the most unique set list that I ever remember witnessing. Dropping in Ants in the middle, a couple new songs, stuff from Some Devil, a never before played song, reinvention of classics (SMTS in to Too much had a great theatrical twist to it), and a 12 minute ultra jam on Jimi Thing just worked.

I was about 20th row center - and when the Roots Kirk Douglas began his guitar solo during Jimi Thing - I just had a feeling that he was about to blow up...well, he did. I even noticed Dave looking at the other band members during the solo as if to say, "Are you watching what I'm watching?!" By the time the charismatic Douglas had finished his solo, the crowd was going nuts, hands thrust in the air, I was exhausted, and even Dave gave some agressive fist pumps of adulation...he was pumped! But there was still about 6 minutes of song left! When the Roots were on stage with DMB I remember thinking to myself that there was probably no stage in world that had more talent on it at one given time than at Alpine Valley in East Troy, WI.

There was a very lose and care free feel to the show...more time in between songs than ususal, unrehearsed/impromptu solos by the Roots on a few songs etc... Dave even thanked the crowd for 'putting up with us'. He knew that it wasn't the tightest performance, but you know what - it was Sunday evening, the end of a long weekend of shows at Alpine (Rage Against the Machine played Friday and DMB on Sat and Sun), and no body cared - all we wanted was great music to wind up the weekend. We got that and plenty more. We were all witnesses.

Excellent show fellas -
The August 26th DMB show at Alpine was amazing! The crowd was energetic and the band seemed to feed off the energy more and more with every song. Dave came out smiling and happy, and that set the mood for the show. And every time the camera went to Carter, he had the biggest smile on his face. They are truly having the greatest time up there. I thought the set was a nice mix of older favorites and new songs. Eh Hee is an awesome song, and I’m sure it will be a crowd favorite soon. The guys from The Roots joined in on Eh Hee with DMB and it was great. The Roots are very talented! They also preformed the pre show, and I really like their sound! It’s like rock meets rap meets ethnic/soul. Very cool! DMB played some of my favorite songs, Everyday and All Along the Watchtower. Dave sang Gravedigger as an acoustic solo. The crowed loved it and sang every word. DMB totally jammed out on Ants Marching and Too Much! But one of my favorites that night was jamming out on American Baby Intro! It was awesome, I got chills! All and all, it was a great show and I can’t wait till next year!
Justin B.
One of the most enjoyable/memorable parts of the this day/weekend was having the fortunate to hear the band's sound check... They rehearsed “Eh Hee” sounding better than the night before and then, they played “Dreaming Tree,” about 2 1/2 times. I‘ve been missing that song (hoped to hear it last year at Alpine, excited to hear it this year.)

Practice make perfect, the sound board was better on night two, and they opened with “Dreaming Tree.” PNP-Rapunzel was the best I’ve heard since 2002. Fast-forward to the stretch of songs from “Cornbread” until the end of “Sweet Up and Down” this stretch was the signature to the show, everything seemed to flow cohesively here with bookends WAYG and “Shotgun” to give chance to pick up ones jaw. Some Devil mid-show was memorable, then Jimi with guests from the Roots was awesome, and what should become a legendary/much downloaded rendition of “Eh Hee” unlike any other DMB I’ve ever heard of or could have conceived with MC Black Thoughts was hot -hot-hot, and they’ve been saving a nice “Sweet Up and Down.” As noted by reviewer Greg there were probably some mistakes throughout the show but it didn’t matter because of the energy and passions of music not to mention the sound was great and Dave‘s voice was intact.

I had lawn seats, but this show was possibly my favorite Dave shows ever. The band converted their mellow energy from 8-25 in to “kinetic energy” on 8-26. I am older and thus have stopped show counting I have noted the band’s reinvention before in reviews, and in the last couple of years the songs from Crash and UTTD have taken on new meaning (especially nights when there’s energy behind them as this night) taking me back to other performances other times. Quick question for all “Has the show gotten worse from close to the stage and better from further away with the bigger screens?!” (I’m not suggesting it’s bad at all)

Anyway… “Excuse me, I’d like to get by now.” This show was “Excellent.” Thanks to all those who were a part of this (smaller Alpine crowd than 8-25)... Great weekend.

Take Care All