Virginia Beach Amphitheater, Virginia Beach, VA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Two Step *
When The World Ends *
You Might Die Trying *
Where Are You Going?
Corn Bread *
#27 *
Warehouse *+
Louisiana Bayou *
Some Devil *
Grey Street *
Shotgun *
Rhyme and Reason *~
#41 *~
The Idea of You *
Everyday *
Ants Marching *
Gravedigger #
All Along The Watchtower *
* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Toots Hibbert on guitar and vocals
~ Joe Lawlor on guitar
# Dave solo

Chris W.
Hot and muggy night in Virginia Beach. Not a great show but certainly solid enough. Here's the rundown:

TWO STEP: Very cool as an opener but kind of a lackluster version. Nothing like the encore version played here back in 2003. And some of the opener suprise was subdued since it was slotted there a few shows back in Camden. WTWE: Again, why is this song still on the playlist? YOU MIGHT DIE TRYING: Ok song, actually a great version. WAYG: This is a personal favorite. Yes, overplayed and nothing new happens but I just love this song so no beef here. CORNBREAD: Fun and looked like the band has a lot of fun playing this song. #27: Seems like a great song, kind of mellow but sort of sinister sounding. WAREHOUSE: HOLY CRAP!! An off-the-charts version with Toots including a Louie Louie sandwich. LOUISIANA BAYOU: OK version, getting tired of this song. Surprised that DMB is not tired of it too. SOME DEVIL: Another personal favorite and hearing a full band version was nothing short of awesome. Would love to see this stay in the rotation for awhile. GREY STREET: Not one of my favorites but this version absolutely ripped. Great to hear a worn out song get a high energy treatment.SHOTGUN: Didn't care much for this. RYHME AND REASON: With Joe Lawlor and a solid version. #41: Also with Joe and easily the highlight of the night. A version for the ages and it's about damn time although I did miss the 2005 VA Beach version but I have it on disc and this one totally blows it away. IDEA OF YOU: Huh? Kind of just ended mid-song of so it seemed. EVERYDAY: average. ANTS: Ripping hot. GRAVEDIGGER: Very cool to be back in this slot. WATCHTOWER: UGH, a personal dislike. Would like to see it shelved permanently. So all in all an above average show. Seek out Warehouse and #41 as they were tremendous versions.
Brittany T.
The show on August 15 in va. beach was amazing. It was a great mix of old songs and new songs. I really enjoyed the electric guitar solos by tim renolds he is very talented. Dave as always delivered an amazing preformance, he's the only artist i know that can sing about anything including corn bread. I do wish they would have played Crash Into Me, that's a classic. Grave Digger was a great enocore song becasue it's different from most other songs and it's not one the crowd expected to hear because it was one from Dave's solo album. I want to say that the trumpet player is also very talented and had a few amazing solos that left me gasping for air. I think Dave really needs to put out a new live cd soon with a bunch of his new stuff on it, because the new stuff is really good. Personally i think that over all the show was amazing, again it was a great set. I just wish dave came to va. beach more that just once a year. One more thing that Dave does well especially at this show was thank his fans for being there and to me that shows a true modest artist, who knows that without the fans they don't have anyone to play for. Dave is a great artist and his band is amazing as well. i look forward to more great sets like the one in VA BEACH old and new mixed very nicely together. Great Job.
Dave L.
I felt that they played with a high level of energy and their sound was very crisp and on the money. The stage was very dramatic, maybe a little over the top, but I'm sure it helped those sitting in the lawn get the full experience. Here are some of the highlights from my point of view.

Two Step makes a great opener. They played their jazz jam at the end and it really got the crowd going and it set a great tone for the rest of the night.

You Might Die Trying is really an awesome song that gets overlooked. Boyd jams and Carter keeps an amazing pace as they pull off a more pop style song than most fans are used to.

#27 is great! It starts and ends strong and hopefully it is on the next studio album. Does anyone know if the # value holds true and it was written back in the days of Crash?

Warehouse was hands down the best song of the night. Toots added some subtle guitar notes but then really contributed on the "Louie" jam. I hope to be able to find a copy of this version as it was the best I have ever heard.

Some Devil was a treat that I didnt expect at all, especially with the rest of the band joining in.

Rhyme and Reason was insane. Joe Lawlor really added a ton of depth to this song on the electric and I would love to get my hands on a copy of this.

#41 was incredible and totally unexpected. The crowd went crazy and over took Dave on the vocals. No "everyday" jam but its tough to complain about that song.

Ants is a song that I like but I dont love. I loved this version tonight. The crowd was amped and the band played their hearts out, and left everything they had on the stage and is why I love them.

I really had a good time tonight depsite the venue and their "Virginia Laws" Tons of energy from the band and the crowd. Hopefully we get to see them in Colorado sometime soon.
It was a pretty good show. I am a big dave fan and drove from Nashville to VA beach just to see him there since he isn't coming here. I love his old stuff and new stuff so that was nice to hear...although I hadnt gotten the Radio City cd until the day after so I had never heard Cornbread and some others...I was trying to send a setlist to a friend and that got complicated...haha. All in all, it was a pretty good show...I wish he had played some of my favorites..I have yet to hear Crash..which i know is overplayed but I still out of 3 shows..never heard it live...Was hoping they would have played Dreamgirl also because when we played it last year here in Nashville, it was amazing..same as on Storytellers. Although he played some of my not so fav. songs, he made them some of my favs now. The whole feeling of the concert was amazing and he really jammed out. I was ill to see the setlist for the 17th and 18th because that really seemed like a great show....His voice and guitar was amazing and much better than I have seen the last two times. It was def. worth driving with no sleep for 13 hours to see him and I hope to see him again in Sept. in Atlanta and next year in VA beach again...DMB is truly amazing and still rockin hardcore.
I thought this was a really good show, not the best, but really good. I did get to hear my two favorite songs, warehouse and #41, so I can't complain to much. I thought two step was rather odd as an opener. This was my first time hearing corn bread. It was pretty good. I freakin LOVED some devil. The everyday then ants combo was a nice finisher, but the encore was not that great. I've never cared for grave digger all that much, and watchtower, no thanks. We left once it started to beat the traffic. I think we made the right choice. Also, I didn't really care for the new way they have the screens behind the stage. It was a bit odd. I was kinda to the side of the stage and couldn't see the screens that well at all. Anyway, one down, two more to go in west palm beach. Two songs I have yet to hear live after nine shows are best of whats around and lie in our graves. Maybe I'll get lucky. Peace!