Tweeter Center at the Waterfront, Camden, NJ
Graph of songs performed, by album
Everyday *
You Might Die Trying *
Hunger for the Great Light *
When the World Ends *
Grey Street *
#27 *
Don't Drink the Water *+
Sweet Up and Down *
Sister ~
The Idea of You *
Crush *
Where Are You Going?
Cornbread *
Louisiana Bayou *
Seek Up *
Stay (Wasting Time) *
Some Devil #
Tripping Billies *
* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Xavier Rudd on didgeridoo
~ Carter, Butch and Rashawn Ross (back-up vocals)
# Dave Solo

Jimi M.
YEAH... welcome back boys. Well since I was working last year and missed the boys in Philly for the first time in ten years it's safe to say I was out of my mind excited for this show... and I think the boys came through. This was not a very "jammy" set list...nor a stellar one, however... it still hit the spot. The highlights for me were all of the new material.. Sister is a really nice song... very melodic and sweet...cornbread kicks ass too. So ... on to better things... so me and my boy Greg decide to swing by the hotel in Philly where Dave and the boys stay... and after about an hour of hanging with the kind folks there... I am very happy to say that Dave got off his bus and took the time to hang out for a few, take some pics, sign some stuff... and bull shit with us for about 10 min... he was in a very giddy, happy mood. Carter, Butch, Rasshawn(spelling), and Leroi all pretty much snubbed us... didn't even look our way even thought we were only 2 feet away... but Dave and Boyd were very cool and very willing to talk and make it a very special night. I've met Carter before a few times and he was always VERY kind as was Butch, so I'm sure it was just a bad night... NO HARD FEELINGS ! Thanks to Dave and all of the guys for a good show... and a most memorable night after !

After seeing Dave & the guys for the past 10yrs, I was not impressed by this show at all. Was there something up with the sound first of all? And yes, I must agree that someone (Dave) wasn't feeling well-I guess it happens to us all. The BAND looked like they were having fun as always,loved Carter on the back up vocals on Stay, but rushed a few songs (what the hell happend to Grey Street-it was great when they first introduded it and the yr following!!!). No "JIMMY LEGS" from Dave and just a lack of passion that makes them on of the all time best bands to see!
One of the worst Dave shows I saw in years. The opening with Everyday was cool but other than Crush and Grey Street, I thought setlist was dull and boring.
I have to say this was honestly one of my favorite DMB setlists of all time. I love how he brought back "Sweet Up and Down"..a couple years ago, back when the Lillywhite Sessions were circulating on the net I had downloaded that one and had enjoyed listening to it. The new song "Corn Bread" is proof positive that DMB still has that uncanny ability to make you move. And #27 doesn't dissapoint either. My favorite new song last year was "The Idea of You" and he launched into that one as well after briefly noting that he wrote it about his babysitter back in the day. I loved the moment when they brought Xavier Rudd out on stage and spotlighted him. There was a deep hush as seemingly everyone fell under the spell of the didgeridoo. And it was the perfect compliment to "Don't Drink the Water". This set gave us an eclectic mix of both songs we could jam/rock out to (a.k.a Stay, Tripping Billies, Grey Street, Corn Bread) and songs we could simmer down to (#27, Sister, Where are you Going). I wish I could come back for the wednesday night show. The ability to, year in and year out, bring such fresh energy and creativity to their tours is something that makes this band truely a phenomenon unlike any other.
So it's been a year since my last DMB show. I gotta say, it was a nice treat to see them again. Traffic, police harassment, and parking lot behavior aside, I was very pleased once I entered the Tweeter Center.

Everyday - always awesome especially with the crowd's help on the #36 tease.

YMDT - A welcomed treat off of Stand Up that I haven't heard live yet.

HFTGL - Definitely one of my and my fiance's favorites... we appreciate what the song is about! Always kick-a$$ live!

WTWE - Eh, could have done without it, but good.

Grey Street - Can someone please tell me why they never play that 3rd verse "stranger creeping outside my door..." I think it takes away from the song. But one of my favorite DMB songs.

#27 - Haven't heard this one before... F'ing awesome!!! Loved how Dave introduced it by saying it was a slower song... and then they rocked it out.

DDTW - I liked Xavier Rudd on didgeridoo. Added such a great element to an already powerful song.

Sweet Up & Down - Not too sure I've heard this one live before either, so it was a nice treat

Sister - Beautiful

TIOY - Pretty good. Haven't heard this before, hoping to find it on the new album.

Crush - Why do chicks want to make-out to this one? I just wanted to enjoy the song, but NOOO, the fiance has to make out with me! Just kidding... always nice to hear live.

WAYG - I'll tell you where I'm going... to the bathroom!

Cornbread - Another cool new song!

Louisiana Bayou - I think I lost about 5 lbs. dancing to this one. You can totally tell the boys loved jamming this one out at the end... and I enjoy watching them do so. Boyd, you are a God

Seek Up - By far the best live version of Seek Up I've ever heard. It was beautiful. Dave was in rare form.

Stay - Is it me, or did Dave and Carter find it hilarious that Carter and Butch were doing "lovely lady" voices for the backups? They were cracking up... It rocked, however, I do miss the actual Lovely Ladies.

Some Devil - VERY COOL to hear some of Dave's solo stuff live.

Tripping Billies - A good end to a great set-list. Always enjoyable.

Overall, not the best DMB show I've ever been to, but not the worst either. I think the boys really showed how much fun they were having, despite the heat. They are always a joy to experience.
Allan B.
The 8/7/2007 DMB show was my 65th time seeing the band. Without question, the absolute worst! Was someone in the band sick? Was someone bored? A three minute dont drink the water?
OK so this was my 4th DMB concert, 1st one I've attended in over a year so my best friend and i were frothing at the mouth for these two days!! We took off from a hotel nearby and were READY TO GO! Too bad we were 20 minutes late because stupid us got lost on the way there!!! We missed Everyday, YMDT, Hunger and half of WTWE. We were devestated because we love those songs. But we hopped right into the action and despite the ridiculously crushing heat of the evening, danced our butts off. I was VERY happy to hear Grey Street...first time live for us. The new songs were very good, and I dont want to sound like a newbie (I'm not i swear, been a DMB fan for YEARS) but sometimes I cant stand when they play new stuff. Deep down I want to rock out to the rare old stuff. I prayed to hear songs like Last Stop or The Stone, or my fave Grace is Gone! But eh, no biggie we listened and i did enjoy the new songs very much! Cant wait til the new album comes out!!

Crush was great, my buddy almost passed out from excitement, WAYG = bathroom break LOL, Seek Up was a HIGHLIGHT!!!! Very pleased they played it! Stay was a great segue into the Encore. Some Devil acousic was a TREAT! Plus to end on Billies always makes me wiggle...we were going nuts and dancing so hard I swear I lost about 5lbs in sweat LOL!

All in all, a solid night. Not my favorite setlist but hey, I was just glad we made it there in one piece after the drama just GETTING to the Tweeter Center!
Megan D.
I was unable to attend the festivities last year for the first time in 5 years. I was so excited about tonights events that the Camden Police, the 4 hour drive and not having a ticket could not hold me back. The opening was kinda disappointing but the guys quickly made up for it. Sweet Up and Down was just that-- Sweet. Sister is one of their most beautiful songs to date and well do I have to say anything about Crush?? I truly feel Grey St. was written for me so I was thrilled to hear it at home although I no longer live here. Seek up was an amazing treat as was a solo Some Devil which I got to see him do with Tim and friends a few years earlier just down the street. When he broke out his "tiny little guitar" for Idea of You I almost lost it. The following night was equally amazing in my humble opinion. I have only been to 50 shows and can not wait to see what he saves for his home state tomorrow night. For such a short tour this year they sure are packing in some amazing "busted stuff".