New England Dodge Music Center, Hartford, CT
Graph of songs performed, by album
Seek Up *
Satellite *
Where Are You Going? *
#27 *
The Idea of You *
Anyone Seen the Bridge * -->
Too Much *
Shotgun *
The Maker *
Corn Bread *
Bartender *+
Dancing Nancies *
Warehouse *
So Much To Say *
Everyday *
Ants Marching *
Some Devil ~
American Baby Intro *
All Along the Watchtower *
* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Xavier Rudd on didgeridoo
~ Dave solo

Joe R.
I was particulary excited for this show tonight b/c it was my 20th show and I came into it not knowing what to expect. I was not dissapointed and was blown away by the bands performance tonight.

SEEK UP- absoloutly love this song as an opener. it just sort of sets the mood for people to start grooving. and is a good example of how damn tight this band is.

SATELLITE- eeerrrr, perfect timing for a bathroom brake. almost as if they heard me say "i hope they play satellite b/c i have to take a leak"

WHERE ARE YOU GOING- meh. it is a nice song. and it always sounds good but i would rather just go without it.

#27- oh yes. why is it called #27? who knows. they could call it whatever they'd want to and it'd still be badass. so bluesy and sooooooo goood.

The IDEA OF YOU- good song, personally i like the Fenway version better. but hey, everybody is different.

ANYONE SEEN THE BRIDGE- seen it like 10 times. and every single time it's different. and this time it was sick. love rashawn and roi together on this one.

TOO MUCH- ever since they slowed one of the parts down to almost slow motion-esque. it makes me dance like a slow-motion robot, and after that i tend to feel a little silly.

SHOTGUN- suprise of the night. thought it was dead. thought it was gone. please release the album soon. you already have gems on there. (shotgun,corn bread, 27, eh hee, break free, idea of you, can't stop, kill the king, hell throw freaking blue water on there too) that's one hell of an album already!

THE MAKER- never seen live. the versions from las vegas have made me fall in love with this all over again and it was great again tonight.

CORN BREAD- whole new element when it is full-band. i like it. and apparently the crowd tonight loved it too. people dancing like crazy.

BARTENDER- with Xavier Rudd on didgeredoo. nice intro. i've tried playing one of those things and well let's just say at least xavier rudd can play those things pretty damn well. solid version of a great song

DANCING NANCIES- such a staple of theirs. they just kill it everytime. great song to shine the light on each member of the band including butch and rashawn.

WAREHOUSE- you always hope it goes into it. sometimes it doesn't and your like.....damn. but when it does the place usually erupts and tonight was no exception. love tonight's version of a song that 10 years ago made me fall in love with this band.

SO MUCH TO SAY- standard. kind of takes the fun away when they already played Anyone Seen The Bridge.

EVERYDAY- where is he getting this "shouldn't roller skate in a buffalo herd" line from? anyone know?

ANTS MARCHING- perfect way to close a set. always good. always will be.

SOME DEVIL- realllly? he hit all the high notes which is good and just really performs this one well. on a personal note, this one reminds of an ex-girl. makes me think of the really bad times, but also makes me think of some really good times. amazing how songs bring back so many memories.

AMERICAN BABY INTRO- damn that man can yell. i want someone to ask dave "well dave, what did she say 1000 times?"

WATCHTOWER- before stefan played a little bass intro in a way which i never seen stefan play a little bass intro. it was pretty freaking clean. anyways, suprised to hear this one and of course it rocked and ended a great 20th show for me.

love this band, always will love this band, hartford as a city smells really bad, but dodge music center is dope.
John G.
Great show. It was my 10th and this has to be top 2 that I've been to.The comeback of shotgun was unexpected but of course phenominal. ABI was the best version of that I've heard and every other song fit perfectly. The crowd was into it, the band was into it, overall a great night. That "shouldnt roller skate in a buffalo herd" is from a Roger Miller song called...shouldnt roller skate in a buffalo herd. And to top off the night the tour buses drove out of the place honking and dave and carter were waving to everyone as they left...pretty sick
Alyssa D.
Holy Crap...Some Devil and The Maker in one night....I never thought I would get to hear either of these....38 shows later here we are....

I could hear Seek Up at any show.It's just too beautiful for words....I really enjoyed this one.

#27 and Cornbread..Man. Awesome.... Bartender was so much stronger in Hartford than in Mass. Always love this could you not??

ASTB always makes me shake my tailfeather... Too Much is Too Much...gets better every time.

Nancies Warehouse Ants.......YESSSSSSSS

If I never heard Everyday again I would be fine with that.

But for me the entire weekend paid for itself with Some Devil,ABI(which is so freakin intense and kicks my ass every time) and Watchtower....Damn.

Good times....see ya'll next year

Love ya...the crazy girl with the loudest "Owwww Owwwww Owwwww" you've ever heard....
Mike E.
This was my first DMB Show since July of 2004 at SPAC , Took my Wife to be for her first time, this was somewhere around show #20 for me and by far the best EVER!

I kept thinking how great it would be to hear Seek Up since it only gets pulled out every so often and they opened with it. That set the stage for the night, man, no one plays for 3 hours anymore, and we were exhausted from singing and dancing all night. Non stop. It was great to hear Everyday, Nancies, Warehouse, So much to say and Closing with Watch Tower was priceless. The new stuff was really good to. I dont think I have been so excited about new songs in a long time.

Xavier Rudd was very cool too, definitely have to check out his music more in depth.

Overall it was a perfect show.
So, now I’ve given it three days to digest my weekend. I was at both performances this weekend, which made it DMB concert nos. 18 and 19 for me. It was the first time I stayed in Hartford for both shows since Aug03. I was seated in section 500 (towards the sound booth) for both concerts, and had a great vantage of the stage (and the awesome lights and TV screens!).

As compared to Saturday night, which had a lull in the energy during the middle of the set, I’d say the energy of this concert progressively increased from beginning to end. It started with Seek Up, which I absolutely love (I was at the amazing version of it on 27Aug00 from the Live Trax Vol. 3). Unfortunately my date was bs-ing to an old friend from her highschool, and it caused us to miss the first 3-4 minutes of the show, and I was thoroughly pissed. But Satellite and WAYG mellowed me out and I tried to get back into the groove. Then I heard the jam for ASTB, which was funky, but it felt strange without SMTS to kick it off. TM was fun, but the slow part w/ Rashawn and Leroi was the slowest I’ve heard yet. This is where the night really started for me: Shotgun and then The Maker – WOAH! I felt really lucky to experience them back-to-back live. I’ve only heard The Maker once, and it was in Aug00. Bartender was great, but I didn’t think Xavier fit-in as well as the night before with DDTW, and I always love Leroi’s pennywhistle outro. Oh, and at some point we heard “If I Only Had a Brain” thrown into a song… And Nancies into Warehouse!?! Woo Hoo – it feels like Central Park all over again!!! I absolutely loved doing the cha cha with my date (I haven’t done that sine Jul04). Then we got SMTS – Everyday – Ants and all of us were so amped by this point. The Dave solo for Some Devil was cool, and ABI absolutely rocked. I had a feeling they were setting us up, and then when Stefan started his solo I knew we were gonna get AATW. When Dave started it I was like, “OMG! Dude, this is just like Central Park… again!” (but without Carter’s laugh). And the weekend ended on the highest note, “And the thief, he said, FIRE!!!” On paper N2 might appear better than N1, but both nights had high-energy and THREE-song encores, and like Dave once said, “My Mind is Blown”.
Pat D.
Show #39 for me. It has been awhile since the entire crowd has been into a show. This crowd definitely had life and sang to most every song and really enjoyed the NEW material. We were overdue for some great new songs to change things up a bit. The last few years have been less than great. Great show, tons of energy. Thank you DMB for making my 10th year in Hartford memorable. Thank you to the crowd for propelling this show into my top-10.