Tweeter Center at the Waterfront, Camden, NJ
Graph of songs performed, by album
Two Step (Loving Wings) *
The Song That Jane Likes *
Crash Into Me *
#27 *
Corn Bread *
The Maker *
Sweet Up and Down *
Shotgun *
Lie in Our Graves *
Anyone Seen The Bridge? * -->
Too Much *
Jimi Thing *
So Much To Say *
Warehouse *+
Ants Marching *
Gravedigger #
American Baby Intro * -->
All Along The Watchtower *
* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ ?uestlove on drums
# Dave Solo

Ridiculous show. beginning of the show was ok, i wasnt thrilled with loving wings, song that jane likes was good but lacking some energy. then he went into the new stuff (#27, cornbread, and shotgun are all amazing) but i really love idea of you which they played tuesday night. anyway, the last half of the show was unbelievable. too much, so much to say, jimi thing - butch was awesome in the jam, then of course bringing out Questlove was a shock to everyone. gravedigger, american baby intro then watchtower may have been the best encore i've ever been to.
On to night two of me and my best friend's Camden Adventure! Another hot night, but we were so psyched to hear what "other" songs Dave would delve into (seeing as we were already at Tuesday night's show) that we didnt care of the heat melted us!! We had so much fun all day speculating on what would be played. I guessed right on many.

A huge HUGE shock was the opener. (Yes we made it on time for this show LOL) To open with Two Step made our jaws drop. It felt like someone threw a stick of dynamite into the crowd because we all exploded into cheers and dancing!!!!! Then to move into TSTJL was a huge huge TREAT! I love love love the fact he brought this great old song out. I called Crash, and it got played, great song whenever I hear it. New songs again were very good and I'm really starting to dig them. Very nice version of The Maker, VERY HAPPY to hear Jimi...and the topper of the night for me was my beloved Warehouse. That sure got me moving, and I definitely expended whatever energy I had left from the two days of craziness to dance and go nuts. (No wonder I'm so dehydrated today!) Ants of course, was a gimme...but a fantastic double-ending/segue into the Encore! We were all confused, I had started to duck out to take my last-minute bathroom break right after Warehouse figuring the Encore was coming only to rush back into the concert hall during the first verse of Ants. Darn it! Gravedigger with Dave solo sounded so bittersweet and gorgeous I wished it wouldnt end. The American Baby Intro was fab, anytime Dave screams, its alright by me :D And I know I'll get skewered by this, but we left during AATW. Ive heard it live, its not one of my faves so we ducked out early to head home. Hey, I had a long drive ahead of me! ;) But we left with a head full of memories and listened to DMB on my dying IPOD all the way home.

Great concert! Definitely the better of the two nights IMO it felt like we just got more music out of them.
Just got in....heres my quick recap:

Two Step- Opening the show with this, after years of closing n2's due to the chants, it was awesome! In the back of my head i thought this could happen but never really thought it WOULD happen...great jam...and not 20 mins long!

Loving Wings - Very surprised when they played it. Though i felt it was misplaced in the set, it was great to hear it again.

The Song That Jane Likes - AMAZING as always...def. one highlight (of MANY)

Crash - typical...knew it was coming tonight.

#27 and Cornbread - I love the new stuff so far...being there live and finally hearing it for my own ears, it really sounded awesome, eventhough cornbread was mostly a jumble of words...cant wait to hear the finished "product"

The Maker - Never heard it live, till tonight. great cover! they could play it every night and i wouldnt mind.

SWEET UP AND DOWN! - I never thought I would be able to hear this song live and it happened tonight! i figured after playing it last night, there was no chance it was making it tonight, but i was happily mistaken! PHENOMENAL SONG, eventhough its quite different (lyrically) than the original version...more of a "love song" than a "heart break" song.

Shotgun - Pleasant surprise! loved every second of it! One of the best songs out of the new material.

Lie In Our Graves - I seriously think everyone shit themselves during Boyd's solo...absolutely AMAZING...everything was clicking levels were through the roof

ASTB?->Too Much - Carter teased the crowd with a few taps of the snare, spaced out by 5 seconds or so (thinking Ants was coming)...then they break into ASTB?. very sneaky. typical versions of both ASTB and TM followed.

Jimi Thing - Once again, great jamming, typical version...butch, leave the scatting to Dave...please.

So Much To Say - typical version...i was paying more attention to the crew hands setting up a mini drum set next to Carter's set, more than the song.

Warehouse - Then we all find out whats the deal with the drums...?uestlove comes in as a special guest! UNBELIEVEABLE!!! Only in Philly folks...ONLY in Philly! Couldnt really hear much of him playing, but who cares...he was up there! He was just playing along with whatever Carter was doing really.

Ants Marching - AHHHHH the teasing is over and they end the set with a classic! great, typical version.

Gravedigger - great to hear Dave bringing it out on tour as an e1 spot. glad to hear it again!

American Baby Intro - Only Stand Up song played this evening! Hooray! I love the song though, just so you all know. great version, great yelling, great Boyd jam. lots of energy

Stefans Bass Intro->Watchtower - absolutely LOVED Fonzy's bass solo to begin watchtower...great/wierd sound to it...Watchtower...lots of energy, lots of EVERYTHING really...couldnt ask for anything more! (except Last Stop)

All in all, great show...Last year's 2 night stand in Camden was def. better (pretty much hard to beat really...look it up if you think im on crack). I came in very iffy tonight....but came out very pleased and satisfied. Keep up the great work guys!
What a fantastic show! From the very old to the very new and not much in-between, they grooved the whole night. And it was a hot sweaty night in Camden. This was my 10th year in a row I've seen them.

It was nice to hear "The Song that Jane Likes" live and the new songs sounded really good and tight. I'm really looking forward to when they will finally record them on an album. Boyd Tinsley's solo in "Lie in Our Graves" was amazing, and literally stole the show. Other highlights include "Warehouse" and "Jimi Thing" which were truly wonderful, as well as, a fantastic version of "Too Much."

Of course they would end up playing "Crash" and "Ants Marching" which they seem to play every time I go see them. But somehow I never get tired of hearing those songs.

The encore was sweet with hearing "Gravedigger." I never heard that live before. And my favorite song of the night ended up being "American Baby Intro" where the passion and emotion of Dave's screams at the end left me breathless! And of course "Watchtower" was its typical awesomeness, and was glad to hear it again after a few years of them not playing it. All in all, a very wonderful show from a very special and wonderful band. After ten years of seeing them every summer, I never ever get tired of this band.