Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Graph of songs performed, by album
Two Step *
Dreamgirl *
Hunger for the Great Light *
#27 *
Where Are You Going?
Corn Bread *
Crush *
Eh Hee *
Sister +
The Idea of You *
Stand Up *
Grey Street *
Shotgun *
Louisiana Bayou *
Anyone Seen the Bridge? * -->
Too Much *
Stay *
Gravedigger ~
You Might Die Trying *
All Along The Watchtower *
* Rashawn Ross
+ Carter, Butch and Rashawn on back-up vocals
~ Dave solo

Dan J.
All in all pretty good show 6.5 out of 10 for me. Pretty cool they opened with Two Step. The main problem for me was it seemed Daves Microphone was turned way down could'nt hear him talk at all and only could really hear the high notes when he let loose (SEC 22), It kept the energy level way down. I was'nt too far from board operator and I just wanted to say turn up Daves mic. Othet than that the band sounded GREAT!!
I've posted reviews of the northeast Ohio shows here for the past two years. Both times, I've been eager to give details as to how amazing the show was and why. But this year's show was different from any other DMB concert I've attended in the past ten years (five or six total).

Why? The "DMB concert experience" wasn't there. The energy level, not just of the crowd, but of the band itself, seemed a bit lacking. Maybe it was the rainy weather, but I doubt it. Keep in mind that DMB on its worst night is still better than most bands on their best nights. That said, several factors contributed to it being a more low-key show than usual.

For one, the band stopped after EVERY song to break, or to switch instruments, etc. Literally, there were no songs that flowed right into the next (unless you count "Has anyone seen the bridge?" into "Too Much" -- which I don't). That was unusual, and it let the crowd simmer down for about 10-30 seconds, or longer, after every song.

Also, the band played six unreleased songs, which was both good and bad. The good is that the songs sounded great, and will someday be strong tracks on an LP. The bad was that they weren't recognizable enough to sing every lyric while dancing away to the melodies. ("Corn Bread" was definitely the catchiest new tune, though - I loved this song!)

The set list contained a lot of mellower songs, with no real "punch" jams until the end with "Louisiana Bayou" followed by "Stay." "Crush" had a great sound, and Boyd and Stefan had great chemistry in the jam session to end the tune. But even that song is an intermediary between the mellow tunes and the punchy, get-off-your-fanny-and-DANCE tunes. The latter just didn't occur much until the end of the show.

ALso, for whatever reason, Dave's mic was a little quiet, especially when he spoke to the crowd. I was in the pavillion area, and even I couldn't understand half of what he said.

This may sound like a laundry list of complaints, but keep it in perspective: this was a fine show, and a DMB concert is always better than no DMB concert. But this show didn't have the usual "experience" that a DMB Live Concert produces. The energy level just seemed a bit lethargic, and I think the above reasons largely contributed.

Am I saying the band took a night off? Absolutely not! Will I still see them again next year, if possible? Hell yeah! I just hope they pack a little more energy and punchy/mellow mix into their set list (like they usually do!).

I suppose even perfection needs a break now and then.
This was my second DMB show (I went to last years show at Blossom too) and although I enjoyed last yrs concert better, this show was still amazing and a few pleasant surprises and some songs played that i really wanted to hear made this an excellent show for me...

two step- i dont know how i feel about this song as an opener because i am so used to hearing it as a was the last song played last year at blossom and now it was the first song...they dont play it as long when its first but carter definitly tore it up at the end and i got really pumped up...beginning or end, two step is a great jam to hear live

dreamgirl- i am really happy i heard this for two reasons its a better song now without the YEAH's in the begining like weekend on the rocks and my friend i went with last year who came along this year again really wanted to hear it last yr and we another year or two this is gonna be the new crash into me

HFGL- yes, the ultimate song to blast the lights into the crowd and turn on the giant screens behind the band (i like the stage set up a lot more this year)

#27- i did not know what it was when i was listening to it but i figured it was was good, not my fave new song, but definitly a strong song and im sure the title will be changed eventually

WAYG?- two of my friends sat down during this one (not their fave) but i like it a lot...great lyrics

cornbread- (1st highlight of the show) i knew i was going to hear it because hes played it everynight so far...and im glad we heard it early in the set...this song is my fave new dave song and it amazingly sounds better full band than the dave/tim version...dave scats so good on this song and you can tell everyone in the band enjoys it...maybe he can eventually merge this with bayou...maybe...

crush- i know i sound crazy...but i just recently started liking this song ...and tonight was a great version...leroi was amazing on sax...the jam was great at the end but even better was the slow tease intro by stefan

eh hee- did not see this and my one friend love this song from dave/tim and we went nuts when he started the eh hee chant...its faster full band but it has potential love the lyrics

sister- absolutely beautiful...another unexpected song and i couldnt help but laugh to see carter, butch, and rashawn singing at the piano like a barber shop trio or something

idea of you- i know a lot of people love this song but im indifferent with it...dave is obviously playing around with the lyrics because they are different on the fenway and vegas live trax and now different a little bit tonight

stand up- (2nd highlight/ highlight of the night for me) OMG!!!!!! ITS STAND UP!!!!!!!! that was me yelling and practically mauling my friend next to me...okay heres the deal...i loved this song on weekedn on the rocks and i always wanted to hear it live and knew i probably one friend even told me before the show he wanted to hear it and im like he hasnt played it since DECEMBER fat chance...and here it was...the first time in two glad its glad i heard it live...leroi went nuts at the end

grey street- (3rd highlight) best version ive ever heard...thats all i have to say about it...AMAZING

shotgun- wow...please make the album...amazing new song...the violin is me the chills

bayou- i danced like crazy...pretty long jam at the end...boyd went nuts...glad to hear it

AOSTB->too much- (4th highlight) hahaha i love this...i didnt think i would like this without so much to say first, but i might actually like it better...spotlight on dave, he hits one chord...then leroi comes in..then carter...after a dew beats..they go right into it..amazing AOSTB...and best too much ive heard in a while...dave went nuts at the end and his scat rivaled that of the 2005 shows

stay- glad i heard it...i love the vegas one and i wanted to hear it...yea i wanted ants again like last year but i like this song a lot and im not bitter about hearing it like a lot of people seem to be

ENCORE- gravedigger is so good and everyone cheered every time he said "feel the rain" cuz it was raining...die trying is amazing live...would of liked it better not in the encore..but its still a great song...watchtower...i really need to give this song more of a chance because i was rocking out with the jam at the end of it tonight...great show DMB..see ya next summer!
This was a good show, but I definitely have seen better. I came away disappointed with a couple of things. The energy just didn't seem to be there, partially because of all of the chill songs that Dave played, and partially because the songs that were actually upbeat were all from "Stand Up." I'm sorry, I need that song to really go nuts on, and I didn't get it until Watchtower to close out the night. Now with the complaining out of the way, they did really do a great job with Cornbread, Shotgun, Two Step, and especially Crush was great. Watchtower like I said was amazing and that made the night. The new album is going to be just great, and I hope it can put Stand Up to rest so that they don't fill up the concerts with it. Not that it is the worst CD ever, but it just isn't as great in concert to really jam and rock out too.
First time at Blossom and what a beautiful venue! Definatly coming back! After a disappointing setlist in Pittsburgh was really hoping for a few surprises but again – setlist was predicable.

I just don’t understand why “The Stone” “Say Goodbye” “Halloween” “The Last Stop” are rarely played! It’s always the same songs. Don’t get my wrong, I love all songs but please give Stay, Crush and Louisiana Bayou a rest! They are so overplayed and I don’t really get exited anymore when I hear them – as I used too. Now I have never been to a “bad” show.. but this year - it’s just not the same. The band just doesn’t seem into and its not really a rocking show like it usually is.

Two Step as the opener was a nice surprise - thank goodness it wasn’t the overplayed “OSW “ or “Seek up”. I was hopeful that it might be a different show but when I heard Anyone seen the bridge – Too much – I just knew Stay was next. I shouldn’t know that!~

ASTB – was just great- definitely my highlight. I love how they are playing it now – different than before.

Me and my sister had 15 row seats which were fantastic and it was great being so close but everyone around us was just standing there like they won free ticket and were just there to see the show for the first time. I enjoy the concerts more with fans that are more enthusiastic. Maybe it was just the section we were in but just seemed like we were the only ones singing and dancing the whole show.

I am really hopeful that the winter tour won't be so predictable. Still love DMB no matter what!!!
This was by far my least favorite DMB show making this my 25th. It was very predictable! Yes the band played the songs well, but NO ENERGY. If I hear Stay at another show I may just hang myself in the parking lot. Please put those songs in the closet like you did the truly great tunes you never play, and we all know what I'm talking about. As mush as I love Crush, could you please at least play the freaking flute Leroi!? The outro to that song is so overplayed now and predictable. A lot of new songs which is great but not half the show.

I was extreamly frustrated with all the Stand Up songs. It was brutal. Not great crowd pleasers. I know you have to throw a couple in there here and there, but come on. The best live song from that album in my opinion is Hello Again. What ever happened to that song? They might have well played it. If I had heard that song, it would have erased it all. Gravedigger was great but just way too many low energy songs at that point.

I was praying that they would have just come out and blew the roof off the place in the encore as an apology. No, it just got worse. I think Watchtower was a slap in the face at that point. What ever happened to just going out there and playing? What happened to all the great improvisational playing that made us all come to love DMB. The sound has become TOO clean. I like the imperfections that make things seem more real. Not to say DMB doesn't play from he heart and are masters of their art. It would just be nice to see them just get out there and play.
This was my "where am I in my loyalty to this band?" show (I think it was my 21st). Most of my complaints have already been mentioned: lack of band energy, lack of gutsy material, too predictable ("Where Are You Going"...are you friggin' kidding me), and TOO MANY NEW SONGS (granted, I remember the '00 tour with the Lillywhite stuff and saw a concert that had "Bartender" "Sweet Up and Down" and "Grey Street"...but those songs all had energy, these were lame).

How about a tour that: 1. Follows a new album with all the new stuff, so the crowd can interact. 2. Displays the stuff that shows the band's balls ("Seek Up" "JTR" and all of fact, next summer, make it a BTCS 10th anniversary tour where you play the ENTIRE album, and bring in's not like she's doing anything.) 3. Bans "Watchtower" from any future public performance...YAWN! 4. Reminds Stefan of his whiteness and forbids him to do that ridiculous dance 5. Trades Rashawn and Butch for Tim on electric and Bela on banjo (making the BTCS tour complete...hey, I can dream)