Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Seek Up *
One Sweet World *
Hunger for the Great Light *
Where Are You Going?
Satellite *
#27 *
Lie in Our Graves *
Anyone Seen the Bridge? * -->
Too Much *
Out Of My Hands *
Bartender *+
Grace is Gone (Black Water) *
Everyday *
Ants Marching *
Corn Bread
Tripping Billies *~

Show Notes:
* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Xavier Rudd on didgeridoo
~ Sam Kininger on saxophone

Ok, so second show of the tour, I figure I'll give you guys my review (Lawn seats):

Seek Up: Had trouble hearing the beginning of it but then when it really kicked in it was very enjoyable, one of those songs I'm not dying to hear but enjoyed seeing it. OSW: Always enjoy this live, Swim Naked may have been nice but it's a good song in it's own respect. HFTGL: Actually enjoyed this song very much so last night, it picked the crowd up and the band was doing great on it. WAYG: Crowd liked it, I hadn't heard it full band and kind of almost enjoyed it... Satellite: I love this song, so well done, better without Proudest Monkey before it. #27: Saw it N1 and both nights this song kicked serious ass, on the poll I voted this song over Shotgun. I enjoy the Dave solo beginning and ending alot, can't wait to see it evolve some more. Lie In Our Graves: Highlight of the night for me! It's my favorite song period, for any artist, Boyd killed the violin solo, enjoyed dancing to it . ASTB -> Too Much: How can you not love the "Fuck it up"s? So entertaining, great after the long LIOG jam. OOMH: Ok, so this was my one disappointment of the night, although the stage looked nice I couldn't hear it too well, kind of cool it was the 1st time that it was played full band in awhile. Bartender: Thank god that Xavier guested and kept Butch's solo short, I think the song should end with Dave yelling, it was incredible to see him screaming like that, Rudd did a nice job on the intro. GIG -> BW -> GIG: Holy crap was this so amazing. First of all I will never forget how happy Dave looked on screen, the crowd caught on eventually, and after Black Water Boyd kicked into the Hoedown outro, I'd take this 10 minute or so jam over #41 any day. Well done! Everyday (->) Ants Marching: I don't know why there isn't a segue in between the two songs, regardless great way to end the set. Encore: Cornbread: Wow Carter adds so much to this song! I couldn't hear Butch too well, Dave switched guitars and when he swapped out the new one the song sounded better, props to him testing it out on the crowd. Much better with Butch and Carter added. Tripping Billies: I called it yesterday and was happy to see it, again Boyd stole the song.

All in all excellent night, the lawn hearing was fine except for the quieter parts of songs. I am happy to have gone and had a great time!