Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
You Might Die Trying
Hunger for the Great Light
Warehouse +
The Maker
Corn Bread
Anyone Seen The Bridge?
Too Much
Sister ~
The Idea of You
Everyday %
Sweet Up and Down
Louisiana Bayou
Stay (Wasting Time)
Gravedigger #
Two Step
Entire show with Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Toots Hibbert on vocals and guitar
~ Carter, Butch and Rashawn Ross on back-up vocals
% Vusi Mahlasela on vocals
# Dave solo

This review is going to be very brief. After driving 2.5 hours from North Carolina to make it to Nissan by 8:30p, I have to say this show was my least favorite in 10 years. I guess we have been spoiled by the recent tours where more "older" material has been featured. While we were very fortunate to hear The Maker tonight, the rest of the evening just never seemed to get off and running.

As per usual, the biggest lowlight of the night is, and always will be, the HORRENDOUS traffic in and out of Nissan Pavilion. I'm curious to see what everyone else thinks of last night.
Patrick P.
Here is my disclosure for this review: I enjoyed with show from front row center. Nissan Pavilion welcomed the Dave Matthews Band for its 13th gig in Bristow with a sold out crowd of 25,000 fans. Dave and company came prepared with an expanded band lineup which included regular guests Butch Taylor on keyboards and Rashawn Ross on trumpet. In the eighth day of a non-album promoting tour, the band chose to spread their set list towards unreleased songs and material from their most recent album “Stand Up”.

The set kicked off with One Sweet World and quickly went into newer material (You Might Die Trying, Hunger for the Great Light, #27) With a diverse audience made up of different fans, the first quarter of the set was sure to leave fans of “Crash” and “Under the Table and Dreaming” wanting more. They did get their satisfaction when Dave followed up with Warehouse. Another run of unreleased songs followed with The Maker, Corn Bread, and Shotgun. The Maker stood out for me, a catchy tune that the band executed with class. Shotgun is showing signs of polish in its second year of touring (the same can be said of The Idea of You which was played later in the set.) Both songs are reaching a level where the entire band is truly coming together in musical contribution. I enjoyed listening to Sister, yet another song dedicated to Jane; it is sung primarily with Dave with one key background vocal contribution from the other members. Everyday was one of the highlights of the night. Dave introduced African artist Vusi Mahlasela to join and he provided amazing background vocals that brought the song back to its album splendor. Unlike previous performances where Everyday included a lengthy #36 intro, the lyrics to the older song were brought in and out during the song. The audience once again played backup with their “Hani Hani” chanting. Sweet Up and Down has made a big come back on this tour and the song did not show and signs of gathering dust on the shelf. The band entertained thousands with some non-album songs for this non-album tour. While it may have been nice to hear a Dancing Nancies, Crash, or Ants Marching; all fans were entertained by the emotion and energy the band put into all their songs for the set. As always Dave Matthews Band continues to please their many hometown fans in Virginia.
After taking about 2 hours to get to Nissan from DC since the traffic is miserable, I arrived at the concert with barely enough time. Overall the concert was mediocre at best. I have seen the band about twenty times now and this set definitely lacked the "typical" Dave Matthews Band feel to it. Classics such as #41 and others were no were to be seen in the setlist and although Warehouse and Everyday were definite highlights, the show just lacked an overall old school quality that many older DMB fans have become accustomed to
Jonathan S.
What a beautiful night to have a show. The weather came in and cooled things down. This was the start of my 7th DMB show, and I knew everything was going to be alright.

All it all, it wasn't the best show that I've attended. However, there were some great songs in there. Here we go...

One Sweet World is one of my favorite songs. Lately I've been listening to the trax series live albums, and I'd have say this this was the best version that I've ever heard. Steady energy, just no improv or extended segments.

You Might Die Trying and Hunger for the Great Light were ok, sounded like I was listening to the Stand Up CD. I would rather have #41 (still haven't seen this live) or Stone in the place of these.

#27!!!! Whoa, never heard that one before. The guys did and nice in and out of "What will become of Me" crossing backing and forth 6 times (3 of each). It was clever and a little disjointed at the same time. Great to hear something refreshing.

One of my favorite songs from the Live at Chicago album was definately "The Maker" and for the first time I got to hear it live (EXCELLENT).

Corn Bread was ok. This is the best version of Shotgun that I've heard yet. It was clear, tight and emotional. The Idea of You tonight used some of the older lyrics, not the ones from trax that I have gotten used to. However, I love to sing "I fall so hard inside the idea of you."

Where did Sweet Up and Down come from? Holy crap folks, busted out of the Lillywhite Sessions vault, no less. I loved to hear this live. I was really happy that people got up to dance with this one. I really hope they put it and Granny on their next album.

I was impressed with the fact that a lot of people have heard Gravedigger by now and were chanting it in the audience tonight. I'm glad Dave is playing some of his solo work.

Phenomenal Two Step tonight. This had the best energy and attitude for the whole night.
Terrance P.
We all know that Nissan is a hassle, as I've written about before. But, because the venue(inside) kicks *ss, we keep coming. Great sound, great view. I feel that every year they outdo themselves(DMB) with the stage and lighting. The triple vertical screens lent to a hodgepodge, but welcoming view of different band members. The lighting was great, including the GIGANTIC firedancers behind Carter and the sound was, once again terrific.

Oh yeah, there was a show played wasn't there? As most can read from the setlist, MELLOW YELLO was the theme. For those of us in attendance(not those near the stage-because any setlist is great when on top of the band) the common feeling was that the show was shorter than usual, lacking any continuity, or flow, and generally not a really good mix of songs. This was year 13 and show 22 for me and it ranks sonewhere in the middle. Reasons it survived that high were very good renditions of Shotgun and #27, Cornbread was well done-the first I'd heard it and the first time hearing The Maker in person. Warehouse didn't "pop" without Nancies preceding it and ASTB-->TM is the song combo that I've heard in all but 5 shows. Too much TOO MUCH!!!!

It was nice to hear SUAD and the lovely IOY. Bartender was uplifting and Everyday was great with additional vox, but if you've read this thus far, how could all of these songs(except TM; and add Gravedigger and OSW) be played in the same show and not lull somebody to frequent bathroom breaks, meaningless chatter, and boredom? I kept waiting for the setlist to truly begin-and it didn't. The setlist made Stay(a good song) sound terrific-because it had energy. Two Step is a great closer-but better in the set closing rather than encore slot, besides it felt as if they cut that short too.

All in all I felt as though the energy that the crowd was giving was given a pat on the head by the band instead of huge chunks and morsels of DMB's Nissan style shows. I peeked at all of the seltists before us and was unnerved at the fact that they seemed to have "lights out" shows in NJ and Pittsburgh before us. I was afraid that they'd give us the set that appeared.

With all of that said, I won't stop coming to see this band. I love them way too much to give up. Musically they are incredible-no two ways about it. They seem to continue sounding better every year, and for that I will return every year. Thanks again for another memorable summer DMB. We can leave out all Stand Up songs(except AB intro and LB-if RR is present!)couldn't we? Does someone else smell a small winter tour coming? Maybe a little Bryce Jordan Center and a Philly show, MSG?? Have a terrific summer everyone and I hope to see y'all this winter and next year. Thanks DMB!!
Michael R.
It was an intimate and revealing show. It was musically and lyrically solid. As one who attended many "old school" shows, I am enjoying the new school just fine.

I can't speak for the thousands in the audience, I suspect, who have been catching DMB since 1993 or thereabouts. I am not a rabid fan (at least, I hope I'm not) with a hundred shows under my belt. I am a husband and a father who, excepting 1996-1999 and 2001 has seen DMB play at least once or twice annually since 1993. I've also had the great priviledge of befriending these guys a long time ago.

Only speaking for myself and grateful for my own perspective, I could be totally off my rocker, but the evening seemed really personal.

A beautiful "One Sweet World" old school is that? Only "Seek Up" or perhaps "Spotlight" could have been equally so, and we all know what Dave thinks of that tune. (I have always liked "Spotlight" though he famously called it a turd.) "You Might Die Trying" was full of energy, nothing mellow about it. "Hunger for the Great Light"...I must confess it is pretty damn erotic to look around you at a show these days where this is played and see lovely women of all ages belting this one out to one another at full volume.

Seeing the band during my increasingly rare breaks from responsibility, it is a pleasure to hear so many of the new songs. I might catch the band at most once a year, so that is the point of view you are reading. "#27" is just beautiful, and I enjoyed "Shotgun", as well as "Cornbread."

My dearest friend, Nathan Ballard, would have loved this gig, noting that "The Maker" is a favorite of his and mine.

"Two Step" and "Gravedigger" were delightfully dark. The "Sweet Up and Down" seemed particularly conversational.

I was struck, in reflection as the set list progressed, by how much of this compilation of tunes performed as live art seemed an outcry, a worship if you will, of Love, as if love were a deity. In that vein, the "Everyday" with Vusi was an absolute highlight for me. I have never seen Vusi, even though we live a mere 16 miles north of Charlottesville and he has graced our area with a visit many times recently.

"Sister" and "The Idea of You" were both exquisite. "Bartender" was probably among my favorites, but I always enjoy tunes like "Warehouse." This band's art grows increasingly layered and complex--both lyrically and musically.

I haven't seen many shows in the past ten years. I can count them on two hands. Nonetheless, I'd love to get a tape of what happened at Nissan. It seemed like a one-sided, lovelorn and world weary conversation between old friends.

Like you, there are many songs I would have like to seen. I think the repetative "Too Much" is a comment on the unbelievable pressure DMB must feel to produce. That's a shame. They are among the most productive individuals on this planet, in my view. I don't wish for more. I am totally satisfied with this evening's musical experience.

Damn shame the tickets aren't still five bucks. I look forward to the pleasure of seeing them again when I am so lucky or inclined.
Aaron M.
My 4th DMB show and not the best but DMB doesnt disappoint. Still loved the show.

One Sweet World-I like this song, but not as an opener. I just dont feel any energy with this one.

You Might Die Trying-I really like what they've done with this song. Nice jam and the integration of Rashawn Ross really puts this song another level.

Hunger for the Great Light-good song, great energy as always to this one

#27-a new song that seems to be somewhat political. a solid new song but not my fave of the fresh ones.

Warehouse +-love the salsa style jam at the end and the audience yelling at the beginning is always sweet.

The Maker-good song, very emotional

Corn Bread-except for TIOY and Break Free, which I think debuted last year, this is my fave new one for this year. Very Louisiana Bayouish sounding to me and that is excellent cuz LB is one of my fav live songs. Love the guitar in this one and I think the band can make thjis into a nice extended jam with a little work.

Shotgun-another new song that I enjoyed a lot.

Anyone Seen The Bridge? Too Much-one of my fav songs of the night Sister ~-I wouldnt think I'd like just Dave on guitar but this is my 2nd time hearing this one (other one being JPJ) and I really like this song.

The Idea of You-I really like this new song, very fun to sing along to the chorus Bartender-really enjoy this song, very spirtual and incredible energy and really cool jam to finish it off.

Everyday %-first time seeing it live with Vusi and his talented vocals really add a lot to this already great song.

Sweet Up and Down-lots of energy and very fast Louisiana Bayou-I've seen this all 4 times I've seen DMB live and it my fav liver song by them I do believe. It rocks hard.

Stay (Wasting Time)-very good way to end before the encore

Encore: Gravedigger #-I would like it better if the entire band were out there but a solid way to start off the encore either way.

Two Step-awesome jam at the end, Carter was on fire. Nice way to end the show.
Wow, went a Dave Matthews virgin as my other friends call it and left feeling that that would be my final DMB concert. What a disappointment. The setlist was so drab and lacked the hits that made Dave Matthews the popular musician that he has been since the Crash album. What really bothered me most after sitting through the first 2 hours is that when "2 Step" came on (the one song I really wanted to hear) I was told by my DMB fanatic friends that that was the last song of the night. They said he ends his shows with like a 15 minute final song and when I thought just maybe the show was about to get interesting it was all over. I was livid but I will say that leaving the extra 10 minutes early saved me atleast an hour getting out of that deathtrap that is Nissan Pavilion. That place is the worst, $10 24 ounce Miller Lite cans $12 24 oz. Heineken's. It took me 75 minutes to get from the corner of PW Parkway and Wellington to my parking spot. What a crock, then they hit you up with these outlandish building facility charges and parking is included per ticket the whole event really loses its luster. Nevermind the show was in my bottom 5 shows I have ever seen and I have seen atleast 250 different live concerts. Dave Matthews better return to the roots of what made his group popular because the newer albums lack emotion and sound very monotonous. Huge fan of Under the Table and Dreaming and the Crash albums but Dave didn't play but like 3 songs in his whole set from those albums, makes no sense at all. So next time he brings his money making circus to town, I will stay home and listen to some cds instead, believe me you ain't missing much besides the tailgating and atleast at home I can go buy a 12 pack of Heineken for the price they charge for 2 beers!