Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN
Graph of songs performed, by album
Seek Up *
#27 *
Hunger for the Great Light *
When the World Ends *
You Might Die Trying *
Grey Street *
Corn Bread
Sweet Up and Down *
Sister +
(Still Water) -->
Donít Drink the Water *
The Maker *
Louisiana Bayou *
Anyone Seen the Bridge? * -->
Too Much *
Shotgun *
Warehouse *
Stay (Wasting Time) *
Gravedigger ~
Dreamgirl *
Tripping Billies *
* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ Carter, Butch and Rashawn on backup vocals
~ Dave solo

Matt H.
Another great performance by the guys. This show had great energy throughout. The crowd seemed much more into it for this show instead of the second which has never been the case at Noblesville before, at least since I started going in 2002.

They started off with one of my top 5 songs, Seek up. A 25 minute redition that was a great way to begin the night. "Sometimes I Feel Like I'm Falling" that line. A new one #27 (a big fan behind me told me as it started) was really good. Hopefully that new album will be coming out soon with all these new songs. Next came my favorite from Stand up, Hunger for the Great Light. Short, sweet and great energy. When the world ends didn't disappoint with the cut off ending. The sweetest surprise of the night was how great You Might Die Trying sounded. Live this song is much better than on the album, I think. Grey Street came next and is always a crowd pleaser and everyone was singing along. Corn Bread followed and could become one of my favorite songs of theirs. I loved it the first night and even more the next night. It has a southern, bluegrass groove feel to it and the lyrics are great, check em out. Out of nowhere comes Sweet up and down from the Lillywhites and it was a pleasent surprise as well. A solo of Sister in the middle of the set was a change of pace. It always makes me think of my sis, so I always can feel that one. Don't Drink the Water and The Maker were both solid and enjoyable, but what came next was Louisiana Bayou...the highlight of the night for me. Unreal energy from the band and the crowd. Boyd tore this one up at the end. It didn't quite top two years ago when it was pouring down rain and Robert Randolph sat in to close out the show. That was probably the best single song I have ever seen live except maybe Watchtower from that show as well. They need to look into making that one a Live Trax Album. But this year was great too. My only advice is to use this one as the closer. It would have have left me with an even better taste in my mouth. Too Much had good energy too but the new song, Shotgun, didn't do anything for me the first tme out. Probably being so light and soft and not knowing any of the words made it hard to get into. It is always fun to yell WHOOO before Warehouse so when it came on next I was happy to hear it. Stay was the closer and it was pretty good but I kinda get sick of Stay, What would you say, and So Much to Say but they are ok every once in a while too I guess.

The Encore was pretty solid with Gravedigger, Dreamgirl, and Trippin' Billies. Billies was good and was a nice way to finish off a great night. Not the absolute best show I have ever been at but I would say #4 or 5 of 12.
Dylan L.
They just never fail to amaze me! My 9th show and my fiance's second, everything sounded really good tonight, and probably the best seats I've had. This show was probably #1 of nine, and I have seen a lot of different songs, and moods from the band, but tonight they just seemed like they were having a blast, and even the songs that normally you think ok heard this one enough(example, WTWE, and WAYG) sounded awesome, not to mention the new songs were amazing! Still a little dissapointed I have seen Dave and the boys 9 times in 5 different venues and never seen All Along the Watchtower, or Drive In Drive Out two of my favs, but maybe next year will be the year. Overall great show guys.