Dave Matthews Band
Germain Amphitheater, Columbus, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: moe.

onstage 8:15pm
Too Much
When The World Ends
If I Had It All
Rhyme & Reason
You Never Know
Grey Street
Typical Situation
Loving Wings
Where Are You Going
Last Stop
Tripping Billies
Grace Is Gone
Donít Burn The Pig

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Pat W.
What a way to start out the 2003 Summer Tour. A few surprises as well as some old favorites. Starting off the tour and concert with TOO MUCH just got the place rockin. Three songs later the boys played one of my favorites, CRUSH. Boyd had a killer solo on this one and you could tell the guys were feeding off of the energy the crowd was giving them. BARTENDER was sweet as ever with a cool Butch solo. A mid-set STAY. This got the crowd fully into the concert again from the previously slower songs. TYPICAL SITUATION! Wow is all I have to say about this one. Leroi was definitely the man on this song. His soulful and bluesy solos during this one totally floored me. This was probably one of the best songs I've heard live. It had to be at least 10-15 minutes and just when you thought it was over, Dave would chime back in with another chorus. LAST STOP was a total surprise. It is a sweet song live though. TRIPPING BILLIES as a set closer was great. The encore was a little disappointing, being that it was pretty uncharacteristic of them. Usually you'd get Two Step, Ants Marching, Watchtower, etc. GRACE IS GONE and PIG were pleasant to hear though. See you all June 21, 29, 30!
Sooo excited to catch the opening night of the tour, stumbled upon a cheap ticket. The lot was decent and the opening band moe. had a solid set. No one was dancing or really showing support for moe. it was disheartning. The opening of TOO MUCH was a good way to start it off. CRUSH made all the ladies scream. The highlights of the evening were definatley TYPICAL SITUATION and THE LAST STOP. Glad to hear GRACE IS GONE in the 1st encore spot. The one song I really wanted to hear was PIG, and it was played, for the encore. Everyone couldn't believe that this was the last song. I love PIG, but it really doesn't have any business played in the last encore spot. All in All loved the show, the band was tight with spirited play on Stay and The Last Stop. Just wish the first night of a 1 night stint will demand a better encore. I'm tired of feeling cheated for attending the first night instead of the second. On to the first night a pittsburg 6/26.
First of all - thanks to DMB for kicking off the tour in Columbus! No thanks to Germain for poor sound and no video screens and no thanks to the crowd for sucking. The disrespect for the band that is shown by the talkers is unbelievable. Plus we had a puker. Anyway my first time for Crush - as awesome as I expected it to be live. Great to hear Stay and Typical Situation for first times too. For some reason I expected True Reflections being that Boyds album was released same day. Too Much was an energetic opener. Everyday with the #36 intro and outro was great - the crowd was actually into that. There is no such thing as a bad DMB show in my book, but I must admit I expected more energy tonight being opening night. Chalk it up to a lame crowd.
Great show, excellent tour opener. I'll just get this out of the way, "The last stop" totally KILLED! Not only was I excited b/c this hasn't been played in a long time, but the crowd reaction was really amazing. My 2nd favorite highlight was "Pig" as the closer. I know that everyone loves "Two step" or "Ants marching" as their favorite closer, but I was glad to get something that isn't a usual closer. Worked really well. The concert weighed heavily on BTCS, which is fine by me. "Everyday" was a great moment with the crowd, as was "Trippin' billies" and "Stay". I have only two complaints about this show. The first is "When the world ends" and the second is "Bartender". WTWE isn't a good live song, IMO. After opening with "Too much", the crowd was hyped up, only to be let down by WTWE. It really did kill the mood. Also, Bartender just doesn't capture the same emotion live as in the studio. The crowd doesn't seem to know how to react to this song, because you can't dance to it, you can't hold your lighter up in the air. Both songs are great, but I think that they just don't go over as well live. But nevertheless a great show, and I can't hardly wait until Cincinnati! Sweet.
WOW!! what a show.Too Much is always a great opener.When the world ends sort of mellowed the crowd until Crush. A great version played by the band tonite. The next highlight was Bartender. Dave really went wild w/ this one.Then, probably the best part of the show was Stay. The crowd was great for this one. Grey Street kept the beat up. And then the two biggest surprises of the evening were Typical Situation and Last Stop. I had never seen these two live so it was great and the crowd enjoyed the surprises. Everyday was cool, but Tripping Billies was an unbelievable closer. The only disappointment of the show was the encore...a great version of Pig though. Overall great show, hope tomorrows is as good!