Dave Matthews Band
Six Flags Darien Lake - Performing Arts Center, Darien Center, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: moe.

onstage 8:21p
If I Had It All
You Never Know
Pay For What You Get
Loving Wings
Where Are You Going
Kit Kat Jam (with lyrics)
When The World Ends
Cry Freedom
Last Stop
Lover Lay Down
The Stone
Jimi Thing
Dreaming Tree
Tripping Billies
offstage 10:35pm
onstage 10:41pm
Grace Is Gone
Grey Street
offstage 10:57pm

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

i have been to alteast 15 dave shows and my friend i go with has been to 41 his 41st show was friday and it seems like dave was not feelin it that night... don't get me wrong i love his music and would still go to see him when hes 95 and sittin in a wheelchair. cause he isawesome... for he was cuttin songs short.. i hope he has a better show .. but he did play one of my favorit songs .. You never know.. just wish he would of been into it like he normally is... have fun
Dave V.
One of the greatest shows I have ever seen. I actually started off the show with lawn seats and while I began to start writing down the set list this guy came over to me and my girlfriend and talked to us about the show. He then offered us his pavillion seats just for the fact that he has seen dave close so many times he loves to make someones day by giving them better seats. Just wanted to thank him and his friends again. MIKE your the man. thanks for making this show one of the best i've ever seen.Getting back to the show....awesome...it was the old dave we've been waiting to hear. 41..dreaming tree..tripping billies...JIMI THING (my fav)..great show great jams. I loved the fireworks going off in the park during Jimi thing it just set the mood for the whole song. The place went crazy for the entire show except for daves tease to say goodbye then he switched and played you never know. How can u boo this man. I respect dave for the music he plays and chooses to play . If you don't like it then don't go to the show...thats my opinion. Anyway ...once agian great show and hopefully we'll hear more new songs like stay or leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eric S.
Dave was on tonight, bringing back last stop and dreaming tree were awesome to hear and stay as an opener was amazing. He never really lost the crowd kept it going awesome jimi thing jam, and boyd was on for tripping billiing, awesome show
I love every song on this list and the show wasn't bad however, it serioulsy lacked something. Theres always a certain magic that makes a dmb show so special and it wasnt there tonight. The highlights were clearly pay for what you get, last stop, and actually jimi thing because it was the only other song with any sort of energy, dave danced around like a crazy man on the little guitar riff...haha. Anywyas the show wasnt bad, its nice to have a slow laid back show every once in a while, it just didnt really o it for me though. oh ya dreaming tree was good too...I gurantee all the 16 year old girls that get on here and post that the show was wonderful will start out with this though.."THE SHOW was great, I had 3rd row front a center" thats the only reason i could think of to post that it was terrific because it wasnt
Chris K.
well i wasnt gonna bother with a review, but i see so much bad reviews in the warehouse boards for this show i had to help balance it out a little, and hope for some nancie's love - cause i aint feeling it in w/h - im finding a lot of winer's are members but thats not what im here for - but it does look like there's a long way to go for this show to get even a 50/50 rating. Im thinking most un-favourable's were probably 1st timer's at darrien...im not sure..and i feel for those who had an un-pleasant experience, but i on the other hand did not and throughly enjoyed myself. Coming from ontario (north of tornto_ a friend of mine and i had been there before and we knew what to expect as far as crowd control and traffic as should all of you if your readers of these boards - there was lots of warnings and should have pre-pared physically & mentally. Regardless parkinglot party was pleasant - we parked back in a corner where we met some good people who most of there names escape me except for chris..who hadnt heard of O.A.R. - so i schooled him - chris out there ? anywayz in typical friendly dmb fashion we all shared our supplies with strangers and had a great pre-concert experience. The show was a pain in the ass to get into yes - and darrien security does need to PULL THERE HEAD OUT OF THERE ASS ! on that - but i didnt let that ruin my buzz as i expected it, now i wasnt on the lawn- my warehouse tix wasnt great but people - its not difficult to move around if your discreet about it. I found the setlist just fine - sure there was some slow songs - but come on - look what you did get...only the greedy and un-appreciative would hack on a dmb setlist - i mean really ! The crowd - yes i'll have to admit seemed a little lame - but thats where the discreet moving comes in - by about half way threw i found a little lively section, met a gal - (name escapes me) but i was completly into the show and she recognized it - as was she and she noticed the crowd a little lame as well, i recall her saying she's off to break her gorge cherry this year as am i, so that was just a little pre-equal to better things im sure..so if she's catching this review - send me off a mail. The encore a bit of a let down, i think we both agreed - i expected watchtower as they hadnt played it yet - and havent yet this tour if anyones noticed - perhaps thats been put away for a little while...hmmm, but seriously - we got 41, kit kat jam, pay for what you get,last stop i mean jeezuz - find me someone complaining about this set-list and i'll show you someone i dont want to sit beside - EVER. End of night - ok - so why must everyone get in line to leave - its like - "hey there's a line-up - lets hurry up and wait" we just chilled out - shared the show reviews and had a few more bevy's and other ;) and crashed out in the car for a couple hours - then there was no fuss - no muss - on the road again and pleased as can be - no serious complaints - but im easy to please. See all you gorger's in august. peace/love & dmb.
This show was fabulous. This band has proved most of us wrong by adding improv into their act. The day started off nice in the parking lot, but again "these" fans do suck regardless of what you all say, it's almost proven they do. But they did not ruin my fun cause i was with my boys that know how to do it up. Got into the venue all crowded but it was funny looking at all the different faces pass by, i guess i felt like others were tripping with me too. Got in the front middle part of the lawn when the band arrived on stage. Bam! Stay......very nice(no ladies)always wanted to here it without them since 98. By the 5th song i start to bug so i had to move all the way the green fence and sit down and take in this lovely music. I think that was the best thing to do. PFWYG,Cry Freedom,Loving Wings were all very intimate and pure with lots of energy. But songs like that dont get these fake ass socializing fans going. Its night fall by this time and stone kicks in.......beautiful....then i get up with my boys and another one hit me Jimi Thing......yes, i fucking love this song and the funk and scat at the end, my ass was shaking like ricky martin. ohhhhh i forgot the other highlight Last Stop and Dreaming Tree, both very impressive songs and i have to say that Carter stole the show again. Hes amazing and one reason why i even listen to these guys. I came away from this show feeling rejuvenated and have a restored faith in these guys. One more thing, for some reason all their songs sound like they remixed and have a different way of being played and it was a treat to hear that.....peace."brrr reynolds"
Nick P.
What a great show tonight! One of the best I have seen. The band did a lot of building the crowd up and then calming them down with some more somber songs. The set opened with Stay, I have never heard this song as an opener, but it defiantely got the job done well. If I had it all followed, and brought the energy level down. I felt like the boys may have felt as if the crowd was a little too rowdy, and maybe this is why there were a lot of softer, more somber songs in the list. You never know followed and started to bring the energy level back up. Then #41, wow!! I love this song, I haven't heard it live in a while, probably since 2001, and it was unreal. Butch really didn't do his long piano outro like he has been, which was a nice change of pace. Then the crowd was treated to something really nice, and pretty rare for these times, Pay for what you get. I heard this song with Dave and Tim, and wow, it's just unreal to hear in person. Next came your pretty standard Loving Wings into Where are you going. Kit Kat Jam followed with some different lyrics I think, I'll have to examine this further when I get a copy of the show. When the world ends followed but unfortunately didn't have the extended outro like at Dave and Tim, I was kinda hoping for this. Then the boys brought it back down again with Cry Freedom, what an amazing song this is, I am so glad I got to hear it live and in person. Then, one of the highlights of the show, LAST STOP!!! This song brought all of the energy back to the crowd that had dwindled away during Cry Freedom, it was simply off the hook!!! Lover Lay Down followed, another song I have only heard once live, and my again, great song. The Stone followed, and it seemed as though Dave botched some of the lyrics. Which was cool to hear, I love it when he does that. Next came probably the best Jimi Thing I have ever heard in my life. The band jammed so hard, and so well on this it was unbelievable. This led into Dreaming Tree, which I have always wanted to hear live, and it definately did not disappoint, Great Song. Then, the set closer.....TRIPPING BILLIES!!!! This has to be one of my all time favorite songs to hear in concert, it's just so much fun to listen to, and watch the band have a good time playing, it brought more energy than you can imagine to the show! The encore was a little bit disappointing, Grace is gone openned it, and I love this song, but it just seemed like the boys weren't into it. Grey Street followed, and it was truncated unfortunately, very short song for a encore closer. All in all a great show though, seemed like the Band was having a great time, Dave was doing a lot of dancing around on stage, which was great to see. I give this show a 7.5 out of 10.
Although mellow, this was a great setlist and a great show. Stay opening was a surprise and got the crowd dancing, with lots of energy. If I Had it All slowed it down a little, but being one of my liked ED songs, I enjoyed it. You Never Know was a 2002 gem, which shined this time, with a nice little Carter intro and nicely jammed out at the end. #41 got the crowd roaring, and although it wasn't the most jammed version, it was great. Pay for What You Get was a niiice surprise and I love this tune and never expected to see it performed. Loving Wings and Where Are You Going kept the mellow feeling (although the awesome Carter solo in LW was really packed with energy). Kit Kat Jam, which is awesome live, got the crowd dancing again, followed by a standard but good WTWE. Then the real surprises started with Cry Freedom, a song that was left on the shelf for a few years (full band) and was performed beautifully here, with the crowd responding nicely with their lighters. Dave then wailed an Arabian-sounding moan, and Last Stop exploded and the crowd went nuts. The energy on this song is incredible and I had been dying to hear it live, and the crowd responded very well. The mood slowed again with a surprise Lover Lay Down, which went into a chilling Stone. The show was going great, and then they went into Jimi Thing, which got the crowd roaring to no end. Boyd and Dave were all over the place on this one, and everyone went nuts. I figured they were gonna close it then, but then they shocked me with Dreaming Tree, one my personal fave DMB songs, and although the crowd didn't care nearly as much as me, I enjoyed every beautiful and perfect second of it. Then Billies closed masterfully with a bang. The encore disappointed me a little, although GiG was a good version. But the truncated Grey Street just doesn't do it for me. All in all a wonderful and varied show, and I can see the tour will only get better.
Joy R.
23rd show and I was in 4th row center! Not bragging, just greatful. I truly love DMB and all shows are the bomb. On the other hand, you always have assholes that can't handle the amount of liquor that they consume and show the true ignorance of man. Two idiots snuck down the center rows until they landed in our row. We weren't going to do anything to spoil our groove, so we just let it slide by. Then low and behold I heard the one kid say to his buddy, "I have to pee but the show is to awesome to leave now". Next thing I know, he is kneeling on the floor w/his dick out pissing under the seat in front of him. Then to top it off, he was yelling at the Warehouse photographer to take his picture. Whoever you are, you should go to hell for such a deed.
Jay S.
All i really have to say is that we got Last Stop and Dream Tree in the same Show.... Not to mention all the other amazing stuff...Well let me get to the point, WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE THE VENUE? I think it great... especally the parking lot, its a big party... and all the people that complain bout the drunk kids, common get a life... all were tryin to do is have good time... We like dave just as much as anyone else... And whoever said this show was slow, must have smoked a little too much. Ne ways all im saying is let everyone enjoy the show their own way... By the way did anyone else see dave go crazy durring jimi thing!
Dan L.
Great Show! This was my 8th show and it was one of the best that I have seen. STAY was a great opener, nice to hear it being played without the ladies. IIHIA was alright, one of the better everyday songs. Then came You Never Know. This was amazing! Carter was spectacular on it, and they added a nice little jam to the end. #41!!! My favorite DMB song, and it was incredible as always. Pay For What You Get was next. What a surprise. Great to hear it with the full band. Loving Wings into Where are you going was pretty standard, love Carter on LW though. Kit Kat Jam was great, really cool lyrics. WTWE was standard but nice. Cry Freedom was beautiful. Never heard it live and was so pleased when I did. LAST STOP!!! I've been waiting to hear this and wow! it couldn't have been any better. The band was really on! LLD - Stone was cool very nice transition and I loved the way dave looped his guitar at the begining of the stone. Never heard that before. After this he went into JIMI THING!!!! Highlight of the night. I have seen this played several times and this was by far the best version, I have ever heard, including live recordings. The jam was spectacular. Jimi thing led into Dreaming Tree!! Wow! This is such a beautiful song, and I'm am glad they brought it back. They closed with an energetic Tripping Billies which was great way to end this magnificant set. The encore started with GIG which was pretty standard. I really enjoyed Stefan's part. THen they finished with Grey Street which was a good closer, although it didn't do justice to the set. All in all this was a spectacular show with several highlights. It was also great to hear 5 songs I've never heard performed live before in my 8th show! I give it a 9/10. Look forward to the Montreal and TOronto shows in September.