Dave Matthews Band
Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: moe.

She Sends Me
Shoot 1st
Plane Crash
The Weight *

onstage 8:20pm
Donít Drink the Water
One Sweet World
Last Stop
When The World Ends
If I Had It All
Cry Freedom
So Much To Say
So Right
Dreaming Tree
Grace Is Gone
Donít Burn The Pig
The Maker
Two Step
offstage 10:54pm

* Dave on vocals, The Band cover
entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

dave loves cleveland, but carter loves cleveland more. moe. was fantastic, i wish they would have played longer. it's nice to see a talented opening band for a change. i felt DDTW before the intro was even played, and called it. though the 3rd time in a row we've heard a DDTW opener, the song never gets old. carter was playing really, really hard and it got the crowd going. satellite was great, nice to hear an oldie... then, granny! wow. i would have never guessed that. flawlessly executed, beautiful song. OSW was next, it was as great as when they opened with it at blossom 3 years ago. crush, another repeat for us but still a great song. by this point, we're thinking this is too good to be true, then right into the last stop! damn! it seems to have improved, but boyd still played the wrong notes during the outro. eventually he gave up and stopped playing. carter mixed up the cut time part, which was cool. i've been waiting 5 years to hear this song live. it remains one of DMB's most powerful songs. the fun had to stop some time, and it stopped with WTWE. it was weak and unimpressive, as was if i had it all. bathroom/beer break time! things tried to pick up with cry freedom, but a crowd of drunken, unappreciative frat boys screamed at each other for most of the song, but they were removed towards the end and we enjoyed the last minute or so. great song, people need to shut up when quiet songs are played. SMTS was great, very energetic. i thought for sure ASTB-->too much would follow, but dave picked up the baritone so i picked up and took another bathroom/beer break for so right. so wrong, dave! dreaming tree was next, very impressive live. last night was like listening to BTCS. stefan and carter were very impressive. grace is gone followed, very nice and mellow, the jam wasn't quite as long as usual. leroi's solos were nice. i was again amazed when pig was pulled out of nowhere, again a multiple repeat for us but still not a bad song. as much as i used to despise stay, i enjoyed it without the lovely ladies. butch and carter sung the background vocals and sounded great. short break, then encore time! i shouted "maker!!!!" from 10th row when it was quiet and virtually no one knew what was being played, and was rewarded with a look and a smile from dave! a beautiful song, much different than the version from LIC. sounded much more like the D&T version. i think i was the only person in the first 10 rows who knew the lyrics. a great mellow jam to prelude to... TWO STEP! i can't stop mentioning the muliple repeats... the seat-banging was reminiscent of the infamous two step chant from pittsburgh last year. this was a new version, there was no jamming at all. none of the familiar butch solos, carter went right into his solo, teased the outro for a bit, and then ended it. the song couldn't have been more than 10 minutes long, i thought for sure ants would be played next, but that was the end. a very solid setlist, some more jamming and less multiple repeats (for us) would have been nice. the 3 everydays close together made the middle of the concert boring, but DMB still proved they can rock like they did 10 years ago and they aren't going to stop any time soon.
This was my fifth show overall, and to me second best (behind 2001's Va. Beach show). THE GOOD- Don't Drink the Water & Satellite were both good. Granny was a big surprise. One Sweet World was cool. Crush was really jamming, but not nearly as good as July 12, 2002 in Charlotte. Hearing Last Stop was great. I have always wanted to hear that again. The last time I heard it was May 9, 1999 in Charleston WV just before its hiatius! Neither When The World Ends nor If I Had It All are even close to being a favorite song of mine, but they sound fairly good live. Cry Freedom was awesome though. It just seems more resonant to me than it used to. So Much To Say is always a welcome classic. So Right is a personal favorite of mine. I love how this song works live! So much energy, maybe they should have played it earlier in the set though. Dreaming Tree sounds so different without Greg Howard; more sparse. Seemed to me that Stefan had to change his part of the song to make up for it. Certainly a big treat to hear that live. I was beginning to think I never would. Stefan's intro for Grace is new (to me anyway). What a treat to hear another rarity- PIG! Boyd's violin was so great during this. You could tell how much fun he was having. It seems like everyone disagrees with me, but I think that Stay suffers without the Ladies. It was still a very effective way to end the set. The Maker encore was just perfect. I recently had the chance to see Daniel Lanois do this one live, and I think he'd have been proud of the boys. I have to say I totally DIDN'T expect Two Step as the last encore. WOW!!! I was totally freaking out and jumping around on the lawn. THE BAD- Not much negative to me. The pace was a little too slow building, but the set list made up for that. The worst thing was the crowd. At least where I was, it was kinda dead. Some people even sat down. I have really never been to a DMB show where people sat. My friend said maybe it's a Midwest thing. Some of the people were pretty obnoxious too. One jerk kept talking smack on The Maker, and yelling for Two Step. When they actually did play it, it was almost annoying since he got his way. Overall though, a really great show!
Nick P.
What an unbelievable show, I've been to nine now, and I would have to say this rates up in the top 2 of the best I have seen. The night started off with a great set by Moe, and a surprise guest appearance for the last song. Dave came out and sang "take a load off fanny" with Moe. It was kinda funny to see Dave up on stage with no guitar, and you could tell that he didn't really know what to do with his hands. The boys opened maybe a half hour later with a powerful Don't drink the water, followed by a very somber satellite that was reminiscent of the old days. Granny was next and started to pick the crowd back up with a great jam at the end. It was followed by your basic One Sweet World, and Crush. Next came Last Sto which did not disappoint, it was unreal to hear that song live. I had never heard it live before, and it was defiantely a treat and really got me and the crowd jamming. They followed it with a nice easy If I Had It All and a very soothing Cry Freedom. Then something really unexpected for me at least, So Much to Say rocked the house with a nice small, tight outro jam. No ASTB, but, beggars can't be choosers! The followed it with a tight and powerful So Right, the first time it was played this tour. Dreaming Tree came next, and again it was great to finally hear this song live. The definately did a great job with it. Grace is Gome followed, and Stefan did a wicked intro on a slide base. This led into DON'T BURN THE PIG!!!! I have always wanted to hear this song live, and the boys didn't disappoint me!! It was unreal, and definately got my heart pumping!! They closed the set with a great Stay, with Carter hitting some great high notes, something I have never really heard before. The encore was unreal. The played The Maker, and finished up the song with a great jam at the end, with Dave doing some amazing stuff on the guitar. Then.....the song everyone has been waiting for all tour.....TWO STEP!!! Only the second time in nine shows I have heard it, and it definately did not disappoint. The boys definately left the crowd on a high note with a great jam to end the show!
Mike H.
Big surprise to see Dave came out and perform the last song with moe. Not sure of the title, but it has the refrain "take a load off Annie ..." in it. Strong start to the show with lots of my old favorites. At some point after about 5 songs the speakers on the left side of the lawn went out. Came back a song later. Nice long jams on Crush from everyone in the band. Crowd in Ohio was very laid back and quiet, especially on the lawn. Needed some less mellow tunes midway to keep them up and dancing. Very enjoyable two and a half hours. Huge crowd showed up and it took forever to get out of the parking lot afterwards. The venue is in a newly designated National Park. For some reason there is a tree right in the middle of the lawn! Also, hard to see the stage and video screens from a large portion of the lawn because the low roof comes out so far. For once I envied the big spenders nearest the stage.
James L.
Any Dave show is a good show but this was by far the worst of 16 for me. I haven't seen Dave in about 2 years so I was hoping for a lot more. This show just seemed very boring and way to mellow for me. I wasn't able to get up and move around or sing along as much as in the past. Seriously, no Jimi thing, warehouse, what would you say, too much, tripping billies, #41, crash, everyday, nancies, ants marching, watchtower, etc. at least a few would have been nice but instead I just sat on the blanket and looked at my watch while he played satellite, so right, dreaming tree, cry freedom, if i had it all, etc. Maybe Dave is showing his age. Let's face it he has to stop touring some time and if he keeps on boring the heck out of people for 50 bucks a show it might be sooner than later. Looking forward to the dave and tim studio album though. But, once again if this was my first dave show then I probably would have loved it.
This show was awesome! The sound at Blossom is incredible compared to Germain in Columbus. The band was full of energy. I cant remember ever seeing Stefan jam the way he did tonight - he was so into to it. Dave of course was at his best. Goes without saying. Everyone was. Boyd just jammed on Pig. So Right was awesome - been waiting for that one. Crush as always was powerful. Enjoyed Stay. My third show this week - sadly probably my last for this tour! My 6th show altogether. Best part about this show - I spent my 35th birthday with Dave!! How awesome was Two Step??? I have waited 6 shows to hear that song and DMB exceeded my expectations! I've never heard a better version and to hear it and see it live - what an awesome end to the show and my birthday!
Nathan A.
So after seeing the band 18 times before and not seeing them for over 6 months, I was in dire need of some solid live DMB. I am extremely excited about this tour because there is no album they really need to play from and that is why the show rocked. This was my 19th show and my first time actually seeing three songs performed by the full-band: Last Stop, Dreaming Tree and The Maker. I was thoroughly impressed by how solid the band sounded on tunes they haven't played in a long time. They were right on. The entire show was a highlight and it was especially a pleasure to hear Cry Freedom again and as always a Two Step closer. This show was for the fans who appreciate the BTCS album. I personally missed that tour so this show was something to remember. Thanks Blossom for a great venue and a beautiful night. Thanks to the crowd which was pretty well behaved but still needs to jam more. And please, if you ever see someone really getting into the music, just let them go, or even better get into the music yourself. DMB fans have a horrible connotation of just standing still all night long. Loosen up people and shake your feet to some of the best music of our time. Peace, I'll see you @ Riverbend (2nd night) and Deer Creek (1st night).
Justin H.
Overall, it was an great concert. I feel that Don't Drink The Water is one of his better opening songs, and he played it much like he did at Folsom Field, although he switched up a few lyrics. Satellite was great as well, although the lights would have had more of an effect if he had waited until later in the setlist (when it got dark). Granny was great, I hope he releases it soon. Moving on (don't want it to be too long), Crush was unbelievable. This was the first time I was able to hear that song in concert, even though it has always been in my top 10. The aura around the song was amazing. Cry Freedom was a pleasant surprise, since I was not expecting it. Grace is Gone and Pig (another favorite) were both well done. Stay was out of this world, probably one of the best I've heard. The encore was excellent. He opened with The Maker, which was great. He stayed a little laid back, peaceful almost, and it seemed like Carter didn't use the bell of the cymbal as much as usual. Two Step was an excellent finish to an excellent concert. The crowd was going nuts to the beat, especially with the extended outro and awesome lighting display. Overall, I was very pleased with the concert.
What can I say? WooooooooooooooooooooW! Incredible,I can't beleive that I got to hear The Last Stop,Dreaming Tree, and last but not least, Don't burn the Pig!In the same set list? Let me Just say, that this show was great for me. These are personal favorites for me, And they sounded great! Also Cry Freedom, Granny, One Sweet World fantastic!And last,but not least. The Maker! This was very nice to hear with the band. I had the Honor to hear this song at Oxford OH. At the Dave and Tim show 3-31-03! And it sounded great then,and even better tonight! The only downpoint was the crowd was terrible! No respect! Oh well! See ya guys 6-26,6-27 Burgettstown PA!
Jackson R.
First off, let me say that Blossom is a beautiful, beautiful venue and Dave started out the show by saying that he missed playing here in 2001 and 2002 and that it was one of his favorite places to play. by the way, moe. was awesome as usual. OK heres a song by song review. DONT DRINK THE WATER: a very high enery opener. it was great to hear this and the prelude was really cool. SATELLITE: a very mellow song, the lights were cool during this song. always great to hear. GRANNY: i was very happy to hear this and the Love! Baby! part really pumped up the crowd. ONE SWEET WORLD: Roi was awesome during the intro and up to this point, the show has been pretty mellow. CRUSH: One word: Carter. he ruled this song and the crowd went nuts during his solo at the end. LAST STOP: I'm really glad they pulled this song back this summer. It had so much energy and carter was amazing as usual. Again, awesome light show during this song. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS: not too much to say, short and sweet as always. didnt mind hearing this one. IF I HAD IT ALL: i dont usually enjoy this song, but tonight it had a ton of energy and i have a new respect for this song. very emotional. CRY FREEDOM: this was so nice to hear on such a beautiful night. The sun was almost fully set and the moon was rising and it was perfect. SO MUCH TO SAY: i was hoping for ASTB>too much, but hey, its not bad on its own. SO RIGHT: perfect song for a summer night. very happy i heard this. DREAMING TREE: again, im very happy the boys brought this one back. roi was awesome during the jam on penniwistle. GRACE IS GONE: this song, although good, is almost always the same. however tonight the boys jammed it out about 3 minutes longer than usual, it was nice. PIG: whats there to say? the crowd loved it and it was great. however i really wish boyd was in tune. STAY: very high energy closer and the band was having a great time playing this for us. ENCORE: THE MAKER: the light during this were very cool. a blueish purple color. I love daniel lanois and DMB does the song justice. TWO STEP:tour premier of this song and it was utterly breath taking. What a way to end the show. Carter and butch owned this one. This show has to be my favorite DMB show i have ever attended. The weather was perfect and the band played a great set.