Dave Matthews Band
Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Dar Williams

onstage 8:15pm
The Stone
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
You Never Know
Donít Drink the Water
If I Had It All
Song That Jane Likes
Seek Up
Last Stop
Dreaming Tree
#41 (Everyday)
Where Are You Going
The Maker
Tripping Billies (Nature)
offstage 10:30pm
onstage 10:36pm
Iíll Back You Up *
Two Step
offstage 11:00pm

* Dave, Stefan, and Carter
entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Katie K.
Best Concert I have ever been to. This was my 16th show and, being in 9th row center, I can say that the songs were amazing. Last Stop/Dreaming Tree were amazing. The Maker was a treat. Stay, 41, Stone, and Seek Up were amazing as always. IBYU was a treat. This night will go down in my record books as the best one ever.
Chris C.
One of the best setlists I've ever witnessed, and one of the loudest crowds I've ever heard at Riverbend. The Stone - great opener...longer than usual intro. The band sounded just great. One Sweet World - nice old school favorite. Instrumental intro and dave seemed to be feeling it. I started to get a really good vibe from this point on. You Never Know - best version I've heard of this song. They sounded just perfect....dave was really into it. Don't Drink the Water - I really didn't see this coming, but it was a very energetic song and everyone sounded great. The crowd came alive here. If I Had It All - my favorite everyday song right now, and they nailed it- though it's a short song, and the crowd went a little dead, the bridge and Carter got everyone going. Nice. Satellite - I can usually do without this, but they made it loud and very enthusiastic. Boyd got a little sour at times here and I got a little worried that the energy would be lost. Song That Jane Likes - I got a little sister.....great. I'm not sure but I think Dave may have sung the 3rd verse twice.....but it was nice to hear this thing again. Seek Up - what can you say? Fantastic rendition. Boyd sounded better than he ever has, and aside from the lack of a nice Butch solo, it was great - just great. Last Stop - I called this one....they still don't have it down yet all the way, but they're by no means tentative with it. Even though Dave isn't quite sure about the verse structure, the band is so good, they could have gone on forever. The outtro was beautiful, and boyd blended in nicely. Dreaming Tree - energy killer my ass. #41 - nice....jam and everything. Dave's worked in a nice little jazzy outtro riff that carter fills nicely on. It seemed like they didn't want to stop playing it. Where Are You Going - I got a beer which promptly was knocked out of my hands after taking one sip. $5.75 down the drain- another reason to dislike this song. Stay - holy shit- the highlight of the night. Absolutely stunning- energy galore, and the road crew made it a point to show Butch singing the backup parts that some idiots have mistaken as pre-recorded Lovely Ladies. After the song was over, Dave introduced the band, and made it a point to say BUTCH TAYLOR ON VOCALS. I thought it was a pretty cool 'fuck you' to the people questioning the backup capabilities of Carter and Buch. I'll be looking forward to hearing the tape of this one. The Maker - I was sure that stay was the closer....so this was almost a bonus. Nice tight version. Tripping Billies - energy though the roof. Boyd was crazy, everyone in the arena was dancing. Loudest I've ever heard that place. Fantastic closer to a great show. Encore. I'll Back You Up - Stefan on the bass solo. Nice. Carter added some great backup vocals. Two Step - Stefan almost started a Watchtower solo, but Boyd launched into the 2 step riff which culminated into another Carter showcase. Energetic great closer. All in all, this was a very nice 2 night stand, which showed the band's versatility as we knew they could. Still, they left off a bunch of great songs....but tonight was one of the best shows I've seen in 20+ since 1996. On a side note, the mix was also spot-on and dave and stefan seem to be back up in the mix from pervious tours. I think Dave's guitar was much to low last tour, but this year, he's very prominent. It's also the best sound I've heard at a Riverbend show and probably the most fun I've had at a DMB show in a long while. Boys, DMB, if they ever left, is back in full force
Adam C.
I just got back from the 2nd night at Riverbend in Cinny OH, and this show was intense. There were a couple of suprising song choices in this show, such as "Song That Jane Likes" and " I'll Back You Up" but the ajust to things was perfect in my opinion. "Trippin Billes" was fantastic, you could really tell the band was getting into it as well. Boyd made his rounds all over the stage in this selection while playing a Tremendoues sole, dancing right infront of the crownd at the end of the stage in the center, and prouncing around stephan while he was in his own groove. And the encore was fabulous. the return of "I'll Back You Up" and then what we all thought was bound to be Watchtower as stephan seemed to be starting up a bass sole. Ended up beeing a wonderful preformance of "Two Step". This show was most enjoyed by the audience,and was well felt by the band.
Jeremy S.
This was my ninth show and it ranks near the top, maybe my favorite show. The band had so much energy, the crowd had a lot of energy, and the setlist was amazing. We ended up getting there early, sold our lawn seats, and bought pavillion about 15 rows from the stage which made it even better. My highlights were Seek Up, I'll Back You Up, The Last Stop, and #41. If the rest of the shows this tour have this much energy and you aren't planning to go, you need to think again, this tour is shaping up to be a classic. What an amazing show!
My first of the year. Dave introing Dar Williams was nice. Stone, nice opener. Got the night started off right. Seek Up was an awesome tune. My first Last Stop. Not one of my favs, but tonight they really got into it. 41, rocks as always. Nice surprise with The Maker. Love this song. Cool to hear IBYU. Nice start for the encore. Two Step-amazing. One of the better shows I've been to.
Ok, so last night was my 12th show and I have to put it at least in the top two or three I've ever seen. Definitely the best show I've seen in the last three years or so. The setlist AWESOME. We escaped only having to hear one song from Everyday (If I Had It All) which was still great, but they played 6 songs from RTT which never happens. The band was waayy tight. "The Last Stop" kicked arse, and I've never seen this before; in the middle of "Two Step" the band dropped out completely and let Carter solo BY HIMSELF for about a minute or two. Man, that was bad ass.
This has got to be the best concert I've ever been to and I've been to 8 of them. I do not think Dave could have picked a better set list. His jams (especially to #41) were AMAZING. Boyd went nuts and it was awesome! One song after another, he played his most amazing and he played them better than I have ever heard them. It will be extremely difficult for any of his other concerts ever year to top this one. Beginning with The Stone, ending with the most amazing version of Trippin Billies I have ever heard, and filled with all of his best songs, I feel honored that I was able to attend a concert this amazing. TSTJL was a real treat to hear. It's such a sweet song!! The whole concert was incredible! I wish I had it on CD!!
Unbelievable show...Tripping Billies was the best part of the night for me with Boyd going at it with Dave first and then right up into Carter's drum set...great show with great old songs...Monday's show was great but this show was out of this world.
Alright, so this is my first review, and just a warning...it's detailed. First off, the band opened with The Stone, which had a different, yet cool, intro. Carter did some stuff on his drums that was awesome. It isn't one of my favorites, but it is a good one. Then they went on to One Sweet World. WOW, of all the shows I have been to now, which this was my fifth by the way, this was the first time I heard it. They began with the sweet instrumental intro, too, so I was feeling somewhat positive at this point. Then Carten played into You Never Know--pretty standard, it is a good song, but I've heard it a couple times already. Back to the classic stuff...Don't Drink The Water was awesome. Dave and Stefan did a little dancing on this one, lot of energy from this song. If I Had It All was pretty good, considering it is from Everyday, but oh well, one of the few from the album I really like. Satellite was good...standard version though. Not incredibly big on the song...I think I overplayed it after I got the two CD's it is on. The Song That Jane Likes was a surprise--really fun song, always glad to hear this. SEEK UP...AHHHHH sorry but I absolutely love this song, and i finally got to hear it. Even better, they played the song, beginning to end with a long jam, for 20 minutes! Right about now I was thinking the show had a lot more surprises after the previous show and then some of the songs tonight. LAST STOP! THE SONG IS BACK! It was so great to hear this live! It was absolutely incredible!!!!! Then Dreaming Tree was great to hear. It's kind of a mellow song to put in there, which I thought was a cool idea. Then the highlight for me...#41!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After five shows I finally heard it!!!!!!!! Wow, it was unbelievable; better than I imagined it would be! I was at Dave and Tim on March 31st in Oxford, and that was the only shows, after he began playing #41, that he didn't play it at. So I was pretty disappointed. But hey, I heard it with the whole band tonight...no complaints! Where Are You Going was thrown in there pretty much, standard version, nothing different at all. Then he played Stay! By the way, congrats to Butch and Carter, they are great on back-up vocals, but Butch Taylor has an unbelievable voice...I never would have imagined! I thought for sure that was the end of the show, but then they proceeded to play The Maker! This is such a beautiful song, regardless of the fact that it is a cover, the guys do awesome with it. Then he left himself about five seconds in between that and the closer. He moved his hand on the guitar to let Carter know he was starting the next song, and he started the intro to TRIPPING BILLIES! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! After every song they ALREADY played tonight they still end it with such a great song. BOYD TORE IT UP FOR A FEW MINUTES...BETTER THAN I'VE EVER SEEN BEFORE!!!!!! Roughly 5 to 10 minutes in between Tripping Billies and the encore. Only Dave, Carter, and Stefan came out...so I was waiting anxiously for a classic that doesn't get played much. Sure enough, to my surprise, they play I'll Back You Up! Stefan had a great song, and the song was just beautiful. Then Boyd started strumming the final song...Two Step! It was a great way to end the night! Overall every member had their solos, and each one was sick as hell. Nearly three hours long, it was the best I've seen. Each one I have been to has gotten better. I wasn't sure how they were going to top the first night at Riverbend, but damn, they did not disappoint tonight! I would put this up there with one of the best shows I have seen the setlists for! See y'all in Columbus for Farmaid, cheers!
Steve B.
A much better show than the first night. From the fourth row it was very clear on their faces that Carter was really the only one into it for a good stretch of the show, but by the time they hit TSTJL it all started coming together. Carter's intro to Seek Up rivaled that of 12/21/02 and Last Stop, Dreaming Tree and Maker were all perfect. Right before Billies Dave turns around and is telling Carter nature is coming and sure enough Billies closes out the show and Boyd and Carter explode all over it. I'll Back You up in the encore was not expected, but a nice surprise. Stefan did some great work on that. Two Step was very solid and Carter again put on a show, but I think Ants would've fit a little better. Oh well, can't complain too much since the show was great on the whole and I had the best seats of my life.
Nate R.
I waited a long time for this show. The day tickets went on sale, out of 6 shows, this was the only show that I could get tickets in the pavillion. We ended up getting 12th row, and over the past 6 years of seeing the DMB, this was the closest I would be so far. Our seats were to the far right so I didn't see Carter at all, I saw Leroi once, but I could see the rest of the band. Dar Williams was opening again, and this time I actually really got to listen to there music, and they are pretty good, they reminded me a lot of a local band you may have heard of called Over the Rhine. Anyway onto the DMB set. This tour I think is by far the best tour I have seen yet. They sound better than ever, its really amazing, everyone should go to as many shows as possible this year, because this was my fourth of this tour and to be honest, I wish that I was going to every single show on this tour, you don't want to miss it at all. Okay now with tonight's show. THE STONE - good opener, its amazing how fast Dave can move his fingers on the main riff to this song, I like towards the end when it gets really soft, and then BAM! they just come back to close it, ONE SWEET WORLD(with instrumental intro) - this song with the intro is so beautiful, it sounds better every time that I hear it, YOU NEVER KNOW - this probably has my favorite lyrics of a Dave song, although unlike the writers and critics in the newspapers, I feel like Dave's lyrics are just as strong as the music(I read a review of last years show in the paper and I remember that the writer of the article said something like the lyrics were the bands weak spot or thats where they lack or the music overpowers the lyrics, anyways, Dave has the best lyrics of any band), DON'T DRINK THE WATER - I think they play a different intro everytime, I think tonight Steffan might have done something on the bass with distortion or something I can't remember exactly, IF I HAD IT ALL - although a lot of people disliked this album or whatever, I think that it just takes a little bit more time to get used to, it may not sound exactly like "classic Dave" but try putting yourself in Dave's shoes or any artist for that matter, and everyone knows you can't keep writing the same album over and over, SATELLITE - Dave started off with an intro and it was kind of hard to tell what song it would be, SONG THAT JANE LIKES - Dave always comes out and all he has to do is say, "I got a sister named Jane.." and its a good dancing song, SEEK UP - I love this song, they kind of started off faster than usual, it wasn't as long as the Red Rocks version, but I especially love the outro, THE LAST STOP - this song keeps getting better everytime, I've noticed that Dave starts to sing something towards the end but he's not singing into the mic so maybe he's throwing some ideas around, but it might be the outro Everything Will Be Alright from the album BTCS after Spoon, I'm not exactly sure, THE DREAMING TREE - I really love this song also, great outro, #41 - my all time favorite DMB song, it just really makes you feel good, when they were playing this I was praying that they would go into Say Goodbye but thats okay that they didn't, however in the outro, Dave started singing the words "everyday" however they didn't go into Everyday, WHERE ARE YOU GOING - the first time that I have not heard it live with the Loving Wings intro, a real beautiful song, I liked the movie Mr. Deeds too, STAY - happy happy happy song, THE MAKER - good cover although I have never heard the original, I think I like the version without the electric guitar, I'm really sorry Tim, but I don't know, I just like it, TRIPPING BILLIES - the intro was just Dave, just like on Luther College with Tim, usually when they play it live the intro is kind of like the album it just goes right into it rather then Dave strumming his guitar, then they left the stage for about 3 or 4 minutes, and you are always awaiting the encore, just like the entire show, you never know what song will be next, and thank God, thank you so much guys for choosing to play I'LL BACK YOU UP - the first Dave song written, I love this song, is there a Dave song I don't love, no, anyways it really meant a lot to me and I'm sure almost everyone else there to hear this, you usually don't hear it too much live, usually just Dave and Tim, but it was Dave, Steffan, and Carter, with Steffan playing the solo, and Carter adding a nice soft beat, it was amazing, and then the closer TWO STEP - always a good song to jam out the night with, with lots of solos, and it just ends the night perfect, this show was the best show I have seen in my 6 years, and I think being in the 12th row also had a little something to do with it, but for the DMB if you are out there, thank you guys so much.
Ashley W.
This was my 7th Dave Matthews Band show and by far the best show I have ever seen. The Song That Jane Likes and I'll Back You Up were diffenatly special to see in concert. Dave and the band played #41 and Two Step with so much energy the fans could not sit still. I was in the lawn and the people in the lawn were going crazy during the whole concert. This concert was a great pleasure seeing the band play such a varity of old and new songs even ones that are heard very seldom.
Cliff E.
DAMN! This was my 9th DMB show, 10 if you count Dave and Tim. Before tonight, the 1999 Louisville Palace D&T (my first show) sat atop the list of shows I've seen, but this one was nothing short of amazing. I knew that they were bringing back a lot of their less-played songs for this tour, but STJL, SU, LS, and IBYU in one night? Thanks, guys, for an amazing show. I can't wait for Deer Creek this weekend.
This was an amazing show. They opened with The Stone, nice version, then into some OSW. Tonight was the first time I had ever heard DDTW I like it live. The last stop was increadible. Billies was awesome. DREAMING TREE!!!--WOW!!!! IBYU and an awesome 2 Step for an encore. Just an awesome evening. I like Riverbend (many people don't) and I will be back next year. See you all in Indy
This was an amazing show. They opened with The Stone, nice version, then into some OSW. Tonight was the first time I had ever heard DDTW I like it live. The last stop was increadible. Billies was awesome. DREAMING TREE!!!--WOW!!!! IBYU and an awesome 2 Step for an encore. Just an awesome evening. I like Riverbend (many people don't) and I will be back next year. See you all in Indy
Liz S.
Wonderful show, I missed Monday's and was bummed, but thought i got the better performance...I was excited when i heard that Dave was bringing back some old stuff...Loved Tripping Billies, never expected it...loved it all..well the whole show could have been a bust, but once he played IBYU (My alltime FAVORITE song) it just made my night, well maybe my whole summer. My boyfriend was confused to why i was so excited, its so rare, maybe played 2 times last summer...THANK YOU DAVE...gosh i just love that song!
Brian E.
without a doubt, one of the best shows i've seen. butch taylor on vocals was amazing. BT's violin solo was sweet too. it was nice to hear a lot of old stuff like the song that jane likes, and #41. and not a whole lot of shit from EVERYDAY (i don't care what people say) that album sucks! two step to finish the show off couldn't have been any better! would've liked to see him play warehouse or watchtower...can't wait to see him in chicago!