Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Mullins Center - UMASS, Amhert, Massachusetts
Graph of songs performed, by album
onstage 7:15pm
When The World Ends (Extended Outro)
The Stone (Wise Men Outro)
So Much To Say
Where Are You Going
Two Step
Satellite (Off-key Intro)
The Maker
Don't Drink The Water (This Land is Your Land)
Everyday (#36)
Stay or Leave
Breathing Space (Tim Solo)
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)
Grace Is Gone
Grey Street
Cry Freedom
Lie In Our Graves
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Kundalini Bonfire (Tim Solo)
Dancing Nancies
Long Black Veil
Ants Marching
offstage 10:17pm

Patrick P.
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds end their acoustic tour with a late announced show in Amherst, MA to benefit the The Tiger Kloof School. A small crowd of 2,000 piled into the Mullins Center at University of Massachusetts Amherst to listen to the intimate set list. The set was full of D&T tour standards, including the Bartender opener. When the World Ends was complemented with an extended ending. Dave started Satellite with an interesting off key intro; slowly adjusting each riff til he was playing in key. Everyday proved to be a real crowd pleaser, with Dave actually singing back up to crowd, singing the #36 verse. Stay or Leave, the new song introduced in this tour, made another appearance; exposing more fans to the newest Dave song. Jimi Thing was also a treat, with an excellent transition into What Will Become of Me. Dave lent some excellent Dave speak with Crash Into Me, "Some people hate this song and some people love it- I happen to love it." Dancing Nancies was well done, with an extended intro full of Dave rambling on about how it would like to be a poor man on the street. Long Black Vail was a welcome surprise as an encore, Dave credits the song to Johnny Cash who, "really made the song popular." The concert was closed with Ants Marching, the closer of choice throughout the Dave and Tim tour. Tonight's show was a solid way to close the D&T tour.
Timothy Z.
"You boob, you!" I confess... in some of the many reviews I've written, I have felt compelled to include energetic additives and preservatives to liven up standard performances. This evening, however, is as close to a perfect 10 as I've seen. Rather than ramble like Dave did this evening (apologizing for his verbal nonsense many times.. so much so that his stories ended up like Cliffnote versions: "so we got naked and nothing happened. that's the whole story"), I'll slap at several highlights and just tell you to trust me when I say it's up there with a couple other shows (like 6/5/98 and 6/11/01 for instance) as the best I've seen. Dave and Tim screwed with the beginning of Satellite extra bad tonight, making most cringe and me smirk. The Maker was gorgeous, DDTW and Crush were tight because the duo added a kick to each outro. Everyday was fun because some scholarly gentleman got everyone doing "hanni hanni" at the end and Dave played off it wonderfully. For any future acoustic tour or such, my advice to the masses is to take your aderol, don't drink anything two hours before the show... whatever it takes to stick your asses to your seats during Timmay's solos. The man has more talent than any room full of fans and the disrespect he receives is tragic. But anyway... Stay or Leave is a fantastic song and #41, despite Dave beginning with some vocal strain toward the end of the night, was awesome. The drunk persona intro for Nancies was scrapped in favor of a homeless bum persona instead. This included Dave talking about chasing successful people up and down the streets until they give up their "petty" $10 bills and he can get a buzz on for a couple hours. Very intriguing and poetic. The encore topped things off and overall the evening at UMass was impeccable. New favorite bar is The Moan and Dove, with Rogue Shakespeare Stout on tap. Happy belated birthday to Lauren. A worthy night for a worthy cause with worthy company.
Mark M.
Umass was the place to be on Cinco de Mayo a great night and a solid Dave and Tim show. They opened with an averge Bartender then moved on to a fast paced WTWE that sounded unreal. During Stone you could tell dave was really feeling the night because he had a huge smile on his face at the end. So much to say and Where Are You Going where the smae old versions but are standard songs so you have to love them. One word for Two Step:Amazing. Grave Digger was awesome you could feel dave emotion in the song and tim let it all hang out on that song.Satellite had a really erie begining to it but was played the actual song was a little short though. The Maker was a nice surprise but some idot yelled throught the opening and almost ruined my night. And by the way why do i always get stuck next to that guy that has to yell 41 even after Dave and Tim play it. But anyways Dont Drink the water had some soul to it and the this land is our land ending is becoming a staple to that song and should be played with the band this summer.Crush had the most unreal ending with stop and go action and dave yelling all sorts of chants throughout it. Dave and Tim had the crowd singing during everyday that put a upbeat feeling that was never lost the rest of the night.Tims solos were just mind blowing. How does a man that short move his fingers that fsat is beyond me. Grace is gone and Grey Street were solid versions. Jimi thing and Lie in our Graves really need to be retired they been played way too much and have sounded the same for years now. Crash was had a sick version for its outro. To skip towards the end Dancing nancies had a five mnute intro with dave rambling on and on about a bum. The actual version was better then it ever has.Long Black Veil had the crowd stunned quiet it was a beautiful version. And the standard ants closer was just as jamful as ever. overall the night was great but a word to the wise the more quiet you are the more dave talks about his songs and what they mean to him when you yell and scream he cuts himself short and jumps right in the song. Drunk idots stay at home your not wanted and your really need to go seek helpj if you continue to yell a song title after its already played. Hope Dave and tim do it again in 2004.
Bobby N.
Good Lordy! Although that cackamaimie setlist may look like nothing special to the tour, this was the most unique concert experience I've ever had. The crowd was great, with a few exceptions, and pretty much everyone just sat back and listened to the two guys on stage, one of whom rambled quite a bit about mosquitoes, wearing boots, and why people in Florida are all weirdos even though they may seem normal. He started telling a little boat anecdote, so it seemed like they might play "If I Had a Boat," but alas! Dancing Nancies was absolutely ridonkulous, and a lot of the songs seemed like they were just written to be played in that mellow enviroment (Crash Into Me, Long Black Veil, The Stone, Gravedigger, When the World Ends, Cry Freedom...). This was definitely a perfect way to kick off the summer. Ya big lug.
My first Dave and Tim show..WOW!! Tim Reynolds is amazing. The two solos by Tim were absolutely unbelievable..he may have the quickest hands of any guitar player i've ever seen. Really enjoyed Stay or Leave and Gravedigger. Dave's constant ramblings during the show were BOOB!! Highlights..Jimi Thing..great work by Tim, 2 Step, LIOG, Nancies..nice intro by Dave, Ants..great closer. Great Night at UMass and the Hanger.
Gabe R.
What a show!!!!!! I live only 20min away I brought my friend and he loved it. Bartender had a great intro Timmy was great When The World Ends was also great to here agian I was hopen for them to play Big Eyed Fish but Dave played one of my frav Two Step and Crush and once agian Tim was great Everyday was nice to here and at the end everone sang Honey Honey Come And Dance With Me and then Dave sang along. Stay or Leave was nicely done TIM had two amazing solos I could not bleave how fast he can play The Maker and Long Black Veil was the first time to here at a Dave and Tim show and also my 2nd concert Cry Freedom is also one of my frav songs Don't Drink The Water had an intro that sounded like they were going to play the Last Stop but they didn't I loved the This Lad Is Your Land outro and Dancing Nancies Was Crazy with Tim's solo For the Encore They played Long Black Veil and Ants Marching I was hopeing for Watchtower but hey Dave played Great songs last night. If anyone gets a copy please Email me and we can to a B &P trade
What an awesome show!! Much stronger than the URI show only other D+T show I saw of the tour. Stronger because of the depth of the set list, but the intros and outros were off the hook! Late getting on stage, about 7:20... Opened with Bartender, nice and quite intro, simmered the crowd down. Tim and Dave were on point tonight!! They feed well off one another and Tim really let loose thoughout the show, adding sometimes a jazz feel to some and a southern rock vibe to others. Highlights were the Tim solo's... sorry if you missed it, amazing... Everyday with the crowd providing the mellow back up vocals... Could the Lovely Ladies be out of a gig??? Stay or Leave, GREAT!! The Maker, LBV, and Dave speak before Crash... "I guess there are some people who like it and there are some who don't like it. I like it, especially when my friend Tim is next to me." Thanks in advance to the tapers!!! Great show!! Looking foward to Bonnaroo!!
Rippo M.
@nd Dave and Tim show this year, much better than West point. Tim was unreal and Dave sang great!! He told some funny stories and the set was rippy to say the least! Later Bakes see you in the summer ripps!
This was my 13th show, 3rd Dave and Tim and I just need to say-- BEST dave and Tim EVER!!!!! Dave was hysterical. He told so many wild and funny stories. He is a BOOB!!(He wants us to now use that word). The music highlight was Long Black Veil, Crush-Tim was WILD, Stone,DDTW,LIOG, WWTE, Bartender, The Maker, An awesome new song, And Dave being a big BOOB!Funny Funny Man!!!My personal highlight was finally MEETING him outside after standing there for two hours freezing. He was either "tired or drunk" but it was like meeting Elvis for me. A dream come true. He shook everyones hand but no autographs or pictures. Thanks Dave
Pretty awesome show. I saw them in the beginning of their tour in CT and RI and West Point. They seemed much more tight musically. Tim has really perfected his parts. He is about as good as they get when it comes to guitarists. Dave was excellent as usual and the choice of songs was great. I wish people would understand that there is a set list and Dave doesn't tend not to stray from it all that much. To be calling out songs (like Spotlight and Stay) is ridiculous. Not only does Dave play what he wants, he doesn't like half of the songs people call out. The venue was great too. The steep incline of the seating gave anyone, even in the back row a good view. Hopefully Tim joins the band for the summer tour. His musical talents would bring that whole other dimension back to the full fledge DMB tours.