Dave Matthews Band
Post-Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Dar Williams

When The World Ends
You Never Know
Too Much -->
Dancing Nancies -->
Pay For What You Get
Where Are You Going
Last Stop
Jimi Thing
Digging a Ditch
So Much To Say -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Typical Situation

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Patrick P.
Thousands of fans temporarily occupied the town of Burgettstown, PA, all traveling to see Dave Matthews Band at the Post-Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake for night one of a two night stand here. Dave and the crew mesmerized the audience with a great set full of tour debuts and interesting segues. With current talk of Boyd's poor performance at previous shows, the band continued to support Tinsley by featuring him in a number of solos including the show's opener "Crush". Boyd was really something else in this song, and proved to be a great opener as couples in the seats embraced each other. When the World Ends was a great follow up, contrasting the smoother groove of Crush to WWTE's faster beat. Satellite and You Never Know were crowd pleasers that kept the roaring atmosphere up and going. At the of YNK, before Too Much you could hear something being accidentally patched out to the speakers; some reports say it was Dave's IEM. Dancing Nancies was a great joy to hear, making a modest comeback after not being widely played for a few years. Warehouse was very well done, making its tour debut along with Diggin a Ditch, Anyone Seen the Bridge, Pantala Naga Pampa, and Rapunzel. During SMTS ---> ASTB, I know I personally was wondering what would break into it, knowing Too Much was already played. I really loved how Dave just jumped into PNP. I think that was one of the highlights of the show. Pay For What You Get was another song that is making a big comeback to the tours; Dave also tried to include some of the Norwegian Wood verses that he used in his previous Dave and Tim tour. Last Stop was also welcomed to this tour, it was been played so little that Dave had to review the lyrics before playing it. The reprise outro was well worth the short delay however. Jimi Thing was well done, with the great power jam that includes a little "Frosty the Snowman" in the jams. The set was followed with a nice encore including Typical Situation and Stay. Overall the band performed an excellent set that really asks the question how Dave and Co. can top it tomorrow night.
Mike B.
This was my second DMB show and it completely blew me away from the beginning till the end.I just wanted to point out some of the highlights of the show. Crush was the perfect song to open with. Just an amazing song. Dancing Nancies and Warehouse back to back. Two classics back to back, it cannot get much better than this, or can it? Of course it can, it's a DMB show!!Side note, it is fun to woo along at the beginning of Warehouse. Dave wailing at the end of Bartender is awesome!!Last Stop blew me away.What a great song. Highlight number 1 of the night definetely. Jimi Thing jam was excellent. PNP and Rapunzel as the closer was highlight number 2 of the night. PNP is one of the best DMB songs ever. Highlight number 3 of the night was definetlely the encore. I was digging the new Typical Situation and Stay as the finale, just unbelievable!!! What a great show that was amazing from beginning till end!!
I honestly must say, I think I have seen the best Dmb show so far.Oh Ya! First off my girlfriend got a slipped disk in her back. And she was unable to attend.This was my first show without her,and she was pissed when I got home! After reading the set list on nancies.org She would not talk to me. I don't blame her!This show was amazing! The Warhouse was Grade-A! Totally a surprise to me. Loved every damn minute of it. Bartender great, Dancing Nancies,Digging a ditch, Typical Situation was great,but finally Rapunzel! this song got me pumped, I could not beleive it! Finally get to hear this song! And it was awesome! Terrific crowd tonight! and the band rewarded us tonight,You could tell they really enjoy themselves when they play this venue.I took my best friend to this show he was a virgin! Now he's Dmb hungry! He like a chick all night. Funny sight let me tell you! Your welcome Jua! Anyhoo, My girlfriend Is attempting tonights show,and I hope we get dose of loving wings.That would cheer her up!Oh well, I hope the crowd is as good as last night! It's sold out,so it should be another classic night! Great music,Great crowd always at this venue! After last week in Cuyahoga,I could not wait to get home!
THIS CONCERT FREAKIN ROCKED!! This was my second dmb show... I'm only 15 and trying to go to as many as I can. This show was way better than last year's. There was so much energy, probably because of the amazing setlist. Aright well heres the run thru of all the songs: Crush: great opener, great live; WTWE: good energy and nice effect of stopping the song half way thru; Satelite: completely unexpected, I love this song!; YNK: not my favorite but still good energy; Too Much: wow, this one was great as always; Dancing Nancies: HOLY CRAP, i thought i would never hear this song live! everyone went crazy when he did the lines about drinking and smoking; Warehouse: everyone, including me, went crazy for this one! We all did the WOO thing like they do on Live at FF! Im so glad they played this one; PFWYG and Bartender: this was time to get a t-shirt and a pop (because my voice was killing me from screaming so much) Where are you going: one of my favorite new dmb songs, good version; The Last Stop: I LOVE THIS SONG! it was amazing w/ really high energy; Jimi Thing: a good song but one i could do w/out; Digging a Ditch: a nice mellow song for what came next; SMTS into PNP into Repunzel: WOW all this went by so fast! I would have never thought i would see PNP and Repunzel... i wanted to see that so bad. Next came the wait for them to come back out... it took a LONG time. We even saw a bus leave during the middle of the wait which made me think maybe they left w/out doing an encore. But they came back w/ Typical Situation which was a good one to warm us up for the last unexpected Stay. It was a blast even though i still didnt hear my 2 favorite songs, 2 step and ants marching. Thanks Dave for the incredible night!
Tim B.
After seeing this show, the drive from omaha wasn't bad at all. First of all I made it to the gates at 7:30 thanks to the friendly toll booth person. Still I had no ticket for the show. Driving the long perimeter around everybody else who actually got to the show before 7, I found someone who had pavillon seats, gave me the tix for 20 bucks, you cant go wrong. The show was incredible, this was my eight show and by far the best or second best. This is the way the setlist's should be every year, the start of the show was nothing too impressive, but as soon as I heard the intro into nancies, I knew it was going to be great. nancies,warehouse,payforwhatyouget (People were actually sitting down during this song, I guess they were expecting where are you going???) and unfortunately they got it later on. But the guys rebounded strong with the Last stop, jimi was good dave's jam at the end was the best I've heard with that song. Then smts, everyone was wondering this can't be the closer, what do you know they jam it into rapunzel. For me by far the best part of the show was Typical Situation, the guys polished this song and it was great i cant even begin to describe it. All in all 100% effort from the band and the crowd, when you have that and a great setlist the experience is like no other, see you in kc and later in sept.
I must say this show was fantastic, opening with Crush was a suprise and didn't really seem to grab the crowd, but for all us fans out there this set was amazing...The Band rocked out all night, really showing the crowd what they had, but the crowd didn't show what we really had for some reason, but I was going nuts...Nancies, Jimi Thing, and SMTS-->PNP-->R, those were probly my favorites of the night..Nancies was great with the Pittsburgh line, Jimi Thing was amazing with the way they jammed out, and I wasn't even expecting the transition into PNP from SMTS, but wow it was phenomenal..Overall great show boys, I just wish 41 would have popped up in the set...Friday wasn't a letdown either except for the encore..we'll talk about that soon enough though
This show was awesome!!! It was definitly in my top two favorite all-time Dave shows! Dave got the crowd fired up by coming out to introduce the Dar Williams Band (which was surprisingly good by the way). When he came out on to the stage he began to say, "Somebody's been eating my soup.... (pause)....Somebody's been eating my soup too.... Somebody's been eating my soup too, and it's all gone!"... Needless to say at this reference to Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the crowd went wild. I love you Dave! =) The band did an awesome thing during WTWE...the lights went out and the band stopped playing at the lyric that goes "When the world ends - we'll be burning one, when the world ends - we'll be sweet making love."...and this was spoken by Dave (he didn't sing this lyric)- it was very different and very awesome. There were so many great songs played and so much energy by every band member - it was electric. =) A definite highlight to the show was Typical Situation - which was not played in its "typical" manner. ;-) it was very jazzy and soulful at times - almost like a completely different song - much more rhythm and feeling than on the UTTAD album... I'd also like to add that the band members were dressed very well - and were completely awesome. I was hoping to hear The Best of Whats Around (since so many other UTTAD songs were played) - but I'll just have to wait lol...My boyfriend got to hear Warehouse, which he had never heard live before - that was awesome! This show rocked.. I love you guys!!
Stiffy D.
What a fantastic evening. As it should be, the opener was a highlight. What at first seemed to be a typical Crush with Boyd's jam being held back to BTCS length, the band then broke it down and let him go wild later in the song, an even better version then MCI last winter. The grouping of UTTAD songs in the middle were terrific as well: Dancing Nancies(Could I have been....lost somewhere in Pittsburgh? Lets go PANTHERS. Class of '07, sorry, getting excited for the fall), Warehouse, and Pay For What You Get all were great. Jimi Thing seemed like a faster paced, more energetic version, which was awesome to hear. Right after that was Bartender. Not the best version I've ever heard, but still excellent. The biggest surprise came when they started into Anyone Seen The Bridge after So Much To Say. Having already heard Too Much, I didn't know what to expect. PNP -> Rapunzel! That was an awesome way to end the setlist. Typical Situation is jammed out terrifically live, and Stay really did make me wanna stay(good thing I had tickets for the next night). Oh, and did I mention I got to hear Last Stop live? UNBELIEVABLE.
being only my second concert attending, but one of the many i have heard through my brother and his loop of bootlegging friends, i would have to say it was about the 25th i've listend to. This show was outragous. opening with crush, i knew this show would be crazy. the jams in warehouse and Pantala Naga Pampa into Rapunzel alone made this concert a great experance, but the INSAINE jam session that was Jimi Thing made this show into one of the best i have heard yet. also, Last Stop, Bartender, and Typical Situation were done extreamly well. However, durring one of the first songs, dave changed some of the words to somthing about pittsburgh, which sadily, i was unable to hear due to the mass amounts of people screaming and talking. If anyone knows what he did say, please e-mail me.
I feel very lucky that I was able to experience one of the best set lists ever! Hearing "dancing nancies" and "warehouse" made my night. I couldn't take my eyes off the stage! Dave Matthew's band is by far, one of the best bands in the world...you must see them live.
Dane B.
Ok, I guess Im one of the only people who actually listened to the Thursday night show...and let me say it was THE WORST SHOW I'VE EVER SEEN! Dont get me wrong im a huge dave fan, i just think he played with no emotion except for a few songs, not to mention he played terrible encore songs. I felt like he should have just played his videos along with most of his show..it was just played out and weak! Now on the other hand, Friday was a good concert!
John A.
Definately the best show I've been to. The boys all had good energy, the crowd was into it from the get-go, and the setlist speaks for itself. Overall, just a great time had by all. Here's a song-by-song rundown of the show. CRUSH-Best opener ever. Got the crowd extremely into it early, with everyone standing and singing along. Also, great jam at the end. WTWE-A year ago I would've cringed, but this song has come a long way and was played really well. Very nice version. SATELLITE-First time hearing it live for me and I loved every minute of it. Very powerful and the crowd was jacked to hear it. Great version, as Dave hit all the high notes with no problem. YNK-Great rendition of this one. Again, it seemed to be a crowd-pleaser, and was jammed out with Carter's long intro. TOO MUCH-One of the highlights of the evening, actually. Really funky version, Dave was just into it as hell, and so was the crowd. Great lights on this one. Too Much lead right into DANCING NANCIES-What a segue! This is the second time I've heard this song, and with the drunk man intro coupled with the amazing Boyd solo, it is the best, hands down. This lead right into WAREHOUSE-My favorite song. So glad to hear it, not the best version because Dave messed up some of the lyrics, but it's the tour debut of this song so I can forgive. PFWYG-Not my favorite song, but it turned out to be really nice, and the crowd needed to chill after the Too Much-> Nancies->Warehouse madness. BARTENDER-Excellent version. Dave hit the high notes leading into the climatic wailing, and the wailing was electrifying. Just a great moment. WAYG-It was short, so I'm not complaining. LAST STOP-Here is where the show picked back up. What an amazing song to hear live, and this was an incredible version of it. It seemed even more jammed out tonight than usual. Just great. JIMI THING-I love this song, and it was a phenomenal version of it. Dave, again, hit the high notes, and was dancing all over the stage like a madman. Great guitar solo, as well. DIGGING A DITCH-Wonderful slow song to chill everyone out a little. It was the tour debut for this one, but it was done as if they played it at every show thus far. Very beautiful. SO MUCH TO SAY-Good song, very good version of it. It was clear this would be the closer, until they jumped into Anyone Seen the Bridge. I was wondering what they could possible lead into, seeing as they already played Too Much. PNP->RAPUNZEL-What a magnificent closer! Again, tour debut, and what a great version. All the lyrics were hit dead on, and Dave hit all of the many, many high notes. Electrifying jamming going on at the end.ENCORE....TYPICAL SITUATION-My first time hearing it live, so glad I did. Very good new jam at the end, I was very impressed. This is perhaps my favorite song in this spot (first song of the encore). STAY-I love this song, and with the Lovely Ladies, it's so much better. Again, really jammed out and just left everyone with a good vibe. Overall, the best show I've been to. It easily beat night 2, which is a shame considering night 2 had so much potential, but perhaps a show like this is unbeatable. I would give this 10/10 points easily.
Zac Z.
Excellent show, full of energy and a great setlist. CRUSH opened, and I can't think of a better song to open with. Great jam lead by Boyd that really got the crowd into it. Next was WHEN THE WORLD ENDS. Not my favorite song, but played well and the crowd was really into it. SATELLITE came next, nothign spectacular but still good. YOU NEVER KNOW followed, always good to hear this song. Next came TOO MUCH>>> DANCING NANCIES>>>WAREHOUSE. Wow it was spectauclar. Dave was just going off during Too Much and Lerio was great on the sax. Then they went right into Nancies and Boyd took over. Boyd continued to play like a mad man while they sequed into Warehouse, which just made my night. Then they slowed things down with PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET. I enjoyed this one alot but it seemed to kill the crowd, still it was great to hear. Next came BARTENDER. Dave was wailing away and the whole band played excellent during this one. Im not a big fan of the pennywhistle outro but it was still played well and I enjoyed the "If I only had a brain" interpolation. WHERE ARE YOU GOING was up next and it killed the crowd. My least favorite song of the night. Things picked up again with THE LAST STOP. Just great, amazing jams, and Dave sang it great. JIMI THING was up next. Best version of Jimi Thing i have ever heard. Lerio's solo was great, as was Dave's guitar solo at the end. DIGGING A DITCH was played well and got a good corwd response, its not a favorite of mine personally though. Then came SO MUCH TO SAY, which I thought would be the closer until ANYONE SEEN THE BRIDGE started up. I wasn't sure what they would go into but when PNP started the crowd became extactic. RAPUNZEL was spectacualar and a great closer. The SMTS>>>ASTB>>>PNP>>>Rapunzel was the highlight of the night and the best experience I have had at a concert to date. TYPICAL SITUATION was the first encore song. I couldn't ask for a better first song of the encore. A jammed out version that won't soon be forgotten. STAY wrapped up the night. The boys jammed it out great. Wouldn't be my first choice for an ecnore but was still excellent. Overall the night was great. Carter was amazing on the drums as always and Stefan played great. Boyd and Lerio had some really good solo's and Butch did his thing as well. And as always Dave sang and played great. Can't wait to see them all again.