Dave Matthews Band
Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Iguanas

onstage 8:15pm
The Stone
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
Song That Jane Likes
If I Had It All
Fool To Think
Pay For What You Get (Norwegian Wood)
Rhyme & Reason
Dancing Nancies
Cry Freedom
Last Stop
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) -->
Typical Situation
Ants Marching
Digging a Ditch
What You Are
offstage 11:00pm

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Matt H.
This show was more up-beat than last night. Not that last night was bad, it was more mellow which is also good. Nice to have a mix and some variety. Boyd was on fire both nights, he and Dave and he and Stephen had some good jams tonight. I swear Carter has an extra arm, his drumming was outstanding. Overall there was a lot of energy tonight, esp. towards the end of the show (Rhyme and Reason to end).
Craig C.
This was the first Dave concert I attended and it was a great show. It was definetly packed. I got a lil upset that there where people there just to be at dave, and not to be there for dave. It seemed kinda crappy to me that kids where talking the entire show to their friends about other stuff and that they where on their cell phones a lot as well. I myself had a great time. One Sweet World was great so was Ants Marching and...etc.
Caleb S.
The show was amazing! This time I think they played almost all of what i wanted to hear. Opening with The Stone was sweet and then right into One Sweet World, with a great intro. Then it was Crush which was so good to hear live. Song that Jane likes was also very cool. It was good to see old stuff being played. Two "everydays" were in there but hey, its Dave. Bartender was great, Leroi on the flute was great as always. Good to hear Rhyme and Pay For What You Get. The version of Dancing Nancies was by far the best version I have ever heard. Boyd went crazy! Good to hear Under the Table being played alot tonight. Cry Freedom was good, but Last Stop brought the house down. Then Crash which was very very cool. Typical was great and of course as soon as Carter started banging the drums, we all knew what was coming and it was an electrifying Ants Marching that closed the set. Digging a Ditch wasnt nearly as good as The Maker last night but it was cool. After all the UTTAD stuff I figured Warehouse could be the closer but I was very happy to see Dave reach for the electric and play What You Are. What a great song. A lot of energy to close the night as always. What a great show! Couldnt have gotten any better.
WHOA NELLY!!! Cool show. This is like my 14th show. It ranks up there quite well. The Last Stop rocked the place, as well as Ants. Also, Pay For What You Get was as perfect as perfect could be!! Boyd must drink Red Bull after every song...he has so much energy!! He was everywhere playing and jamming!! The Song That Jane Likes, Dancing Nancies, and One Sweet World reminded me of back in the day when I was young I'm not a kid any more.
Chris G.
Excellent show tonight boys! You know when the band is on fire and tonight was no exception. The Stone is a great opener and got the crowd really excited. The whole show was upbeat, certaintly not the most upbeat I have been to, but they rocked hard. I keep wishing one day I will get to hear Watchtower on tour...I guess not this year. At any rate you can't complain when you get to hear Last Stop and Cry Freedom. Unbelievable.
After a solid first night the boys slammed it into fifth gear for this one. After a bit of a shakey start, they really got going with an excellent CRUSH. R&R had the crowd jumping too. Finally I got the hear NANCIES, and it was electric, Boyd just went nuts. LAST STOP was really intense as was TYPICAL. The highlight though was without a doubt ANTS. 24,000 at Deer Creek went crazy, as did the band. The lawn crowd spilled out into the aisleway and danced and sang and screamed. It was unbelievable. WYA closer was predictable but a great version with a cool new intro (sounded a little like DEED). Carter gave the crowd a big fist-pump as he left the stage and all in all it was the best show I have seen out of 8!
Mike B.
wow, my first show of the tour and what a great way to start, I drove 5 1/2 hours that morning to get there and it took me 7 to get home after the show but it was worth it. Stone- Killer way to start the show got the energy up. OSW- first time hearing it and honestly it was amazing but a little bit of a buzz kill after such a great opener. Crush- brought it back up, really got the crowd moving. STJL-WOW amazing, everyone was singing so loud you couldnt hear dave, awesome. Had it All-not my fave song but a good one nonetheless. Fool to Think- Disappointing, this was the bottom of the lull in the show. Bartender- everyone went nuts b/c they didnt play it nite 1, great jam, LeRoi's pennywhistle was unbelieveable. PFWYG- again not my favorite but a good song. Rhyme and Reason- Great, thats all that can be sead. Dancing Nancies- highlight of the show, unbelieveable, best ive ever heard it, soo much engery, just unreal, hope to hear this alot more this summer. Cry Freedom- brought the crowd down after a great nancies but it needed to be done b/c everyone was goin insane, great song. Last Stop- and... everyones goin crazy again, fenton did an amazing job w/ the lighting all night but this was brilliant. Crash-wow, great to hear, good job. Typical Situation- ... wow.... Ants- nothing you can say, amazing, got the crowd up again for the long encore break. Digging a Ditch- good song but not my favorite encore, a little too mellow. What You Are- amazing bob dylan cover intro (i think it was Devils Child will Save Me) he knew the words and everything, i loved the dylan but what you are is not one of my favorite songs. oh well, an overall amazing nite, easily the best show ive seen to date, cant wait for chicago and both alpines.
Being in the Warehouse really paid off tonight. Sitting 25th row was unbelievable. What a great show! I don't think this show topped last year's 2nd night but it was close until the encore. "What You Are" is a good song, but there are better closers. But just getting to hear "Crush" and "The Last Stop" were worth the price of admission alone. Those songs blew me away. The only thing better than the show was the "Little Thing" experience I had during the intermission & encore. This totally goregous girl named Natalie came from the row behind me and hung out with me the rest of the show. She was perfect: cute, sweet, "tiny" haha, and a huge DAVE FAN. But the show ended and like Dave in the song, I didn't get her number or even get to say goodbye...(excuse the pun). Oh what a night...I never forget it. Thanks DMB!!!
Pat W.
I thought it was going to be nearly impossible to top last night's show. But Dave continues to surprise me. Last year with both shows back to back here it was the same thing. Great first show, but the second just blew it away! This was definitely the best Dave concert I've been to. Opened with THE STONE which is always a good opener. ONE SWEET WORLD with the Instrumental intro is always a treat to hear. CRUSH! I figured he'd play this one because he didn't play it last night. They jammed this out better than any Crush I've heard this tour. FOOL TO THINK definitely is better on the acoustic. BARTENDER was just great. Butch's solo definitely mellowed everyone out and rocked. PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET, this is the first time I've heard this in concert and it was sweet. DANCING NANCIES! One of the songs I was hoping to hear this tour and my wish came true. This was the best version I've heard of it! LAST STOP was jammin. CRASH INTO ME --> TYPICAL SITUATION, was one of the best parts of the night. The lighters were out and everyone swayed to Crash and then the guys jammed Typical Situation out to the point of no return. ANTS MARCHING! Everyone grooved to this one. DIGGIN A DITCH and WHAT YOU ARE as the encore was a pretty good match. The intro to WHAT YOU ARE was really rockin. Dave and the guys seem to love to play in Noblesville. They always seem to give us a good show, and the crowd is always good and gives them the energy they need to feed off of. Definitely more than Blossom 30 fold. Hopin to see the guys in Virginia at the end of the summer! Until then, keep rockin!
Collin Q.
Tonight was off the hook! An amazing show all around and the best DMB show I have ever been to. Stone opener was amazing and just got everyone singing. One Sweet World was tight and had everyone dancing. Crush was nice to hear, a good jam song when we needed one. The Song That Jane Likes was a nice old school treat and If I Had It All and Fool to Think were great to hear. Bartender was amazing. The power in that song mixed with the crowd's reaction was just amazing. Pay For What You Get was nice to hear and slowed us down for a bit and Rhyme and Raason got us right back up and going again. Dancing Nancies was crazy. Simply put, crazy. Cry Freedom was just jaw dropping. That song has so much power and the sad part is, half the crowd didn't appreciate it. Last Stop completed the night. Dave was screaming, we were screaming, it was just unbelievable. Crash was nice to hear with the Dixie Chicken outro and the drop into Typical Situation was great. Typical rocked us out so hard core and got everyone moving again and then Ants Marching tore the roof off Deer Creek. Carter was going nuts, Boyd was going nuts, it was just crazy. Diggin a Ditch was nice, and What You Are with the intro was sweet and closed the night. Overall, this was my best DMB show ever. I've seen DMB 15 times and I finally got the best show ever. Thanks guys, see ya next year!
night two at deer creek, i thought totally blew away night one (specially that i had much better seats). just a few highlights were- nancies,the last stop, typical situations, and pay for what you get. night one did have its moments ,especially help myself (big suprize) but night two in my mind topped it, 2 great nights though, cant wait for the rest
WOW , this was my 11th show and definitely in the top 3. The First night was pretty good and I knew this would be even better. Stone is a damn good opener, followed by OSW, Crush and STJL was just amazing. As usual the boys play the IIHIA & FTT but those were pretty good. PFWYG was simply amazing. I think the Highlights though for me were Nancies (fucking insane!!!) and of course Last Stop. Typical had the baddest jam and it really reminded me of the boys back in the day. The encore was Eh~ pretty good but that show was hard to screw up!! Can't wait till Alpine
This was THE show. The band is rare. The songs are so tight and the energy is so high and the setlist speaks volumes. Boyd contributed like a philanthropist. I've never seen him more on. He has toned down the antics and found the magic. Last Stop was other worldly. Digging A Ditch set the deep down groove for an amazing closer in What You Are. If you left before the end of What You Are, you missed the most animated Dave I've ever seen. He closed that song with the energy of 1,000 nuclear power plants. It was mind boggling to me to completely LOVE almost everything they played off of Busted Stuff (the only *bad* song of the night for me was If I Had It All). Dance, kids. This tour is why you have rhythm in your veins and feet at your disposal.
Sean B.
The show was ok, i was really hoping that it would have had the energy like last years second night at Deer Creek. Started off rocking, then four songs in a row had me sitting down, then picked it back up, the down. Last Stop and Typical Situation were awesome and i think that was one of the best Ants i have ever seen. I spilt before the encore, but heard it on the way to the car. It was the same as last years 1st night, but overall any dave show is great, i had to compare this show and sunday nights show to the second night at Riverbend which rocked, probably the best i have seen in a long time, with the exception to soldier field in 01 and the crown in 98
This was the fourth show of theirs i have attended, and either the best or second best i have seen. I got their late so i didn't get to really hear the stone that well but i'm sure it was great, as was one sweet world and crush, i didn't much care for the two everyday songs following that followed the awesome song that jane likes, bartender was great, but i don't much care for pay for what you get, the rest of the show kicked major ass until the encore, i like digging a ditch but rather had heard something else, what you are was really good,probably my favorite everyday song, although i rather had heard another song, there were only 2 dry parts but i mean hey, its dmb, i have loved all four of his shows, and tonight i heard a lot of firsts, pig,minarets,dreaming tree,helpmyself,two step,or drive in drive out would have been nice, or LIOG or TB
My 14th show, seemed like a much better setlist than last night; songs from UTTAD, RTT, and Crash seem to come across better to the crowd than some of the newer stuff. Bartender was great, as always. Dancing Nancies is always a highlight. Maybe I'm getting too old, but people that talk on their cell phones or carry on conversations during the concert are becoming more and more painful to endure. I'm glad the big TV's were working this year, seems like they weren't last year. Overall great show, one of the top 5 I've been to.
Brittany R.
The Warehouse paid off big tonight! My friend and I got upgraded to FRONT ROW from the second to last row of the pavilion. I just about passed out and then I couldn't stop smiling the entire night. It was my 11th DMB show, and I have to say it was the best not just because of the seats, but because of the band's energy. The night before wasn't as upbeat and fun as I've seen in the past, but Monday made up for it. The Stone opener rocked, as did Crush, Rhyme and Reason, and Ants Marching. I was a little disappointed with What You Are as the closer, I really wanted to hear Two Step instead. During part of the show, I looked over to see Leroi just standing there when I could hear a saxophone part clearly being played. I looked at Boyd and he was playing it! I never knew they changed up parts like that. Ever since the release of Everyday, I have been a little bit less of a fan, but watching the guys jam on stage, laugh at each other, and be so into it renewed my interest. If you're not a Warehouse member, I highly recommend joining because seeing the show that close to the stage is absolutely unreal! Can't wait to see them again!
Wow!!! This was only my third show, but I already know it will be hard to beat. It was total energy from start to finish. STONE - Classic opener. This is one of my top 5 favorite songs and it did not disappoint tonight. OSW - Nice instrumental intro, first time hearing it live. No suprises, but solid. CRUSH - Another one I was hoping to hear. Long, and nice jamming, just the way I like it. It never fails that his nightly reference to weed gets a bigger reaction than anything. STJL - Second time hearing it, still a favorite. I like it as much as Jane does! IF I HAD IT ALL - I was hoping to make it the whole time without anyhting from Everyday. The energy is starting to drop at this point. FTT - Second in a row. I thought this was a good time for a bathroom break, so i can't tell you much about this one. BARTENDER - Got the energy way back up. I love this song so much especially live. It lasted about 25 minutes at least, and Roi's flute was sweet. PFWYG - This one was a suprise. They hardly have ever played this one live until this summer, but I liked it a lot. Nice slow jam. R&R - Now the fun starts! The energy on this one blew the roof off. I went crazy when this one started. NANCIES - Another great oldie. I got chills on this one. Loved it. CRY FREEDOM - Slowed things down, but they did a really beautiful job with this one. LAST STOP - Oh My God! It got loud on this one. The most energetic live song there is. It was unbelievable. I was speechless when they went into their classic outro. Highlight of the night. CRASH - Way to ruin it. The ladies loved it, but they have played it at every show I've seen. Its gettin old guys. TYPICAL - Best version ever! They tore the place down with a jam that was at least 15 minutes. Beautiful song with butch on the keyboards. ANTS - I wasnt mad about this one. It made my day, week, year! Even though they didn't do anything out of the ordinary with it, I don't think they should. There is nothin wrong with it, so they gotta keep it like it is. I thought the encore was disappointing. DIGGIN A DITCH was really nice, and it was a crowd favorite, as well as a personal favorite. But I thought it was kind of disrespectful that everyone decided to try and talk on their phones during the whole show, especially this one. Some girl even came up to our blanket and just jumped under it so she could hear her phone. I shoulda just ripped the blanket up from the ground, but I was actually enjoying the song. Come on, Dave's sitting up there telling you to turn off your phone. If Dave told me to do anything I'd do it. WYA - I knew that they hadn't played Watchtower at the night before, so I was almnost sure they were gonna play it. Then they started into the What You Are intro, and I was kinda pissed, but it couldn't ruin the whole thing. Plus, the intro was really long and different, and it had the word devil in there alot, so I thought it was maybe a preview of his solo album. Overall the show was one to remember. They stayed away from the radio songs pretty good, and like I have stressed, the energy was out of this world. Can't wait till next year!