Dave Matthews Band
Post-Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Dar Williams

onstage 8:28pm
What Would You Say
Grey Street
Rhyme & Reason
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
One Sweet World
Donít Drink the Water
Minarets (Scat Intro)
If I Had It All
Cry Freedom
Ants Marching -->
True Reflections
Dreaming Tree
Two Step
offstage 10:30pm
onstage 10:38pm
Grace Is Gone
What You Are
offstage 10:59pm

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Holy Shit! Can anyone say minarates! Fucking incredible! Coming into my seventh show,I always wondered what my favorite live perfomance was? Well tonight I got it.Minarates was fantastic. It could'nt of been any better. It truly lives up to it's name. The way the band performed this song together was incredible! Everyone in Post Gazzette was going crazy,Fucking nuts!Alright I'm sorry now to the rest of the show.The second highlight of the night was True Reflections What A great song,thank you Boyd it was an honor. Captain was a great surprise,first time played this tour,I love this song and it sounded great. Ants Marching was good,Always a crowd pleaser! Two Step,Cry Freedom enough said! Granny Heard it in Coyahoga,sounded better here. Out of seven shows I've heard Don't Drink The Water for times and tonights performance was great!Dreaming Tree can't get enough!And One Sweet world always can hear this one. Overall,everything else was a Typical Situation! Was hoping for a better encore,but who am I! Thought Last night s crowd was alittle better,not too much,but just a little.After three shows this summer this was number two,last night number one,and Coyahaga 3rd I don't get to see the band again till 9-11-03,but it should be worth the wait. hopefully get to hear Loving Wings there!Until then,have a fun and safe summer and I will see you in Hershey!
Patrick P.
A typical situation one would expect at a second night show would be a lot of repeats. Dave has shocked his fans this tour by playing two nights at one venue without repeating a single song. History was made earlier in 2003 summer tour and it was made again tonight at the Post-Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake. Dave Matthews Band performed a stellar set without repeating a single song from the previous night. Dave started things off with "What Would You Say", a definite crowd pleaser that got the audience pumped up. He then continued the pace with a great run of "Granny", "Grey Street", and "Rhyme and Reason". "Crash Into Me" kept the ball rolling, with Dave singing the Dixie Chicken outro. "Captain" made its tour debut with Boyd and Leroi making solid contributions to the piece. Following that was One Sweet World with the instrumental intro. "Minarets", the rare song making a comeback this tour was well done by the band; the crowd really enjoyed hearing this little treasure. "Ants Marching" was another crowd pleaser, and it was the first time it was played mid set since March 2002. "True Reflections" made a tour debut, with Dave endorsing Boyd's newly released solo album. "Dreaming Tree" was another pleasant rarity that shocked and excited the crowd before the powerful "Two Step" set closer. The "What You Are" encore was a good choice to close what was a well chosen set.
The best Dave Matthews Band show I have been to yet! The setlist was amazing and the band played so well. It was awesome to see Carter sporting a Pittsburgh Pirates basebal jersey and not one song that they played was bad at all. It was nice to see some songs that they haven't played in awhile and there were defiently some suprise songs of the night like True Reflections. Minarets might have been the steal of the night though. Two Step was amazing like always and the crowd was so into it. The songs for the encore are real good songs, but I don't think they are encore type songs. Anyways no complaints at all and just an awesome show!!!!
Well as the second show of two, I must say that it was a minor letdown with the ending being something from Everyday..but the selection of songs was absolutely awesome, Minarets simply a great song, Cry Freedom-first time live for me, I loved it even though some of the crowd seemed to find it a downer...What really threw me for a loop was Ants and Two Step in the same set before the encore, that was some energy right there, Ants marching was probly the best I've ever seen it, however Two Step lacked an intro he just kinda jumped right into-but that of course didn't change the quality of the song whatsoever...and something to add from yesterday's show--Warehouse--> First time live for me and everything I ever expected :)..The only bad part to the whole night or even the two days was ending the two day show with What You Are, I just think the song isn't appropriate to end such a great two days on..and doesnt nearly compare to thursday's ending typical into stay was a great time...Overall Dave and the Guys did a great job entertaining the Pittsburgh crowd and we love him for that, so as long as he wants to come there we'll be there to see him! :)
Adam R.
This was my 10th Dave Matthews concert and my second (Blossom) during this summer tour. This was the very best concert that I have ever seen by the band. Everything was fantastic. Dave was his usual best, and Boyd, Leroi, Carter, and Stephon were tremendous. The energy of the show was just amazing. I was extremely impressed by the lights that were used at the show. Instead of the basic blue and purple lights that are common at Dave Matthews concerts, they used an array of colors to set the mood for the show. Finally, the setlist was amazing. It was a great mix of old and new, with a heavy mix of older stuff. Ants Marching, Crash, Two Step, and True Reflections were especially great. By far the best show I ever saw.
Nick K.
This was my first time seeing Dave Matthews Band live. It was one really great show!!! The set list was very very good. I was surprised when they played Dreaming Tree, Cry Freedom and One Sweet World. It is definatley worth going back to see him again. I was blown away by the perofmance. Grace Is Gone was a great song to play in the encore as well, and What You ARe was an awsome closer. Kudos all around. We all had a great time!!!
Matt K.
Second night in Pittsburgh rocked! DMB put on a great show. Kinda played to many slow songs, but its all good. Great opener playing WWYS, highlights, Granny, Crash, Cry Freedom, Minarets, Grace is Gone. They absolutely tore it up with Two Step, that made my night. The crowd was really awesome too! Everyone was into the music. Nice to hear alot of the old tunes again. Thanks Dave for a great nite!!!
John A.
Another great show at Post Gazette. Not as good as the first night by any stretch of the imagination, but still a great show. Perhaps too many slower songs to kill the mood, but the setlist was solid. Here's my song-by-song: WWYS-Not as good an opener as Crush, but was upbeat and an oldie and got the crowd really into it from the start. GRANNY-I love this song, and this is the best I've ever heard it. Really energetic and fun. GREY STREET-Shortened version, so I was unhappy about that, but Grey Street is Grey Street and will be good no matter what. R&R-A highlight for sure. Intense as hell, Dave screeching at the top of his lungs sent the crowd into oblivion. CRASH-Never heard it full-band before, loved it. The ending with Dave emotionally wailing was another highlight. Crowd loved it. Really great 4 song start to the show, too. CAPTAIN-Apparently many could've done without this one, as people were walking out to get beers/go to the bathroom by the dozens. Still, I loved it, very intense, funky version. OSW-Nice intro, but kept the crowd killed, as it was very mellow. The actual song was nice, nothing too special, but it's still a great live song. DDTW-Hugely intense. The crowd sang every word of it, and the end with Dave screeming shook the pavilion floors. Loved this version. MINARETS-Followed DDTW, kept the eerie but intense mood going. First time live for me, so it was a treat. Plus, it was played really well, so I was a happy camper. IIHIA-Never liked this song, still don't. No one seemed to care, everyone was talking, etc. CRY FREEDOM-Never liked this too much, either, it sounds nice on the album, but it really didn't do for the crowd tonight. Too much downtime with If I Had It All and Cry Freedom back to back. Not a good idea. ANTS MARCHING-Got the crowd going again. A midset Ants is always a treat! Loved it, but they dropped the extended intro that they've been doing for years, but the outro was the same. This lead rigt into TRUE REFLECTIONS-I've always skipped this on Listener Supported, but I'm glad I didn't take a bathroom break here. It was a highlight; not necessarily Boyd singing, but to see Boyd and Dave jam it out at the end was a spectacle. They were dancing face-to-face in circles, and just got the crowd completely into it. DREAMING TREE-Another crowd-killer. I like it okay, and was glad to hear it for the first time, but the crowd couldn't have cared less. Maybe not good set placement. TWO STEP-Best version I've heard, hands down. So much energy, and Carter at the end was awesome to say the least. Great closer, can't say enough about this version. So awesome. ENCORE...GRACE IS GONE-Not as good as Typical Situation last night, but the Stefan intro coupled with the Boyd outro was beautiful. Well done. WHAT YOU ARE-not a good closer at all. I was hoping for Billies, Watchtower, or even something more obscure like Stone, Say Goodbye, or Lie In Or Graves. But no. This. It wasn't even a very good version, I mean it was okay, but the same as the other 1000 times it's closed. Kind of disappointed with this. So, overall, this show was not as good as the first, but hey, that might not have been possible. I'd give it 7/10 points, so definately a good show, just left something to be desired.
B. R.
Great show, although Ants didn't really go "into" True Reflections, just a very brief pause. I got yet another One Sweet World (I'm 6 for 9 in that department) and I couldn't be happier. WWYS was a solid opener and Roi sounded hot. MINARETS was the most amazing song I've ever seen this band play, old-school scat intro, "tomorrow never knows" outro, jammed out hardcore for a good 8-10 minutes! Ants was a surprise midset and I really liked it there. True Reflections was really fun and be shitty with Boyd if you want, his solo was fantastic, and there was a strong Butch and Roi solo after his. Dreaming Tree and Cry Freedom were both spectacular (my third of each of those this tour and that's something I'm very happy about). The Two Step closer was great, I got my first one last Saturday at Blossom and now my second, I love this song live, I just wish they'd bring back Butch's solo. Grace is Gone was nice with Stefan's pedal-steel intro, Dave had this look on his face during it, sort of saying that he liked how this song had developed (if that makes any sense). I really dig WYA as a closer and Dave did an 2-3 minute intro that sounded like an African-American spiritual which was really cool. Great show, but I don't know if it could compare to the first night from what I hear... See you all at the Gorge!
Greg K.
My 2nd Dave Matthews Band show and i couldnt have asked for a better one, sat in my warehouse seats which made a big difference. Over all the concert was great, Highlight were: Dont Drink the Water, Ants Marching into True reflections, Two Step, Minarets, and What you are. DDTW blew my mind everything i heard before was nothing compared to that night. Early set ants Marching was crazy wasnt expecting to see that. Classic True Reflections was prefect. Two Step was good as usual, Minarets i was not expecting to hear it but i did and wow its was great. What you are had some kind of new intro to it, i'd say probably more like a blues sound to it, i enjoyed it, i wouldnt be surprised if it was from some devil. Great show
Cody M.
WOW WOW WOW........I drove From IL to PA 580 miles to see this show.....and about 6000 dollars worth of damage to my Xterra on the ohio turpike.....it was worth it all....This is by far the best Dave show i've been to....you were there no need to go threw the songs......just had to say it was a great show!!! cant wait to see them at the valley this sunday!!!!