Dave Matthews Band
Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Iguanas

Donít Burn The Pig
Too Much
Grey Street
When The World Ends
You Never Know
Donít Drink the Water
Dreaming Tree
Jimi Thing
Kit Kat Jam
Grace Is Gone
Loving Wings -->
Where Are You Going
Help Myself
Tripping Billies
The Maker

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Michael P.
Dave is a man that refuses to dissapoint. He started with Don't burn the pig, which got the crowd into it. Too Much is always a crowd favorite. Grey Street kept the crowd going. It was followed by When the World ENds, which I always love to hear live. Then he played Angel, which I've never heard live before. You Never Know.... another new one. Then for the seven song he dropped it on us, #41 Holy crap. I've haven't ever heard it before , but the third show was a charm. The rest of the show was awesome as well, but Dave seemed to be bothered by his wrist. He played Maker and Stay for the encore and I can't wait to see what he brings tomorrow night
overall nothing to exciting, but it was nice to finale see dreaming tree, and help myself in person. oh and the "why don't you roll one up, and pass it around so we can get high" that was a highlight. one last thing I realized tonight I would rather sit by the huge crash fan than the couple that loves angel
To me, this show was like a relationship: the beginning was great in which there was this honeymoon period (Pig, Too Much, Grey Street) but then we found out what being together really entailed (WTWE, Angel). After working through the hard part, we thought we had Shangri-La (YNK, #41, DDTW, DREAMING TREE, Jimi Thing) until "the talk" came (Kit Kat Jam) which told us that we needed to get back to the roots of our affection for each other (GIG, Loving Wings-->WAYG). Once we awakened ourselves to our mutual feelings, we were able to have that 'best time together' (Help Myself, Tripping Billies). But ultimately, our lives were taking us in different directions, so our only hope was that we could at least be friends (The Maker, Stay). Seriously, the show was weird. I mean, it was great to have some really rare songs like Pig, Dreaming Tree, and Help Myself, and I longed to hear YNK and #41 last year, so there were some real highlights, but the set was a fractured mess of what seemed like the band "going through the motions". I liked the show, but it was not the best ever.
this show was my first of the year, 8th ever for the entire band and i really couldnt have asked for a better setlist. my first time hearing dreaming tree and it was awesome. jimi thing was good with his "get high" outro, and of course #41, cant beat it. tripping billies was great, dave and boyd circling each other toward the end. the maker was awesome too, my first time hearing that with the whole band. even though i was late to the show because noblesville is the hardest ever to get in and out of, it was overall a great show. see yall at the world on thursday.
After seeing approximately 25 different Dave shows in my life, tonight's was one of the five most energetic ones I've ever attended. From the opening Pig all the way through Grey Street, he and the band simply never let up. Tonight's Don't Drink The Water and 41 were the best I've ever heard from the band, and even Help Myself and Jimi Thing seemed more upbeat than usual. Of course, Billies at the end of regulation was incredible, as that song just cannot be topped in an encore. Dave had his crazy legs going all night long, and how cool was it to see Stefan pull out a dobro for the intro of Grace is Gone? The one thing I wanted to note was tonight's crowd -- Noblesville has a history of being very kind to DMB, and tonight was no exception. After attending the first two shows of the 2003 tour in Columbus earlier this month, I was offended at the number of talkers and lack of enthusiasts were were there obviously not to enjoy a concert. Tonight, however, the crowd was on fire, which in turn gave Dave and the boys a little motivation for an UNBELIEVABLE show. See y'all back there tomorrow night!!!
Wow, Only one word to describe tonights show UNBELIEVABLE!!!! this was only my second Dave concert(Verizon last year 8/10). This setlist blew that one away though!! Too Much was awesome, they followed it up with an amazing Grey Street, then an excellent When The World Ends, and then one of my highlights of the night "Angel" first time he's done it on this tour, and I was so happy he did it at the show I was at. Other highlights of the night, "Jimi Thing", "Help Myself" was awesome, the highlight of the night though was definitely Tripping Billies, Boyd was so into the violin parts, and Dave was loving every moment of it they had a little face to face competition it seemed, but the energy was really flowing during this song. Good Encores with The Maker and Stay to. Thank You Dave for an amazing show!!!!
Pat W.
The guys were on fire tonight! Starting with PIG, a song I love more and more as this tour progresses, was sensational. Sitting in the lawn, not a lot of people knew this song though. They were waiting for Space Between and Where Are You Going. I wanted to destroy them. They sat most of the concert. Not that I'm bitter or anything. ANYWAYS, TOO MUCH got everyone into the concert. GREY STREET is always a treat to hear. ANGEL was a bit of a surprise, I like it better not drawn out with the Ladies like in the Folsom recording. It was a good length (short). #41, #41, #41!! My favorite DMB song and first time I've heard it on this tour. Always a good one to jam to. DON'T DRINK THE WATER was great as usual. JIMI THING was the best version I've ever heard of it. Just when you think it was over, Dave went into a little scat and guitar solo outro. Stefan's solo before GRACE IS GONE is always sweet, but it had a little extra something tonight. LOVING WINGS --> WHERE ARE YOU GOING. Yes just for the idiots around me in the lawn it's Where Are You Going. And then they sat down for the biggest surprise of the night, HELP MYSELF! Haven't heard this one live yet, but it was sweet! The guys ended the set with a kickin TRIPPING BILLIES. When THE MAKER came on as the first song of the encore, about 20 people around me left. My blanket seemed like it's own little island, but did I care? No, because I danced and jammed to STAY. Great concert, guys. Definitely like the BTCS heavy set lists. It's going to be hard to top tomorrow! See ya then!
My 8th DMB show. I couldn't believe they opened with Pig. I couldn't of asked for a better opener. It was one of the best songs of the night. Boyd was right on key and they really jammed at the end. I was in the 12th row and I looked around and got the feeling some people didn't realize how good these guys really were until they walked in and witnessed them come out and start the show with a serious jam. Too much kept the energy flowing. I was surprised, but very pleased, that they started the show with 3 up-tempo, energetic jams. Grey street was probably my favorite of the night. Dave was really into it, very emotional, and I was impressed with the lighting crew when they fired off all of these bright light explosions at the end when he goes YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!! That was really, really, cool. I got so many cold chills I almost fell over. When the World Ends was a good choice to break into after the 3 jams in a row. It was good to groove and chill to. Angel was a real surprise. I would have enjoyed something else here. I was delighted to see You Never Know, because I really enjoy this song, but they seemed to get off-tune for a minute. Still was really good. 41 was absolutely one of the highlights of the night. I danced so hard I almost fell on my wife. Kick ass. Then they followed with DDTW!! Dreaming tree was a good mellow break to catch our breaths and chill. Jimi Thing was awesome. I was able to do a nice strut with the jam. Kit Kat was cool. I almost cried during Grace. Yeah, they turn me into a wuss. I like Loving Wings, but could of done without Where are You Going. I went and bought a T-Shirt during that tune. Help Myself was quite a treat. I did not expect it at all. Nice to hear and see live. Billies was one of the best songs of the night. They were on fire. The Maker was a great choice to lead into the Encore, but I was pretty damn disapointed with the Stay encore. They still jammed of course, and it was still entertaining, but I was really hoping for a Last Stop, Nancies, or Watchtower encore. Well, maybe next time. It was still a phenomenal show. I am still so grateful I was there to witness the best live rock band ever up close. It was watching history unfold in front of me.
Collin Q.
It was great to go back to Deer Creek and see the boys rock out IN again. Overall, a great show tonight. Pig opener was tight and Too Much was pretty much standard. I'm a bit let down by the fact that Grey Street only has 2 verses now. That song has so much energy and needs to jammed out more. When the World Ends was good and the surprise of the night was the return of Angel. Minus the ladies this time, it was short and sweet and its good to see that Dave can sing without the ladies in the background. You Never Know and #41 were both tight as shit and great high energy songs. Dave added a bit at the end of Don't Drink the Water, letting off his guitar and just screaming, very nice. Dreaming Tree was a first for me tonight and it held up to what I was expecting. Great song, great lyrics. Jimi Thing was the jam of the night, with Dave adding a sweet little outro. Kit Kat Jam was cool to hear and Grace Is Gone is just an amazing song. Loving Wings was cool, but kind of a mood killer, and it of course dropped into Where Are You Going which was nice to hear. Help Myself was the surprise of the night, I don't think anyone was expecting this. Tripping Billies minus the nature intro closed the main set and was high energy. The Maker was sweet to hear for a second time and Stay just rocked. Great night overall.
Chris N.
I thought tonights show was straight off the chain. DBTP was a great opener,got the crowd into it. He followed that up with too much & grey street, which was amazing, two jams in a row, WOW! 41 and DDTW were good. The KK jam, unlike on the Busted Stuff Cd DID have vocals with it which was a nice surprise. Billies was just simply the best of the night, dave and boyd really got goin. I would have liked Warehouse to be included somewhere in the set, but i still thought it was good. c yall in auburn hills Wednesday.