Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Rose Arena - Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Graph of songs performed, by album
onstage 7:36pm
Tripping Billies (Nature)
The Best of What's Around
So Much To Say
When the World Ends (Extended Outro)
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)
Grace Is Gone
Grey Street
Stay or Leave
The Maker
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
To Touch Yearning -> Words (Tim solo)
Proudest Monkey
The Stone (Wise Men Outro)
Lie In Our Graves
Help Myself
Where Are You Going
Kundalini Bonfire (Tim solo)
Don't Drink the Water (This Land is Your Land)
Minarets (tease)
Two Step
Dancing Nancies (Rambling Intro)
Ants Marching
offstage 10:59pm

Sweet Jesus...it's been said before, but words cannot describe this show. Dave and Tim started out with a nice little intro which led straight into Bartender. At this point, the crowd was pretty obnoxious, but it didn't take too long for them to settle down. However, a little later on in the show a few of the unrespectful assholes opened their big mouths. But, at least from where I was sitting, the crowd didn't seem obnoxious to the extreme. Dave kinda made fun of the shouters, which was pretty funny. Anyway, onto bits and pieces of the set. Two new debuts of this tour for this show: Tripping Billies and Proudest Monkey. I finally heard Proudest Monkey live!! Hot damn. Anyway, Best Of What's Around, Help Myself, and The Maker were also some nice surprises. There were some nice jams on Crush, Lie In Our Graves, Two Step, Nancies, Jimi Thing, and Ants. I noticed Where Are You Going was somewhat extended, and it sounded very good. New song Stay Or Leave is great, and the encore of Nancies (with a bizarre intro) and Ants was golden. This show was incredible!
Wow!! This was my 15 Dave concert but my first Dave and Tim. It was by far the best concert I have ever been too. Tripping billies was just AMAZING!!! I was so scared that he was going to play the same setlist like he has pretty much been doing but not here it was a free for all!!! We got to hear the proudest monkey which was awesome too! Tims solos were great. He sounds like there is another guitar player in the backgound. All together this concet gets a A+++
wow, my first dave show ever!! that was just so so exciting. What a wonderful setlist, later on I was thinking, "what wasn't played?" but I couldn't think of much, and felt so lucky to have such an awesome set!! I just want to thank the two nancies that helped me out to get my family tickets, Joe & John! The Maker was so cool to hear, and Stay or Leave just made me stop breathing, it was so gorgeous. What a great night!!!
Dmb*msu .
Whoa. What a show. I was thrilled to pieces to hear an incredible setlist with amazing vocals by Dave (he was ON!) and the outstanding talents of Tim Reynolds. There were too many highlights to mention, particularly The Maker, Proudest Monkey, Best of What's Around, etc., etc... I really enjoyed Stay or Leave, and I thought Tim was amazing, of course. Crush and The Stone are all time favorites of mine, so I was thrilled to hear them, although I did find myself missing Stefan's swaying in the background. :) Loved Dave's stories about the locker room and #8. Also loved the iron fist comment. The musical talent of both of these individuals was so apparent, and both continue to amaze me with the quality of music they produce. Complaints included invididuals who didn't figure out that the show would start soon after 7:30, so I missed most of Bartender because I had hundreds of people walking in front of my seats trying to find theirs, with the flashlights of the ushers in my face...the girl on the cell phone two rows behind me who told the caller she'd call them back and then continued to talk for five minutes...people screaming excessively even after Dave told them to calm it all down...people who shuffle their feet when they walk so that all the way through Tim's solos when the rude people got up and left, all you could hear was their feet walking up and down the rows instead of hearing Tim's incredible music, and the girl in front of me who sang so loud that a few times I thought Dave must've handed HER the microphone. Proper etiquette was certainly not practiced by a few, but most were well behaved. It would just be nice if people would go to acoustic shows understanding what they're all about. And now I will get off my high horse, and say that truly, all in all, it was a wonderful night, I felt extremely privileged to be there, and I cannot wait for the summer tour!
Tom S.
This was the show of a lifetime. Dave played many of the greats and a great new song (Stay or Leave). Jimi Thing, and Crush were my favorites. Gravedigger and the Stone were also pleasant suprises. Dave was extremely entertaining with his comentary, especially in a heartfelt tale in his intro to Dancing Nancies during the encore. Dave ended the night with a charged version of Ants Marching. By far the best Dave Matthews show I have seen.
This was my first Dave and Tim show and what an amazing show it was. The setlist was unbelievable. Nice mix of slower and more up tempo songs. Only song I was hoping for that didn't get played was LOVER LAY DOWN, but hey, with a setlist like this, it's hard to complain. Kudos to Dave and Tim for putting up with an obnoxious group of people scattered throughout the audience. I could hardly have blamed them if they'd gotten up and walked out, but thankfully they didn't. BARTENDER makes for a good opener, at least in this setting. TRIPPING BILLIES was a nice surprising follow up and BEST OF WHAT'S AROUND just kept it going as did SO MUCH TO SAY. GRAVEDIGGER was awesome! Dave even said that he hoped it wasn't too much of a downer, which it almost seemed like it did get the crowd a little down, but I loved the darkness to it. JIMI THING was spectacular, never get tired of this song. Tim's solo was phenomenal, as were all of his solo's. A little hard to hear though, because as soon as he hit the first note, the place erupted and you couldn't really hear a lot of it. I really loved the new song, which he called STAY OR LEAVE. Very soft ballad type song. Wish I could remember more of it. I know he mentioned something about winter and summer and also about laying naked in bed drinking coffee. CRUSH was awesome!!! Got my wish to hear it live and it was great. THE MAKER was a nice surprise too and thankfully the crowd was pretty quiet and respectful during this slow one. Loved Tim's first solo. STONE into 41 into LIOG was an awesome trifecta! Then I was so happy to hear HELP MYSELF accoustically. Very well done. He dedicated WAYG to the troops over seas and also to the ones we've lost. Did a little MINARETS tease after DDTW...very little tease. I heard one other person around me catch it. Just when you think it's about time to go, they hit us with TWO STEP. NANCIES and AM as an encore...what a way to end it! Great standing ovation for the guys. I loved the little story Dave told before NANCIES about being in a bar and being drunk and making some wrong choices. Very well done. Quite a bit of Davespeak, however I thought there would've been more if the crowd had been more courteous. He did go on for a while in between a couple of songs about their dressing room being in the women's volleyball locker room. Hilarious stuff. He liked how they had pics up of the team in action and how they had good "action" faces, especially #8 who was in an action pose, but still had a very good face shot going on. Later in the show he also talked about a very "intimidating clapper" on his left. He said seomtimes the guy was in rythm, but sometimes "he was having a good time all by himself." He said for his own amusement he was picturing the guy about 4 ft high with tight green shorts on. Classic stuff! Thanks Dave and Tim for an awesome night!!!
Steve B.
My first Dave and Tim show and definitely one of the best experiences I've had. The show opened very solidly with Bartender, Billies, The Best of What's Around and SMTS. This was my first time hearing the extended outro to WTWE and I like it better the original way. Gravedigger was great, especially since most people didn't know the words so they didn't sing along. Other highlights included Grey Street, Stay Or Leave which is a great new song, Crash, Help Myself,and Two Step. Crush was taken to a whole new level and didn't disappoint and the encore of Nancies and Ants was a little surprising but more than welcome. All in all a great show with plenty of great Davespeak. Hopefully next time around though people will be a little more condierate of Dave and especially Tim. It was particularly annoying that many people left during Tim's second solo. Show the man some respect, he's half the reason we're all there.
Great show! Every time I see Tim Reynolds I leave more amaized! My highlights were Gravedigger, a nice jam on Grace Is Gone, Stay or Leave, The Maker, Stone, Lie In Our Graves, Help Myself, the 2nd Tim solo, and Two Step. Oh yeah, all the Dave speak and the guy that kept telling all those annoying CMU students to "SHUT THE F*CK UP!" I hope Dave & Tim NEVER go back to CMU. Way too many selfish students that were constantly yelling songs and random crap. SHUT UP, SIT DOWN AND ENJOY THE SHOW. I don't care if you paid $50! Dave kept telling everybody to be quiet but I guess that's impossible. This isn't a full band performance, it's an intimate experience that deserved a bit of dignity that wasn't given by about a hundred people who were yelling whenever they had the chance. Oh yeah, CELL PHONES SHOULD BE BANNED FROM THESE PERFORMANCES TOO!!! Show was great except for the disrespectful CMU students.
Eric G.
This was my 4th stop of the tour, and I wont examine all of the songs, but give a brief overview. First of all this was the worst crowd so far, and the venue was small but it was like a high school gym that was way too hot. Dave complained of the heat and he also was very annoyed with the fans. They couldnt finish all of their songs because of the noise and distractions, and Dave could never finish his stories. Overall, the setlist was good, but nothing like Winston-Salem and Boone. It was cool to hear STAY OR LEAVE again, and that song is really really cool. PROUDEST MONKEY was a great suprise and SMTS and TBWA was great to hear. Somone yelled out MINERATS and he played a couple chords....overall it was cool because of how small it was and how close I was, but the crowd sucks and hopefully if they ever come back to Michigan it will not be here. .....Looking forward to Purdue!!!
Great show. Dave came out and started talking about how being quiet is better, and how in life there are stop signs, and went on and on, but after a while and the crowd would not shut up, he said he can see how there are no stop signs in the arena. I had heard about the WTWE outro, and expected something really great, but it was just played a little longer, but good none the less. The new song stay or leave is great. Everybody was diggin it. Crush had an amazing ending, they jammed that for a while. and to hear help myself was awesome. They played it so good. dave talked about the war, and dedicated where are you going to the troops overseas. it was real cool, and the crowd actually got quiet for it. overall, great performance, great davespeak, but a horrible crowd.
Brett J.
My 13th matthews show, 1st d&t...and it was right up there next to MSG 12.21.02 with the best shows ive ever seen... As far as comparing this shows to ones of earlier tours goes...Dave and Tim wanted to put on an incredible show, but the crowd just wouldn't let them. Obviously it was an amazing show, it being Dave and Timmy, but you could clearly see that the terrible crowd was directly effecting them playing. During Tim's second solo, every person in the building was standing up...not to give Tim a standing ovation, but to get a good stretch in and talk to the person sitting next to them. Eventually, they shut up when they realized the awesome songs they were missing. BARTENDER - despite its predictability as an opener, was a great emotional song, and the crowd was going crazy through the entire song. TRIPPING BILLIES w/nature intro was slower than i've ever heard it with a sweet jam at the end. JIMI THING was great as always, with a nice cover in the middle(cant remember the name of the song...wait til the tape comes out). GREY STREET was at its best of the tour so far, great energy. STAY OR LEAVE is a great new song, gets better every time...reminds me a lot of you never know. THE MAKER, like the entire show, was very slow and mellow...a nice surprise. CRUSH - dave and tim seeemed to have a great time with this one...crowd was pretty good...jam at the end is just like the full band's version, and just as good...tim was on fire. CRASH - ya, i know this is that one song you like, you dont have to yell as loud as you can to let everyone know. #41 - a huge surprise, considering how many requests there were for it, but dave's voice was perfect. LIOG - WOW. Longer jam than anything this year so far...tim went crazy... HELP MYSELF - standard, if there is such a thing for d&t, but a rare song is a good song...TIM SOLO - i hope the crowd can actually get a chance to hear it at Purdue...sorry timmy. for the rest of the show, the crowd settled down, and let dave and tim blow them away. the intro to DANCING NANCIES was a long, hard to understand(probably even if you knew what he was saying) story that went on for probably 5 minutes before the song got going. Along with LIOG and BILLIES, this song was the highlight of the night for me...they actually stopped playing for a couple seconds midway through the song...the rest of the song started off quietly and slowly got faster and faster until the end, which we thought was the end of the show, too. right after nancies ended, dave looked at tim, shrugged, and started playing ANTS MARCHING only a few seconds after nancies ended. amazing song, amazing energy, and amazing slide solo by timmy live at luther style. overall, a great show, great setlist, atrocious crowd. see ya'll at purdue.
Tim, wearing a hood over most of his face, snuck in the arena in the passenger seat of a mini-van. He did wave to us though. The show really started when Dave's big black bus arrived. He was videotaping us. The bus pulled into it's spot down the hill and Dave stepped out. We're thinking, "There he is... Bye." Instead he comes walking up the hill and spent a few minutes talking and shaking hands. "Gotta go make some noise." He's a good guy. The show (3 1/2 hours) was number 6 for my son (Aaron) and myself. Our first acoustic one. First Dave show for my daughter Adrienne. Dave entertained the crowd with a review of the dressing room they were using. "The ladies volleyball team's locker room." He talked about the photos and how good the gals all looked. Everybody laughed because he talked about volleyball, played a tune, and then picked up where he left off with the volleyball and played another tune. Also, a good story about frogs that he saw while living in Africa. The frogs died after "walking into a puddle, because they couldn't get out". I know... you're thinking "Big Eyed Fish". Nope, just a story about frogs. Lots of good growls and laughs. Best line of the night "There's always a stop sign coming." My favorites were probably "Gravedigger" (heard it first last year at Indy's Deer Creek) and "Stay or Leave". These weren't the best of the night... but the guy behind me with the bad voice couldn't sing them! "Lie In Our Graves" was great. You gotta love.. stop... have a drink of water... and pick it up again. Some war talk ("We all want Peace") before WAYG. "Proudest Monkey" into "Satellite" is always fun. It was actually a pretty relaxed set. Dave did say (twice), "We'll start out kind of slow... and then fade out altogether." (NOTE: I am not worthy of reviewing Tim. He's a God. His solos were perfect... especially the second one. I have nothing to offer to make him better and no words to appropriately describe how well he plays.)