Dave Matthews Band
Delta Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Iguanas

JTR *+
Granny *+
Captain (tease)
When The World Ends *
Bartender *
So Right *
Crush *
What You Are *
Sleep To Dream Her * -->
Grace Is Gone *
I Did It *+
Dont Burn The Pig (tease)
Grey Street *
Donít Drink the Water *~
Everyday (#36) *+
The Space Between *+
Intro * -->
Too Much *
Ants Marching *
Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away
Stay *+
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals
~ Tawatha Agee

Joe P.
This was my second DMB show. It was definitly a great show, some highlights were JTR - dave did some nice dancing on this song, and throughout the night. I was glad to hear GRANNY for the second time, I was also pleased to hear CATPAIN and PIG teases, althuogh I was hoping for the full version of PIG. Grace is Gone, probly my favorite Lillywhite was done very nicely. Also DDTW was great, dave couldn't quite get up to the high notes on that one so instead he just screamed it really loud, it was cool. TOO MUCH had a great intro to it, also WHAT YOU ARE ahd a nice intro that ive never heard before. STAY is always a nice closer so overall is was a damn good show. Not quite as much energy as in CHICAGO however, I was the only one in my section standing up, it was pretty pathitic. The only complaint i have was that they didnt play any rare songs this tour, i thought they would because it was the last show. I was hoping for LOVER LAY DOWN, or NANCIES but oh well. It would have been awsome if they did LAST STOP in tribute to the last stop of the tour. anyway it ws still a great show and i had an awsome time..cant wait till they come back on tour! peace out- joe
T.W. .
The concert was absolutely amazing. This was the last show of the tour and the band members were all at their best. Dave sang with a lot of passion and emotion - more than usual if that is possible. Great Show
Ryan F.
It was a great show in a great venue, but the crowd sucked. Everyone I encountered seemed very uptight. People were upset with my friend and I for standing up and dancing during the show. Even with all that, I was happy that I drove 500 miles to see this show. I was definitely not disappointed. I knew that it was going to be a great show when he messed around with a little #34 before opening with JTR. Hearing Pig and Crush really made my night. This was my 6th Dave show and he pulled out a couple songs that I hadn't heard him play before and kept the crowd favorites, like Ants Marching and Too Much to please everyone. Not even close to the show I saw earlier this summer in Boulder, but still a great set and the band sounded incredible, like usual. A+ for the set list and D for the crowd.
Arthur B.
What a show by Dave and the Boys. Boyd was on fire, and Stefan was kickin down some awesome grooves, that is not to take away from Carter and Dave. The intro to Too Much was great and the scat that Dave did before DDTW was awesome, and the Dave dance was out in full force. Dave said that it had been too long since they had been here (according to the newspaper, I could not hear a thing, it was too loud) All in all an awesome show. Loved the Pig I did the Captain teaser. Good crowd, lots of people knew the words to the Lillywhite stuff, but not as many as knew the old stuff and the everyday stuff. The band got a kick out of the crowd picking up on Everyday and extended the intro-outro as usual, with the #36 "Honey, Honey"
Tim C.
So it's been almost a week and still no one has submitted a review to the final show of the tour, so I guess I will. The set was a bit shorter than usual and was heavily seasoned with Everyday and Lillywhite songs, which seemed unfamiliar to most of the crowd, but the boys seemed to be very relaxed and played with a seemingly greater confidence. Highlights included a tease of both captain and pig...i was so pleased to finally hear just a little bit of pig live. Bartender was their finest performance of that particular song I've heard all summer. Typical ending-Ants-then dave solo, then Stay, but the crowd finally seemed to suck it up and go crazy for a while. Before and after the show made it even better...meeting Boyd, Butch, and Leroi before, and drinking in their hotel's bar afterward...what a way to end the tour. Thanks for the memory boys. See ya all at FarmAid.
Doobie L.
This was my 18th show and I am very sad to say that this was the WORST by far. Maybe I was building it up way to much, but I was very dissapointed. If you came to hear new stuff, then this was the right show. It seemed like that was all he played. But, as with every show, there was some highlights. Crush was great and bartender was unbelievable. JTR was a great opening song and ants rocked as always, but for me, that was about it. I wish Dave would stop finishing shows with stay, It is not in the same category as watchtower or two step, ect. There was a huge build up for the finish and you could feel the let down when he started playing stay. I have to admit it was cool seeing how the new songs have evolved. This was my fifth show this summer and he has developed some sweet jams with his new songs. But I will always love and perfer the old stuff and for one night, I was extremley let down. I was proud of the Utah crowd, they screamed thier hearts out. The sound in the venue was also very good, but I think the boys were just ready to go home, which is very understandable.
I underestimated what SLC would be like. It was a pleasure. We had the best WH gathering ever and the concert was better than I could have ever imagined. Knowing Dave had throat problems, I expected him to go easy on his voice, but he came through in spades for the fans...he belted it out at times when you knew it must have been hard. The band was solid as ever. My friends were upgraded to first row and it couldn't have happened to nicer people (unless it was me! :) I finally have a DMB T-shirt (thanks Wendy!) and I got to hear Crush live--which was my #1 *reasonable* request (I knew we wouldn't get SU&D)--and Aint it Funny How Time Slips Away. Loved the Captain and Pig teases too. Great season closer and here's to hoping the boys (and ladies) are all enjoying their families, friends and the things in life that are real. I look foward to spending time with them again whenever that may be and thank them ever so much for sharing their abundant talents and gifts...
Ray M.
JTR was a great opener, but Granny is better left until later, it's too low-key. WTWE is the second best song off Everyday, so it's great to hear it played so often. Bartender went over well, all the Lillywhite songs were great. The absolute highlight was a quick tease of Don't Burn the Pig. Sadly, it only showed what great songs were left out, in favor of the Everyday songs. Ants was great, the Lovely Ladies were great, Carter was great. The ASTB intro for Too Much ought to be turned into a real song, seriously. Good show, bad arena. Loud crowd. #36 is still alive.
Spencer C.
This concert was great! I loved it! Of course, it was DMB. So, you're going to expect that. Boyd was dancing like a maniac. Stefan was a master bass man. Leroi gave everyone something to cheer for. The guests were awesome. Carter continued to be amazing. Dave had a frog in his throat. But, he still was great! The version of Don't Drink the Water with Tawatha as the back-up was better than the one on the "Before These Crowded Streets" album with Alanis. Everyday was kind of confusing with #36 being mixed in with it. The acoustics in the DC were horrible and you could barely understand what Dave was saying. It would have been awesome to hear Crash and Watchtower. But, the concert was still a five-star performance.