Dave Matthews Band
Gorge Amphitheatre, George, Washington
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Iguanas

#41 (Everyday) *
Satellite *
Drive In Drive Out *
Mother Father *+
What Would You Say *
Jimi Thing *
When The World Ends *
So Right *
Long Black Veil *+
So Much To Say *
Lie In Our Graves *
I Did It *+
Grace Is Gone *
Song That Jane Likes
The Space Between *+
Captain (tease)
Grey Street *
Ants Marching *
Angel from Montgomery
JTR *+
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals

Josh D.
Just got in from night #3 at the Gorge and boys put on another solid show. During Satellite, it was clear the last 2 nights had taken its toll on Dave's voice and later on he said "I thought I had a frog in my throat...turns out it's a big fucking toad." Dave definitely did the best he could but it did take away from the show. Figured we'd get #41 as an opener and a great version. Mother Father was a big surprise with no Santana and Dave looked down at the lyrics taped to the stage almost the whole time since it's been awhile but it sounded great. HIGHLIGHTS: WTWE (really liking this live), LBV, LIOG, STJL, and another Grace Is Gone and Grey Street. Was really hoping for both to be played twice but never thought it would happen- thank you Dave. I Did It and The Space Between were disappointing to hear the 3rd straight night- would have preferred Nancies, Proudest Monkey, Cry Freedom, or something else. Angel from Montgomery was great in the encore and JTR was solid but not placed that well even though it did start the boys' stay at the Gorge so the boys went full circle and used it to end their stop, too. Really liked the closers (Two Step, Watchtower, and Ants) better than the final songs of the encore (Stay, Too Much, JTR) although the first songs of the encore were all very solid. Overall, another GREAT 3 days at the Gorge with the fellas- great weather, great sites, tons of energy, and amazing music. Friday and Saturday probably were a little better than Sunday just because of Dave's voice being shot and the setlist wasn't quite as solid (but still f-ing good). Really hope the boys will be back next August for another go around. Those of you heading to the Delta Center, hope you get a great show in Salt Lake to end the tour. Till next time, Peace...
Jeff F.
Right from the get-go with #41, I thought this would be the best show of the weekend. After some much anticipated classics, they performed a magnificent Jimi Thing with a solo by Dave about 5 minutes in length. It was about now that Dave mentioned he had a "big f***ing toad" in his throat and it definitely showed more as the show went on. Long Black Veil was awesome with the lovely ladies backing Dave up. The crowd did a great job backing Dave up on SMTS as well as others. LIOG left me speechless (among others) and Song That Jane Likes was a very welcome rarity, considering it is the first time it was played this summer. Ants came at the end of the set most likely because Dave's voice we be too far gone for it to be in the encore, but it was still by far the best that I had ever heard it. Angel From Montgomery was unexpected at first, but seemed a good song since Boyd sings. And finally, they ended with the song they started the weekend with, JTR. I haven't been to any other shows this year, but I already have people telling me this weekend was the best group of sets in a long time.
Tim H.
I was at all three shows, and thought that the band rocked harder than I have ever seen before. I'll concentrate on the highlights: *Best Show* (In order) Saturday Friday Sunday *Best Songs* 8/24 (I was sitting GA) Granny - I still get chills when thinking about the whole crowd yelling "love!" and throwing up their arms.... BEF--> Bartender - Just awesome to hear live, and they pulled it off great. Say Goodbye - Kind of a rarity for this tour, so a fun one to hear. The Stone - Same deal as say goodbye. Don't Drink the Water - Absolutely incredible. Tawatha and Dave both wailing at the end was one of the most memorable moments of the weekend. True Reflections - When this song started, I was happy, but not overly excited, because I had of course heard it before, and it's nothing THAT spectacular. Was I ever wrong! God they rocked this SO hard. WOW. Grace is Gone - Jammed out the end...way cool. Two Step - Just plain awesome. Stay - Every time I thought they were going to end it, they raised the intensity one more level. 8/25 (Row 10, Section C, INCREDIBLE) Warehouse - I get goosebumps when I look around and I see everyone dancing to the end of this song. The whole crowd is bouncing together, just a really cool experience. Pig tease (FRI night as well)...teased it friday, teased it SAT, thought for sure they would play it sunday...they didn't. OSW - Another song the crowd just really got in to. The band, the crowd, everyone happy..... BOWA - Same thing. Seek Up - Just very well jammed out. Rapunzel - Wow. Watchtower - Butch put his keys on "electric guitar mode" for his solo and rocked it so hard.... and dave was just fucking wailing.... Waste - I wanted to hear this badly and it was even better than I expected. ASTB - Too Much - High energy..great closer. 8/26 (18th Row - Section C) Jimi Thing - Dave quit to watch Roi go at it. A plane flew overhead, and Dave saw it too, and was looking up while he was singing...everyone pointed to the sky... LBV - ask ANYONE who was there, the ladies rocked...WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW! LIOG - just great as usual, boyd tore it up Grey Street! - Dave's guitar switch was incredible, and stefan was just wonderful.. A Great weekend!
Heather C.
Ohhh nooo! Last of the three nights at the GORGEous Gorge and this surreal dream of mine is slowing coming to an end. I was finally able to call the opener - #41. How excited were we? Even though you could tell Dave's voice was straining at various times, they still pulled off a good show. They seemed to be goofing off and laughing up there. At times Dave looked at Carter as though he didn't know what he wanted to sing as he shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. One of the greatest highlights of the night was Lie In Our Graves with Butch blowing everyone away with his magical solo. Another highlight was Long Black Veil with the Lovely Ladies never sounding any lovelier. They have really grown on me and now I think they add a lot more flavor to some of the songs. This show seemed to be a good blend of old and new material. It was great to hear the Song that Jane Likes, Jimi Thing, Drive In Drive Out, as well as JTR, Grace Is Gone, and Gray Street. Throw in some Ants and a little What Would You Say? to get everyone dancing and you've got yourself one solid show. And of course I could not forget to mention the other little snack size taste of Captain we were fed. For the encore, Boyd came out to sing Angel From Montgomery with Dave - another song I had never heard before. It was sweet. After these three nights at the Gorge, I had hoped to hear Nancies for the first time, but I guess I'll have to wait and hope for next summer. At least now I have a wider group of friends I met this year to hang out with at the shows. Until then, peace, love, and God bless...Heather:)
Justin W.
My first DMB show -- I was blown away!!! I had front row lawn seats and a beautiful view of the stage and the columbia river. #41 was such a good opener & it just took my breath away. Great jamming by everyone in all the jam songs!! Boyd almost stole the show a couple times. Drive in Drive Out was *heavenly*, as was Lie In Our Graves, Jimi Thing, WWYS, and !!Ants Marching!! was soooo good. The Song That Jane Likes really suprised me. Thanks DMB for a badass concert that I'll *never* forget.
Mary E.
The Dave Matthews Band never fails to absolutely and completely satisfy out at the Gorge. Such a visually stunning view (although so unbearably HOT) is a perfect compliment to this amazing night's show. I've been to four Dave shows so far, three out at the Gorge, and this might be the best one yet (nothing can beat my first Dave show!) With Butch Taylor on keyboards for the show, and the lovely ladies showing up to help out on Mother Father, Long Black Veil, I Did It, and JTR. Lie in Our Graves was the definate highlight of the show, extended jam from all the band members and just one hell of a great song! Dave's voice was on the verge of going out all night long, as he aptly announced that he thought he had a little frog in his throat, but it turned out to be a big fucking toad. He carried through thankfully, and jammed the hell out of Ant's Marching. The crowd chanted "Dave, Dave, Dave" until he came back on giving Boyd a chance to sing Angel From Montgomery and the Lovely Ladies helped out to close with a stunning and absolutely beyond beautiful JTR. Perfect way to end the evening, and a fantastic end to three nights out at the Gorge. There was a great mix of old songs, new songs, and scrapped Lillywhite songs (especially Grace is Gone). Hearing When The World Ends from the new album sounds like Dave has been playing it live for years, what an astounding song live, and the way it just cuts off leaves you begging for more, totally amazing. This show was so spectacular, I can easily overlook the threat of heatstroke and overpriced lemonade at the Gorge. Dave Matthews Band have created a beautiful moment in time for me, fabulous set list, incredible jams, and a show that will live in my mind for ever and ever, getting better and better with time.
Damian W.
Wow. My first time to the Gorge was certainly a memorable one. It was obvious from the start that Dave was having problems with his voice, "a fat fuckin' toad" in his throat. I called #41 as the opener (I told you Jay!) and I thought it made it interesting that Dave couldn't hit the high notes. DIDO was a pleasant surprise, and I thought Mother Father sounded great. Jimi Thing was amazing, the crowd was really into it, and Dave's solo at the end was sweet! By the way, what was up with that plane flying over head?!? That was cool. LIOG was a showcase for Boyd. He was all over the stage dancing back and forth. I couldn't even hear his solo at times because everyone was so into it. STJL was a huge suprise to me, but I loved every minute of it. Ants was pretty standard but still pumped everyone up. A great way to end the show. I personally thought the encore was outstanding, but the crowd generally seemed to be lacking enthusiasm. Angel from Montgomery was a real treat to hear, and I'd been hoping to hear J.T.R. all summer, so I was thrilled. Overall, I thought the show was great, despite Dave's voice problems, the boys still gave 110%. Came all the way from L.A. to experience the Gorge and was not disappointed. Thanks to the band and the fans for a wonderful time!
Vanessa D.
Wow! Just being at the Gorge on the last night of DMB was amazing. The setlist was enough old mixed with enough new to keep everybody happy. Song that Jane Likes was a definite highlight because it's so under represented. Jimi Thing was epic in proportions! First time I had heard it live, so you can just imagine my excitement! Another highlight of the evening was three beautiful and adventurous solos by the Lovely Ladies during Long Black Veil. It was a perfect night with the exception of a much anticipated Pig never being played. Dave's voice was lacking after three concerts and it is my theory that Pig was to be an encore, but he couldn't make it. Oh well, many more opportunities to come!
Aaron L.
i flew from indiana to see the three shows at the gorge. got to the show early enough to see the iguanas again. they were better than at deer creek last year. i even recognized some of the songs. i didn't get seats for the 2nd night. but tonight was definetly better than the 1st. they opened w/ #41. then satellite. after this song you could tell dave's voice was going out. it kept getting raspier. he even said something about thinking he had a bullfrog in his throat, but he realized it was a big toad. dido was next and kicked ass as always. mother father was next. this song just isn't the same w/o santana, but was decent. wwys came up next. the solos were awesome, but when they come back to chorus, it doesn't sound quite right. dave also messed up the lyrics during this song. i have seen dmb ten times and dave always messes up at least one lyric. usually he justs looks back at carter and laughs. jimi thing followed w/ a killer solo by butch. he adds so much to the sound. i hope he keeps touring w/ them. wtwe was next. love the album version. don't care at all for the live version. except the tight ending. it was a repeat from the 1st night. so right followed. another repeat. they need some kind of a jam in this to give it some life. all in good time i guess. long black veil was next. i've never heard this live, so it was a treat. they played smts next. disappointed there was no hastb-too much. but i was still glad to hear it. i think that's dmb's funkiest song. liog was next. this was the highlight of the show for me. boyd tore it up. i did it was next. another repeat from the 1st night. an awesome version of grace is gone followed. then dave said the normal intro of "i got a sister named jane, this is the song that jane likes". this song kicks ass. they played the space between next. yet another repeat from the first night. i know they want to play new material, but that is a lot of repeats and they know most people go to all 3 shows when they can. especially as big as their repertoire is. the standard captain tease follwed. i would they would just play the whole damn song. grey st follwed which i have not heard on this tour yet. great version. alot of energy from the band and the crowd. they closed w/ ant's marching. once again dave danced his ass off and got the crowd going. the light show was not up to par. i guess they wanted everyone to enjoy the scenic backdrop of the columbia river. or maybe the stage was too small. they encored angel from montgomery. never heard this live and it was nice to hear boyd sing again. they closed w/ jtr. another repeat from the 1st night. pretty good show. still not as good as the TN show. which, by the way, i need a bootleg of this show. i don't think the will ever play any better than they did in Antioch. now, i have to fly back to indiana and wait for the farm aid show. peace.
Matt T.
This show was absolutely intense from the get go to the last song, it was very good. I actually saw them on August 5th, 2000 at this very same place and felt this years concert was much better. Their songs were very good live, even the new ones off Everyday sounded fresher then they have any right to given the new nature of their content. DMB sounded very good on Drive In, Drive Out, I Did It, Grey Street, and even better on their last songs of Ants Marching, Angel From Montgomery and JTR. The only problem was getting out afterwards, but as for the band, an excellent concert, would see them readily again, hopefully they will tour next year. BTW, there is also nothing like sitting about 75 feet from the band in the full price section and hearing the roar of the crowd as Dave and the Band walked back on for the encore.
Jordan V.
Great Show! Dave had a very hoarse throat. After DIDO (I think) dave paused for about 30 seconds, then said "At first I thought I had a frog in my throat. Now I've realized it'e a huge fucking toad." Everybody had a chance to solo. Dave jammed for a couple minutes during Jimi Thing; more solo by him than I've ever seen. The lovely ladies drew Long Black Veil out a little too much; everybody was sitting down (some chatting) by the time they were done. Boyd was on fire in LIOG! It was a pleasure to get Angel From Montgomery, Captain, and Song that Jane Likes all in one show, I've never seen any of them. I missed some powerful songs, like Two Step, DDTW, Bartender