Dave Matthews Band Meadows Music Theatre, Hartford, Connecticut
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Soulive

onstage: 8:15pm
Granny *+
Satellite *
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
Tripping Billies (Nature)
If I Had It All *+
Fool To Think *+
So Right *
Seek Up *
Jimi Thing *~
Captain (tease)
When The World Ends *
The Space Between *+
I Did It *+
Long Black Veil *+
Song That Jane Likes *
Drive In Drive Out *
True Reflections *+
Ants Marching *
All Along the Watchtower *
offstage: 11:03pm
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals
~ Eric Krasno on guitar

This nights show was amazing! simply amazing! Dave and the boys kept the upbeat tempo almost throughout the show, and kept the crowd on their toes. Granny was a geart choice for opener, followed by a nice version of Sattelite into a well played One Sweet World. Tripping Billies was a super surprise. 3 nice "everyday" songs followed, all performed rather well. Seek Up was nothing less than an epic, played beautifully! Drive In Drive Out was also a nice surprise which was followed by an awsome performce by Boyd in True Reflections. An electrifying Ants ended the set on a great note. The ecore consisted of a really pretty Waste followed by an extremely powerful and mind numbing Watchtower. All in all, amazing show, great night, great way to bring my summer to a close.
just got back from Hartford, and it was a very good show. i really enjoyed myself. it was just me and my dad, we got there a couple minutes after 7, caught Soulive, who were pretty good except for the fact that they dont sing and just play instruments. anyway, onto DMB!! Granny - ladies were out for the opener, and i was thinkin JTR since it was supposed to rain, but i was VERY pleasantly surprised with Granny. tight version, really got the crowd into it. i think this was the first time it's opened a show this tour.Satellite - it was ok. nice to hear, nice to sing a long to. One Sweet World - well, the guy near me on the lawn was hoping for this and he went nuts when he heard it. dave fucked up the verse order, but all was well. swim naked outro tore the house down.Tripping Billies - very very nice. im a huge fan of this song and it sounded very very good tonight. nature intro.If I Had It All - one of the better everyday songs, another crowd pleaser to sing a long to.Fool To Think - kinda killed the crowd. nothing special.So Right - very nice. roi soloed well. i really liked this kinda stop-time thing that they did towards the end of it, but they only did it once..and then kept playing. it was cool. very nice version, best ive heard.Seek Up - boyd ripped this song up. he was playin this kinda dark notes and hittin them perfectly. REALLY hopin for linus & lucy after this but, didnt get it. oh well, hearing Seek Up was good enough :)Jimi Thing - Eric did really well on this already awesome song. he added a really nice blues feel to the song. i think everyone soloed twice this song, and eric soloed three times.(Captain) - teases are so stupid. i got so mad when he started this.When The World Ends - he really forgot the lyrics to this one, it was quite amusing. nothing special here.The Space Between - i really like this song and so did most people there. the lighting in it was simply amazing, and it was a pretty emotional version, much better then when i heard it on 6-11.I Did It -damn. Long Black Veil - this was scratched from the 6-11 setlist so im glad i got to hear it tonight. i really like the verses, but the chorus gets kinda annoying after a while.Song That Jane Likes - "hey ya'll i got a sister named jane and this is the song that jane likes" i expected this going into the show but didnt expect it so late, i totally forgot about it. the crowd was really into it at the beggining but kinda forgot about it.Drive In Drive Out - very tight. i love this song!True Reflections - i fucking hate this song.Ants Marching - surprised the rest of the country didnt hear the crowd singing along with this was so intense and i really felt unified with everyone else there. very long intro..dave was about to start singing at one point but just kinda waved the microphone off and let his boys keep jamming during the intro.Waste - i dunno..i dont really like dave solos live. the crowd gets real antsy during it, especially since it's the encore. everyone knew what was coming next. Watchtower - good version. solos went boyd, butch, roi. stefan's intro was good as usual, and dave actually soloed at the beggining of it too. crowd pleaser asss usual.all in all a very fun night. never thought i'd hear billies, jimi thing, ants, watchtower, seek up all in one night. as far as my dad goes, he had a really fun time at the show. i think he was the only one that didnt know the words but, he seemed to have enjoyed himself. expect for the fucker that was basically blowing his pot smoke in my dad's face. that fat piece of shit should go to hell. the rest of the lawn near me was fucking awesome. they probably all are on these boards, they were really hardcore and i really enjoyed spending three hours with them! finally, after 16 years, my dad offered me a beer.
Jim B.
Well this was my 10th Meadows show and this one was just unbelievable. The band just fed off the crazed and nutty ants that were dancing all over the place. There is just something about the crowd here!! Well, Dave was his normal laidback self as always as he was jammin and rippin up the stage. Granny was a great starter. They played an absolutely phenomenal Seek Up with the lovely ladies. LBV was exceptional tonight, I have never heard it as long and as well as it was played tonight. What a great violin solo by Boyd on Tripping Billies and Jimi Thing. Boyd was definitely on tonight!!! It was good to hear both old and new songs, they really mixed it up well considering they have soo many great songs to pick from every night! As they ended the show with True Reflections and Ants it just had the entire place on fire!!!! Ants was definitely one of the best ones i've heard, they just seem to top themselves every time they walk on stage! Dave came out solo for the encore. Waste which was great only when you could possibly hear him over the deafenning crowd....then they all came out to join him to play a great 15 minute Watchtower......What a great night and an unbelievable show. Dave, you sure have never disappointed me yet!! Thanks!!!
Timothy Z.
Well I have to believe my summer is over... after this wonderful weekend in Hartford. We didn't bring the laptop along to the hotel, so I'm just going to throw together a weekend review. Shows 7 and 8 for the current tour, 21 and 22 overall for me.. and I've never seen such dissimilar sets. Friday night was concentrated heavily on BTCS to the current material (a total of 8 Everyday tracks was *slightly* overzealous) and Saturday evening in many ways was a throw back (the only Lillywhite was the Captain tease). Also, any night where you see Ants to close a set and Watchtower to end the show... you've been part of something spectacular. On Friday the first five or six songs really highlighted the night. Grey Street is an awesome, awesome opener. Everyone got into DDTW and made that cool. Tawatha added a great deal. Best version I've ever heard of So Right. Dave mixed up lyrics on Crush. During the outro of #41- "Love only matters, not if you have it but if you give it away... everyday." Excellent. The encore was pretty chill as well... Pig --> #40 teases and Ain't It Funny, TSB, and a lovely Two Step. But Saturday night just kicked the shit out of Friday. Granny to open, Satellite early was great, OSW, and Tripping Billies with the Nature intro I love. Being on the Roi/ Stefan side of the stage, about 12th row, I really grew in already abundant appreciation of them. Especially Roi. No one shows him the love. But next tour it'll be me with the "Roi is god!" sign, perhaps. Add this all to a gorgeous Seek Up, Long Black Veil, STJL (out of NO WHERE!!) and Ants to close the set and it was rocking. The official setlist that I got from the soundboard indicated that the encore was supposed to be Waste and Rapunzel. But Watchtower closed things off and completely blew the lid off the Meadows. I've seen Ants and Watchtower each in their glory many times before.. but this just had something extra. Great way to end 2001. And now who knows what comes next. Catch you all again whenever DMB decides to let me.
Eric D.
Hmmm... A very up-and-down show. Some stuff was good (Tripping Billies, Granny, Jane) Some was unreal (twenty minute versions of Jimi and Seek Up, and back-to-back, no less) Soulive was probably one of the better openers Dave has had, with a very structured and jazzy thing going, although I was a bit disappointed at Chris Whitley's not being able to make it. I was also a bit disappointed by the non-appearance of Trey Anastasio, who was playing at Great Woods. When Dave played Waste, I thought for sure that Trey would come out and play the next song. All Along The Watchtower was a highlight as well, its extended jamming being an excellent closer. The new stuff remains WAY too straight up, although Fool To Think was looking better, a bit of jamming Oh well. See everybody at D&T 2002 (I can dream)
Raymond D.
Saturday was a good good show. It defently blew away friday's everyday marathon. I will start with the Lows of the show, and i only have 2 words to describe it, True Reflections. Boyd is the friggin man, but that songs hurt the show for me, but the people seemed to like it. The other downer was I Did It and TSB being played at both shows. Not 2 songs i really wanted to hea 2 times. But all i have to say is JANE. A total surprise and made the night awsome. Billies was just sick, DIDO was awosme, OSW was equally great. Seek Up, great jam by Boyd, but I wasnt feeling it tonight. Ants got me going crazy, and the Ladies were a lovely surprise on LBV. But no matter what they played, nothing topped Billies and Song that Jane Likes, it just was awsome, nothing else to say about that. The encore defently topped Fridays with Waste over Ain;t it funny. The lyrics for Waste gave me a little hope for nancies, but i didnt get it. And Watchtower was just unbelievable. The energy went right through me. And it was awsome when Boyd and dave were dueling. Defently a 9, probaly and higher if True Reflections wasnt played and Nancies was. Great show anyway
Two days have past and I still don't know what happened on Friday. There is mellow and then there's what transpired at the Meadows. First of all, the concert didn't begin till 9:30 which had the crowd buzzing and anxious. Add that to the misty, sticky, drizzly Hartford night and you got a recipe for something unique. So Dave coems on late and spends the next three hours playing at a truly langourous pace. Highlights? He played a great trio of SO RIGHT to BARTENDER to CRUSH where each was more drawn out then the next. He then played a few Everyday jingles with a cool ANGEL. By this point, everyone in the crowd is swaying and realizing that the trend is slow, slow and slower. And that was before the sloth-like SLEEP TO DREAM HER-Grace is Gone which was completely awesome--and sobering. After closing out with STAY we came to the Encore. We capitalize Encore because it was something epic. We got the standard Dave Willie Nelson solo and then SPACE BETWEEN and we are think the show is over. The lights go out, our watches read midnight. A mass exodus ensues. Then bang, its TWO STEP. And I am willing to say it was the best version ever played; it was long and emotional and varied and beautiful. A good half hour of raw Dave. So was it good? Bad? 7 out of 10? 6? Whatever, cause I have to idea. Just damn strange and funky. All I ask is that when I go that the Big Guy doesn't send me to heaven, he sends me to the Meadows parking lots.
John H.
Dave really rebounded from last nights low energy show and blew everyone away tonight. All Along the Watchtower was unbelievable.Jimi thing was better than ive ever heard it. Other highlights were Ants Marching (of course), Tripping Billies, True Reflections, and One Sweet World with the swim naked outro. I was worried that he was gonna get carried away with playing a lot of songs from Everyday like he has done a lot of times this summer, but that didnt happen tonight. Either way, the songs off the new cd (especially so right) sound much better live than they did in the studio. All in all, a solid setlist and an overall incredible show. One of the best Ive ever seen.
Steve S.
This was my first Dave show and is deffinately not my last! Dave was awsome right from the get-go. He did a wonderful job of mixing his new songs with a bunch of teh classics. Seek Up and Jimi Thing were great, but were streached out a bit too long. Everything was highlight...Ants Marching. Finla note: Can't wait 'till next year!
Thomas M.
the show was definitely solid. granny was a very unexpected opener. there are definitely to many repeats on this summer tour. the everyday album is being pushed way to hard. however, the show was still excellent, but i thought he would blow up at the meadows. both shows didn't even come close to the saratoga shows. come on dave surprise us! break out say goodbye again. whatever happened to dancing nancies. the highlight of the show for me was after watchtower when the lights went out for two seconds i hopped the wall and hide under the stage until everyone cleared out. i climbed on the stage and picked up some cable and pretended i was a stage hand. i headed toward the back to where the band was supposed to be , but i was told that he made a quick getaway that night. i probably waited to long under the stage. the timing on my move was very important. i came so close to meeting the boys. it is a goal of mine. this is an honest to god story, and i have named it under the stage and dreaming. if anyone wants to hear the funny details or trade some tapes with me, drop an email at don't be affraid!
Matt K.
Wow!! Last night's show was absolutely incredible. The tricks the band is pulling out on this tour keep amazing me. The theme last night seemed to be 'old school DMB'... and damn, did it make for a hell of a show - the best of the 11 shows I've seen. Things got started with an energetic and completely unexpected Granny. I think it's the first time the boys have ever opened with it - pretty cool. All the lighters came out for Satellite, and everyone up on the lawn was singing along with Dave. One Sweet (my predicted opener)was excellent. Dave switched the first and second verses, but he just laughed it off. Billies started up outta nowhere. The energy here was incredible - Boyd was all over the stage. (None of the fist four songs were written after 1993!!!) If I Had and Fool were expected, but slowed the pace down very nicely. So Right was the first repeat of the night. I love the off beats Carter is throwing in at the end of the jam before they hit the last few chords - very jazzy. A mid-set Seek Up was just awesome. Butch shined on this tune... and I think I heard Carter start into the Hearbeat before the song faded off. Eric Krasno made Jimi thing last night. He took a jammin little solo on the electric. Towards the end of the tune, Dave gave him due respect, singing "Gotta keep it, gotta keep it, gotta keep it Soulive." The Captain tease was cool... and I think we all thought that it was gonna be full band tonight, but no such luck. World Ends was tight, excpet Dave messed up the lyrics during the second verse and Carter cracked up laughing at him. Space is just sweet - great to hear it again. (Although not as cool as the Foxboro one in the rain, Melissa.) Everyone was singin and dancin during I Did It. The ladies put some extra soul into Veil the other night. The crowd on the lawn was singing along too - very cool. When Dave ever said, "I got a little sister named Jane..." I thought I was hearing things. Nope. The 1st Jane of the tour was great to hear and just added to that old school theme. (5th of 6 RT2 songs) Drive was another rareity this tour that Carter and company absolutely nailed. True was jammin, with everyone taking solos tonight... and did I hear a Typical tease right before True?? I think I did, not 100% sure though. And then... ANTS!! Wow, I think we all expected to hear this in the encore, but the boys surprised everyone and closed the set with it. Carter and Stefan were hitting some incredible beats, and Dave and Boyd were dancing like madmen during the 1-2-3 jam. The place was rockin'. I called the encore. Waste was so sweet as I expected it would be. Then, what else could close a night that was pulling tunes out of the early part of last decade?? Watchtower!! I've never heard a longer bass intro from Stefan than I did last night. Butch's electric guitar-tuned solo on the keys was off the hook once again. I think 25,000 people screamed, "No reason to get excited!!" with Dave at the end. Awesome. Someone who saw a setlist said that Rapunzel was supposed to close, not Watchtower. But I think only Watchtower could have done last night's encore justice... and it certainly did. Thanks to everyone who I hung out with and partied with all weekend. You guys are jammin'! See everyone next tour. Until then... "eat, drink, and be merry!"
Kyle M.
What and absolutely incredible show! You could tell the show was gonna be great when the band came onstage, all with smiles from ear to ear. I guess the people in Hartford just bring out the best in DMB. I could not have possibly been more satisfied. I can honestly say that there was only one downpoint in the whole setlist, and that was, of course, "I Did It". "Tripping Billies" was absolutely incredible. The amount of energy coming off this song alone would have satisfied me. Boyd just went off, dancin all over the place, jammin with everyone in the band. "Seek Up" made my night. Wasn't the longest version, but was still excellent to hear live. "Jimi Thing" was great also with Eric Krasno (Or, as Dave put it "Eric the Red, Eric the Great, Eric the Wonderful, Eric the...Red...but we just like to call him Eric Kras-NO!)from Soulive on guitar. Such a great version. The last seven songs speak for themselves..I was left in absolute awe: "Long Black Veil", "SONG THAT JANE LIKES"!!!!, "Drive In Drive Out", "True Reflections", "ANTS MARCHING"!!, "Waste"!!, "Watchtower". Come on, how could anybody possible be even the least dissapointed with any of those songs? This definately ranks very very very high on #1 out of 5 DMB shows i've been to! Thank you Dave for regaining your respect with me after that shit show first night at Foxboro!
This was really a fantastic show. The band had a ton of energy. Highlights- Leroi was really the night's hero, playing big parts on So Right (what a jam!) and Seek Up. Dave was showing off his vocals like nothing else,with lots of harmony. Boyd was stepping into all songs, rather than standing back and playing a more passive role. carter and Stefan were, of course, driving the bus, and they had some interesting duets (including a mean one on Satellite). Krazno from Soulive rocked the hosue with Jimi Thing. After the song, Stefan put his bass down and, along with the rest of the band) went over to slap hands, etc. with kraz before he left. I must admit that the Everyday songs were very well done, and it was great to see them jam them out. I think this show really bodes well for those songs.
Eric B.
Hey everybody, time for my follow-up to yesterday's review. I am having a hard time placing last night's show. It was certainly very very good, but... different. If anyone was expecting the mayhem and excitement of night one, they would have been sorely disappointed. Fortunately, I didn't expect this; going into the weekend, I figured that, like last year, the first show would be the exciting, energetic one, and the closer would be more laid back but a bit more diverse in the way of setlists. I was right. Aside from the Everyday songs, this was a show for the old school DMB. There were only 4 repeats from night one, and they were all Everyday songs. I was suprised that they didn't play any Lillywhites (unless you count the Captain tease), and I didn't even realize that there were no BTCS songs until I was in bed last night. I'm not complaining, though... it was just unusual. The counts were 3 R2T, 3 UTTAD, 2 Crash, 6 Everyday, 2 unreleased, 3 covers. Here it is, song by song. SOULIVE- Very good again. I liked these guys a lot, and if anybody has any of their shows, if they want to trade I'd like it a lot. They broke into the jazz classic "Chameleon" during one of their songs. It was really cool. GRANNY- I've never heard of this as an opener before. It was good, though. Those "LOVE"'s at the end are a great way to start things off. SATELLITE- Nice song, standard. Not my favorite, but well placed. ONE SWEET WORLD- Instrumental intro was great. Such a good song.... TRIPPING BILLIES- Unusually placed, but very very good. Boyd went nuts as usual. He actually threw in some DOTTED EIGHTH NOTES in his solos. Unusual for him, hehe. IF I HAD IT ALL- It wasn't played on Friday, so I was expecting this. Not bad at all... it really got going at the end. All in all a very nice song. FOOL TO THINK- A lot of people don't like this song, but I do... very well done. Roi's solo in the middle was very good, albeit short. SO RIGHT- Rockin' like night one. SEEK UP- Hell yeah... I was with my friend, and this was his third Seek Up in five shows... the lucky bastard. I don't know how good Seek Ups usually get, but I've heard a few and this was definitely up there. Boyd's solos were PHENOMENAL. If nothing else, it was a great personal highlight for me. I love this song. This version might actually have rivaled the Red Rocks version, but I won't know until I get a CD to put them side-by-side. In any case, this song is as good live as advertised. JIMI THING- This was THE SONG of the night. Krasnos was awesome on Angel for night one, and he was just as awesome on Jimi Thing night two. He played rhythm chords during the chorus, adding occasional blues fills, which sounded great. Boyd had good solos... the Roi came on for the outro. He was really really good, but eventually it was time for Krasnos to come on. He did just that (hehe) repeating one of Roi's riffs for a second, then proceeding to TAKE OVER the song, just like he did on Angel. I haven't heard that many Seek Ups, but I've heard A LOT of Jimi Things, and this kicked all of them to the ground!! It was comperable to Trey on LIOG, IMHO. Pure bliss... CAPTAIN TEASE- AGH!! TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW!!! WTWE- Damn. Better played than Friday's, for whatever reason. THE SPACE BETWEEN- nice song... same as night one except that you could hear butch on the C#-A-E line, which doesn't really make much of a difference. I enjoyed it. I DID IT- coincidentally, I had to take a three-minute sh*t. LBV- I was never really a fan of this song, but it suprised me. Nice solos, even by the "burly ladies," (props to you, Hindu!!) who sounded great tonight. Kind of catchy, nice lyrics. STJL- YES!!!! I was hoping for this one at night one, because I knew that they soundchecked it at Hershey. When they didn't play it on Friday, I didn't really notice because that show was so good. It would have been the same case here had they not played it, but hell, it's all for the better. It's no Pig, but it was great to hear a tour debut, and I really liked it. When Dave said "I got a sister, her name is Jane" I went nuts. DIDO- WOAH!!! Another one out of nowhere. This ROCKED!!! Great song, and everyone was dancing and going nuts, as were Dave and the boys. A great live song, I want to hear this again. TRUE REFLECTIONS- really good, as far as True Reflections goes. Boyd was great. He forgot to come back to the mike to sing after his solo, so he extended it into the verse to salvage it. ANTS MARCHING- Great song, well done. Energetic way to close things off. Loved it. There was no snare intro, which was weird. They just went right into the F# - G thing. It was no big deal, though. Unique. WASTE- Nice song. I liked it. WATCHTOWER- was hoping for Pnp-rapunzel, but I saw Stefan mute-slapping on the Warwick and I knew that this was it. As a fellow bassist, I was never really fan of his soloing. It seemed like he spends a lot of time just trying to go as fast as he can, resulting in a really percussive sound. There isn't much music being made in these kinds of solos, but there was here, though maybe it was just because I was THERE for this one. It was very melodic, I liked it. After that, it was a very good version. Butch's electric-guitar keyboard solo was SWEEEEEEET. A phenomenal version, and a great way to end an AWESOME two nights. THANK YOU DAVE!!!! See you all next year!!
Josh K.
This show was Amazing and FULL of AWESOME surprises. ALL night long there where surprises. I cant rave enough about how excellent this show was. First off i am pissed i missed the first Intro Ever out of 16 or 17 shows. they came on an hour an 20 minutes earlier which was quite a surprise, luckily i was in by the middle of Granny which is a cool Intro. But now i was really ready for a good show. Satelite came next wich gave me an intuition about hearing a older kind of setlist. OHH and i was right. Thing just KEPT ON GETTING BETTER. when i heard #34 i knew i was in for ONE sweet world. oh my GOD i love that song Live. its so good. I seriously love that song. Especially live. Here is when i Knew, NO BOUBT, this night was going to be good.Then Tripping billies with that cool sounding nature intro without words unfortunately. SO RIGHT is worth mentioning cuz it was Wicked Good then right into my top 5 of all time SEEK UP. oh SH*T!!!!!!!!SOO amazing Some one tell me what the L is goin on here. I cant Believe this. I thought it couldnt be any better when BAM!! JIMI THING! if you say that is no surprise then you LYING! i LOVE both of those song. two in a row of my top favorite all time songs. THANK YOU for that!Long black veil. Beautiful SURPRIse again. OK "my sisters name is jane, and this is the song that jane likes" Obviously that means only one thing I cant even take these surprises anymore. I almost had to leave.. BUT the SH*t is just WAY TOO DAMN GOOD!!!Somebody tell these guys how good they are. I wish i could hand pick the crowd for these shows, but i guess not everything can always be perfect.The next surprise was awesome ANTS MARCHING that is always perfect. always good. everyone was goin NUTTY! EVen dave! YUP YUP waste is an awesome song, and dave sounds awesome doing it. just perfect for my night. Then i knew it was coming cuz i called it at 4 in the afternoon on friday that i would hear it sat night WATchtower! ITs just awesome! I want to go to the rest of the show of the tour but oh well i guess ill have to wait.SO GOOD! peace
Josh M.
IF YOU WERE IN TRAFFIC IT WAS BECAUASE OF ME! Let me start off by saying please do NOT drive drunk before or after a show. I was on my way to my 20th Dave show (and very excited about it). I was on the exit ramp waiting to take a left and head towards the parking lot when a drunk driver decided he wanted to hit the back of my car at 60 MPH (No Brakes). My girlfriend and friend were both in the car with me. We slammed into the car in front of us and then were taken to the hospital by ambulance to receive care. Luckily an Angel was watching over us and the three of us checked out all right (Stiff necks and backs but nothing broken). The car however was totalled. I still wanted to get to the show and the doctors and nurses were great at trying to get us out of the hospital. We called for a taxi and got a ride close to the Jai-Lai parking lot. We were able to meet our friends just in time before we went into the show. I got my 20th show and I loved it. My highlights were OSW, Seek Up, If I Had It All, True Reflections (we got a little extra Boyd on this one), Jimi Thing with Soulive, the Captain tease even though I wanted the whole song, Waste, and an awesome Watchtower. Other then the accident the weekend was awesome but then again how can a weekend not be awesome when it is full of LIVE DAVE!!!!
Branden O.
Simply Stated tonight the Dave Matthews Band put on an incredible show. Energy flowed through the intimate amphitheater as the opening band Soulive wowed the filling seats with electric jams and amazing sounds. Fans piled in and just minutes before the band came out i turned around and looked at the thousands of spectators waiting to be fulfilled with the best musical experience in the world. That expereince would take place in the Meadows Music theater that night. The band come out on stage in a quite and dignified manner, yet Dave and Boyd had a good laugh about a sign a girl was holding "Boyd, Fiddle Me". From the opening strums of Granny the crowd lit up and gave the band the boost they never really need.The crowd didn't stop all the way through an amazing Satellite, OSW was on fire as dave was pounding the crowd with oldies, on into Tripping Billies. The crowd was singing and dancing as dave reminded us all of the heat. "Hope your not wearing jeans tonight...Wet Jeans suck". 3 everyday tunes If i had, Fool to think, So right but the crowd loved it. Seek up was huge in the middle as a 15 minute plus jam, which led to jimi thing with Eric(the great) from Soulive. Daves face lit up and he smiled every time Eric Krasno made his guitar wail away. Dave loves Erics style and The crowd did too. Dave teased Captain and it was the only Strand of a Lillywhite Sessions tune all night. WTWE and TSB and IDI were standard but great. LBV is a good treat But TSTJL was out of nowhere, not really, the girl I was with in the front row(upgrades) held a sign we made before the show "HOWS JANE?" dave gave it a look and a nod when coming on stage. DIDO was great and Boyd sizzled on True Reflections. Ants was a great, great closer as always and When dave solo came out for the encore you could only hope it was Waste or AIFHTSA. It was waste and he made it good. A nice quiet treat before he rocked the house one more time with Watchtower, this is Explosive and out of control. He was making this awesome face at me when he was strutting across the stage. He plays with such heart and soul and that is why the fans come out and travel and commit themselves to the band. MUCH LOVE and THANKS to the DMB. We love you thanks for the summer of 2001
I have been to 15 Dave shows and this was one of the best. The crowd was simply amazing and the band was wonderful, as always. Although this show was not as long as last night the set list contained better material and the band played great. I am a fan of the song "Granny" so my evening began quite wonderfully and the night just got better. Good company, good crowd and great set list...equal a great show. Hope everyone had a great time see ya all next time around