Dave Matthews Band
Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON Canada
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Afro Celt Sound System

onstage: 8:15pm
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Donít Drink the Water *~
Say Goodbye *
So Much To Say * --> (Anyone Seen the Bridge?)
Too Much *
When The World Ends *
So Right *
The Space Between *+
True Reflections *+
Fish Monkey Man
Bartender *
Angel *+
I Did It *+
If I Had It All *+
JTR *+
All Along the Watchtower *
Stay *+
#40 (tease)
Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away (Dock of the Bay)
Two Step *
offstage: 11:05pm
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals
~ Tawatha Agee on vocals

Patrick B.
Just got in from the show in Toronto, and I must say that it was the best concert I have been to all summer long. An incredible proformance, relying heavilly on the last two albums, which really, I don't mind. Watchtower was mind-boggling, as was True Reflections. A fifteen minute Two-Step and #40(!) were definetly highlights as well. A fantastic show from my view, leaving me with hopes that it doesn't take another three years for them to come back to Toronto
[Name R.
This show was incredible. I heard that some of the other shows on this tour weren't that great, but this one was! The whole band had a lot of energy throughout the whole set. The violin, drum, and especialy bass solo's were crazy! They played some songs that haven't realy shown up that much yet in this tour...great sold out show.
Glenn S.
This was my fourth and unfortunately last show on this tour and, like the others, it was incredible. The highlights were PNP-Rapunzel as an opener(first time live for me), Angel with the lovely ladies introducing each member of the band for their solo, Big Eyed Fish-Bartender, Watchtower, Stay, #40, and Two Step. I also thought I heard a Pig tease again, but I could be mistaken. Overall, the set had a few too many songs from Everyday, but it was still a great show like always.
Jay T.
WOW. This was my 6th show and my second this tour, and man was it amazing. From the second they took the stage and played the intro to rappunel up until the 25 minutes 2 step it was great. Say goodbye was great to hear. SMTS-->ASTB-->TOO MUCH is always great. The captain tease was cool. So right is definetly one of the best songs off the new album live. But Angel definetly stole the show along with Watchtower. The lovely ladies did there solos at the end and it seemed to go on forever, it was fantastic. Watchtower was incredible with dave jamming like crazy. #40 was cool along with aint it funny how time slips away. AND this was deifnetly the best version i have heard at a show of 2 step, amazing. Overall great show and highlites two step watchtower and angel
Brad A.
Unbelievable show from DMB up here in Canada, but look closely at the setlist - Nothing at all from any album before Crash. No Ants Marching, no Jimi Thing, no Billies, no Nancies, etc. But, that said, this show was fabulous all the same. Just a few minutes short of three hours, with enough interesting twists to keep all the die-hards on their toes. So Much to Say leading into Too Much was a real treat for me, and the energy on those from the band was great. As a huge Boyd lover, I was very happy to hear True Reflections in there - he went buck wild during his violin solo, which kicked ass. Angel, featuring the lovely ladies, especially the extension of it, which basically evolved into the ladies bustin' out a soul-blues type of tune, during which every member of the band (including Butch) fired off a fantastic solo. The end of the main act was JTR-Watchtower-Stay in succession, and the crowd energy was unbelievable...especially for watchtower, which was my own personal highlight of the show. A heavily extended Two-Step closed the encore beautifully. My only negatives: no old stuff, as mentioned, and I Did It kind of felt out of place and contrived. Other than that, a great show!
Angie I.
There is so much more to the Dave Matthews Band than Dave being incredibly sexy. They are wonderful musicians. I must admit though, before stepping into this concert, I was more a fan of Dave than the band. I found the instrumentals on the CDs a wee bit tedious. I TAKE IT ALL BACK NOW....the instrumentals made this concert all that much more! Dave's voice was captivating...Boyd was energetic...Stefan was just cool and plays a mean bass...Leroi had soul...Carter, well he's just a talent to be reckoned with...the Lovely Ladies speak for themselves... and, Butch Taylor, why isn't he one of the guys?? There was such a great vibe in the atmosphere around us. The sound at the amphitheatre is just beautiful -- (which makes for a happy band) I never stopped dancing the whole 3 hours. Two step was, to me, the most incredible song I could have heard live, including the extended instrumental! This was my first time seeing DMB (only my second concert), and I'm not sure that I could comprehend to you the emotion I felt and still feel from this experience in *one* paragraph. All I know is that I would pay more than $50 for lawn seats at a venue like Molson Amphitheatre. A band with their kind of talent is well worth it. Hope everyone had a good time!!
Patrick G.
What a perfect evening. After driving down from Ottawa and spending 2 hours in gridlock, I arrived at the Molson Amphitheater to a beautiful evening and a spectacular concert venue. I brought along a friend who was getting her first live Dave experience, and the band did not disappoint. Right from the start, you could feel tonight was going to be something special, and based on the length of the show and the number of old tunes, you could tell the band was having a good time. Pantala Naga Pampa got the crowd going early, and the good vibes continued for the rest of the night. Highlights include a surprising 'Say Goodbye', I've never heard the song not done acoustically, an angry 'Big eyed fish' that separated the fans from the frat boys, a hot intro to 'Watchtower' between Dave and Stefan. The encore was equally incredible featuring an incredibly soft '#40' tease into the new fan favorite 'Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away'. A loud and long 'Two step' closer kept everyone in the stands until the last note, and even after the house lights were up, everyone wanted more. The biggest surprise of the night was an incredible version of Angel. The Lovely Ladies essentially stole the stage, the lights were completely taken off the band and focused on their amazing gospel voices, begging for salvation from their angels on the instruments. This show was the one thing I looked forward too all summer. Looks like it's over now. I'll try and keep my Whits until the next tour.
Nicholas E.
Wow, what can I say about this show, other then dam sweet! The guys were on top of there game all night. Just playing like crazy. Soooo much energy. Some highlights were opening with PNP-Rapunzel was cool, a good upbeat starter to the night. Then DDTW, was cool to have a totally BTCS show so far, lol. Then the best part of the night came for me when Dave said "here's my good friend carter bueford on the drums" Say Goodbye, my favorite song of all time, dam near cryed, lol. Soome other great parts were So Right, JTR, and wow Watchtower just went off! I have never seen a watchtower so full of energy, and just right on. Originaly I did not want to hear it, but after this version WOW!, really special. The encore was sweet too, #40 then Aint it funny, which I have really started to like. Then what I also really wanted, a bad ass long jam! Oh ya, they played like a 20 min two step, with some sweet solos, really was a great way to end the night! So over all the show clocked in at a shade under 3 hours. And it really was a great one, the boys were on fire, and Dave had some great things to say to the Canadian crowd! Oh and also it made my night cause I got to meet Butch after the show. What a cool guy he is, friendly as hell.
Brian O.
This being my first DMB show, I was not terribly impressed. Although my lousy seats and the poor mix may have contributed, it was the setlist that I have beefs with. They did not play a single cut from Under the table... (an album which certainly contains some of the bands best material). Furthermore, the usually amazing jams the band is known for seemed flat and often lifeless. The band would jam continuously on a single bar of music (or two bars) but there would be no or little soloing and noodling over top. I feel that Boyd and Leroy simply do not have the room they should anymore. The Everyday material came off surprisingly well in concert (with the exception of the regrettable I did it). Most of the Lillywhite material was amazing, except for JTR, which was one of the most painful long songs I've ever experienced - this one would be best kept under five minutes. The set closed predictably with Stay and All Along the Watchtower, then they encored with the Willie Nelson tune (a highlight) and Two-Step (see my comments about their jams at this show). Dave was generally incoherent between songs. Overall a great concert, just not a great concert by DMB standards. Just as Everyday is a great album, but lousy by DMB standards. I wish I had seen this band five years ago. I'll always have my Red Rocks cd....
Matt K.
I had been waiting for this concert for a long, long time. The DMB needs to come to Toronto more often. But they came to town on Friday night and they really did a great job. There was a bit of an intro before PNP. Dave just fiddling with notes, some soft drumming from Carter and looooww bass from Stefan. Anyone who knows Listener Supported could have called Rapunzel. Great way to start the show - a nice upbeat treat. In fact, the first few songs were just amazing. I love the inclusion of Tawatha on Don't Drink The Water. She can take Alanis' place any day. Say Goodbye was the second nice treat of the evening. Then some more Crash songs. Do you think the band was warming us up? Giving us a lot of familiar songs before the Everyday run? Now, I don't love Everyday. But these songs do not kill the crowd in concert. So Right was amazing live! And Space Between is not so bad either. What *did* kill the crowd, at least in section 203, was Big Eyed Fish (or whatever it's called)... too many people do not know this song!! It's a very nice song but nobody knows it. I'm not saying that a show full of radio hits is the way to go, but when you follow up a set of new songs with two unreleased songs there is bound to be a loss of energy. Bartender is amazing as a song, but not so great as a IN-CONCERT song. There is a difference. Moving on. I Did It recaptured some energy, but it was not until Watchtower that the crowd woke up again. Good version, but I would have rather had it get a bit quiet in the middle of the song as it sometimes does. Stay was decent. I was hoping for a Two Step all day and it finally came after some sweet solo Dave. Two Step was just wonderful!! I enjoy Butch Taylor on this so much.... really great way to send the crowd off into the Toronto night. Overall, it was a great show which lagged a bit in the middle. A dose of Lie In Our Graves or Warehouse could have solved that. But no great crime. A great show!! I didn't even realize until much later that night that ZERO older songs were played. That is really an indication of how great the show was. People just having a good time with what was played and the beautiful night that we were given. Thank you very much Dave Matthews Band. Hope to see you soon again!
Ryan P.
the band seemed to have a lot of energy tonight, way more than in ottawa 3 days prior. Maybe because they get to see their family for a few weeks before the Gorge, but anyways, a ton of energy tonight especially between Carter and Dave( seemed to be having a great time, Dave giving him thumbs up all the time and them hugging at the end) Carter rocked tonight, had a few solo's that the crowd just shut up and appreciated - which was nice. True Reflections sounded really good tonight, Boyd did a real good job both with fiddlin and with the vocals. Watchtower was nice to hear because there was just so much energy in the ampitheatre, and i have never heard Dave sound as strong as he did on vocals. After Watchtower i thought the set was over, and then came Stay which i thought was great because it just seemed that it was the perfect high energy song to play next. I was 7th row and i think about a dozen people had signs asking for #40, so dave came out and did that which lead into AIFHTSA which sounding way better than in ottawa. Two Step as the last couldnt have been a better choice. a sweet girl from buffalo near me wanted to hear it all night and when they finished with it, it was the perfect end to a perfect show. A++, the set list was just way better then the buffalo and ottawa shows i went to this year.
Alex F.
Although I was incredibly excited to see dave again, I was somewhat hesitant to hear the new "Everyday" tunes. As others have said in previous reviews, I was very pleasantly surprised. Firstly, I wanted to comment that the crowd although young and mostly "Everyday" fans were very good and created a great atmosphere. The beginning of the set was almost exactly the same as "Listener Supported": intro, PNP, Rapunzel but was really really tight - offered a good indication of the boys' musicianship. DDTW followed - solid and then came one of the biggest and best surprises - SAY GOODBYE.....amazing. As far as I know, only played once before on this tour. Great drum solo as well as a great pennywhistle solo by Carter and Leroi respectively. Then the standard So Much To Say -ASTB- Too Much....tight. Very energetic ASTB. Followed by three "Everyday" songs-surprinsingly good. Then Boyd came up to play his little diddy - most enjoyable. Angel was another one of the major surprises with the boys trading off solos as well as the LL adding some soul. Watchtower was great to hear again and just tore up the crowd....I've never heard a crowd so loud. I thought that was the last song of the set but they surprised us all with Stay - kept us dancing. For the encore Dave came out alone, I was hoping for Waste but was equally pleased with a #40 tease and Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away....great cover. And finally, came possibly the best song of the night - TWO STEP.....17 minutes. Whenever you thought it would just kept on going....INCREDIBLE. Butch and Carter had an amazing musical conversation. All in all, a great night....would have liked some Seek Up, Billies, #41....but one cannot complain. Thanks to the guys for another incredible performance and all the best to Carter, Dave and their families. Hope to see y'all again soon. Peace.
Christopher S.
Well, it was the best concert i was at.....Ottawa was pretty bad, but Toronto made up for it....the highlights were a great passionate Say Goodbye, a fantastic Watchtower.....never heard so much emotion put into that.....a very nice stay (believe it or not), and just a all around good show.....Toronto was a night to remember.....
Anyone who saw the DMB show 11/18/98 will understand this next statement...The band have redeemed themselves to the Toronto fans. With the start of the concert being all classic' was set up to be one heck of an evening. Say Goodbye came out of nowhere, and was very well received by the captivated audience...I believe that all the skepticism about 'Everyday' may have been pre-mature as Angel was possibly the best jam of the evening (with the exception of a kick ass Watchtower, and an insanely long and powerful Two Step.) Not only that, but all songs from 'Everyday' (with the exception of I did It) were jammed out beautifully, and really turned up a notch. All in all you can chalk it up to another great DMB show, and hopefully the three days at the Gorge are going to follow in the foot steps of one great evening in T.O. See y'all in Washington!!
Stephanie K.
Toronto show, my 2nd Dave concert this tour (was at Buffalo). I'm very happy with it - great job for my hometown! It was amazing. Dave spoke a lot, we got some great older songs, I was impressed. The only thing was that Boyd didn't jam liek he usually does, and the guys were pretty tame ('cept of course for all of Carter's enthusiasm). >>>> They started off with Pantala, which in my opinion wasn't the best thing to start with. Whatever, because Rapunzel was good.DDTW is a great song live in my opinion, but it was better at Ralph Wilson. Next was Say Goodbye, SMTS then Too Much. U wasn't really expexcting any of those songs so I was pleasantly surprised. There was a Captain tease, then a bunch of Everyday songs. I'll admit that I do like that CD, but it is probably my least favourite of all of DMB's. I really wanted to hear So Right and IIHIA, and I did, so I was satisfied. They also played WTWE, TSB, Angel (with the Lovely Ladies' twist once again), and IDI, which was played better than at the Buffalo show IMO. True Reflections was nice, though I'm not the biggest fan of that song. Boyd was groovin' a bit. BEF & Bartender were great. Dave added in the "A monkey should know he gotta stay up in his fucken tree". Haha, awesome. The Lillyshite songs are amazing - everyone should hear them. That should have been released over Everyday. But anyways .. Bartender lasted a good 16, 17 minutes which was awesome. They played JTR which I like too. It's a shame that when the unreleased songs come on a lot of people sit down 'cause they don't know them. They are GREAT stuff and people need to get into them! Watchtower was awesome, I love hearing that song live because the crowd really gets into it and they play it great. And they closed with Stay. Eh, I don't care for that song much either. The encore was Ain't it Funny played by just Dave. It was good. And then, the climax of the show .. TWO STEP! My favourite song, it made the concert for me. I've never seen it live, and the twists they added in .. it was truly incredible. A great show overall, and DEFINITELY a night to remember!