Dave Matthews Band
Molson Centre, Montreal, QC Canada
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Afro Celt Sound System

Best of Whats Around *+
Warehouse *
I Did It *+
When The World Ends *
Two Step *
The Space Between *+
So Right *
Bartender *
Crush *
Donít Drink the Water *~
Sleep To Dream Her * -->
Grace Is Gone *
What You Are *
Fool To Think *+
Ants Marching *
Stay *+
Long Black Veil +
All Along the Watchtower *
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals
~ Tawatha Agee on vocals

Lorne R.
This was my first ever DMB concert, so I have no other standard by which to compare. Very good concert overall. I've been kind of disappointed with some of the setlists I'd seen previously on this tour, but, whith the exception of Nancies, I heard pretty much everything I really wanted to hear. I'm sure I'll forget a few, but here goes: Started with BOWA. Good choice to start. Simple and nothing special here. Very surprised to hear Warehouse next - LeRoi stole the show here with an extended solo, IMHO. To the new material, IDI was barely alright - I don't think it's a great live song. WTWE was well received. Then Two Step - excellent and drawn out with Butch and Carter solos with a long quiet outtro. Back to the Everyday album with TSB, nice and clean. This was the token 'lighter' song. So Right was also well done and got the crowd on their feet. My personal highlight was Bartender - the jam turns into a long LeRoi recorder solo - thoughtful and moving. Guess my crowd wasn't really into Lillywhite at all. I seemed to be the only one standing for Bartender and for GIG. Recently was a quickie but a refreshing change and a surprising addition. I think next came FTT, then STDH (audience was quiet and it was nice to hear every instrument) with a nice segue to GIG. FANTASTIC Boyd/Leroi jam at the end of GIG. Moving and full of energy. Then a nice well-received Crush (that's for you, Melissa, if your should perchance read this), followed by a great and well-lit WYA. Ants woke everyone up and rocked the house. Just when I thought it was time for goodbye, out came the lovely ladies for Stay, with the infinitely drawn out 'makes you want to stay'. Encore included Dave and the ladies on Long Black Veil, then a wicked Watchtower. Stefan really impressed with a technically difficult intro. Acousitcs were quite good but it was near impossible to make out what Dave was saying between songs. Other notable hightlights included LeRoi losing the glasses two-thirds of the way through the show, and Boyd's brimmed hat - his eyes didn't show once thorughout the concert. All in all everything I'd hoped for. Hope I'll see many more in the future to review!
Mike Z.
Dave put on one unbelievable spectacle in Montreal! The setlist, which I'm sure you all glanced at, was by far the best one of the tour. I sat 8th row thanks to the Warehouse and the view was amazing. This was only my 6th DMB show and it was a night to remember. Hey...when's the last time you've seen the boys play Two Step, Ants and Watchtower in the same set? VERY RARE. Boyd was absolutely sick during his solos in Crush and Watchtower...even Dave had an amazed expression on his face. The funny thing about the show was that I was the only Canadian sitting in my section. All the others on the floor who were near me were from all over the states. Highlights were Ants and a solo version on LBV. Butch's jam in Two Step was crazy and it might even compare to the Two Step we heard in the pouring rain and hail at Giants Stadium on June 11th. But wait, there's more. After the show a friend of mine told me that the band was staying at a certain hotel (which I won't mention), which was within walking distance. Bottom line is that after waiting for about 2 hours, the boys and I met DAVE BOYD and BUTCH. We got some crazy autographs and pictures with them until the anal security guards kicked us out. How nice are those boys for staying around with us to give us a little of their time. I reminded each one of them about the Giants stadium hail episode and they each responded with a smile and a comment about how intense it was. What a night! Hope to see y'all again soon....I'll be in "Musique Plus" tomorrow with some friends watching Dave play for 90 minutes. DMB is the artist of the month at Musique Plus and I won tickets to see them play in front of 100 people. I can't wait!! Later Y'all.
Jeff T.
This was my first Dave concert and it certainly did not disappoint in the slightest. The boys brought plenty of energy from the get-go tonight. They started with a standard BOWA that sounded very nice and go everyone in the proper mood. Next was a very energetic warehouse with everyone going whoooooo in the stop parts that was cool to see. The electric came out and I Did It certainly has grown on me over the months, it is far better live. WTWE didn't do much for me, but Two Step was a huge huge highlight, it was very energetic and they jammed it out to almost 20 minutes including a nice solo by butch and a dave guitar solo. Space Between was gorgeous and So Right is an excellent live song, probably the best everyday song. Bartender was ok but no one was really into it, though Roi finished it with a very cool pennywhistle solo. Recently was very basic (no intro or outro) but still a great song, classic. Crush was very very nice and everyone seemed to love it, they jammed very nice at the end of it and it sounded great. DDTW was phoenomenal, the emotion of Dave's singing was incredible and the look in his eyes was murderous! When it got to don't drink the water, there's blood in the water the whole house was shaking with the intensity. This all was lost during sleep to dream her however, as everyone yawned through this, but grace is gone redeemed with a very nice jam at the end. What You Are is way better live than on the album, but Fool To Think just never seemd to get off the ground and was not very good. However, Ants-Stay back to back got everyone on their feet and dancing up a storm, what a great way to end the set. They went on and on for Stay just singing "make me wanna stay" over and over which some people complained about later, but I thought it was great. Then for the encore dave played an absolutely beautiful Long Black Veil with the help of the ladies, it was quite a moment I'll never forget. The rest of the band came back out and Stefan played a sick sick solo as they slowly built into the most energetic watchtower I've ever seen. Boyd went crazy and dave sang with so much passion, it was the perfect end to a great show. What a week, seeing Radiohead and DMB, the two top bands in the world, it was perfect! Thanks boys for a great show for us Canadians.
Colin D.
To paraphrase Dave Matthews himself, "I spoke to some of the crew and they said that Montreal seemed to be the loudest crowd [meaning most energetic] of the tour so far". now if that isn't something to be proud of, i don't know what is! I won't go into too too much detail about the show, but i must say the Everyday tunes have taken on a new appreciation level for me ever since hearing them live. they have really done a great job. Hightlights of the show: Warhouse-WOO! Two Step- probably one of the best this tour! Butch, Carter and Dave pulled off these great solos!!! they seemed so pumped after that song! Carter even stood up and took a bow! i wouldn't be surprised if this cut ended up on a special release, like a warehouse thing. Recently- WHAT?? no intro, no outro, but still great to hear! Sleep->Grace- i was so happy to hear this! two of my favorite mellow songs combined is a real treat! and Carter kicks butt on Sleep to Dream Her!!! LBV- it was nice to hear a solo version of this song (with the Lovely Ladies, of course). i think it beats the full band version... overall this show rocked and worth finding on tape. 10/10 Thank you To DMB and i hope they come back soon!!
Andrew R.
I had the chance to got to the Montreal show and I was blown away by the entire 3 hour set. I was sitting 15 rows back, dead centre. Highlights Include: opening with Best of What's Around and following that up with Warehouse. For a tour that's been heavy on a lot of the newer stuff, it was great to hear them break out stuff from UTTAD. They were absolutely magic to listen to and set the tempo for the rest of the show....that is the crowd was begging for more and on their feet yelling the entire time. After a quick 1-2 combination of I Did It and When the World Ends, I almost died when I heard the opening riff to Two Step. After having missed DMB when they came by 3 years ago in Mtl, THIS was the song I had been waiting for. I had wanted a Two Step closer but was more than happy to hear them play it so early in the set. They played a solid 10-12 minute version that had and unbelievable guitar solo towards the end. The crowd reacted so well....keeping quiet during the verses and then loudly singing the sweet. Bartender, Recently and Crush made for a wild three song swing. They really jammed out Bartender...complete with like a 3 minute pennywhistle solo from Leroi. Very nice. Recently was short and sweet but came off as huge was a shock that they brought this one out and I enjoyed every minute of it. Crush was UNBELIEVABLE...a huge treat. The crowd again reacted very well, basically singing along to all the choruses. Given how litle they played it all tour, I was ecstatic. Don't Drink the Water followed up Crush and wow...the crowd went absolutely insane. Energy was extremely high and Dave seemed to be soaking it up the whole time. As the song built up, so did the intensity in his face...he kept getting "angrier" and "angrier"....towards the end, he was growling loudly....crazy song live. Through each and every one of those songs, the crowd was unbelievably loud. Dave would just approach the mic and people went crazy. I had trouble making out most of the "davespeak" between songs but did catch his George Bush rant before WTWE. Funny stuff. Sleep to Dream Her into Grace is Gone were perfect for their timing in the set. The crowd, fresh off the 1-2 punch of Crush and DDTW, had the chance to catch their breath and relax. People sat down through most of these 2 songs and we all basked in the slow jams of both mellow to hear them back to back. GIG is probably my fave of LWS so it was nice to finally hear Boyd's violing during the whole song live. What You Are and Fool to Think were quick (but crowd enthusiasm was still running full throttle)...only to set up for Ants Marching, which again was a amazing suprise. Once Carter's drums went off, we knew we were in for a real treat. Pure magic. The boys ended the set with Stay and while I'm not a huge fan of the song, the boys played their hearts out and the Lovely Ladies were solid on the backing vocals. First song of the encore was Long Black Veil and when Dave sauntered out on stage...I was hoping for #40 but LBV was extremely well done. He had the Ladies behind him (who each had vocal solos) was sweet and gave me a a whole new appreciation for the song. I had no idea what to expect as the closer...seeing as how we had already been treated to both Ants and Two Step....and I hadn't heard any recent versions of Watchtower.....I didn't recognize the new Stefan intro (which he jammed with Dave for 3-4 minutes at the start) but once the guitar kicked in....caught it right away. All I can say about this song was "Holy freaking crap" they build the song up...slow it down....and then bring it back again is something to see. Towards the end, Dave was practically screaming his head off....such emotion and energy to close out the set. It basically summed up the entire night....lots of energy and enthusiasm from both the band and the crowd. Someone mentioned earlier that on MusiquePlus, that Dave had said it was easily the loudest crowd they've played it front of this year...I can hardly wait to hear the tapings (I'm praying that someone got a good pull of the show), people who weren't there will be blown away by the booming loundness of the crowd....really something to hear.If you were at the show, let me say "thank you" for being so responsively loud and making it such a special night.
Chantalle B.
WOW!! This was definetly a great show! We had also gone to the Foxboro show in June, but this was in my opinion a much better show. The crowd was awesome! The band mentionned the following day on a Montreal TV show that the Montreal crowd had been the loudest of the tour so far! :) BOWA was a great opener, and Warehouse was amazing!! I was really happy to hear them play Ants Marching, and Crush, and Bartender(incredible!) The band really seemed into it tonight! they played for 3 hours, and I think everyone in the Molson Centre couldve stayed at least another 3 hours to hear them play! They played a great set and I cant wait for them to play in MTL again...great job guys! *PS: the Musique Plus show was also GREAT*
For anyone who took in last nights debacle at the Corel Centre, tonights show redeemed the band in the eyes of everyone who walked away disenchanted the previous evening. There was a totally different vibe in the building preceeding the show. You could just tell everyone was ready to party and hear Dave rock the place. When the boys finally took the stage, it was too loud for Dave to get in his opening "Thank you's", so he busted right in to BOWA. Needless to say after being so underwhelmed by most of last nights show, this song to start things off was a great omen. A really fast and vibrant version of the song, with a good Leroi solo. Oh then the fun began, not just for us, but you could see the bandwas havin a great time.They had come with a lot of energy and they were going to make sure they used all of it. Warehouse, sick sick version of this with Boyd stepping up to solo right away, rockin' and giving way to Leroi. First two songs 21 minutes, ridiculous. I could go through the whole show in great detail, because every song contributed a lot, even the album cut versions of IDI,WTWE, which were placed so well in the show, after everyone was all hyped that it was a perfect time to play the single and let everyone sing along. Two Step, I can talk about how well they played this or how each member of the band had a solo, incluing Dave on the guitar, but to iunderstand that this really was the best Two Step ever performed you've just gotta get the show sit down and listen, espescially to Carter,he keeps this song going like five times and then ends it with insane beats. It's really mindblowing when talented musicians can put something like this together. Space was another well placed song that everyone got really into just because we were already so into the show, Dave could have played anything and we would have been happy. Bartender great version with the piccolo, Leroi all alone up there was sweet. In fact I'm pretty sure that Dave went off stage to smoke a joint in the middle of this one. Ya Dave! Recently, standard, not worth talking about. Crush, tis song is just amazing, the words and the whole way they play it with Stefan on the intro was so good maybe best song of the show, Carter breaking it down at the end. DDTW awesome, really well done, really made me appreciate this tune a lot more. Then the boys chilled it out a little with Sleep and Grace, which I espescially loved. What You Are and Fool were nice additions to a never ending setlist. Then came Ants which brought everyone back tro thier feet. Boyd intro from Red Rocks, great version and still so much energy left in the band. Stay was crazy, the ladies took over vocals at the end so Dave could get the feet going, He danced for like 6 minutes, it was wicked. Needless to say no one sat for the encore. Long Black Veil, was an amazing version, so chilled out. Finally to end with Dave and Stefan going a very bluesy intro to Watchtower which had a Boyd, Leroi, and Butch solo, Butch's, by the way, was unreal. An unbeleivable show, in my opinion the best on the tour so far!