Dave Matthews Band
Gorge Amphitheatre, George, Washington
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Iguanas

onstage: 8:17pm
JTR *+
Granny *+
Crush *
When The World Ends *
Fish Monkey Man -->
Bartender *
So Right *
Say Goodbye *
I Did It *+
The Stone *
The Space Between *+
Donít Drink the Water *~
Angel *+
Dont Burn The Pig (tease)
True Reflections *+
Sleep To Dream Her * -->
Grace Is Gone*
What You Are *
Two Step *
Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away
Stay *+
offstage: 11:12pm
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals
~ Tawatha Agee on vocals

Josh D.
My 21st DMB show and got 21 songs--never expected this. They played for almost 3 hours and proved that with their ever-increasing popularity, they still know how to put on one helluva show. Tons of energy from the boys so the 2 week break helped. First show of the tour and always great to be back at the Gorge, the best venue DMB plays these days. JTR was a surprising opener as were Granny and Crush, which were both solid. New songs: When the World Ends and What You Are were definitely my favorites live and were much better than they are on Everyday. So Right, I Did It, and Sleep to Dream Her ("babies") were decent but not spectacular while The Space Between is just a great song period. Angel is not one of my favs but good to hear it. HIGHLIGHTS: Big Eyed Fish- this song is amazing and HIGHLY UNDERRATED. The Stone- another underrated song and a great surprise with how little they've played it this tour- ending jam was definitely solid. Pig!! Great solo by Dave which is something to remember. Grace Is Gone, What You Are, Two Step- best versions of these songs I've ever heard and definitely the best part of the night for me. Tons of energy and the fellas sounded very tight on all 3 tunes which are all amazing live. Time Slips Away was a great surprise and I heard my first Stay (yes, 21 shows before I heard Stay) which isn't a favorite, especially as an encore, but another song to add to the list. Can't wait to see what the boys have in store tonight.
Peter P.
This is going to be a non-song review. First of all, the Gorge is an amazing place and I can see why it was rated best outdoor venue last year. Not in order of occurence, there was: Dave commenting about camping outside with all the fans. The only thing he doesn't like is shitting outside, what with having to dig a hole and all. Another great comment: "This show is brought to you!" Later on, just one word: "Babies!" He commented about his coffee a couple of times so maybe Stella and Grace kept him up late before the show. At one point, the whole band including the girls started cracking up laughing so they were all definitely having a good time. Finally, before the encore, someone threw a joint up on stage and Dave picked it up, said "Thank you. That is real generous of you." walked back to Carter, took a hit, and put it down. What a show!!! (one last thing: Pig tease and #40 tease - so unfair!!!)
Steve S.
This was easily my favorite show that I've seen this year. I've been to San Fran, LA, Detroit, Chicago and Boulder earlier. This was my first time out at the Gorge and it was a beautiful place for a great show. I've never heard Stone live and I finally heard it, at of all places, the Gorge. Don't Drink The Water was unbelievable. What You Are was great and the mix seemed to be the best of the shows I've seen. One night wasn't enough. I wish I could've gone to all three but that'll have to wait.
Alishia G.
This is my 6th show and I swear they get better and better every year! They played a lot of songs from the new album and also from the Lillywhite sessions. Dave was full of energy and obviously touched by fans who held signs welcoming the birth of his twin daughters. The energy the band has is just amzing and incredible!
Mike O.
HIGHLIGHTS: True Reflections, What You Are, Bartender, Angel, Grace is Gone, and Stay were all well played and fun to hear. The biggest highlight for me personally was Don't Drink the Water. They played it with such energy and passion. It was a classic rendition. The new tunes were played well (minus two, mentioned in a moment), and the old tunes were good to see in the rotation. Crush was a pleasant surprise. LOWLIGHTS: I Did It and Space Between were simply awful, particularly the latter. I Did It sounded like noise and was totally out of place after a great tune like Say Goodbye. The Space Between really needs to be evaluated by the band in terms of how they want it to sound, because Dave is playing a butt-rock style of guitar and Carter is much too heavy on the drums. It sounds terrible. All in all this an excellent show, and one worth having if you collect them.
Jeff F.
This was the first night of three incredible shows. From the beginning Dave and the rest of the band had more energy than I had ever seen. Dave was dancing around the whole stage, having a great time with the first half of the set. When they got into Don't Drink The Water, it was amazing. Then, after Angel, Dave did a bit of Don't Burn The Pig solo which surprised everyone there, I think. The end of the set, Two Step, seemed just as energetic as the beginning of the show. The crowd just loved it when he came back out for the encore and did Willie Nelson's "Ain't It Funny..." solo. Definitely the best show I have ever seen, and that was just the first night...
Brian P.
Well, the long, agonizing wait for the Gorge was well worth it. Friday's show was hands down the best dave show I've seen. Aside from the fact that I was checking the collective pulse of my entire section(sec. C row 39), it still didn't ruin what was nearly a dream show for me. I was relieved to see that the people in my area had not passed away when Dave played I did it, because they all knew that one. I heard a guy behind me yell "Finally a good song!" Even with the HORRIBLE surrounding crowd, that probably missed an exit on the way to N'SYNC, it was a fucking phenominal show. They played for 3 hours, with Dave babbling lots inaudible remarks into the microphone that drew roars from the crowd. He told a little story about taking a shit in his little Italian toilet he dug in the ground while camping( commenting on the alternative to the endless lines of port-a-potties). He danced around the stage like a fucking animal, continuously pounding cups of what he said was coffee, but that was highly suspect. The energy level was so high at times I thought I was gonna have a heart attack....all this combined with the beautiful was breathtaking. Crush, Big Eyed Fish( and yes, the monkey should stay in his fucking tree), The stone and two step were all highlights. He teased pig both nights I was there, but didn't play it. The long, long intro into What You Are was also unbelievable. The surprise of the night for me though, was how much Tawatha Agee added to the end of Don't Drink the Water. Dave and her were going back and fourth forever, she has an incredible voice. All in all, a surprisingly timeless show to begin the weekend, one that Saturday didn't even touch.
Kevin E.
Dave and the boys love the Gorge, and the Gorge certainly loved Dave and the Boys. Tonight, Dave the proud papa was pumped. You could totally tell that his heart was thinking about his girls back home, as almost every single song was full of emotion and Dave was dancing around like crazy. JTR was awesome, a great way to get everyone pumped. Granny, WOW! i love this song, and this is the best version I've EVER heard! easily a 6-7 minute version with an AMAZING jam at the end. Dave just kept singing "BABY" over and over again, hence the impression that he's a proud dad. Crush was sweet; Dave and Stefan jammed for a while at the beginning. Very good version. WTWE was surprisingly good. Way better than the "Everday" version, and not too shabby. BEF-->Bartender: Both very good, very solid, very engergetic. LeRoi played the fife at the beginning and the end of Bartender, and it really added to it alot...Bartender kicks so much A$$ it's not even funny. So Right was great, it was alright on the CD, and great live; got the crowd pretty pumped for Carter's sweet drum solo into Say Goodbye! I LOVE THAT song, and my buddy and I called it from the beginning. It was awesome! I Did It...lots of energy, that's about it. The Stone was good, but kind of mellow. It seemed Dave might be getting a bit tired. The Space Between was sweet, a very pretty song. word...WOW! infact, WOW WOW WOW. seriously. unbelievably good. I was seriosly speechless after that song. Angel, a sweet song, but similar to CD version. Pig-->True Reflections: in my mind, right up there with DDTW for the best song of the night. Boyd and the lovely ladies nailed the vocals, and the jams in True Reflections were so sweet. I used to not be a fan of this song, but my mind has been changed. WOW. STDH-->GIG: very beautiful; Boyd makes Grace incredible with his violin. What You Are was sweet. Dave and Stefan jammed a bit at the beginning, with Carter going nuts on the drums. I hated that song on the CD, but wow pretty darn good. Two Step: 17 minutes long, need i say more? oh yeah...awesome. Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away-"a hero of mine, Willie Nelson..." Dave played this solo well. The crowd was pretty bummed b/c the concert was coming to end...and then Stay! AHHHH!!! THE BOYS NEEDED TO STAY! it was sweet...very long, very good jams, it just was sad to see a sweet show come to an end. on a scale of 1-10, I'd say a solid 9, but (at the time) the best show I had ever seen
This was an excellent show.. not quite as good as night 2 (8.25.01), though. Highlights were Say Goodbye with a long Carter intro, the Stone, and Two Step. The Pig tease was the first verse-- from "Isn't it strange" to "an evening spent dancing it's you and me." Also, there was an extended intro to What You Are. Dave mumbled for about a minute while the deep bass rumbled in the background. Oh yeah, the beautiful venue added to the show also. It was like seeing DMB in heaven.
Heather C.
OK, so I lied. Vegas night #2 was not my last show of the 2001 tour. I had this wonderful opportunity to take a little trip from Cali to WA and could not pass it up. Here goes: Of course the vibe was live and fresh, band back together after a few weeks off and the twins being born = excellent energy level by all. I have never seen the guys laugh so hard and enjoy themselves on stage as I did this night. For starters - JTR, Granny, and Crush and I was in heaven. Dave wailed so hard on Say Goodbye and Don't Drink the Water that I wondered how he'd have any voice left for two other shows! The main highlight for me was hearing The Stone so beautifully for the first time. This one has been on my wish list for a while now. Dave, in his great mood, sipping his what-I-thought-was-straight-coffee, told a great poop story about hating to have to go outside = pure comedy! He loved teasing us with a little bacon bit size piece of Pig. Soft and sweet as it was, it left us "burning" for more. Dave finished up with an Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away and 41 makes me wanna Stays. So I will for another two shows...
By far the best, most diverse show I have been to. Carter's opening into 'Say Goodbye' was amazing and Dave's soulful 'Angel' was worth the money. I was disappointed that he didn't carry on with 'Pig', but when Boyd stepped up for 'True Reflections' it was all forgotten. The most surprising to me was 'Sleep To Dream Her'. While not the type of song I would expect them to do live, it was excellent to hear Dave in falsetto. Of course, always good to hear cuts from the unreleased 'Lillywhite Sessions'. Can't wait to see what these guys have up their sleeves next!
Amy P.
I can only say that this was my 5th DMB concert and my First time in the front row. WOW what a show. Dave came out and started with a mellow JTR, Granny, Crush and When the World Ends. Big Eyed Fish I had never heard live and absolutely blew me away. I was extremely excited to hear the songs they didn't release (Grace Is Gone/ Bartender) because they sounded better than ever. I also enjoyed hearing songs from Everyday (Dave added a few of his dance moves from the video in I Did It), and was glad they didn't play the entire album. The show really built itself up and the band seemed to save a whole lot of energy for What You Are and Two Step--they jammed and got the whole audience going crazy (not that they weren't before). He played the Willie Nelson tune in Friday's encore and saved #40 for on Saturday night's encore which was what I was hoping for. Needless to say, I'm more impressed every year.
Jason C.
After an Eighteen hour drive from temecula, Ca. it was great to pull into camp and join the first few hundred fans on opening night of a three show run in one of the coolest places to see a show. The boys came out roaring with butch and the lovely ladies tearing through JTR and Granny. Things mellowed with crush and WTWE setting the tone for Big Eyed Fish > Bartender. Leroi silenced the crowd with pennywhistle intro and outro making bartender an early highlight. So Right was another chance for Roi to show off his skills. Say Goobye began with a fierce Carter solo and Roi's flute was soaring into the night, full of shooting stars and a few fireflies. Dave went for his electric and I did it was the next off of everyday. The stone was a pleasant surprise and was great to hear again. DDTW has gotten a bit of a facelift with the amazing voice of Tawatha Agee. Tawatha blew the roof off stage(very nice). Pig tease!!!!!! Thought we would get the song but dave turned from the mic and cut it short at about 1 verse. True reflections gave boyd to sing and show off,powerful version. Sleep to Dream her slowed things down and now had a long winding outro that segued into a great version of grace is gone. What you are was started slower than normal building into the normaal intro. What can you say about a show that closes with two step. Thank You!!!!! Great improv by Dave and Boyd and Butch had great solos, lots of power and closed a solid show. The encore dave dedicated to one of his heros,Willie Nelson. Hadn't heard this one yet ,great tune and Dave segued into a verse of sittin on the dock of the bay,very cool. The Ladies came out one more time and fittingly closed with Stay. Well, day one down, two more to come. Long walk back to camp where the night was only beginning.
Shane U.
I will try to make it short. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sat row one thanks to Bama Works. Unbelievable. The energy from the band was special. From the opener JTR to Stay there was nothing but smiles from Dave. I think it was the perfect set to start out the weekend. He got some of everyday stuff out of the way, which I really like. I'm not knocking it. Loved hearing Say Goodbye, which followed So Right. Really enjoyed hearing The Stone, don't hear it that often. Great version of Don't Drink the Water, mostly I don't enjoy this song. Tawatha and Dave went back in forth at the end and then Tawatha went off. I taped the show and the two of them going off sounds really good. Grace sounds out of this world. I didn't mind Stay as the closer, since we were there for two more nights. Overall all, I thought it was a great show filled with energy and lots of smiles.
Caleb H.
Well, my first DMB concert, and truthfully, i was a LITTLE let down...7 Everyday songs? I would've liked to hear 2. WTWE was the only one that i really enjoyed. I don't want to be to hard on them though... there were some highlights: 1) the best version of Crush that i have ever heard, hands down, started out w/ Stephan laying down a nice layed-back groove, and lots of jamming at the end. 2) Also a real good bartender, it was a little long, and i think that the non-fans lost some interest half way through the song, but i loved it. Dave sang like it would be the last song he ever sung. 3) Say Goodbye was sooo cool. Didn't expect to hear this but as soon as Carter started his drum solo, i knew what was coming. 4) a nice long two step, had to be at least 20 minites long, again i think he lost some non-diehard's attention during this, but the ending was off the hook. Overall, i was a little disappointed, but maybe i psyced myself too much by listening to Red Rocks about 50 times before the concert. I guess i'll have to wait till next summer to see the concert of my life.
Aaron L.
i flew from indiana to see dmb at the gorge. this venue is amazing. the columbia river is behind the stage. no screens for any of the shows. do not camp at the gorge campsite. the first night, they did random car searches. the 2nd night, they searched every car that came through. go to wildhorse campground-unbelievably cool people there. anyway, dmb opened w/ jtr. knew that was coming when the lovely ladies came out. they followed up w/ granny. crush was next and got the crwod into it. wtwe was next. i love the album version, but the live version needs some work. it sounds like there is too much going on in it. they played fish-monkey-man and segued into bartender. i think that was the highlight of the night. so right was next-typical version. say goodbye followed and kicked ass as usual. i did it was next. alot of people sat down during this song. myself included. you can tell the band loves playing it though. stefan was actually moving around the stage and dancing. the stone followed and sounded excellent. this is still my favorite dmb song. the space between was next and typical. crwod got into it though. ddtw follwed and blew me away. dave was wailing. they played the short version of angel, which pissed me off. my friend from oregon had never seen dmb and i kept telling her about the 10 minute version and i wanted to hear the lovely ladies go off. they didn't, but dave did the acoustic don't burn the pig, which i had never heard before. i would really like to hear that entire song live. boyd sang true reflections, which was a 1st for me out of 10 shows. next was sleep to dream her into grace is gone. cool segue. they followed w/ what you are. they added a cool intro and jammed in the middle. they closed w/ two step. dave went crazy during this song, dancing all over the stage and in place for the final minute of the song. after a long wait, dave came back out and played Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away. awesome version of a classic. the lovely ladies joined the guys on stage for a jammed out version of stay. all in all a good concert, but not the best i've seen. i don't think any show will top the show in TN this year.