Dave Matthews
Farm Aid: Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
The Space Between
I Did It
Song That Jane Likes
Pig (half of song) -->
Grace Is Gone *
All Along the Watchtower *

* Micky Raphael on harmonica
All other songs Dave solo

Aaron M.
This solo performance was amazing. Dave acoustic was reminiscent of the Dave and Tim days. Crush was a big surprise for the night, as well as Pig. He played what he said was his first ever acoustic I Did It, which totally rocked. The very last song was Watchtower. He said, "This one goes out to NY, cause it rocks there, too" What a great show. An hour of Dave!
well i wasnt there...unfourtunately...but i watched it on cmt...i thought dave was awesome...great mixed set list (minus a certain i did it) but none the less dave tore it up...bartender was totally awesome...dave did this badass scat thing durin crush...that was cool...i simply LOVED ONE SWEET WORLD...grace is gone was cool with that rafael guy on the harmonica...and watchtower kicked little thing though....just my .02 would have been better if stefan, leroi, boyd and carter were there...i sorta missed them...but dave was awesome anyways
Laura O.
I first have to say that Farm Aid as a whole was really great. I had never seen anyone who played there before (except Dave) and I was really impressed. Especially by Neil Young, that man is amazing. Dave played first, out of the big guys, and it wasn't dark yet when he came out. It is a totally different experience to see Dave solo than it is with the band, but I still thought the show was great. He opened with Everyday, and it sounded cool, really stripped down, but a little bit funky at the same time. Bartender was somehow more powerful with just Dave and his guitar, not sure why. I have now seen the song live 9 times in a row, and I think it was nice to hear it solo for a change. Crush...everyone loved this. Only time I really felt like I was at a Dave show. The crowd was so quiet until this point...was really strange. OSW, my favorite DMB song, was awesome. Always love to hear it, but he didn't do the instrumental intro. Somehow it's not the same without it. And he cut it a bit short. Oh, well. TSB, not really thrilled to hear this, but I was so pumped to be there that I didn't really care. "I've got a little sister"...Jane! Totally excited to hear this. I was jumping up and down and feeling out of place among all the calm people, but who cares. I Did It was good, but I really missed Boyd's part of the vocals. I had false hope that he would show up for it, but I really knew that he wouldn't. Something that did surprise me, though, was Pig It was also one I was really excited to hear. Sounded great solo. All quiet and calm and beautiful. Satellite was mellow, sounded really good. Grace is Gone is such a beautiful song, and it makes me so sad. The harmonica really added to the song, gave it a little more depth. It was a highlight of the show for me. Watchtower rocked, and the harmonica added a whole lot to this song, too. At times, it almost sounded like Boyd or Leroi was on the stage with him. Very cool. Well, the only things I was disappointed with were the fact that no one sat in (but Willie did play Ain't It Funny later, and it was awesome), and that he didn't play Captain. I knew it wasn't likely, but after a tease in Nashville this summer, I was giving it one last hope that he would do it solo. I guess I shouldn't complain, though. The show was mellow, everyone was laid back, and the day was perfect. See you next year.
Sara M.
I heard the best Crush ever (my favorite song besides #40)! Dave was solo and acoustic, so when the part came where Tim does his solo and where the band would usually rock out, I was wondering what he was going to do at that part since he was by himself - it was bad ass, he did this awesome vocal scat along with his guitar. Something I've never heard in the many, many Crushes I've heard (this was only my second Crush live though). It was truly a unique experience - I'm so glad I got to hear that. Dave's voice was really soft and sweet for a lot of songs, like Grace Is Gone, Pig, Everyday, Bartender, and the Space Between - softer than he usually sings, but still very strong. He sang really soft and quiet during a couple parts of Watchtower, just to tease the audience (I think) because everyone knew he was going to start rocking out and pounding on his guitar soon. Dave's voice was a mix of super-soft-and-sweet and super-strong-and-loud all night, there was rarely an in between. It was the best show I've ever seen, I never thought I'd be so lucky to see Dave perform solo and acoustic. The atmosphere was better than DMB shows also, unlike the frat party vibe I get from DMB shows, there was a mixture of lots of different kinds of people young, old, farmers, cowboys, hippies, artists (there was a guy who painted colorful paintings of every headliner) - I really liked them people at FARM AID. But way too many people drinking and driving - DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!!!!!
Aaron L.
here again to give you an awesome review of a dave show. this time i was one of the lucky ones to see dave do a solo performance at farm aid. dave was introduced by neil young as "some new blood for farm aid" dave started w/ everyday to get the crowd going, and believe me, 75% of the crowd was there to see dave. he followed w/ bartender and got into just like he would if the band were there. next was crush. always gets the crowd singing. he did one sweet world next. the space between was dave's next choice and it sounds so much better w/ an acoustic than played w/ an electric. he said he had to do the next song b/c he was scared to do it.-i did it. i generally don't like this song played live, but as w/ the space between, it sounded awesome played acoustically. he followed w/ the song that jane likes and even gave his introduction to it. "i got a sister..." then he played the standard pig tease although i believe this was a little longer than normal. he played satellite next, which i heard was the only coverage CMT released of his whole performance. next, willie nelson's harmonica player came out and helped dave on grace is gone which was beautiful. then, i think dave surprised everyone by playing a very soulful version of all along the watchtower, w/ the harmonica player. i wish they would have let people tape this show. after dave left the stage, there was a constant dave chant for about 5 minutes. very cool show, dave was the highlight, of course. i met a couple that were 2nd row at the TN show. i only remember the girl's name b/c it was erin and so is mine. to her boyfriend, i'm really bad w/ names. maybe i'll see you again at another dmb show.peace--aaron