Dave Matthews Band
Corel Centre, Kanata, ON Canada
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Afro Celt Sound System

JTR *+
What Would You Say *
Captain (tease)
When The World Ends *
So Right *
Granny *+
Donít Drink the Water *~
The Space Between *+
Fool To Think *+
So Much To Say * --> (Anyone Seen the Bridge?)
Too Much *
Fish Monkey Man -->
Bartender *
I Did It *+
#41 (Everyday)
What You Are *
Tripping Billies *
Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away
Stay *+
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals
~ Tawatha Agee on vocals

Bobby B.
Dave intoduced the opening act (A.C.S.S.), very classy. As for DMB, they were clear and loud. The crowd was nuts. They played an odd set list. However, as much as the crowd was into it , they did a weak encore. It seemed they should have played one more song. I guess they left it as a "cliff-hanger", but most were disappointed. However, it was truely a fantastic show. Lots of Lillywhite, including their opener. Dave spoke, "It's always nice to come to a country with a little culture". For an Encore, Dave did an accoustic cover of Willie Nelson's "Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away". This was fitting since they were just added to the line-up of Nelson's Farm Aid festival. Then they ended it with a great rendition of "Stay". PLEASE RETURN TO OTTAWA SOOOOON!
Ryan P.
The second concert of 2001 that I have had the chance to go an see (The First being Buffalo) and maybe it was the front row seats but i was just unusually pumped for the show. The crowd on the floor was really into most of the show, however the upper seating lacked any enthusiasm it seemed. I looked back during SMTS and only 2 people were standing and dancing out of about 200. Anyways on to the music... JTR, a pretty good opener but stone is a little better or 41. Some great older songs were played tonight that seemed to get everyone a little more into it. WWYS, SMTS, Too Much were played great and then a great jam formed during Tripping Billies really firing everybody up. Enough babbling on anyways... The encore was hmmm ok i guess... AIFHTSA is just sounding great the last couple shows and tonight was no exeption, however then they had to go an end it on Stay, the same thing i heard at Buffalo. Its a great song dont get me wrong but just kinda didnt want to hear it. I was pushing more for a great Watchtower . But all in all an A show. See ya'll in Toronto. OH ya Bartender might be the best jamming song for them this tour!
Chuck J.
First Show of mine and i was blown away. Afro Celt Sound System, to start off, are so uplifting and lively. They are a perfect opener for DMB (I'm sure better than Macy Grey). Dave came and introduced them and said some good things about Canada, which is cool because I'm from Canada. I was amazed at the energy up on stage, especially from the Lovely Ladies, who were even dancing and singing along when they weren't even on stage. Some Highlights were Don't Drink The Water, which had, I think, the most energy. As well, #41 into Everyday was incredible. He was singing everyday and still playing #41, and when the crowd would jump in with "Everyday", he'd look around at us, stunned. All in all, the evening was my best ever.
Matt T.
I drove 560 miles to watch the dave matthews band close their set with stay. In addition, I was treated to So much to Say, and Too much with anyone seen the bridge in between, which actually used to be a really cool thing to see before they started playing it every other show. Song That Jane Likes, The Stone, crash, crush.. nope. I don't think any song he played was played less than 15 times already this tour, possibly granny. Canadian crowd was boring too, which probably led to such a weak encore. There were high points, though: BEF is always awesome. #41 towards the end of the set was cool as hell. Billies is out of control, and Ain't it funny was cool. The bottom line is that this band always puts on good shows, but this one was just a basic, nothing special DMB concert. It would have been nice for some rare songs to be played or just a little variety, look at Montreal (8/8)'s setlist. I have gone to 5 shows now in hopes of catching a really special show, and 6/4/01 was the closest, and it was damn good, but I'm altogether disappointed. Every set has been the same damn shows. Oh well. Still one of the best bands I've ever heard, but its disappointing considering the potential they have, and the shows they once put on.
Jordan B.
Well - Way to go Ottawa fans...You managed to rip the life right out of each band member, with your sad display of heartless yelling and uninterest. If you don't like the band's music, stay the fuck home! I promise that Dave and the boys would much rather play for a crowd half the size, but where everyone is enthusiastic. You people wonder why it took him three years to come back? Dave tries to play a solo and you people would not shut up. He also tried to play Waste in the encore, but opted out. Considering I am writing this review at the end of our ventures to the east, I'm going to take the opportunity to compare the Corel Center fans to the Molson Center fans (I was at the latter last night). Montreal fans rule....they cheer when they're supposed to, tone it down accordingly, and Dave rewarded them by playing Long Black Veil, solo (with the Ladies)in the encore. Montreal fans cheered for every song, because they like the music. Ottawa fans yelled for Lie in our Graves when Dave was trying to solo in #41. Nonetheless, good setlist. JTR is a sweet (not the best) opener. The Captain tease was a treat, although I sincerely hope one day they break the song out completely. Always cool to hear Big Eyed Fish - even though no one there knew any of the words. The Tripping Billies to close the regular set was actually pretty insane, most likely because the crowd responded positively and that energized the band. Boyd ripped a sick solo. Stay...hmmm...okay, enough already. Very jamming song, but my stomach curdles when I see the Ladies come out for the encore finale, 'cause I know I'm going to hear Stay....hmmm...okay, enough already (oops, I said that already). I promise whoever is reading this that you will find the reviews for tomorrow night's show 100% better. Looking forward to tomorrow in Toronto!
Chris V.
The show was amazing, from Dave coming out on stage to announce the Afro Celt Sound System to the closing, "Stay", everyone was up and on their feet. The highlights had to be the large amounts of "The Summer So Far" in the setlist. Not everyone in the audience knew the songs, but those who did, sang along proudly while the others just shared in the amazing groove of the night. The crowd especially loved Dave's multiple references to Canada as "a country with some culture" considering he was from "the chunky old lady down the hill", and Dave's apology for George W. Bush, saying that "I Did It" was probably the song Dubya was singing as he walked into the White House for the first time. Leroi's use of the flute in the #41 solo was another standout point really showing off his musical versatiliy. I'd have to say the highlight had to be the closing song, "Stay", just because it had been one of those really hot 35 degree celcius (i'm from Canada...I use celcius) days only broken once by a huge thunderstorm in the middle of the afternoon, just like in the song. truly amazing.
Colin D.
Up on a mini-road trip from Montreal, this first Canadian show in 3 years did not disappoint. I'd first like to thank Bo from the Warehouse for upgrading my ticket to FRONT ROW!!!! it made the experience an unforgettable one!! The crowd was very docile, though, but that's alright because that way we all hear the music better. Some highlights: Dave speak: "it's nice to be here, in a place with culture", "as you all know, we have a new president south of here... i apologize for him.." JTR-great opener! my favorite lillywhite! so tight and the best jam at the end. So Right- this song is fantastic live!! they do some great punches during the end of the song. Don't Drink- WOW have they ever spiced this one up!! so much more energy sonce the last time i heard it being played! SMTS->ASTB->TM- i had forgotten how tight the transition jam was!! this IS the best transitional jam EVER! Big Eyed Fish->Bartender- i almost wet my pants! LeRoi almost made me cry with the pennywhistle solo... #41-LeRoi is definately the man!! with the super flute and sax solos he pulled off at the end even made dave look blown away! the everyday outro was fantastic as well, and everybody in my section caught dave's attention with our sing-along prowess.. Ain't it Funny- this was a very beautiful moment that i wish could have gone on for much longer. the whole crowd seemed to be silent as dave sang the beautiful lyrics. it's no wonder he chose this song to cover... oh yeah and the Captain tease was great as well!
Mindy W.
my boyfriend and i made the trek from chicago, to the u.p. of michigan, to kanata, ontario, canada for the show - my 22nd - and it was a very odd experience. for one, it was weird to see a summer show at an indoor venue that was nowhere near being sold out. the band had good energy though even though the crowd didn't respond in a way that was normal to me. in chicago (and other nearby venues), the crowds are always crazy... dancing , singing along, and whatnot. those crazy canadians just kinda sat there and listened. now if it was a dave and tim show, i'd understand, but jeez. this was a really strong, energetic performance and the people sitting around us were no even moving! nevertheless, i had a great time, and i think the long trip was definitely worth the experience. the only negative i can think of (besides the audience being zombies), was that they ended the show with stay. i like the song well enough, but they need to stick it in the middle of the set. it just drags on and on, with the lovely ladies going "makes you wanna stay..." over and over. i was disappointed with it as a closer at c'ville, and i disappointed with it as a closer in canada. but it's all good. next stop, farm aid!!!
Fiona G.
I was at the concert, and well, It was the best day of my life. I was so happy, I even cried when Dave came out:) well..that's my review, i've never been to a DMB concert cuz I live up north and it's hard and expensive to get out into the city. But it was amazing.thanks
Brad J.
Well the Dave show at the Corel Center had its moments, but as a whole, I was not too impressed. I don't mind however because seeing Dave in my home town for probably the last time in awhile was only a privledge. JTR and WWYS were very good to get me pumped, but I was disappointed by When the World Ends, it seemed to lack depth. Although I'm not a fan of DDTW, they rocked for this song!!! Other highlights included Bartender, #41 and an intense Tripping Billies which got my body moving. I did not like the sound in the Corel Center, it was very quiet and difficult to hear the band. I also felt that members of the band were missing. Both Boyd and Butch lacked any presence and were short on solos, but Dave's voice was on tonight which may have made up for that. The setlist was heavy with radio songs and the crowd was lacking a bit, but hopefully these these minor setbacks will be altered for the Toronto show. See you there!