Dave Matthews Band
Gorge Amphitheatre, George, Washington
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Iguanas

Tripping Billies *
Warehouse *
Dont Burn The Pig (tease)
One Sweet World *
Best of Whats Around *+
Fool To Think *+
I Did It *+
Crash Into Me *
Captain (tease)
Seek Up *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Everyday *+
Lover Lay Down
If I Had It All *+
Digging a Ditch
Grey Street *
The Space Between *+
All Along the Watchtower *
#40 (tease)
Intro * -->
Too Much *
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals

Josh D.
Wow. Another great night at the Gorge that was equal to last night. Still a lot of energy from the boys with only 2 repeats from Friday's show- I Did It and The Space Between which was expected. Billies, Warehouse, and yet another Pig tease were a great way to get things started. Seek Up was a great surprise in the middle of the set and I'm learning to appreciate the lovely ladies more than I used to. Not a huge fan of the "Everyday" material they played tonigh- Fool to Think is decent, Everyday is pretty good, but If I Had It All isn't a whole lot better live than on the album. Biggest highlights after the opening songs were Grey Street, the most high-energy Watchtower I've ever seen out of at least 10, and Waste which is yet another great cover for DMB. The many teases also add a lot but I'm hoping Dave busts out a whole Pig, Captain, or #40 one of these days. I counted 22 songs (for my 22nd DMB show) if you include #40 and Pig- really glad the boys are playing so many songs in their setlists. The only MAJOR disappointments of the first two shows has been the weak final song of the encore- Stay and Too Much are definitely not my favs. Would much have a preferred LIOG or GIG if they aren't going to go with Ants, Watchtower, Billies, Everyday, etc. Still, two amazing shows and can't wait to see what they have in store for tonight.
Chad B.
Simply put, epic. What a performance, what a setlist, what a setting and what a venue (this applies to the 8/24 and 8/25 shows)..... Need we say more? Quite possibly the best DMB shows I've ever personally witnessed! Pretty much speechless after such an incredible weekend. Well done.
Mike O.
This was a classic "almost" show. It was almost a great one, but not quite. It started off very well, with crisp versions of classic DMB tunes. However, as soon as the Everyday tunes hit, the whole show lost its momentum. Seek Up was great to see, but it never quite got going enough to be a great rendition. The jazzy jam after it was cool, but it lost the audience. Interestingly, the PNP>Rapunzel was the show stopper (save for the monster Watchtower to close the show (with an electric guitar solo nonetheless, at least, it sounded like that anyway). The show didn't have a great flow after the first five or so tunes, which continued even in the encores. #40 was great, but very short. Waste is great, and I hope they decide to do it as an entire band at some point (I'm a big Phish fan though, so perhaps I'm biased). ASTB>Too Much, like most of the show, was...well, almost great...but not quite.
Jeff F.
Tonight we were all hoping that the band would pull out some old tunes, and they did right away, starting with Tripping Billies and Warehouse. Again, like last night, the band was extremely energetic with Dave dancing around and Carter banging away solos on his drums. We got a continuation of last night with Don't Burn The Pig, Dave starting where he left off the previous night. After that back to some more oldies-but-goodies with OSW and BOWA. After a few new and classic tunes, we got an amazing Seek Up with a couple minute Dave solo. During PNP, Dave broke a string and switched guitars right before Rapunzel and never missed a beat. Lover Lay Down was surprising, we were expecting Grey Street because we heard it during the soundcheck on Friday afternoon. Watchtower was great as always, with Butch on keys playing Timmy's part!! They ended with an extended version of ASTB into Too Much. I didn't think it was possible, but tonight surpassed last night's performance.
Heather C.
And our second night up for bid: An excellent show at a heavenly venue with great people. Solid opener with Tripping Billies. And yet another small slice off the ham with this pint size bite of Pig and a small verse of Captain...why must Dave tease us so? I was going insane! Best of What's Around was a special treat to hear (especially for Patrick). PNP into Rapunzel was a true crowd pleaser. The people around me were going crazy! Lover Lay Down and Grey Street were both powerful and beautiful. Another highlight - a verse from #40 as "always" was breathtaking. Even after the screaming Dave had done the night before, his voice was pure and crisp for this little number. Loved hearing DMB's version of Waste for the first time. It's always a special memory every time I hear a new song live for the first time. After trying to absorb everything all day, I can't help but ask: Is this real, or am I dreaming?
I liked this show a little bit more than last night-- that means the show was almost perfect. The weather was perfect, the venue absolutly beautiful with the sun setting behind the stage, and DMB walks out and opens with Tripping Billies. Unreal. No Nature intro to Billies, however. Tonight's Pig tease was the last verse, from "Look here are we on this starry night...," until "Don't burn the day away." Grey Street is much better this year with Butch's organ playing instead of the piano effect. I was also psyched to hear BOWA and Waste for the first times live. I had to miss night 3 because of the beginning of my semester, but all in all this was a great way to end my summer. Hopefully I'll be back next year!
John M.
I came to this show with the vauge hope that it may possibly beat out Folsom Field. The sun was shining, so there was some hope. If you've never been to the Gorge, go. Great views, and much nicer than any stadium. Anyways, DMB came out just as the sun set and started the show with a bang. Four classics gave it that instant "Live at Red Rocks" feel that only increased through the show. The Lovely Ladies added so much to Best of What's Around - it was incredible! Crash had the crowd dancing, and it's so sweet to hear "dixie chicken." More classics came with a 20 minute Seek Up that was just sweet. One disappointment- no sunshine beginning on Recently, but such a sweet song. Digging a Ditch is the best Lillywhite. The music was just amazing, and the feel was there. This was a truly amazing show.
Mike W.
Great show at a great venue. There was a nice mix of old and new with a number of songs restructured from the album versions. Dave and co. seemed very relaxed and really mixed well. There was a great free flowing jam in the middle that allowed everyone to take a turn in the spotlight. All in all a very good show.
Scott S.
Well, after 19 shows and caravaning back from all three at the gorge, back to a hardly adequate desination in comparison, I have to say that these were my best three without question. Saturday night was probably the best of the three, playing over 20 songs, and with such surprises as the orginal "Don't Burn the Pig" lyrics, "lover lay down", and an absolutely beautiful encore. The highlight though, came in the middle of the set with "Everyday/#36" medley where the crowd was singing "honey, honey come and dance with me" while Mr. Matthews and the Ladies sang the everyday lyrics. It was almost overwhelming for the crowd (especially in the first few rows) as well as Dave who was smilin the whole time. The same thing happened before the encore. Ultimately, I was just happy to see the guys having fun, jamming like I havn't seen in a long time, and messing up the lighting guy in the back. Thanks to the lovely ladies from Chicago for the room to stay and Mr. Chris Joy for being arrogant enough to get his name sung in a Dave Matthews song and get me all sweaty. If you haven't gone to the gorge, go...these set lists don't tell half the story.
Jason C.
The sun was shining bright as day two began. Dave and the boys where on point and came out with four old songs. Billies and warehouse were owned by boyds violin. Pig tease number two!!!!!! Daves voice seemed foggy and he was drinking alot(tea he said) this tease was longer than last nights, but once again cut it short. Great long instrumental intro great version. Best of whats around sounds great with the lovely ladies, they stay out for Fool to think, (much tighter than Las Vegas)I did it seems to grow on me everytime i hear it. Crash,only one of the weekend, nice dixie chicken outro. Captain Tease took some people by surprise great to here even just a little bit of this one. with the energy already turned up the show takes off, Seek up, great long intro awsome version, boyd tore it up and daves voice raspy as it was still sounded great as he screamed along with boyds violin.Next, long intro into PNP> Rapunzel. great energy and the whole venue was dancing and singing their hearts out. Everyday/ #36 great interactive song for the fans, lovely ladies, dave.. Nicest surprise of the night?? LOVER LAY DOWN !!!!! Amazing song for an amazing night at the Gorge(see a show there at any cost!!) Recently!! wow what a great mix with tons of old classics. No intros or outros but still a great tune. Digging a ditch, one of my personal fave's of the lillywhite stuff. Nicely setting up a powerful and loud version of Grey Street.Space between settled things down for a minute and then came Stefan. Out of 27 shows this was the best bass solo I have ever seen!! the crowd went nuts and Dave smiled and pointed as Stefan nailed the intro. Great watchtower with awesome solos from everyone. Sick show and the encore didnt let anyone down. Wow # 40, Waste incredible. Then Carter started banging away and up starts anyone seen the bridge > Too Much. Holy Cow, great funky version, tons of stefan and butch. Second show blew our minds and we still had one more day to go. If anyone has the show PLEASE LET ME KNOW. All around great jammy, exploratory show with tons of highlights(a must have!!). Cant wait until day three!
Shane U.
This was one of the greatest shows i have seen to date from the DMB. I can't stop thinking about it. It started with killer versions of Tripping and Warehouse. The crowd was into it along with the band. The energy was extemly high. Thr intro into One Sweet World was awesome, followed by BOWA. Captain was awesome to hear, plus the fact that Seek Up followed with almost 20 minute version. The band never let down from this point on. Rapunzel was awesome, which I love to hear live all day any day. The crowd singing #36 into everyday was breathtaking. Plus a killer version of my favorite song off everyday. Lover Lay Down was incredible plus a killer jam by Leroi. Recently was awesome, except that my favorite lyrics were not sang. Digging, what can you say, it's my favorite Lillywhite song. The Fonzs bass intro to Watchtower may have been one of the best that I have heard. The encore was awesome. I have seen dave eight times this summer and that was a first for waste. #40 KICKED ASS TO. Too much was a cool closer with the intro. this show was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyboby that was there, my hat goes off to you. We were blessed by the Dave gods to witness what we did. Amazing. Untill farm aid take care.