Dave Matthews Band
Ontario Place, Toronto, ON
Graph of songs performed, by album
When The World Ends
Hello Again
One Sweet World
Rhyme & Reason
Sugar Will
Song That Jane Likes
Jimi Thing
Joy Ride
Where Are You Going?
Crazy Easy
Too Much

Grace Is Gone

This show was by far!!!! the ultimate DMB performance for me!!! I will never forget this show for as long as I live!!! The sound was incredible!! This is by far my favorite venue so far!! Dave delivered the performance!!! JIMI THING was the ultimate Jimi thing version I ever heard. The scatting was out of this world, I have never seen or heard Dave so much into a song in my life!!! For me being there and listening to it live was quite an unforgettable experience!!! My other favorites of the night were Bartender, Sugar Will & Everyday with the crowd singing ( so beautiful ). Warehouse was a fabulous choice to begin with.

I am certainly anticipating the next show that DMB will have at the Molson Amphitheatre, the sound was great, and it was really magic!!! Although I will go see Dave play anywhere and anytime, which I just went 1 week ago (Dec.4th, 2005) at the Air Canada Center, however, I'm still looking forward to return at the Molson Amphitheatre for another great show! We love you Dave, keep visiting us in Canada!!!
Matt K.
This may not look like an outstanding show on paper, but the tightness of the band and the energy of the show make this a nice one. Warehouse and Granny were nice opening tunes. Crush is great, as always! One Sweet World did not have the instrumental intro, which was nice for a change. It just means an extra song somewhere else in the show. Bartender was great! The jam at the end had Leroi using the pennywhistle, and it was quite long and gorgeous. I will never understand the lack of crowd interest in the end part of this song. It has grown into one of their signature songs. I was not familiar with the new songs before going to the show, but I'd say that the second one they played has LOTS of potential. It seemed well drawn out, but not overly extended. Just right. Jimi Thing was unreal! I have never heard Dave scat like that before, and the crowd was into it big time. Everyday, though overplayed, is always great to hear. And the crowd had a great singalong with the band. Nice way to end. I had been hoping for Tripping Billies all night, but Rapunzel was nice. By the end of it, all band members were giving it their all. Great stuff guys!! Overall, a very tight sound to the band. And it was great to hear Butch so loud in the mix. Another solid Toronto show. Thanks guys! Just keep it coming, and we will always be there to support your wonderful music.
Rachel S.
Amazing!!! I just got home from the show at the Molson Amphitheatre. I am so pleasantly surprised. It was a real treat to see Dave and Keller Williams perform ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER. The band opened with WAREHOUSE, which was a great song to start the show. The sound was perfect and the band played with an energy and unison that I had not previously seen. The new songs were a definite highlight. I really enjoyed SUGAR-WILL and JOY RIDE. BARTENDER was the one song I really wanted to hear, and the boys delivered. Dave was right on with that one, he sounded fantastic. It was nice to hear STJL. JIMI THING > “FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH”> JIMI THING, was indescribable, Dave was going nuts. I have never seen him like that and it was so much fun to just watch him go off. EVERYDAY- was great the crowd got really into it and sang along. It was cool the way the band incorporated the audience. I thought this was one of the best concerts I have ever been to and I can’t wait to see them again.
Josh A.
Im going to keep this short and sweet. Of all the live performances I have heard and seen, this was the best by far. Not only the amazing setlist, but the energy i was feeling from the band and the audience. I heard the one song i hoped he would play, rhyme and reason, and he delievered probably the best version i have ever heard. Keep up the good work guys.
Josh W.
Unbelieveable!! The whole band was just rocking out this concert! The Band was amazing and full of energy!! new songs where cool!! i loved it!!
Shannon M.
What a great concert! It's been a few days and I'm still shaking my head at how wonderful it was. The opener, Keller Williams, was awesome as well, having a very unique, yet amazing talent (I recommend everyone check him out). It's a shame for those folks who were not in the venue to see the very first song (the Watchtower duet with Dave and Keller). There were many highlights throughout the evening. Warehouse was an excellent opener, getting the crowd "Woo!" -ing, and getting Stefan pumped. One Sweet World was nice to hear again, with a lovely build up to the song. The scat jam in Jimi Thing was totally mind blowing! Everyone around me (including me1) was laughing in disbelief! #36/Everyday was absolutely beautiful. Watching the guys grin from ear to ear as the crowd took over singing the #36 intro, Dave and Boyd sharing grins as each time they leaned to the mic, they backed away to let us complete the lyrics. The STJL was a major highlight for myself, never thought I'd hear that one live. The new tunes were also good, two out of the four fantastic! I'm excited to hear the rest! Hope everyone else enjoyed the TO show as much as I did!
Andrew T.
This show (my 7th) was absolutely flawless. With the exception of Buffalo in 2000, where I had better seats, this was by far the best DMB show I've ever seen, and it certainly exceeded the level of their show last September in Toronto. Right from the get-go with Warehouse, the energy of the band got the crowd completely juiced! Then into my two all-time favorites, Granny and Crush, back-to-back, a la the Central Park show. This was without a doubt the best version of Granny I've ever heard, and from this point on, the rest of the show was just gravy! Hello Again blew me away. This was my first time hearing it, and I loved it right away . . . It has a Two Step-like feel to it, but with a really dark, Johnny Cash influence on it as well. Other highlights of the night were Song that Jane Likes, Bartender, and Rhyme & Reason, which seems to get better and better each time I hear it live. Dave went crazy with the scatting on Jimi Thing, and the jam out at the end of Rapunzel was unlike anything I've ever seen or heard. Overall, this was a classic DMB show, by far the best ever played on Canadian soil. Thanks to the band for making this summer's only Canadian date a most memorable one.
well first show of the tour for me and first of 8 or 9 this summer - so you can bet i was in crtique mode to see if my summer was gonna be worth spending a small fortune on this band - AGAIN ! and well as usuall they never dissapoint. The venue needs to get there act together - its allways the same deal at this place - getting in is a nightmare unless you get there super early like an hour before opening act ! I missed keller completely and was so upset that i missed watchtower with dave :( But the band made it up to me with a strong setlist..i was real excited to hear the new stuff for the first time - we only got 3 of them buts thats cool - i'll get my fill later. The crowd seemed pretty good, the night was fantastic with a full moon coming up over behind us and picture that with a great version of warehouse - woooo at the full moon - i mean come-on - i cant imagine anybody not appreciating this night ! We got a great crush - i love that new ending, bartender is becoming my new fav. live - man dave loves that tune you can see the passion in him whens he's doing his thing 5 or 6 minutes into that one. Rapunzal is a strong finisher and im glad its back and big as ever - it went ahwhile for ahwhile there but glad to see them finishing big with it a few times this tour im sure! on to darrien - another venue that has big problems - but allways a good show.
J. D.
By far one of the best live shows we (my wife & I have ever experienced. From beginning to end the set list was out of this world opening with Warehouse, could I have asked for anything more hearing Hello Again and Sugar Will for the first time live awesome. The night was magical and the acoustics at the Molson amphitheatre were amazing. The crowd was into this one! "So much Love in the air". Same vibe at the ACC show Dec 4th….. Looking forward to your return to the Amphitheatre Jun 13. Were sitt’in front and centre. See ya’ll there