Dave Matthews Band
Post-Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA
Graph of songs performed, by album
The Best Of What's Around
Hello Again
The Space Between
Sugar Will
When The World Ends
One Sweet World
Help Myself
Joy Ride
Where Are You Going
Rhyme & Reason
Crazy Easy
So Much To Say (ASTB) -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Ants Marching

Zac Z.
Alrgiht starting off Keller Williams kicked ass, the best opener I have ever seen at any show. If you skipped Keller you are crazy. But now onto the real show, DMB. BOWA-- wow what a great opener. This was one of the songs I was really hoping to hear sometime in the weekend, so I was very excited to hear it open. It was a great song, full of energy and definately a crowd pleaser. Next came GRANNY-- another songs I had never heard live. I enjoyed it, but really nothign special about it. CRUSH-- followed and was a crowd pleaser as always. This was my 4th time hearing crush, and it has just gotten better everytime. This was the most jammed out version I have ever seen live, and Boyd dominated this song. HELLO AGAIN-- Coming into this show I had never heard this song. I was very impressed with it, it was full of energy and the lighting was very good. THE SPACE BETWEEN-- came next. A low moan came over the crowd as this song started, I guess everyone really does hate Everyday. Personally I don't see the hatred of this song, I enjoyed listen too it. Hearing this for teh first time was better than hearing grey street for the 5th. WAREHOUSE- The woo's were good and the song was very jammed out. Boyd played this one with a ton of energy, plaring aorund as he always does. This was one of the better songs of the night. Then things started to slow down in a big way. SUGAR WILL-- this is the only new song that I don't like. Its slow, boring, and kills the crowd. I do think it has soem potnential, but they jsut didn't have it on this song. And they follow this song with another crowd killer, WTWE. This one also didn't do it for me, and the show continued to go donwhill. OSW and HELP MYSELF followed. I wanted to hear both of these songs, and I enjoyed them both. I would have liked to hear the Instrumental intro to OSW but it was still good. However the crowd didn't really dig this two and teh energy in the place went down another notch. JOY RIDE- full of energy and a very good new song. I think it will develop more as it gets played, but it was a very good one. I had heard this new one before the show and was very pleased wiht it in person. WHERE ARE YOU GOING--was next, again a loud sigh came over the crowd and the little bit of energy died again. This was by far the low point of the show. RHYME AND REASON-- Hadn't heard this one before, It was good but nothign spectacular. CRAZY-EASY--This wasn't bad but didn't really do anythign for me. Next came SMTS-- I figured it woudl seque into a closer and figured it would close with RAPUNZEL. I was right, and this combo, was once again golden. Very energetic, jammed out, and all aroudn kick ass. Good way to close a set. The first encore song was a great EVERYDAY-- the crowd completely sucked ass durign teh #36 outro. I think therere were maybe 12 people in the lawn participating. It didn't really matter though cuase the band played it so good the #36 was insignificant. This and crush were the only two songs that were really jammed all night. Everyone took their turn, but everyday is Boyd's song when it comes to soloing, and he owned it. Carter and Roi were also good on their parts. ANTS MARCHING--closed the show. This was another one of teh songs I was really hoping to hear. It kicked ass. Carter rocked this one out, and Dave was going crazy with it. The crowd loved it, and it made everyone leave a pretty dull show wiht a smile, so as an encore closer it succeeded in leaving a great impression.

Final notes: This was my 5th time seeing Dave and it was the wrost show I have seen. I know lookign at the setlists you would never be able to guess that, I mean come on, the opener and the encore made it worth seeing, but it was just so slow and dull from Sugar Will to Crazy-Easy. That whole song run just killed the whole set and turned out to be pretty disappointing. There was not alot of jamming, Roi stayed pretty quite, and the enregy I had seen in previous shows just wasnt there. Also this was the worst Lawn I have ever been a part of. It seemed to be full of radio fans who really weren't into it. Ok, having said all of that I do want to add that even though it was the wrost DMB show I have ever been to it was still well worth the money adn I woudl still take the show tonight over almost any other show by any other band.

Show Highlights--BOWA and Everyday-->Ants.
One word....AMAZING!!! SO glad to hear BOWA and One Sweet World. Warehouse is always a pleasure, as is SMTS--->PNP--->Rapunzel. The encore is what did it for me though. Everyday was amazing, and you cant end with a better song than Ants Marching. The only complaint I have is that it felt to me like the crowd was totally out of it until the SMTS came. It was hard to believe considering the kind of energy DMB gave off. Nonetheless, a great show. The new songs are awesome by the way. Makes me even more anxious for the new album.
Matt K.
This way my 4th DMB concert and it was by far the best!!! The boys opened up w/ a fantastic song BOWA!!! That was a first one for me it was awesome!!! Last year I went w/ my crew on the 27th but I am damn glad we switched it up this year b/c like last year the first nights setlist was alot better!!! Song highlights for me were,BOWA,Crush,Warehouse,Rapunzel,Help Myself,and of course Ants Marching. It was awesome hearing Dave say thank you in a girly type voice towards the end of the show! I was expecting him to go into Too Much after anyone seen the bridge but he went into PNP-->Rapunzel which was off the hook!!! The new songs rocked except for the really slow one. Hello Again is an awesome song as is Crazy Easy!!! Well thanks Dave for showing Pittsburgh how to rock!!!
Steve B.
Great way to mark my 15th DMB show. The band had tons of energy all night long - Dave was as crazy as I've ever seen him. I've been pulling to hear BOWA since before I ever saw a show and I finally got it...it was well worth the wait. The set could've been a little stronger, but that's not a complaint by any means. Hello Again is already a classic and I can't wait for it to make it into the Opener/Closer slot. Great to hear Space Between back again too - certainly one of the most underappreciated songs out there. Joy Ride is the other great new song, but Sugar Will and Crazy Easy still need a little work. Although it was the third time I've heard SMTS-->ASTB-->PNP-->Rapunzel this was by far the best. Rapunzel was jammed out extra long with extra energy...absolutely incredible. Great to hear Everyday in the encore (another one of the unappreciated songs off Everday) and thank god for Ants. The crowd wanted Two Step bad and don't get me wrong, Two Step is great, but Ants was an incredible close to this show. This show had one of the best crowds I've ever seen too. All that said, the sets this year have been pretty similar every night, here's hoping things get shaken up soon and LIOG, 41, Seek Up, Minarets, Typical and more start making some appearances before they over do it with Jimi Thing.
WOW! Tonight's concert was simply amazing! Dave opened with BOWA and I knew right then it was going to be a great show! It was really great to hear alot of older songs and the new songs were great as well. I really enjoyed Hello Again. Since I've started going to concerts, I've always wanted to hear Ants Marching and GIG. I got to hear Ants tonight and that was so exciting! As an encore, which was even better! Thanks Dave for an awesome show! I cannot wait until tomorrow night!
welcome back boys!!!!!! they were on fire tonight. i drove 11 hours with my roommate from nh to see these two shows and it was more than worth it. the were explosive!!! the setlist itself was great, it was the perfect mix of oldies and amazing new songs.