Dave Matthews Band
Deer Creek (Verizon Wireless), Noblesville, IN
Graph of songs performed, by album
Grey Street
Crazy Easy
So Much to Say (ASTB?) -->
Too Much
Sugar Will
When the World Ends
Grace Is Gone
Fool to Think
Rhyme & Reason
Joy Ride
Where Are You Going?
Help Myself
Hello Again
What Would You Say?
Pantala Naga Pampa -->

Matthew N.
The show in Noblesville last year (6/30/03) was one of the best set list from the summer tour. It was an amazing show. This was the best concert that I have ever been to.
I really wish this band would grow back the testicles that they once had. The show was pretty decent, but i tell ya, I used to look forward to seeing DMB from the MOMENT i bought tickets. Here I was at this show tonite, 5 minutes before Dave Matthews Band came on stage, and the excitement I once had just was not there in any form. They have just become way too predictable the last 3 or 4 years, and it is really disappointing to watch them not live up to their potential. I really think they always will be my favorite band because of all the memories and all the great songs that they have, but they need to take a 2 or 3 year break and come back fresh. Anyways, to the show: Warehouse was a pretty nice opener, nice salsa jam at the end. Granny and Grey Street were standard (Truncated Grey Street, one of the worst moves in ths history of the band). SMTS --> TM has been beaten to death, they have got to start doing something different there. They tried new stuff with the bridge last tour a few times, keep on doing that. The 4 song stretch from WTWE until R&R was so boring. R&R needs to be shelved more than any song in their catalog. Closing with Everyday wasn't that bad at all really, I like to see them mixing up their closers a little bit. Anytime that this band does something different is fine with me, cause it doesnt happen enough. Encore was pretty decent. I hadn't heard Rapunzel in a while, so that was a treat. The new songs do sound pretty promising, as long as the studio sessions go well we should have a solid album coming out later this year. Let's hope so. This band is SO SO SO much better than what they've been doing lately.
This show was a lot like the one in St. Louis as far as the set list goes. It was not a bad show but there were many repeats from the first two nights of the tour. Still a good show though!
Tonights show was great. It had a lot of energy and it was awesome to see the band start off with Warehouse, it is one of my favorites. The only problem I had was the similarities to the show in St. Louis. Despite the close song set, It was great. It also amazes me the diversity of each song at different venues. Though the same songs were played, each had different personalities because of the crowd. I just want to say thanks to the band for having another great show!
First, we drove from Texas and really appreciate the fans from Indiana. Not only are they fun, but they are friendly. Not all DMB concerts we have been to out-of-Texas have had such hospitable fans. That being said, O.A.R. was a great opener. I had never heard any of their music (shame on me) and was impressed. DMB was enthusiastic and I really enjoyed the new music. I was pleasantly surprised by them opening with Warehouse and going into Granny. The crowd got right into it and kept going all night. Fool To Think is one of my favorites....a big thanks to the boys for playing it. Overall, a great mix of different tempos and lots of energy. We have to wait until Houston to see them again, but the trip to Noblesville was well worth it...beautiful weather, great fans and a fun concert.