Dave Matthews Band
Deer Creek (Verizon Wireless), Noblesville, IN
Graph of songs performed, by album
Don't Drink the Water
One Sweet World
Best of What's Around
Hello Again
The Space Between
Tripping Billies
Sugar Will
Drive In Drive Out
Joy Ride
I Did It
Jimi Thing
Crazy Easy
If I Had It All
Ants Marching

Jesse H.
As others have said, the boys had tons of energy. This was my 5th show, and I'd rank it in the middle for overall experience. The setlist was diverse...old stuff, not so old stuff, and brand new stuff. The scat interlude on Jimi Thing was AMAZING. It's hilarious how Dave can tell a story with simple sounds and gestures as the only means of communication. The crowd loved it! Recently was a nice surprise with the Pretty Girl outro. Tripping Billies rocked the house...extremely electrifying! Of the new songs, I liked Joy Ride the best. I'm guessing from past experience that the others will grow on me or get better with time. The Ants encore included a super funk intro, which I totally dig. All in all a great show.
Troy S.
Great show and great seats! Seventh row center. We found out towards the end of the show that the first eight rows can go up to the front. Not that we weren't close enough already. The show began with the usual DDTW. Not something that you want, but it never disappoints. OSW was played without the usual instrumental intro, which i really enjoy, but it made room for another tune. BOWA was awesome. It was great, but would have been much more memorable if i hadn't heard it last year at UMB. Hello Again is a great new song. It Sounds almost finished. It was great to hear Recently. I had never heard it before, and it was one that we really hoped they would break out a lot this tour. I wish we would have had the whole outro, not just Pretty Pretty Girl, but from past tours it seems to evolve through the tour and more gets added each time it's played, which we noticed in Columbus with the added Take Me To The River. The Space Between is a great song. We had hoped that they would do away with WAYG and pull this out again. Hearing Billies mid-set was awesome. Very, very energetic version! Sugar Will has a good porno beat jam to the end of it, but i think the lyrics need a little help still. DIDO and Crush were good also. Joy Ride has a chorus, but there's not a lot of lyrics as of yet. It seems that they have something good here though. I Did It, what can i say, i just hope they didn't add this song and do away with the OSW intro. Jimi Thing was incredible. This is simply a must hear. The scat outro was quite nice. I think it went on longer than it should because of the crowd. Everyone was into it the entire show, which makes the performance much better. Crazy-Easy is probably the best new tune other than Good Good Time. There are multiple versions being played of this song, as with all of the others, but this one is great. No, not Stay again! Yes, Stay. Good Encore, though. IIHIA was not great, but i can't choose the setlist. Ants was awesome, but too bad the crown didn't catch on to the Two Step chant a little earlier. It looked as if they would have played whatever we wanted. Great, Great show though. Thanks DMB! I hope we hear Typical Situation & #41 in Antioch.
Holy Crap! The boys were on tonight. This show was unbelivable. DDTW to open was nice. BOWA!!!!! RECENTLEY!!! They played the new songs again and they were great. The Jimi Thing was awesome. To see Dave scat like he did was awesome. This was one of the best shows that I have ever seen. See ya in Cincy in August!
Corey B.
Wow! I went to both shows, and by far the boys had much more energy this night! The scat on Jimi Thing is worth a download by itself! I had taken my friend who was a DMB Concert virgin. It was cool to relive a first time with him. The guys played most of his favorite songs and even opened with DDTW which is his favorite song. It was cool to have a long version of Recently, although I believe Dave forgot some words and this precipitated the length. I leaned over half way through and said if they would just do the Pretty Girl outro they could get out of this jam, and low and behold they did! So that was cool! Tripping Billies was the best I had ever heard! If they release an official Live release again (which is doubtful now that they are realeasing live downloads)it should be this show! Get it if you can cause it was a great return to the stage for our favorite band!
This was an amazing show!!! I was the closest I have ever been (5 rows from the stage) and the setlist was amazing. First of all I have to say that I love the new songs. I believe that they are amazing songs. Tonight was the third time I have heard most of them and I like them more everytime I hear them. It was nice to hear some older songs as well through the night particularly, Recently. The boys did a great job. The crowd was awesome, I have never seen so much energy at any concert ever before. My highlights of the evening though were Dave's scatting and Boyd's energy. This show is tied for my best show out of 8. Thanks to the band for being the most entertaining live band I have ever seen. It was definitely worth driving from St. Louis to see the show!!!