Dave Matthews Band
Germain Amphitheater, Columbus, OH
Graph of songs performed, by album
Ants Marching
Rhyme & Reason
Don't Drink the Water
Hello Again
What Would You Say?
Dancing Nancies
Sugar Will
Where Are You Going?
Jimi Thing
Joy Ride
If I Had It All
Drive In Drive Out
Crazy Easy
So Much To Say
Too Much
Tripping Billies

This was my eigth show of seeing DMB. i started the summer off seeing them in Chicago. after that i came home and told all of my buddies that they were in for a trip in columbus. the band had so much energy this year. if not one of my top shows. it was definitely loads of fun. Jimi thing was wow! scat and guitar solos for as long as he did, was unusual to me. the new songs were awesome although no one really knew them. people still responded well and seemed to enjoy them. the band also looked like they were enjoying the new songs.ants was a weird opener but spectacular. it set the energy level for the entire show. my words of advise. see this band as much as possible every tour. These guys are unique and huge to the musical world!!! next stop..... riverbend Aug.5 ..... wanna tailgate. email me - burgerGod74@aol.com.
Ok. This was the first show for me this summer. I unfortunately didn't make it last night. Anyways O.A.R did a great job opening. On to the show, Ants was a great opener to get the energy going. All of the new stuff sounded really good and the band had tons of energy tonight. The first new song they played Hmm? was placed perfectly because it had some references to rain and it was pouring. All of us out in the lawn expected a great show after getting a very cold hard shower. The band didn't really dissappoint except for the encore. I thought we were gonna get one more song and everyone was chanting two step but still we heard an amazing version of tripping billies. other highlights- long jam during recently. best version of jimi thing i've ever heard live. solid nancies and the closer was great-smts-astb-too much. couldn't ask for much more. overall i would rank this a good show but not as good as the two last year at polaris. polaris finally did get those damn lawn screens turned on though. its the first time ive ever seen them on in 3 years. can't wait until riverbend on aug. 5.
Rob B.
This show rocked! It was #21 for me and opening with ants was totally unexpected...the crowd was going nuts from the very start! Can't wait for Cincinnati show in August. BTW...last night was the best Jimi Thing I have ever heard!! EVER!!